Google + Spam Problem

Looks like recently Google + developed a spam problem with comments and the problem just keeps on increasing and increasing. Google probably is aware of the problem, but it's not making it a priority to fix it. That's because Google + life is coming to an end and I will not be surprise when they pull the plug. So for current Google + users, I suggest to be careful and do your best to keep the spam in control.




Ever wonder what those silica bags do and what they are used for. Let's just say that after you read this article, I doubt that you will ever throw out these bags away. Silica bags can do a lot more for us if we use them wisely.



Win 10 Pass Recovery

Windows 10 Password Recovery is not that simple and easy to do. And for most user's it's a headache that if they forget their administrator password you are limited on your choices. Here are some great tips to help you recover your password and hopefully it can work for you.



New Gmail

Want to see the new Gmail email service now. Here is how to check out new Gmail features and you will be surprised at how clean and neat the interface has become.



Pc Mistakes

Here are a few items user's should be aware of that can easily damage your personal computer. Some user's take these items for granted and it's no wonder why your personal computer just gives up.



Tiny Take

Best free screen capture software to record video and share for free. The picture resolution is great for a freebie. And so simple to use.



Automate Amazon

Tired of shopping at Amazon and always finding your specialty item out of stock. Here is a new way to automatic it and let you know immediately when your item is back in stock. It's a great tool to jump in get  your item as soon as it becomes available. This technique has so many wonderful uses, than you can even begin to imagine. Give it a try and check out Microsoft Flow.



Report a Spammer

Here some information on getting rid of spam mail for user's who are constantly getting daily spam.
It's an ongoing endless war, but in order to perfectly combat spam you need to find the register of that person that sent you spam. And that could quite sometime.
That's why in some cases, your just better off clicking the delete button or report item as spam.You decide how you want to fight spam.

Spam cop
Spam bully


Amazon Music Shutdown

Looks like Amazon is discontinuing it's service on storing user's music on their servers. I guess it was a good idea in the beginning to gain user subscription, but nothing last forever and here is what you should know before the April 30th shutdown.



HD crash via Sound

Yes, it looks like hackers can now easily crash hard drives via sound waves. These waves can do pretty much damage to your hard drive with via acoustics and it brings to note how important it is for a user to backup. If you still concern, there is always the option of building an acoustic shield for your personal computer.



App to Protect Laptop

Looks like Mr Snowden hasn't finished his fight again privacy at all. He's been putting his skills at work developing an app to alert you of intruders tampering with your portable devices. And let's just say it's going to be the beginning of new security technology for prying eyes. So regardless of how some feel about Mr. Snowden's whistleblower actions, he still not done contributing to society.



Connect Dropbox or Drive

Love using Dropbox or Google Drive and wished your computer used other location to save files instead of Microsoft One Drive. Well doing so is very simple and requires a few tweaks to your computer. But the end results are very rewarding.



WhatsAPP HD Sharing

HD sharing for What'sAPP can be done but understand that these are big files and will take sometime for both user and viewer. So if your going to be using HD, know your limitations.



AI for O365

Looks like Microsoft is not taking any chances not to be the new player on the block by quickly adapting Artificial Intelligence into their office suite.
Let's just say that eventually all of your Office problems will be a thing of the past because AI will eventually troubleshoot your problems so that you could do what you do best.



Microsoft Word Cheat Sheet

Looks like Microsoft's executive's advised everyone recently on a better way to use office for those user's who want more of word.
You will have to do a list of things and then type in some code to unlock Word, but when you do so. Let's just say it's a secret bonus word with shuffle, 3D format and it would run programs like if Windows 98 word was unlocked. Check it out if you want.


Open a blank page  and insert a page break, now hold down CTRL command, and then do the followin hitting up, left, up, 3, 7, P, down, spacebar, spacebar and 4%8

This should unlock Microsoft Word.   


Iphone Conspiracy

Looks like some user's were right when they starting talking about how Apple purposely messed with their old device to make user's buy a new device.
Now everyone already knows this, but it just makes it official.



Sticky Notes

Love sticky notes and want to make the best use of it without using post it's. This handy software makes your computer a sticky note billboard. Stay organized and start using sticky notes.



Water Bob

This device is a lifesaver. I have done this the old style way when going through hurricane's in the past and I must admit that I do like the way it works and how it contains your water supply. A must have for individuals who are in the valley of hurricanes.



Got Fired

I want to know what unemployment is going to look like for this guy who just lost his job. It's what's now occurring and for what the future holds for us.
So be warned that these guys will be popping up all around us and it's up to society to get with the program before we get permanently replaced.



The Kit

Lost when it comes to technology and want to know what the professional use for gaming, computer work, etc. Here is a site with direct links to the products and equipment's that make their workstation unique. I must admit that I love the concept and idea that makes this website work.



Popular Tax software Problem

You should be aware of what these tax software are currently doing and how you could be at risk of ID theft and scams. These companies are lacking to use a security measure, and claim to be using a different type of software in place. Regardless, there is no excuse for securing your identity.



Keylogger's on 450 + Laptops

Looks like one laptop manufactures has a lot to explain on how they all got infected with key-logging software. We will never know the truth on how the software got there, but HP said's if it's a laptop from 2012 to present, let's just say you have it.




Pretty cool add on from Chrome to style your webpage fonts and colors so that it can easily be read by you. It's a great application for your loved one's browsing the web and having problem reading webpages because of background color or fonts.



Largest Employer

Looking for the largest employer in your state. Here is the easiest way to see what company or institution has the most jobs in that state.



Facebook Spying

Looks like Facebook is trying to convince everyone that it's not spying on users, when rumors came out that they were using this to target better advertisements. Whether it's true or not if user's are uncertain then just revoke Facebook's right to access your microphone and that hopefully should do the trick. And then later on we will see if there was spying done on Facebook's behalf.



WPA2 Cracked

Looks like WPA2 has been cracked with Krack, now there is no need to worry about this yet, because it's still in the laboratory. But I guess this is an alert for manufactures to beef up their security encryption's moving forward.


Business Grade AV

Here is a chance to get business-grade antivirus for free. Sophos Home a security software company has a powerful home edition antivirus program that you can use to protect your computer from nasty infections.



Whose reading Gmail

Ever wonder which companies are reading your emails. We'll you should be concern and you should double check your account settings to make sure your email is not be accessed by companies. It's a concern for your identity and security.



Outdated Technology

Very interesting on how we still use and rely on outdated technology. You figure at this age in time, that things would change and get better. Think again.



Cable Management

In my years of experience, seeing a sloppy server closet with wires hanging all over the place shows poor infrastructure maintenance. And a technician not concern on wire management alarms me. Cable management is a simple task to do on a daily basis. Not doing it properly or carelessly leaving wires hanging all over the place is an accident ready to happen.
When there is down time the company loses money, when money is lost in most cases it is never recovered. And a server being shut off because of a loose wire or being pulled is not proper cable management. 
As a Network Administrator you should be aware of your server closet and keep daily cables labeled and organized. Doing so will help you be better organized when problems occur.


Recent Internet Searches

Here is a handy program to help you review your last internet recent searches. It's a great program to review where you have gone in the past.
If you suspect someone else is using your computer, then this is a great way to see what user's are searching while your gone.