Cold Turkey Writer

Need to write something and get interrupted occasionally that you never get to finish your paper. Here is an ideal program for the user's to get the job done right and in time. The program at first asks you what you want to achieve and then locks you from doing anything else, except finishing your paper.



Why The Internet is so Slow

Here is some great information on why our infrastructure is so slow. And it's not what you really think, because it goes back to the top. And it's not likely ever to change, unless the government get's involve and enables competition.



Apple Cloud Setting Update

It's a good time to change your Apple cloud settings now, before you get hacked. It looks like stolen Apple ID's are a hot item and now hackers are easily getting a hold of user's cloud devices. So if you have Family Sharing feature on, it's time to turn it off.



Properly Clean a Flat Screen

Here is the to do list on how to clean a flat screen or monitor. User's who do not follow the instructions carefully, will in the long run damage their screens. So I suggest everyone to take a few minutes and read the information below to clean a monitor.



Malwarebytes gets Tougher

Looks like Malwarebytes is taking a strong stand on unwanted programs. And if they stay focus and keep on top of their game. It could be a while before it's competitor's can catch up.



Microsoft Services Up or Down

Are your Microsoft services up or down. Simple question with the help of Microsoft Azure status. It will simply tell you if it's running normally or your having network problems. Great utility for monitoring your cloud services.




Here is the open source key for those WannaCry user's who were victims of the outbreak. The user's must not have rebooted the computer and currently have the ransomeware software running.
It's not the perfect tool, but a move in the right direction.



Google Keeps Addon

Looks like Google Office suite is getting bigger and better. Now Google Keeps, similar to Microsoft sticky notes has a new add on for Google Apps. Now you can keep them accessible with your documents where ever you go. Check it out and enjoy the free perks.



Ransomeware Threat

Looks like corporations are not the only one who fear ransomeware. It looks like a few police stations nationwide are getting infected and because of their infrastructure setup, it can cost them greatly. Let's just say criminals can go free because the evidence that is being entered into the police database are no longer accessible. Talk about tasteless justice.



Unsecure Backup

Looks like the US Air Force fouled up recently on a backup and some how someone forgot to encrypt it and password protect it.
No one is saying how top secret these files are, but it's a simple screw up from Administrators not double checking their work. If your going to put anything online, make sure it's secure and password protected.



Automate Gmail

Gmail has some great features that can make things easier to do, if you use it effectively on the work force. Not only will it save you time, but you will look more professional. Check it out and start using it today. Canned responses has many useful methods that anyone can utilize daily.



WannaCry Patch

Looks like Major Geeks are helping out user's who want to patch that ransomware virus that recently made headlines.


Patch via OS

Get 50% off by pay only $14.98 for the year by installing this malware fighter software below.

Malware Fighter 2


Nest Secures

Nest took a leap into two step authentication so that it can make your camera security system more secure. It's a leap in the right direction and hopefully will keep it's user's confident.



Regain Space

Have a USB flash drive and when you plug it in, it said's that 250 mb but the drive saids 4 gig. We'll this problem is not unusual and your fix is a simple fix. Here's how.


  1. In the Start Menu, search for and launch diskpart.
  2. Type list disk to see all current disk volumes on your system.
  3. Plug in your USB drive and type list disk again. Note listed volume.
  4. Type select disk # where # corresponds to your USB drive’s volume number.
  5. Type clean to wipe the volume of all partitions.
  6. Type create partition primary to make a new partition with all unallocated space.
  7. Type exit to finish.



What is WannaCrypt and why should you care. Well let's just say it's a new attack on computers and if you haven't update your Windows computer, and antivirus lately. You should make sure everything is running smoothly.
Once a user gets hit with this nasty stuff your computer is held hostage and I just hope you have a backup or are ok on losing everything and your computer to reformat Windows. The software attack gives user's little option and headaches to online users. Be careful.



Flash Drive Control

Here's an ideal software for your computer when you want to block out user's copying your personal files. This software enables you to execute the commands on what you want a flash drive to do when it's installed onto the computer. Great software to take control of security.



Gmail New Limits

Looks like Gmail finally increased it's email limits to 50 mb, but it will only work against other user's because the attachment size is still capped at 25mb for outlook and yahoo mail. So the chances you'll ever get that big mail is rare for now.



Data up for Grabs

Looks like user data is up for grabs again and consumers should be aware of what their cellular providers do with that information.



Constant Contact

Here's is a new email marketing company that caters to keeping in constant contact with your customers. Great way to take your marketing skills to a new level. This could be what your company needs.



Best Mobile Signal

You will be shock when you here who is the best mobile carrier for wireless. Looks like a company in London does wireless research for consumers and when they compared the U.S. cell phone carriers, one carrier name that's been changing the mobile market came up ahead. Maybe it's time to switch and stay ahead of the rest.



Update Defender Now

Looks like Windows Defender is on the target list for being shut down. Hackers have been able to bypass it's detection and now pose a risk on infecting your computer. For those user's who just have Windows Defender acting as a malware and antivirus, be warned and prepare yourself for an attack.



Google Parking

Google maps will now let you know how difficult parking will be at your destination point location. It's a must have utility for visitor's looking to drop by and get in and out of the area. Before you know it you'll love this feature.



Visio Online

No need to install the software Visio on your computer from now on, because now with online access you can see your Visio diagrams where ever you go.



Cars Unlimited

Looks like cell phone plans are not the only thing that's unlimited. Try unlimited car plans as well. I guess this is car carriers trying to get user's to get their unlimited plans on the go.



Fixing Chrome

Looks like our favorite browser has some issues from time to time and if your a Chrome user, you know that this is nothing new. Chrome from time to time gets funky and most fixes just require a shutdown and restart, while others are just better off updating to hopefully have it's ongoing problems just go away. Here is the scoop on fixing chrome.

Cleanup Tool


Amazon Cloud Save

When Amazon went down it's savior was it's own cloud service. Now that's pretty impressive coming from a company that preaches down time and up time. Just shows how disaster preparedness played an import role with Amazon infrastructure.  Good going Amazon.



Drone Inspections

Looks like drones are going to begin inspecting tunnels for damage, cracks and water leaks. The new technology gives more time for engineer's to do other assessment work that comes with the job, so that they are prepared for mishaps.



Stop iPhone Buyers

Looks like the iPhone 8 is going to change those new cell phone chargers. If so you current charges will be useless, similar to what happened to users a few years ago when iPhone changed it's plug. Buyer should hold off for now until iPhone 8 news is clearer on if they plan to use USB-C.



Uber Rush Over

Looks like the idea was good until it affected the regular transportation means of Uber. Now Uber eats future for restaurants has been put on hold. Let's now see if another company can take over where Uber left off.



Youtube Sports Bundle

Looks like Youtube is bundling it's Sports package so that user's jump in on the fun. Not only is it going to hurt cable companies competition, but if they play their cards right. Youtube could be the new Netflix.



Track PC

Want to track when a PC was used no problem with the help of this free utility. Now you can see sleep and restart schedules with a breeze.