Wifi Phones Surging

Wifi phones are the phone of the future.
Up 75% in 2005 and in 2006 sales are estimated to be double of what 2005 offered.


Sling Media :: Welcome

Sling Media :: Welcome
It's Here!
Internet Tv was only a matter of time and now it's here.
Program your TIVO, watch movies on your laptop, computer and PDA where ever you go and never be away from Premium service you currently pay. Even though it will set you back $250-you will save hundreds because now your laptop or computer can easily be your mobile TV.
From here on you will definitely get your moneys worth.


Google New Toolbar

Talk about impressive for a toolbar.
Even though it's still buggy. I must admit it is a change for a tool bar to do search on your favorites, send pages to friends and button customization.
Regardless It's Google attempt to be ahead of the others.
Lets see what Microsoft comes up with next?


Laptop Forums

Need technical help with your laptop.
Try this forum for laptops. It sure beats paying for customer support.


Verizon Vcast vs Online Music Stores

If Verizon perfects its glitches. We can be looking at a new mobile online music store on the move with Verizon Wireless V Cast service.
V Cast does exactly what you current online music stores does currently except that it's mobile. Will this new wave catch on. Only time will tell and Verizon is sure is betting on this by spending lots of money.


Damaged your Electronic Device

If you accidentally damaged your electronic device. Before you go out and buy a new one try this.
Visit Grynx
They give you instruction on how to salvage your electronic device.
It's worth to try and make you buck last longer.


XM Radio for Pocket PC

Don't be surprised when XM radio creates it's XM Radio player. If XM radio has it way, they could change the way we listen to radio on the internet.
Let see what happens next. But it's a right move for now.


Old Software Versions

Upgraded your Personal Computer to a new software version and hate it.
Most new software versions are just headaches and add on unnecessary items.
If your one like myself who hate new version but like the old version of the software your using and can't seem to find that old copy. Try this website.

You can also do a google search on Old Software that has been discontinued to remove old software on your personal computer that still shows up on your add/remove program folder.


Flash Drives getting Flatter

How about a flash drive as slim as a credit card.
Well it looks like it's 2gig possible and it might just make flash drives more attractive.
How nice it would be to show someone your entire picture gallery via a credit card flash drive.
I can see this portable storage device getting popular.


Cell Phone Ad's for Verizon & Nextel Customers

Looking for a discount on your current Verizon or Nextel phone system.
Let's see if this will work for you. Cell phone advertisement.
I don't know if I will like that idea but it's a choice if your looking for a discount.


Like the Aigo E858

Still not here in the United States but a lot of other manufactures are getting in on the portable video player that excepts all video formats on the move.
I just hope that they can improve the battery life to last longer. I believe most people will be upset to just get only 3.5 hours of movie play time.


Repair XP

Here is a nice tech site to repair your Windows Xp Problems

Win Xp Service Pak 3

If your long waiting for the Windows Update to Service Pak 3.
You should wait another year longer. Now it's expected to be released in 2007.
In turn Microsoft will deliver it's new software named Vista on time this year and convince people to upgrade.
It disappointing that with all that money they have in reserve. They can't get there product to perform well.
People should stop buying new Microsoft products until they get there priorities straight. They are selling you a product that is half finished and hardly works well.
You wouldn't go to a supermarket and buy a half eaten cake, when you could buy a complete cake. Don't be fooled. Stop the insanity now and let Microsoft know now that we are fed up of it's software.


New Cell Phone Music Chip

Let's just say the new cell phones with this music chip will enhance your cell phone audio and save you power. Before you know it we will all have a portable cell phone boom box.

Bluetooth for Her

Here is a Bluetooth device for the women in your life.
A little Bling Bling.

Fully Automated Convenience Store

Talk about Drive thru.
If this convenience store goes mainstream you can better believe going to the store is going to be a drive thur experience.


Easy Internet Advertising Yellow Pages

At least this site is free and the more exposure you company has the better the future business. Good Luck.


Motorola H5 MiniBlue

Motorola new Bluetooth headset is making a unique device customized to your body.
It's noise cancellation and battery life of 7.5 talk time.
The question is how portable and comfortable will this device be.

Searching to Buy the Xbox 360

Here is a site where you can purchase an Xbox 360.
But be ready to spend more than what you can imagine.
But again you will get it way before anyone one else does.

Love You Send it dot com

You'll also love rapidshare.
It does the same thing to send you big files online for free.
Save it as an alternate back up for Yousendit.com


Text Messaging for Free

It this site is a hit. Text messaging on Cell phones could become free. But everyone must keep the service running and keep text messaging.

Linksys Wireless Video Camera

Talk about the coolest video camera that sends live pictures via the web.
This camera contains its own web server. So you don't need to connect it to a PC because you can use it wirelessly. A security mode alerts you when motion is detected. Hopefully this camera will be the next generation security system affordable to many.


Gadget Catalog 2006

Love those wacky gadgets.
This catalog just might do the trick.
It has every wacky Gadget you can imagine.
If your looking for a Gadget, there a good chance that you'll find it here.
Website Link



Looking for a scanner that scans business cards and documents into Excel, Quicken, Pdf documents. This scanner might just be what your looking for. It even updates contacts to Microsoft Outlook address book.


Google Prejudice Map

Get your biotry straight. Wanted to know what people in the world are known as. Why not ask Google.


Plasma Wonder

Looking for a Plasma television. Well Panasonic will help you customize your Plasma.
You can create you television to the similar way you order a personal computer. Very interesting on how this concept will turn out in the future.
Now you can order your television they way you want it and with the inputs you need for your everyday lives.


Another Cheap Gas Site

The easiest way to save money.
Buy cheap gas on the go.
I don't care what anyone really said. Unless your manuals states to by premium do so.
Otherwise regular gas will do just as well as premium.
Don't be fooled by what the big oil firms say about gas and less octane.
It's like going to a store and having a choice to buy a fur coat or a regular coat.
If you have the money then spend it and buy a fur coat. If you don't might as well wise up now.


Cyber Harassment is illegal

If you annoy anyone anonymously over the internet you better get a good lawyer or otherwise it can land you in jail for two years.
It's now against the law to do this.


Mac's With Intel Chips

Well the rumor is true.
MacBookPro with the Intel processor chip are faster than PowerBook G4.
Hopefully this will shift many users to buy more Intel based PowerBooks in the future for more speed.


Google Pack

.........Good article from Google ................
Google Unwraps the Google Pack

Free Software Package Offers Users One Stop to Discover, Install and
Maintain a Wide Range of Essential PC Programs

CES, LAS VEGAS, Nev., January 6, 2005 - Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)
today announced Google Pack beta, a free collection of safe, useful
software from Google and other companies that improves the user
experience online and on the desktop. In just a few clicks, users can
easily discover, install and maintain software to surf the web faster
and safer, communicate better, and effectively manage information.

"We've heard from countless new computer owners that it can take
days or weeks to install all the software they need to make their
computer useful," said Marissa Mayer, VP of search products and user
experience at Google. "We developed Google Pack to give users a way
to painlessly install all the essential software they need -
pre-configured in a sensible way - in a matter of minutes. Better yet,
users don't have to keep track of software updates or new programs
- we maintain and update all the software for them."

Google Pack offers programs that meets Google's high software
standards and are considered best in their class, including:

· Adobe Reader 7
· Ad-Aware SE Personal
· GalleryPlayer HD Images
· Google Desktop
· Google Earth
· Google Pack Screensaver
· Google Talk
· Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
· Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
· Norton AntiVirus 2005 Special Edition
· Picasa
· RealPlayer
· Trillian

Google Pack also includes Google Updater, a new tool that intelligently
downloads, installs and maintains all the software in the Google Pack.
Google Updater alerts users when updates and new programs become
available and ensures each program is always up-to-date. Google Updater
can also be used to monitor the status of installation, run software
that's been installed, or easily uninstall software.

Users can easily select which programs they want to install. For
programs already installed on a computer, Google Updater checks whether
the latest version is running. If not, Google Updater will install the
latest version.

Every program included in the Google Pack is free, has earned a
reputation for excellence, and was evaluated to ensure it meets
Google's Software Principles. Google respects users' rights to
control their own computers and does not include software that is
spyware, generates pop-ups, or that is difficult to uninstall.
Additional information on Google's Software Principles is available
at http://www.google.com/intl/en/corporate/software_principles.html.

Google Pack beta is available in English, runs on Windows XP, and
supports Firefox 1.0 and higher and Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher.
More info on Google Pack is available at http://pack.google.com.
About Google Inc.
Google's innovative search technologies connect millions of people
around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by
Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a
top web property in all major global markets. Google's targeted
advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable
results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google
is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the
Americas, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit www.google.com.
Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc. All other company and
product names may be
trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

Additional Information from Google Pack Partners

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Free Adobe Reader 7.0 software enables users to view, print, search,
and interact with Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. "Google
Pack is a convenient, easy way for consumers to be sure they have the
latest versions of important, free software applications," said Kurt
Garbe, vice president, Platform Business Unit, Adobe Systems
Incorporated. "By including the ubiquitous Adobe Reader in Google
Pack, Google is helping ensure consumers will be able to reliably view,
print and interact with Adobe PDF files, the de facto standard for
electronic documents exchanged on the Web and over email."

Cerulean Studios
Trillian is an award-winning communications software client, with
support for interoperable IM, voice and video. "We're very excited
for Trillian to be included in Google Pack, as we at Cerulean Studios
have always been very focused on giving end-users the highest quality
experience possible," said Scott Werndorfer, Co-founder, Cerulean
Studios. "We believe this goal aligns Trillian perfectly with Google

GalleryPlayer Media Networks
GalleryPlayer Media Networks programs the world's finest HD art and
photography to high resolution displays for the residential and
commercial markets through a variety of distribution platforms
including Cable and Satellite, Internet and Private Networks.
"Today's Digital Consumer wants easily accessible tools, services,
upgrades and downloads at their fingertips," said Rusty Citron,
GalleryPlayer Media Networks vice president of marketing. Google Pack
defines the essence of this new model, and as the line between online
media and software continues to blur, it is products like GalleryPlayer
that will drive traffic and brand loyalty."

Lavasoft AB
Ad-Aware SE Personal is an antispyware program from the industry
pioneer Lavasoft AB, offering solid protection against online
trespassers prying on Internet activities, enabling users to maintain a
high degree of privacy while surfing the Web. "Lavasoft is excited to
team with Google to include its award-winning and industry-leading
antispyware solution in Google Pack," said Merja Turpeinen, Marketing
& PR Coordinator at Lavasoft AB. "We are pleased to help Google
deliver a privacy protection package to their users."

Firefox is the safer, easy-to-use, and innovative Web browser from
Mozilla. "We are excited that Firefox will be included in the Google
Pack," said Christopher Beard, Vice President of Products at Mozilla.
"Enabling easier access to Firefox through the Google Pack means many
more people will get to enjoy a better Web experience."

RealPlayer offers an easy-to-use product for consumers to access and
manage all their digital media from one convenient place. "For nearly
two years, RealNetworks and Google have been working together on new
ways to give consumers easy access to our products and services," said
Jeff Chasen, vice president of RealNetworks' RealPlayer division.
"We're excited that RealPlayer, already an integral part of
consumers' web experience, will now be available as part of the
Google Pack of essential software."

Norton AntiVirus 2005 Special Edition provides home users who are using
the Internet, exchanging emails, Instant Messages and downloading
content with essential and continually updated protection against
viruses and other common Internet threats. Google Pack users will
receive an introductory 6-month subscription to Symantec's virus
protection updates and, once the subscription expires, will have the
option to purchase a 12-month subscription renewal. "Symantec
estimates that 30-40% of all connected consumer systems are not
adequately protected," said Enrique Salem, senior vice president,
security products and solutions, Symantec Corp. "We are pleased to
work with Google to provide a Special Edition version of our
market-leading Norton AntiVirus to help Google users surf the Internet,
use email and exchange instant messages free from worry about Internet
viruses and other threats."
........ Can I now say we love you Google ..........


Google Video Store

Let's just say this is another way Google believes how copyright materials should be sold. If Google is right. Let's just say it will be another Apple iTunes.
The videos are short but at least you have the right to have them legally.


The Verdict on Microsoft Xbox 360

Not Quite.
It looks like the company is still loosing money on its Xbox 360 series and the future for Microsoft Game console looks dim.
But who knows maybe this will open up a new field into Microsoft products.


1 kilowatt Power Supply

There here
The powerful 1100 watts of power supply that you were waiting for.
At least now you can't say that you don't have enough power.


DSL Modem Trouble Shoot

This is one of my favorite PC Magazines and one interesting article came up on February 2006 issue that I never heard of before but it's one of those good ones.

The Problem:
DSL modem looses the internet connection for no apparent reason. The activity LED goes dark but the DSL indicator remains lit. And the telephone line at times you unable to get a dial tone. I am using the line filters that they recommend. What do you think the problem is?

Everyone would assume it's the DSL modem. But there is no dial tone. The only possible solution is change the DSL line filter that goes to the phone which either had short circuited or failed. But this did require a phone call to the ISP.


Recover Your Deleted Files

These three programs will save you hundreds regardless of the price.
Your still better off with these programs than getting a professional to do it.
Zero Assumption Recovery - free trial
Get Data back NTFS
Media Recover
Good luck and remember this - It's not 100 % guaranteed but if you still need the information. Than it has to be worth it.