Nest Security

Looks like Nest is upgrading it's feature abilities to offer now a security system that requires no passkey. Pretty smart but very expensive. I am almost certain anyone can purchase a similar Nest home security product for a quarter the value of what this one is worth. I just can't see myself paying so much for just two sensors, a keypad and passkeys. You decide?



App to Track Phone

Before you monitor your staff, you might want to understand the Legal Restrictions.
Yes employer's can track you and your online activities with their company property. So before you decide on doing personal things with your company phone, understand that they can easily always see what your doing and how your using it.



Uber data breach

Uber just faced a data breach last year and instead of making it public, they did the opposite which was to pay off the hackers and hope to make it go away.
Just shows you more of the ongoing problems the company and it's future.



Malware Protection

If you hate getting Malware, then you might want to check this site out which is said to be Malware free. By using this DNS server run by Google you eliminate malware infected sites, all by using the DNS IP address in the preferred DNS server option.
This might be the best way to get rid of malware moving forward.



The Parrot

If you love IT Security your going to love the Parrot. It's a cool Linux OS that comes with hundreds of programs like scanning network and cracking wifi passwords.
It's a great way to learn more about computer security and see how networks are compromised.



Excel Tips

Looking for a better way to learn Excel when you have free time. Here are some great youtube video's to help you master Excel.



Spy on Kids

In this day in age it's hard to see what children go through in their every day lives. As a parent you need to be aware of what your children are doing daily and be there for them just in case. I am not for spying on kids, but if you just want to be cautious then that's a method that can be used.
Just remember to put yourself in there shoes when it comes to judgement day and remember on how you got the information in the first place.



$300- Data Recovery

I talked about this company a while ago and I must admit even after the video, this is a company I would want to do business with. Very straight forward and there terms are very fair.
You'll be amazed on how they do things and what you can learn about hard drive recovery, check it out.





Opt out Equifax Salary History

Looks like this new service from Equifax is stirring a lot of controversy on user's who don't want nothing to do with the credit bureau agency. If you want to opt out of this new salary history database, then here is what you need to know and do.
I must admit that after Equifax recent hacks, I don't blame users for wanting to opt out.



Dial a Human

Hate automated phone calls in which you can't reach a live person to take care of your problems. Check out this website with links and numbers to vendors that can help you reach a real person on the other line.
I posted this link a while ago and for some reason or another people still keep on having problems, so here it goes again.



Antivirus Flaw

Looks like a recent flaw was discovered by Antivirus software makers and hopefully by the time you read this everything would have been patched. But it's just another indication that not all programs are full proof and it is good practice to use different products when protecting your computer. Ex. installing Malwarebytes for malware and McAfee for antivirus software. The theory is that either one or the other software will eventually stop the attack should an computer infection take place. It's better to be safe than sorry. Now let's hope that they two software don't create software compatibility problems for you.



Iphone X Clear

Looking for a unique way to make your new iPhone X different from others. You might want to look into this and although it might be difficult at first to get use to. I must admit it is unique.



Fix Pc Low Speakers

Having a problem with Windows speakers playing a volume low. Here's is some help on how to fix this problem. Most of the times a computer reboot will solve your problem, if not then follow these steps.



Salary Lookup Service

Looks like Equifax just opened up a salary lookup service for companies to verify employment, applying for a car or home loan. It's a great service to satisfy employment history, now I am wondering how accurate it's going to be and if its really going to make a decision when applying for a loan.




This software has been around for sometime and hopefully today it will help you unlock your computer. It's a great administrator software that is useful in the real world today. Don't delay repairing a computer, because you don't have the administrator password. Get Unlocker today.



Awair Glow

Tired of manually turning on and off devices in your home to meet the air quality. Here is a handy device to help your appliances get smarter. It's a new generation of making appliances smarter.




Already using the cloud and don't know if your organization is using the resources effectively. This software helps you diagnose your environment and gives you in real time your monthly costs of Azure vs AWS in the cloud, plus more. It's a great way to review the decisions you already made in the cloud and if it's cost effective.
Besides that it gives you a better view of your environment and recommends what you need to do, to get better performance for the value. It's the artificial intelligence of your organization cloud products.


Password Auditor

Need to verify if your organization is using strong password protection on high privilege accounts. Here is a handy software that works with the active directory to show the user's who are still using weak passwords in your environment. This will help the system administrator create a tougher password format for their environment.



MS Office 2016 Referemce

Use Microsoft Office 2016, then this reference card will come in handy to help you overcome your everyday Office problems.



Yammer in Business

Why would anyone want to use Yammer in business? Great question and here is the answer. If you have Office 365 and have Yammer installed, users can get into direct contact with others users in the organization by using Yammer. This eliminates constantly emailing the individual and gives you access to user's on the fly. Its similar to your regular online posting boards, but this is just for company employee's who are on the Office 365 domain. Groups can also be made in Yammer, like Human Resources, Sales, Quality Control, Training etc. It's a great place to share internal information.
Another group that can be made is a Yammer 101 group that has technical information for user's who need the information.



Trace an Email

Here is good information on what to do when you want to trace an email. Usually a user will want to trace an email coming from a spammer or and individual who is causing some kind of situation within your organization.



Enhanced Migration Toolkit

If your concern with security on Windows OS you might want to look on installing this feature into Windows to get more protection. It's a great software to stop exploits.



Old PC Hardware

Take a look back of computer hardware from the past. It wasn't long ago that these devices were the top main tools used by many technician's. It's amazing on how times and technology has changed. Go back to memory lane.



Windows Analytics Device Health

Looking for a better way to diagnose Windows 10 problems. Here is a handy software to help you fix these ongoing problems. It's a great add-on for technician's trying to keep everything running smoothly.



MP3 Converters

Looks like the battle is still on with the RIAA and other companies on ripping music streaming. Now regardless of what these companies do, other companies will eventually pop up and easily take over what the last companies were able to achieve. Right or wrong is not my fight but somehow they will just keep coming stronger than before.



WhatsApp APK

Here is a great software for WhatsApp user's who accidently need to recall or revoke a message. Any user who has already used WhatsApp already knows that once a message is sent to a user, there is no way to delete it. Hopefully this will alleviate Android user's for the future.



Acting Classes Online

Looks like this famous actor is going to give everyone a good lesson when it comes to acting. Not only is this going to have many viewers, but it opens a market online for acting. Now anyone in their home can easily take classes online to act. Great incentive for anyone to jump in.



Sharing Netflix Password

For those user's who were not clear when the law was passed a few years ago, here is the information again. I doubt it that Netflix and other media companies will prosecute anyone, but don't be upset if they suspend your account. Know your rights now before hand.