Google Drive Filter Data

Using Google Drive for your office and wished that there was a way to filter items so that you can easily view specific categories. No big deal with Google Doc's as long as you learn this great tip.



Nice Hack for Kids

Dislike the idea your grand kids, friends or relatives children use your phone or gadgets to play games or browse the web. Here is a great application to use so that nothing gets changed and your in control on what they are always doing.



Drinking Waste Water

Looks like waste water can now being sanitized so that we can some day use it for drinking water. What this is doing is revolutionizing waste that will eventually change the future of our planet. How great will it be to have an eco-friendly planet using all it's resources to their full extent.



Spying on your Laptop

Interesting information on how hackers can easily hack into your laptop even when the laptop is not connected to the web.
Although the hack is nothing new but very interesting on how easy someone can get information if they wanted.
Right now the only thing anyone can do is develop a way to detect these point of entries.



Apple Watch

Ready to try the Apple watch, no problem because you can now try it before you decide to buy it. At least that what Apple it saying. Why not give it a chance and see if it can make a difference in your world.



Microsoft New Browser

It's no secret that Microsoft now is going to kill it's old browser to adapt a new one. But the hype for the browser to be 300 times better is still in the works. Not that I don't believe that the browser will not be better. But this is old news coming from a company that still has yet to finish a complete software. So sit back and relax and wait until the verdict is in before you give the new Microsoft browser kudos.



Live Plan

Have a business plan and want to put those ideas on paper so that you can present your plan to others so that your business can grow. Live Plan will lead you in the right direction to get your business to grow. Whatever your plans are company wise, Live Plan makes your dreams become reality.



ViStart Windows 8 Start Menu

Looking for a better start menu for try ViStart and bring back the start menu to Windows 8 were it always belongs.



JaBack Backup Software

Looking for a free backup software with email reporting. Look no further. JaBack gives you a cool backup utility that let's you know everything is running normal. Give it a try because it's for free.



Computer Science Degree Waste

It's hard to agree with this story even though it's been the reality for most computer programmers. But it's sort of like even though you pay all this money to get a degree in the end you might be just stuck with a big bill with nothing to show for it.



80's Slang

Wanna go back to the 1980's and reminisce street slang in those days. Well if you forgot here's is memory lane for some. It was a great era for pop culture, songs, movie's and great books.



New Auto Tool

Let's just say that the next time you decide to pay your car payment late. This auto tool disable's your vehicle useless. It's the automakers attack against risky debtors.
So just in case you wanted to know, it's best not to be late with those car payments.



Great old Websites

These great websites were the first one's to lead the way to the internet. Back then if you wanted to search or find anything, you would start here first, similar to what many people do today when they goto Google.com to search for something.



Free Online Storage

Online storage sites are the reality of computer backups and if your still not in the market to purchase a premium site your best bet is to use the free sites until your absolutely satisfied that you want to go online for data storage.



Adjust Mirror Properly

Every once in a while I find great sites to educate the public and today comes with properly adjusting your car mirrors. I don't know how many people don't get to do this correctly.



Sprint Price Cut Game

Ever wonder if these Sprint Price Cut Games are in your favor. Chances are that if your at the end of your contract or have no loyalty to any cellular provider the deals could be very beneficial. You just have to read the fine print, do the math and hope that they keep their word when companies are battling for cellular power.



Cool Daily Tips

Every once in a while I discover these cool tips that everyone can use on a daily basis and if you learn them correctly they will save you time after a while. The trick is remember them. Give them and try and let me know how it changed your daily life?




I recently purchase a Chromebook and to broaden my computer skills and this is what I discovered. As for the price, platform stability, streaming and performance it's worth every penny. In a world were Microsoft rules you just need to find the right extensions and it can work, but nothings perfect.

If everyone would be open minded and take a challenge to new ideas, Chromebook and other OS will succeed eventually. The only problem is that most people are stuck in the Windows world and it's hard to change bad habits.

Windows was never an effect complete operating system, and this can be seen with it's ongoing update fixes. The only reason why this became a Windows world was because of great marketing tactics and the monopoly power it played when it became the big player on the block. And like everything else it controlled on what platform the world was going to follow.

Now-a-days Windows ideas and models are failing short and it's only a matter of time before we say goodbye to the big giant, but in doing so there has to be a replacement. The only way technology can move forward is by creating new ideas. Chromebook is nothing new but the Linux kernal it's been around for a while. The only problem that exist is having developers make software for the OS.

Chromebook is a sweet platform with a battery life that beats all it's competitor. In a mobile world where everyone is going portable, this is going to be a laptop of choice for the future. Don't be surprised when this OS blows up, now it's the time to upgrade your portable devices.



Gmail Inbox Review

I recently was able to try out Gmail Inbox and was at first very excited to be a given the opportunity to try emails in a different way. The technology is similar to Dropbox Mail and it has great features but how can you compile all of Gmail functionality take separates them from their competitor and do something new without those features. Gmail Inbox will be great for some, but for me and other like me, it still lacks the great tools the Gmail currently offers. Check out what others think as well.



Marijuana Caution

Marijuana drivers beware, this new device looks similar to breathalyzer and if your not careful you could be a victim with severe consequences. In this new technological world everything sooner or later advances and with this comes this new device.




Want to create great presentation with easy access so you new customers can privately view their personalized presentations from any where. Prezi makes this simple and easy to do and it's worth checking out.



Windows Revenue

Microsoft has a new revenue in store and soon we will all learn their new plans on how they want to sell their software and services to us. Looks like another new tactic to control how we use their software.



Drone future expands

Looks like the Drone future is changing for the better in a movie way. Not only are they cool devices but the movie industry is industrializing in it's technology. No limit to what drones now can do.



SysInternals Pro

Like to always have computer information for support when your having problem. This cool utility gives you all your computer information to help support fix your problems. From IP Address, to server information, operating system and recent service packs. You decide what information you want to have available for support.



Fix a waking Computer

Tired of your computer always waking up from sleep mode. No problem as long you can narrow down what software is waking your computer up. The command prompt commands are easy to use and the is more information on what other items to check to see what's causing this ongoing wake up. Most of the time it's just Windows doing updates or some other type of software running a virus scan.



Install Win on a MAC

Trying to install your MAC software and it keeps on failing. Well forget about MAC and now try installing Windows onto your MAC laptop. The instructions are a little hardcore but if you have the time, the patience and the knowledge. This interesting project should keep you busy in succeeding to install Windows.



AOMEI One Key Recovery

Here's a free software to help backup and recover your computer should something drastically happen. The software is simple to use that anyone can do this. The 18 mb software doesn't even take a lot of space so your backup and recovery should be so simple to use.



Passcape ISO

Looking for a portable tool to burn ISO in Windows. This software solves the problem and makes it so simple to use. Worth trying out.



Measure Network Speed

Want to measure network speed? This lite software helps measure network shared on a computer and it's so compact that you can even execute it from a flash drive.



Tax Software

This year tax software is getting easier and a number of companies are getting together to make doing your taxes simpler to do. From taking a picture of your W2 to having not to enter manually any tax information. Now doing your taxes will be easier thanks to these new techniques.