C drive Installation Problems

I recently had a software installation problem when I recently upgraded my SATA drive on my current computer. Instead of the main drive reading C, which is standard for most computers. My computer choose E drive as it's home drive. There is nothing wrong with having E drive as your home computer, except some software's are programed to excute and install on the current C drive. Making installations fail or almost impossible. One way to fix this is to go to the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Mangement -> Disk Mangement. All you need to do is change the drive letter to another drive and move the current C drive to another destination drive that doesn't conflict. If you do everything right there should be no C drive when you open My Computer.

Now to substitute the C drive so that you can install the current program that's looking for the C main drive. All you have to do is to go to Start -> Run -> type CMD and Enter. This will open up DOS and in DOS you just type the following:
subst c: e:\
(in which e is the current main drive that windows is booting up on your computer)


Hardware & Software Manuals

Lost your hardware or software manuals and think your out of luck. Think again with the help of this website to help you find your lost manuals.


College Students who Changed Grades

In this day in age in not uncommon to hear students trying to hack into the school network system to change grades. It's a security risk that all schools face and it was unfortunate that these students got caught.
But what do you expect when you change ninety students grades and residency status at FAMU.


Data in your Documents

If you have ever written a report in Microsoft Word, you never realized that data was hidden in the document on who wrote the report and if any other users viewed or altered the report before it was sent out.
For many users this can be embarrassing and t also can be a security threat because data theft can occur through corporate spies.
Removing this is simple and requires you to download Microsoft Remover Hidden Data tool. Now deleting unwanted metadata from your documents is done easier.


Personal Data on Cell Phones

After last years big elections, campaigns sold staffers their blackberries and made one big mistake. To reset all it's blackberrys to factory default. It's an easy step and not doing this handed over private emails and contact list to users who now owned the phone. Next time your upgrade your cell phone and decide to donate your phone visit the ReCellular Data Eraser.


Menu Commands for Vista

This is a registry hack so make sure you backup your registry before you begin.

This hack creates the Copy to Folder and Move to Folder shortcut. In the long run it will save you precious time.

Go to Start -> in search field type Regedit
Find the folder named HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> ALLFilesystemObjects -> ContextMenuHandlers
Right Click on ContextMenuHandlers and click New Key
A New Key #1 will appear under ContextMenuHandlers
Rename this key as {C2FBB630-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13} -this creates the Copy to Folder
Select New Key #1 and rename the new key as {C2FBB631-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13} - this creates the Move to Folder



In a rush to leave a voice message. This new application skips the voice message and goes to voice mail. It's a must for people who are always on the go and have no time to wait for that annoying greeting message to go away.


Lock You Laptop Automatically

This application has it's own security feature that locks your laptop when your cell phone goes out of it's range. It's great for travelers who need to make sure that security is priority when traveling and leaving their laptop unattended.

My only concern is that what happens if your cell phone is stolen?

Fast Download


Recover Photo's from Camera Phone Memory Card

Their are a few software's that can recover your camera phone's photo's from the memory card and if you are wondering which one's to use. Take your pick.

Pc Smart Recovery

Zero Assumption Image Recovery


Don't Pay for Movies already Owned

If you already own some home movies and want to play them on your iPod or iPhone, Hand Brake is your answer. This software RIPs your movies into a MPEG-4 file. Whether this is legal or not that's another question, but If you own the movie, why not?


Hasten Windows Boot Ups

Tired of your computer taking forever to boot up. Try this software to control the traffic for all your applications booting up all at one time as Window boots up.
The startup delayer will increase your computer's performance overall.

Other Link


Buy & Sell Electronics

Want to buy or sell electronics that's almost two years old. This great website does that and even lets you know up front what you'll get back. If your tired of your new electronic device and waiting for an excuse to upgrade. Here is your chance to upgrade.


Power Wasters Solutions

If you have a power waster device, and want to consume electricity the following items will help you save electricity the smart way. They either power electricty off or cut off power in the off mode.

Bits Limited Smart Strips
Legrands's Isole Plug
Belkin Conserve Surge Protector


Kill a Watt EZ

Here a some of Kill A Watt EZ power waters results. So if you ever wondered how much power these items were consuming a year. Here is the results as per PCWorld.com

These costs may vary:

cable box - $10.33 a year
old CRT TV set - $5.16 a year
VCR - $3.10 a year
Desktop Computer - $6.20
Laptop - $2.06
LCD Computer monitor - $1.03
Wireless Router - $4.13
DSL modem - $5.16
External USB hard drive - $2.06
Computer Speaker - $5.16
Inkjet Printer - $4.28
DVD Player - $3.60
Powered subwoofer - $3.60

Want to save energy visit the Energy Department


Full Page Bookmarks

It's similar to Delicious but differ with gallery of images that you can comment and share with friends. If you love to share your bookmarks, I suggest you take a look at qitera.


Used PC's for XP Copies

There have been recent sales jump of used computer's in the market for their old copies of Windows XP. Since most companies are upgrading to Vista their hardwares need to be upgraded to keep up with their performance. So buying a new PC with Vista preloaded is a must.
But old user's who still have XP licenses benefit because of compatibility issues that Vista still yet has to resolve.
So if your in the market for an XP license, and can't afford a new computer. Buying a used computer from a reliable source would be a great benefit.


Vista SP2 with Blu-Ray Burning Features

Yes Vista SP2 when available will give you the opportunity now to burn Blu-ray disks without any additional software, similar to the way you now burn regular CD's and DvD's. How better the software will be against third party software depends on Microsoft and time will tell.


Windows Cookies Shortcut

Want to access Windows Cookies.
Here are a few shortcuts to make your life simple

Search Method
Go to Start -> Search -> All Files and Folders in ALL type cookies and your shortcut Cookie folder should appear.

Run Command
Go to Start -> Run -> type shell:cookies and your Cookie folder should appear.


Acer Lite Broadband Plans

Acer in now incorporating it's laptops with broadband service. Which will open soon special pricing for lite broadband users.
Now they're will be no reason to pay a monthly broadband rate, when you can just pay for the times your just going to use the internet.


Increase Vista File Copy

These helpful links will hopefully increase your file copy speed in Vista. It's a shame that you have to use third party software to make Vista copy files faster.

Fast Copy
Super Copier
Tera Copy


Make Vista or XP Run Faster

This tip will help you increase your computer memory. It all depends if you use these sevices or not. If you do not then the tweak is a plus for users.

Disable Windows Indexing
Goto Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and scroll down to Index servicing and set startup type to Disable.

Disable Aero Glaaa and Flip3D
Right click on Desktop -> Personalize -> Windows Color and Appearance -> Classic Appearance Properties and set color scheme to Windows Vista Basic


Gmail Offline

A great thing happened to Gmail a few weeks ago when it decided to give user's the opportunity to go offline with it's Gmail service. Gmail now can compete with Microsoft Outlook, side by side.
Now it's all up to Gmail to mimic Microsoft Outlook in the corporate world.


Microsoft Fix It Web Site

I don't know if this is going to work, but at least now Microsoft new website wants to help you fix all of your Windows problems.


ATM hack in 30 Minutes

Who would ever think that a regular ATM would be this easy to hack in just thirty minutes. That's what an investigative report revealed and it's shocking to know that it already occurred.
When it comes to identity theft, nothing is secure.


Cell Phone USB Ranger

The next time you have Cell phone signal problems, you should take a look at the new USB cell phone ranger at TestFreaks. This gadget is a must for cell phone block out areas.


Is Magic Jack A Scam

Well I've already posted my results and for starters it does work. They're are software compatibility problems with the unit. But hopefully in time they will sort these problems out.
Magic Jack is a great deal on the cheap, as long as you can get your computer to make it work.


SATA drives Confusion

Confused on the difference between SATA drives and performance.
Hopefully the confusion will be gone after you read this information from overclock.net

Info: Is there a difference between SATA and SATA2 cables?
There seems to be some confusion about the difference between cables branded as SATA or SATA2. Many companies that produce the cables and even the retailers selling the cables add to the confusion by branding some cables as SATA and other as SATA2. I even have some Thermaltake SATA UV cables that are clearly sold as 150Mb/s maximum transfer rate. It would then make sense that these cables would not be good to use with a SATA2 hard drive that is capable of 300Mb/s transfer speeds.

Before going any farther I do just want to make one clarification. The transfer speeds of 150mb/s and 300mb/s in no way mean that a SATA2 drive is twice as fast as a SATA drive. Current hard drives are not even able to fully utilize the 150mb/s transfer speed. These numbers are more descriptive of burst speed.

Finally on to the cables. There is no difference in maximum transfer speeds between cables labeled as SATA vs. SATA2. The only difference is that most SATA2 cables have a locking mechanism.

I have been in contact with Seagate about this and here are a couple highlights from our correspondence:

There is really no such thing as SATA2 cables, SATA2 drives use
industry wide standard SATA data cable. You should be able to use your
drive with the cables that you have in your system.
There is no such thing as SATA rated at 150mb/s or rated at 300mb/s. It is
just SATA cable. Don't get confused by the marketing definitions.

Alexander C.
Seagate Technical Support
In summary, both SATA and SATA2 hard drives can be used with any SATA controller. If the SATA controller can only handle 150mb/s then a SATA2 drive will function as a SATA drive. Also, any SATA cable can be used for either a SATA or SATA2 drive. Both drives and cables are fully interchangeable.


Net BrutScanner

On a network and want to know what folders your sharing. This software takes a peak into you system and tells you what's open.

Windows 7 is six versions

It's amazing how the new Windows 7 is looking more and more like Vista licensing again. Why don't they just name it Vista 2.


Chargepod v2

These little devices just make your life easier to deal with when it comes to charging your various devices.


Seagate Drive Flaws

It's upsetting to see a hard drive company having flaws with it's storage device, when they've been in business for quite sometime.
Can someone at least make a reliable hard drive that can last long enough to appreciate it.