Lost Office DVD's

Missing your Office DvD's and wished that you made an extra copy of the software. As long as you have the product key, you can easily download and reinstall the original Office version via the Microsoft website. Any Office version 2007 and Present included.

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Google Chrome Extension

I like this extension application that Google created but I just unsure if I want to see any more ad's on my computer and how much memory it's going to use up. 


Wireless Network Watcher

Here's a great and easy way to keep tabs on your wireless network. Now at least you know who's on when your on and why your network speeds and performance fluctuates. 


Grave Finder

New technology for burial sites make it easier to find love ones. The burial site is all computerized and all you have to do is enter the deceased persons first and last night and hopefully your'll find your love one's instantly.


Wireless Touch Screen Router

Your going to love this touch screen wireless router. Not only is it easy to configure, but it requires no computer. It's a must have for those die hard wireless users.



Cablevision Wifi

Get ready for the new world of cable via WiFi. It looks like Cablevision is rolling out it's WiFi service so that it can reach customers where cable service never reached before. If everything goes smoothly you can bet that everyone else will be pushing cable via WiFi. I just don't know now about those internet caps?

WiFi Locater


ISO to CDDVD or Flash

Here is a free software to burn all of your ISO files to CD, DVD and even Flash Drives. The portable world is getting easier and real soon flash drives will replace almost everything. 


13 Gadgets for Win 7

Here are 13 Win 7 gadgets for monitoring your computer so that everything is always running smoothly. You never know when problems will arise and these monitors will keep you on top before the problems get worse.


Gmail Preview Panel

Gmail recently testing Preview Pane view it's in Lab and if you enjoy Outlook and want it to look like Gmail all you have to do is simply go to Lab and enable Preview Pane. You'll instantly notice that it's very similar to Microsoft Outlook. Google is sure making Gmail simple to use. 


USA Visa Lottery

For those non residents of the United States, here is the Visa lottery for immigrants. There is no charge to download. Hurry up and join us.

Diversity Visa Lottery


Outlook AutoComplet Fix

Annoyed that your Outlook email keeps on populating wrong email address when your writing emails. Here's the fix to the automatic name population in Outlook.


Dialup Password Viewer

How many times have you been in a situation where you forget the dial up password. Here's a handy program to retrieve the dial up password from your VPN or regular dial up.


IEEE pushes 802.22

What that means for us is that National Broadband is possible and soon you'll be experiencing 802.22 in the national level. Bringing broadband throughout the United States. It's now possible.


Write Protect a USB using the registry

This is a great way to protect your USB device from being tampered with by other user's. It doesn't guarantee that they can't still delete the flash drive files but at least it will give them a hard time in doing it. 


How to Deal with Difficult Clients

There is no good or bad way to do this. But there comes a time when your just better off loosing the new client to save future headaches on satisfying a customer that will never be satisfied. 


Your Wedding Budget

Planning a Wedding and don't know where to start. Use this Wedding Budget Worksheet below and prepare yourself for an exciting event.


Google Giving Away Free Routers

Google is giving away free routers. These routers contain benchmarks and diagnostic firmware to monitor the Internet backbone. I believe it's Google way of getting people want they want when they want it. Eventually leading to the new world of fiber. If your interested in getting one, here's the Link.



Want to know the newest crime stats in your neighborhood, here you go and I hope everyone is keeping a close eye. Crime is every where now a days.


Moba Live CD

Here's the easiest way to test a Live CD without rebooting your computer. The test drive performs with a single click and if everything goes well, you Live CD should be running smoothly.



Private SMS & Call

Here's a controversial application that keeps wondering eyes off your phone. You now can easily hide SMS & Phone calls from your cell phone calling list. All you do is install the application and pick which calls you want to block. It even hides the caller phone number from your contact list. A must have application for individuals who are always monitoring your calls.

Not responsible on how you use this application



The future for radar detector is here and for free. With this application hopefully you'll avoid speed traps and traffic cams tickets. It automatically updates so that everyone is notified ahead of time.


Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The 150 tweak wizard now works with IE 9 with improved speed improvement, refreshing, no more prompts after applying tweaks and some UI fixes to get your computer running at peak performance.


Internet Traffic Report

Is your Internet sluggish and wondering if it's your provider. Here's a great way to know who's at fault when it comes to the Internet.


Reserve Outlook.com

Everyone needs to hurry up and reserve the new Outlook.com cloud services from Microsoft. You just don't know when sometime in the future your going to need it. It's best to reserve your name for free now before someone else beats you to it.



Taskbar Shuffle

Want to do more with your Taskbar. Try this handy utility that takes, rearranges, and organizes icons in a wide range of controls to make your life easier.


Power Menu

For all those Power Menu user's please be advised that you still can make Windows transparent. Windows 7 user's all they have to do is just hold down Shift + L to enable options in the taskbar.


DS Clock

Here is a great desktop clock program to customize the clock so that you always on time with the world and your appointments. A must have utility for punctual people.