History of the Game Consoles

Gaming consoles have been around for a few years and lately things are just getting better. If you were an old gamer here are some memories to enjoy.


IE8 is Here

Internet Explorer 8 is finally here and here is what's new like fast accelerator, web slices, instant search address, smart address bar , domain highlightening, enhanced tab browsing and InPrivate . 

Get IE 8 Now



New online social groups helps you keep track of all your friends in one place. No need to jump from website to website to see what everyone is doing. It's all now in one place. 



Turn your mobile phone into a social compass. Now you'll know when friends are nearby and be able to know what great events are going on every where you go.



Took a picture with a mobile phone and now you want to convert it to pdf, or just have a file that's on your phone that needs a pdf conversion. Well this software is a excellent choice and it's free.


Kingston Charger

This Kingston Pocket Booster for mobile phones is a great idea with an excellent price tag to it. You can charge almost anything and it will expend you mobile capabilities a little longer. I don't understand why it took so long for products like these to be made.



Need to protect your files on your computer, but don't know where to start. Just install SafeHouse and password protect your files from intruders. It's security at it's best.


Free Fax

You can fax for free for now with the exception that you'll fax with free advertisement. It's not a bad deal as long as the other party is ok with unlimited advertisements.


Next Bus

Want to know when the next bus or train will arrive. No need to try to figure this out. Get the information now in real time.


Microsoft Folder Share

Need to Sync your folders constantly. Use Microsoft free folder share and enjoy your files every where you go for free. 


ClamWin Portable Antivirus

Have a flash drive and seeking an antivirus software to protect your portable applications. Here comes another favorite antivirus coming to your rescue.


Portable Routers

This is a new break through technology makes a router portable. Depending on the product and model, some devices like Sprint's portable router, lets you connect up to four users / computers.

Other Travel Router



This open source software does a great job ripping any video source. Now importing a video source is as simple as 1,2,3.
I am just glad that the French still don't give a .......


Like AnyDVD then look at DVD43

It does the same thing as AnyDVD but the catch is that it's free. So before you cough up the bucks to purchase a license copy of AnyDVD. Give DVD43 a try. javascript:void(0)


Delete an Online Account

Tired of trying to delete an online account but it doesn't just go away.

Try these direct links to delete from the following sites:


You have to provide your e-mail address, password, give a reason you're canceling, and check off the "Yes, I want to cancel my Friendster account" box.

To close an account, log in, click Account & Settings at the top of the page, then click Close Your Account (under Personal Information). Give a reason you're leaving—most sites want to know what they can improve, or did wrong— and then click Continue.

Sign in, click the My Account link, then click Account, scroll down to the bottom, and click Cancel Account.

This is how to remove yourself from this accountReunion

On the E-Mail tab, you'll find a form. One of the items listed is "Issue," which has a drop-down menu. Select "Close My Account." Write a brief note to Amazon telling them why, and send it off. You're done.

Amazon's arm for audiobooks has an Account Details link on every page. Click it, verify your password, and look for the Make Changes to My Membership link. The next page is where you change the type of membership you have, but if you scroll down you'll see a Cancel Membership Plan link as an option. This won't appear if you've already tried to cancel the account at some point.

Sign in at Blockbuster.com and select My Account. On the left-hand side you should see a Cancel link.

To close an eBay account altogether, visit the Close my eBay Account page.

What you can do is make sure that no credit card is associated with the account, so that future purchases are impossible. Open the iTunes application, go to the Store menu, select Sign In or View My Account (depending on whether you've used the account recently), sign in, click Edit Payment Information, and select "none" next to credit card. After that, you need to contact iTunes Store Support via the contact form to cancel.

Visit the Your Account: Cancel Membership page, check the box next to "I accept and understand the terms of cancellation and want to cancel my account." Click Continue. You're done.

To close your PayPal account, log in, click the Profile link, click the Close Account link (it's in the Account Information section) and you'll be asked to verify that you're the account owner by entering either your credit card number or a bank account number. Click Submit, then, finally, the Close Account button.

Might have difficulties if you have a gmail account

Read article for more information on deleting account

See article for more information on deleting account

Log in, click Account Options on the right, find the Cancel Account link, give them a reason, enter the security code you see on screen, and finalize everything by clicking the Delete My Account button.

See article for more information on deleting account

AOL - Aim
See article for more information on deleting account

Apple Mobile Me
To cancel in general, log in at www.me.com, go to Accounts, click the Account Options tab, and find the Cancel Account button.

Sign in to Gmail, go to the Settings link, hit the Accounts tab, and go to Google Account Settings; this is the primary page for basic Google account settings. Click Edit (next to My Products).
You're now on the Delete a Product page. From here you can remove your accounts for Gmail.

Windows Live Search
There's an Account link at the bottom of most pages at Live.com, visible after you sign in. This page lets you edit your contact information, passwords and security questions, and more. At the bottom under Additional Options, you'll see the link for Close Account. If all goes well, you'll enter your password and that's it.

First, cancel any premium services with the company, such as Web hosting or selling. You'll find that on the Yahoo Billing Information page. After that, visit the Account Deletion page. You'll get a long page that spells out how this affects access to Yahoo services, and a notice that deactivation and deletion can take as long as 90 days, which Yahoo claims "is necessary to discourage users from engaging in fraudulent activity." And by canceling, someone else can come in and sign up using your old ID, though they won't be able to access any of your old data, of course.

Hopefully you'll be deleted.


Dell System Analyze

Have a Dell computer and want to upgrade but you don't have the system manual, service tag or it's specs on hand. No need to worry with Dell's Analyze software.
The software helps to determine your system spec's automatically. You then will obtain detail spec information that will be useful when upgrading your unit.
Try it out.


Cell Phone in Bag of Chips

The next time you need a new cell phone, try buying a big bag of chips. You'll be surprise on what you can get.


Flash Drive Benchmark

Have a flash drive and want to compare it's spec's with other flash drives. Here is the software that you will need to get it's performance.


Web Hosting on the Cheap

In the past I use to recommend www.Godaddy.com has a great site for hosting solutions. But like every other hosting sites, eventually they get popular and prices go up. This is where it pays to find alternate hosting sites and shop around for freebies that most sites charge you extra for. At Host Monster they give you extra perks that might make a difference when money is tight.


New USB Keys

Lacie is getting the world ready for a new type of USB keys. Just try not to get them confused.


Online Price Mistakes

This is not the first time that I do see or hear about this. But depending on the time you shop online. Usually in the late hours after midnight. You can purchase merchandise at deep discounted prices. The glitch is an on going problem for online merchants who need to update their prices lists. And if your fortunate enough to get through the cracks. You can easily get online merchandise for a bargain.


Download Free Legal Forms

From time to time everyone needs to fill out basic legal forms and the sad thing is that you have to pay for things that are sometimes given out for free. If your looking for legal freebies. Check out this site.

More Free Legal Forms


Get Free Kindle E-Books

Recently bought a Kindle from Amazon. Now here's a chance to get free E-books. You'll be surprised what you'll get for free on the web.


Your own SATA Hard Drive Switch

A neat way to have two SATA hard drives with different operating systems all under one roof. It's a easy tweak that just requires some ingenious thinking.


Google Chrome Portable

Love Google Chrome but don't want to install it on every computer. Here is a simple way to do this. Put it on a portable USB drive and now Google Chrome can go where ever you want to go.



If your City was Nuked

Pretty interesting site to see what would happen if your city was nuked. It's kind of a demonstration on the events that can occur.


Net Framework Removal

Looking for a Net Framework Removal Tool, this automated software will save you the time.


Microsoft KB Lookup

Need to lookup a Microsoft KB download or your computer is requiring a certain KB download but you can't find it on the Microsoft.com website.
Thanks Microsoft for this headache. But here is an easy way to lookup and find your favorite KB information or download.

on the Internet Explorer web address type microsoft.com/kb/ and after the kb/ type in the KB number and it should give your close results to the information that you are looking for.


Obama Panorama

In this date in age security has gotten far advanced than you can imagine. In the generations ahead these features will improve drastically. Here is a sample of how a simple panorama picture can be viewed by big brother.


IRS Stimulus 2008 Payment

If you received a stimulus check last year from the IRS and can't remember how much it was. Use the following website to confirm the check amount so that you can file your taxes on April 15th.