Halloween Pimping

Halloween is here and now it's time to pimp your friends to your favorite costumes. So far I was able to pimp most of my friends. Let's see what you can do.


Print Word 2007 in Reverse Order

Ever wonder how to print your word documents in reverse order so that you can pick up all your documents and read them in order. This is how you do it.

To Print in Reverse Order in Word 2007 do the following:

Within Word, click the Microsoft Office Button.
Choose Word Options from the menu.

Click the Advanced tab.

Under the Print options, click Print pages in reverse order.

Pick OK.


Game Save Backup

If your a gamer and always wanted a better way to backup your games. Save Game Backup.net is what you've been waiting for. You not only can save your game backups really quick, but you can add new games on the fly. It's a must have utility for games who want to continue where they left off.

Game Backup
Major Geeks



Here a great way to watch television all around the world without a television tuner, satellite receiver or television. While getting over 7,000 international channels for free.


Get Adroid apps

Here is another site that helps you get Android applications for free. It's going to require you to do a little search and learn the ".apk" Android format. But in the long run everything comes out free.



Have a smartphone and wished that you could download premium app's for free. Well this link is going give you those premium perks for free. There is no telling how long this site is going to be up and running.


Creative Facebook Profiles

The next time your using Facebook and want to be very creative. Remember these famous profile pictures to pimp out your account.


Sardu Multi boot ISO

Here is a great way to turn all of those recovery boot CD's into 1 Multi Disc. This free utility combines all of your favorite recovery CD's into one so that you don't have to be carrying all the disks all around where ever you go. It's like having a master recovery boot CD with all of your favorite softwares.

Direct software Link


Intel Director

Want to monitor your computers every day security state, with firewall with antivirus updates. The Intel Director does a great job doing this, but it requires an Intel based chip.


Test Disk

Need a hard drive recovery software to save your valuable lost files. When everything just goes wrong, Test Disk comes to the rescue.Your last resort before sending it to the specialist.



PDF Finder

Looking for a PDF file online. No need to worry if you can't find it on Google, or MSN. This site specializes on finding already formatted PDF files online, easily.


Google Indian Music

Google just recently launched it's legal streaming music downloads for India. It's nothing new but a better way to have people in India stream and download music online, legally.
I just wished that the music industry would just accept our new world of music and learn how to profit from it. Until then, the fighting continues.


Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0

If you haven't noticed yet, Microsoft Security Essentials has been upgraded. It's improved with new alert features that tells you if your firewall, network traffic or unknown virus has been discovered. It's a must have freebie if you lack any virus protection onto your computer.

Manual Install

Auto Installer


Good Thief or Bad Thief

A laptop thief did some bad research to a professor in Sweden. He not only stole his favorite laptop but his ten years of hard research that the professor forgot to backup.
A few days latter the professor was surprise to find an envelope with a flash drive containing his ten years research on it. Now what's the chances of that happening again in the real world?


Windows 8 Pre Serial Key

Installed Windows 8 and had to reset it and now it's asking you for a serial key. Well where did that key go since you were never given one.
Don't worry if this has happened to you. You can always use the supplied key below

If you need to reinstall Windows Developer Preview or use the Reset functionality, you might be asked to enter this product key:


If you’re running a server version of Windows Developer Preview, you can use this product key:


Where is Outlook Express on Win7

That's a good question and per Microsoft, it's been replaced with Microsoft Mail. How do I access Microsoft Mail is simple. Just type "WLMAIL" in search menu and Micrsoft Mail will open up, ready to be configured.


Girl goes from 0 to 10 in 1.5 minutes

It's pretty amazing on what pictures can do from 0 to 10. Now I hope you can create a better 0 to ___ film for your loved ones, so that everyone can treasure for years to come.


Send Large Files via Email

Here's a better way to send large files without logging in. All you do is attach the large file with the person's email  address and presto the magic is done.

Direct Link


Easy File Replacer

Have two files with the same name, here a great software to help you change those file names with just a right click of the mouse. You now don't have to waste anymore time renaming duplicate files.


Nero Lite

Want to rip, copy, burn, edit, share and upload online. Nero Lite is a great alternative to share with your family and friends.


Spot Fake Drivers License

This is a great calculator to verify if a Driver License number is valid. I can't make any promises that it works, but it sure is a good calculator. Please read the disclaimer. Help stop identity theft.


Diall 911 via Text

The FCC is working on a national 911 service that will enable user's to send 911 messages via text. The technology is still in early stages but will be very effective once it's setup.



Is your current ISP blocking your download speeds or limiting your downloads. Here is an excellent way to see if that's true

Direct Link .


Blackberry Torch Tips

If you just purchased a Blackberry Torch you just might want to write down these great tips to make your Torch go where no Blackberry has gone before.


Before You Buy a Domain

Here is an interesting article addressing domains and what you should look for before you go out and buy one. Sometimes buying something as easily as a Domain is not that simple.


Broadband Internet for $9.95 if you qualify

Does your child qualify for free lunch at school? If so then you can also qualify for Comcast broadband Internet at $9.95 a month. You just need to fill out an application and hopefully you'll be roaming the Internet for cheap.


Open Office

Need Microsoft Office but don't want to pay the premium price. Just download Open Office and enjoy Office for free. It doesn't have all the perks that Microsoft Offers. But it's still good with the free version.



Here is an auto network discovery software that helps to improve your router and wireless network. It discovers all of your the networks and classifies them.  You then customize the network to suit you.


File Menu Tools

Want to customize the context menu in Windows Explorer. This software helps you to tweak Windows Explorer so that your able to do even more. A must have utility.


Startup Program Tracker

This program checks for startup programs at the Start Menu and registry for items that load on PC startup. It's a must have utility if your tired of your computer taking forever to bootup.


Email Manager

Looking for a free email manager similar to outlook but without the premium price. Incredimail is a great option and it's very user friendly.