Copy files over SSH

The next time your remotely managing a computer remember that you also can copy files via SSH. The only thing that you will have to remember is the scripts. Now backing up a remote computer is a thing of the past with SSH.


Ways to open Task Mgr

Here are great ways to open the task manager, in case you didn't know. So they next time your just doing Ctrl+ALT+DEL, remember that's not the only way to open the task manager.


Best way to install app's on a new PC

Don't take it from me, but take it from the experts. You follow these easy setup rules and all those computer problems that you have will easily disappear. Majority of all computer problems are the software. So the next time you reformat a computer do that same, so that you don't have any conflicts.


Pin any file to the Win 7 Taskbar

Here's the neat tweak to place any program on your Windows taskbar. It's quick and easy and before you know it, all you file's will be easily accessible.


Monitor Computer and Documents

Here's a great way to monitor computer and documents using group policy. You'll be amazed and what you can monitor in the background. 


Capture Screens

Here's is a great way to capture Window screens with the ease of a button. I must say it is very easy to use and I enjoy how it also captures screen images that you always wanted to capture.


Fix Bootmgr is missing

I don't know how many times I've seen this ever and a great way to fix this is to use the current Windows DVD and going to repair Windows, then command prompt and type the following commands below.

Type in the following commands:

  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /RebuildBCD


Wireless Watcher

Want to know who's on your wireless network. Here's the easiest way to monitor who's riding on your Internet access and who's stealing your bandwidth.


Open an encrypted file

This is the hack to open an encrypted file in Windows if access is denied. Microsoft should have wrote the dummies guide to encryption for the non technical user's.


Customize Ctrl - Alt - Del

Want to change the group policy of how user's lock their terminals. Here's the easiest way to do it via group policy in Windows 7. Now user's shouldn't have any difficulties on login on or off.


Hide Folder via Win 7

Want to hide folders in Windows 7. And if that doesn't work you always can use Free Hide Folder for those user's who you always want to make sure that they don't find it. 


Laptop Overheating 101

Help, my laptop is overheating. Well if you are constantly having this problem, be sure to read these tips to help you troubleshoot why your laptop overheats. Majority of the time it's preventive maintenance.


Repair Zip Files

Trying to open a zip file but it keeps on reading corrupt. These two great software's come to the rescue to save you time and money. Hopefully the files are fixable.

Zip Repair
Zip Fix


Forward Ports

Want to know how to forward ports on a router. This site will teach you just that and make sure that your always connected and that you hopefully don't get confused. 



Got into an accident and want to know what the accident report is telling the insurance company. This company is easily networking the police department and the insurance companies with that information and you also can get a copy of the report for a fee. At least now you don't have to go to the Police department to get a copy.


Migrate from Facebook to Google +

Ready to migrate from Facebook to Google +. This is the simplest way to do it via Facebook downloadable information. I just hope Facebook plays friendly.


Server managing using Amahi

Windows days are already number and it's about time that society starts giving other operating systems a chance. Amahi is an open source program that beats the Windows licensing rules. If your bored of Windows, now is the time to switch to the new operating system. 


Drop Zone

Like drag and drop, then get ready for drop zone. Now dragging and dropping files for transfer is quick and simple to do. 


Software Piracy

Pretty interesting information on software piracy. If you think the United States is a problem, think again. I don't understand why certain people would have comments on piracy, when in fact that became successful because of piracy. Did any even watch the Pirates of Silicon Valley?


Secure files on a USB

Here's a great way to secure files on a flash drive. Now there is no need to worry when you going portable in the world of technology. 


Facebook Excel Hack

At work and want to always be on Facebook, but don't want other's to see what your doing. Here's a great excel hack linking into Facebook. All you have to do is download the spreadsheet and add it along with your other excel files or just have it open all by itself. Other's will be amazed that now, your now working.



Beginner's Guide to Scripting

Want to learn scripting. Well you'll never going to learn how to do it unless you learn the basics. It's better to first have an understanding on how it works so that you always can create good scripts. 


Stop Software Installation

Lack any computer skills but want to lock out a computer from installing any software. This software utility will help you keep software off any computer via password protection. Exactly the way the professionals do it.


Quiz Creater

Here is a great software for businesses and educators. Now you can easily make a quiz in matter of minutes and publish it online so that other's can participate. Now making up a quiz is a thing of the past. 


WiFi Safety

Today every place that you go you can't help it to enjoy free WiFi. Whether it's in a hotel, coffee shop, convention center, beach, bookstore, restaurant, fast food places, etc, WiFi is here to stay for good. Now just because it's free doesn't necessarily mean that it's secure. So I would suggest you read this article the next time you decide to roam hotpots. 


Video Capture

Here's a great way to capture video from your hard drive. Now recording from your screen, webcam or input video can easily be recorded as long as it can be seen from your monitor. It's a must have software for user's who just love to record. 


Universal File Opener

Now there should be no reason for anyone not being able to open a file on their computer. This software connects with a hundred of software's that are in the current market today. Do we need to add some more.


Windows 8 new file / copy / move

Windows 8 is still not here yet and we are learning new changes from Microsoft. Now the file, copy and move is now in one dialogue where you can pause or resume at anytime. 


Laptop Motherboard Repairs

Here is a great site to troubleshoot Laptop Motherboard Repairs. It gives you some great tips on what to look for if your laptop mother board begins to fail.

The signs are here:

Tell tale signs of motherboard failure:

  1. You have switched on the computer being indicated by the light and fan also starts to spin. But there is complete black- out on the computer screen with the hard drive not working within 10- 15 sec.
  2. The initial start up functions appear like indicative light, fan and hard drive sound, but  disappears after a while i.e. 5 – 3 mins.
  3. A high pitched sound comes from the laptop when you press the “on” button.
  4. Last one can be that even when you have switched on the computer nothing happens.


Need to Reinstall Windows

Your computer keeps on crashing and your tired of the same old problems and you know that you will eventually have to re-install Windows. Well if you don't have the recovery disks, which most new computer don't. It's probably pre-installed in your hard drive hidden partition. The only way to install the software is to restore it to factory defaults. Here is the function on most computers to re-install.

Dell XP - Ctrl+F11
Dell Vista - F8
Compaq - F11
HP Desktop Vista - F11
Emachine - F10
Acer - Alt+F10
Lenovo - F12


Doc to Image

Want to convert a document to PDF. This online site requires no installation and helps you convert your powerpoint, excel and word documents via PDF online.