New Years Eve Cam

Ready to party for New Years Eve this year, why now do it with an earth cam so that you can be a part of the celebration in parts of the world where the partying is just beginning. This year be prepared by downloading the New Years Eve Live earth cam.

iTunes Live
Times Square


Computer Repair Online

There are times in the computer repair business that you meet other competitors in the business and your fighting for best pricing. Although sometimes the best price might not be the best. You must admire other companies following suit and trying to compete. It's a rough business but with technology evolving daily. It's no wonder remote support is so affordable.



3gig Storage ffrom SkyDrive

If your a student and a user of SkyDrive, Microsoft has a freebie for you. Get an extra 3 gig of storage for free just by using your student email address. It's a nice jump in storage for getting your school project done. The only catch is that it expires within a year. So sad Microsoft is too cheap to give us this for free.



Win 8 Puts back Start Menu

It looks like Microsoft now realizes they goofed up and didn't listen to users. The upcoming update for Windows 8 puts the Start Menu back where it suppose to be. What took you guys so long?



Unlock your door

Tired of lending your keys to friends or family members and just want a secure way to let people in and out of your house or apartment. Check out this smart lock that opens your door with a push of a button. It's all done via internet and now there's no need to worry if someone made copies of your keys or your keys get lost.


Switching Accounts

Want to know how to switch to another user account via Windows 8. Well Microsoft changed this and now loggerw will have to use the "users" account to login to another profile.



Gift Bitcoin

If your giving anyone a gift bitcoin I will advise users to never try to take a picture of the gift certificate. As one news caster did to his fellow co-workers.
The story goes that the news caster was televising the gift card and a user who was online watching the program was able to record the segment and snatch the $20- gift card.
Just comes to show you that now-a-days nothing is fool proof.



New To Do List

Here's is a new To Do List via web. You just add on the tasks that need to be done and save the link where you later on confirm and check off the items that were completed. Nothing to install and download. Everything is online.



Safe Mode in Win 8

If your trying to login to Safe Mode in Windows 8 good luck. Microsoft has hidden the F8 key so that Windows can boot up quicker. The key to be able to go into Safe Mode is to disable Windows boot option.
Here's the tip below to enable Safe Mode booting but be aware that this will now cause Windows to load slower.




Looking for the best antivirus for your MAC or new iPad. Try Sophos and get rid of viruses before they happen. It's my experience that it's better using something than having nothing at all.



Win 7 Mouse Controls

Need better mouse controls for Windows 7 users. Try this little tweak and control your mouse the way you wish to control it.



Flickr Update

If you haven't recently checked out Flickr you should. Yahoo recently upgraded the online picture storage site and also upgraded it's storage. I believe they are turning up the heat with their competitor's to be the best  on the block. I just hope for Yahoo, it's not the final end for them.



Ghost Blogging

Blogging with ghost. It's a current open source Kickstarter project that will make writing pleasurable and easier to do. Wish them luck and hope current blogging gets updated.




Here is a web based free online Invoicing for user's looking to just bill, monitor and keep track of all their invoices online. It's very user friendly and so simple to use. All you have to do is signup and start invoicing.



Outlook Troubleshooting Tips

Having problems with Outlook. Here are a few tips that will fix your Outlook problems, if you use them effectively.

1- Scan PST files. This will fix Outlook ongoing errors. 
    Just run scanpst.exe and it will take some time to run and hopefully it will fix those bad PST errors.
2- Archieve PST files every year. This will clear more space especially for those large PST files. And then after you archieve you run a scan PST afterwards.
3- Rename the OST file and let Outlook create a new data file. In cases where you have an old PST file just rename it "old.PST". 
4- If all fails then it's time to rebuild Outlook profile. I caution everyone to do this because if you do something wrong it can be the beginning of more headache's to come. 
   Just goto the control panel click mail and delete the profile. 
5- Disable Outlook add-ons. This is a must if your Outlook runs slow and you have several add-on's that your always using. 
6- Disable Virus scan on Outlook. In most cases this just slows down Outlook processing mail.
7- Run Outlook in safe mode. This just reassures that the program has been debugged and running efficiently.
8- Resetnav is done when a users has changed the control panel setting and user has difficulties changing it back to it's original setting. 
   Just go to the run command and type "outlook.exe /resetnavpane
9- Migrate PST from server. It's a good idea to always store PST files on a computer's c drive. Not doing so will cause Outlook slow downs because of the large PST file.
10- Adjust Calendar permissions. Open calendar and right click shared calendar to properties and then goto the Permission's tab. 

Lots of thanks to TechRepublic for their tips.


NVIDIA Memory Leak

Bad news for NVIDIA card users. It looks like it's new cards have a control panel memory leak. For some users it known to consumes at least 2 gig of memory.
I hope that for NVIDIA this is an isolated incident because as a number one video card manufacturer it sure puts a dent on their reputation.
The only good way to catch memory leaks it to monitor it's activity from time to time.



Invoice Free

Need to create an invoice but don't want to pay a premium price for something your just going to need once in a while. Try this free invoice maker and simplify your life.


Driver Packs

Installing a driver but can't find the software for the device. Here's an easy way to be able to install the software generic device without using the manufacture website. All you do is download the generic software for that device and it should work until your able to get the proper drivers for that device.



Waze Bid

The war is out on Waze and may the best company win. Waze not so long ago was a new application that kept you in touch with traffic conditions. Since then the application just keeps on getting better and better. Now Facebook and Google want to make them theirs and may the best company with the extra cash win.




Want to know what everyone is making in your area. Here's a new salary site for individuals looking to see if there salary is comparable to average salary in that area. This is basically a premium service for companies looking for the national average salary rates in your area. Something new is something better.



When SSD goes bad

Recent report on the new hard drives SSD failures are not due to because of the NAND but mostly because of a controller going bad. What that means for many is that on the new SSD drives, users must do the firmware updates so that it risks from the controller going bad is minimal.
If your out in the market for SSD? Your best bet is sticking with the best brands that are made from OZ and Samsung.



Here is a Chrome application to enable you to store files via cloud online so that you can easily view them or send them to friends and family. Now sending a file online via email can be easily done.



Win 8 Backgrounds

Looking for new Windows 8 backgrounds. Here is a site that you can easily download them or save them to your desktop to display.


Win 8 Verdict from Dell

Looks like whatever hype your hearing from Windows 8 is false. Dell is now confirming that most of their customers are just upgrading to Windows 7 and trying to avoid Windows 8.
Microsoft sure missed on this major OS and this could spell the end for the big software giant.



Rearrange your Windows

Here's a great way to rearrange your Windows in a non overlapping way so that you can get to the Window easier later on. It's a virtual desktop all in one and great for multiple monitor support.
Although on the downside it will take you time to learn, it's a plus for a software to do so much for displaying what you want daily.



Accept Mobile Payments

Want to try the new way to accept payments via mobile. Here are some great companies to choose from that are already making headlines and changing the way people buy online by going now portable.

More Info
Go Payments
ROAM pay
Google Wallet
Pay Pass
Pay Wave


Crashed Computer vs Sick Employee

Interesting to say that now-a-days a crashed computer is more important than a sick employee. We spend so many days worry about employee's that we take for granted when a computer crashes.
I can can tell you stories on crashed computer nightmares, but this time I will let Forbes tell you their story.
When in doubt and in need of computer support. Check out www.PcMaestro.us for monthly and annual preventive care maintenance plans.



Social Safe

Need to save your friends list, posts, pins and photo's from your social sites in one place so that you can have them accessible to you wherever you go. No need to worry that your social life will be down now that all your posts are backup.



Network Password Recovery

Here's a premium network password recovery software to help you write down the important passwords left behind on local or network computer. It's a must have utility if you have several user's on your network and need to keep track of thier passwords.




How do you secure the new BYON devices on your existing network. There is no right and wrong answer right now but here are some companies below making security possible for companies offering these services.

Dell SonicWall
Lightspeed Systems
Meru Networks


Clean Master for Droid

Tired of running out of space on your droid phone. Check out this cool application that does a great job on cleaning history, application, and left over files that your droid no longer needs.


We Transfer

Looking for a better way to transfer files online. Well if your using already Chrome. Here is a great extension to add on to that browser.
All you have to do is install  the extension and anytime you wish to send a file that's at least 2 gig's and just transfer the file via email. So simple and easy to do.


Free Windows Recorder

Looking for a Windows recorder to go with your webcam. This software is a great add on and does wonders with your webcam. I enjoy finding software that works wonders together.



Hackers Breach

It's pretty scary to know how a few hackers were able to breach a big financial giant and get away with a lot of cash in just a few hours. Now can you imagine what they could do in a month's time.



Win 8 Bloatware

Today most manufactures when you purchase a new Windows 8 computer have trial software that are attached in one way or another to your system boot files. Although it's a great opportunity for user's to get a trial version of the software before purchase. It creates headaches for some because not every user's will  pay for the full version software once the trial version expires.
With this comes Microsoft new Signature program. Microsoft guarantee's bloatware removal, but it's going to cost you an extra $99- to remove it. You decide?


Help for Lost Facebook Passwords

Facebook recently did a different type of 2 step verification if your account for one reason or another was hacked and the current information was changed. It's different from other companies current verifications. But how many people are really going to use this service. In the past if I had an account and lost the password. I would easily just open another account. Do you really think social media needs a 2 step verification? I don't know but it's easier just to open a new account then to hype all this security on social networking. You decide?



Post Blog on Facebook

This changes from time to time and it's a little tricky depending on the recent Facebook upgrades. Facebook doesn't make it very user friendly to post feeds on your account because they rather you personalize all your feeds. But if you act fast this is the information on how to do it below.



Updates affect Win 7

Recently did Windows Updates and now your getting the BSOD. Chances are that Microsoft is to blame for your problems. The only fix for this problem is to use the Windows 7 recovery disks.



Rootkit Rescue

Noticed that your computer is acting out of it's ordinary and now you need a reliable Rootkit software to narrow down the problem. Here are a few scanners to look at during you search.

Malwarebytes Rootkit
Oshi Unhooker



Excel 2013

Excel 2013 is definitely different with it's new flash feature. Not only does it flash fill fields, it auto formats so each cell is exactly like the first. The entire program is made to recognize and auto complete.
Now I wonder whose going to kink out all those unresponsive flash website errors to be able to use excel effectively.




Love websites but hate that now certain sites limit you on copy certain images, objects, references, etc. Well with Websniffer your copying will be done much easier. All you do is install the software and grab all those files into a folder and from their you have your hard to get copies. 


Google Hangout Upgrade

Support Desktop just got easier via Google. Not only does it easy connect to other computers so that you can help friends and family. But you now can incorporate video chat. So remote support with video help should get you up and running in no time.



Better Way to View Windows

Need a better way to view Windows. Here's a great solution to help you view your applications going virtual. It's opening up Windows applications that don't overlap with each other. Hopefully this new design will save you time and money.

More Info


Wifi Installer

Here's another free Wifi Analyzer software that works with Java and no installation is required. All you have to do is accept the Java software and accept don't block. A great way to have a great utility software free.

More Info


Fix IE Crashes

Here is a great tip to fix that annoying IE crash or freeze. It might not work for everyone but it's a great relief to users who can resolve that ongoing problem.

The trick is to disable the following and see if the problem goes away.

Disable Preview Panel
Disable Thumbnails
Disable UAC
Disable DEP



Stunning Websites

Looking to make a stunning website. Check out Strikingly and take your website to a new level. Everything is pretty basic all you have to do is sign up and get started.



McAfee Rootkit Remover

Looking for a rookit remover to remove from an infected computer. McAfee is here to the rescue and hopefully it will help you restore your computer back to normal.



Free Backup & Restore

Looking for a free backup an restore software so that you can easily recover your files if a disaster occurs with your computer. This is a must have for user's who currently lack any backup software.

Current Download


Google Account Activity

This service has been out from Google for a while and somehow was over looked because it was a minimal service that Google put together. It looks like now it's taking a better security form to see how your account and profile is being used on the web. If you want to monitor your Google activity. This is a great start to begin. Don't forget to signup at the link below.



Pc Monitor

Need to monitor at least 5 computers or applications where ever you go. This handy application makes you life easier when your on the go and it keeps track on when a computer goes offline, computer battery is low, memory is low, running out of space and if an event log was created. It has so many features that it's just hard not to like this software.
The application is available for non commercial use but it's a great application monitor for the have to be on users.



Dictionary Software

Looking for a reliable dictionary software so that you can easily write those perfect letters to others. This dictionary software is the only one you'll ever need and hopefully will be the last.



Smart Power

Want an easier way to shut down a computer when a specific application has finished. Or better yet have the  computer wake-up so that you can easily use it on the hours you need it the most. It's a handy application with the tools necessary to save you power and money when not in use.



Quickbooks Replacement

Tired of Quickbook and want something different and new. Although Quickbook's has made a tremendous leap in the business world it's competitors are ready to take the lead if you give them a chance.

Check out
Account Edge ($299- Pro/$99- Basic)

Working Point ($9/month - $19/month)

CS Ledger ( Free )

JMoney ( Free )

Account Manager ( Free )


Todo Backup Free

Here's a free backup software for user's who are looking to backup their files for an emergency. It's a great replacement software for user's who currently rely on Windows to do their backup. If your in need of a backup solution. Todo Backup Free is a great start.



Sound Gecko

Now subscribing to a blog will be easier to do knowing that someone is reading to you what's happening. That's what this new service call Sound Gecko is revolutionizing feeds so that instead of reading, you know just have to listen.



Free Accounting Software

Looking for a free accounting software for business or personal use. Gnucash is what your looking for and it comes along with a portable application so that you can take it where ever you go. It's a straight forward finance software with perks.



Tweets Backup

Ready to backup your Tweets well TwDocs comes handy and lets you backup your tweets in multiple formats. Now anyone can easily backup their Tweets and import them to other sites where ever you go.



Driver Magician Portable

Tired of looking for software drivers. This time you can use the Driver Magician Portable software to find those hard to find drivers with a click of a box.



Nooly Weather

Want to know the exact weather were your at? Try this new application named Nooly Weather and get precise weather in the area that you in within .4 square miles. It's a must have device for individuals who are always on the road.



How to Copy of Find My Doc's

Want to know how to copy the My Documents file on any computer, but can't figure out which folder it's in to copy. Or just want to know where the My Documents files lies on the c drive.

 "c:\users\yourname\my documents"



Want to Sync files on multiple computers without trying to figure out what files are missing. Syncbackfree keeps your files available where ever you go.



Tonido Everywhere

Want to have your files, videos, letters, picture and music where ever you go. Check out Tonido and see why installing the handy application you can take your files anywhere without any limits.



Fax thru Gmail

Pretty easy way to fax through Gmail using RingCentral. They are other providers that do that same and I suggest you try them out before you decide to purchase them so that you can choose which provider works with you the best.



Consumer Online Convenience

Consumers are now evolving to the new portable mobile technology. What that means for home computer users is that your current technology is being replaced by the new portable mobile technology. Smart phones and tablets are taking consumers mobile and as time goes by more new mobile devices will take its place making the stay at home personal computer obsolete.
So if your a consumer who has not yet taken the plunge. Start moving into the mobile direction before you are left behind.



Patch My PC

Looking for a simple software to patch your computer easily. This utility makes everything so simple that all you have to do is download and choose which software's you want to patch.



Win 8 Backup

Recently purchased Windows 8 and want to make sure you have a good backup copy just in case your system crashes. Well Windows 8 has a refresh tool that does almost the same but it may just do too much of what many user's dislike. If you already tried Windows 8 Refresh and dislike it, I suggest you try RecImg and let the software do the required backups automatically.



Solar Charger for your cell phone

Tired of running out of power on the road. Here are some great solar power devices to get your phone charged up in a hurry. Now there's no reason not to always be connected. Be safe than sorry.

Sunvolt Solar Charge
XD Solardefenster
Electric Tree
Waka Waka
Solar Sunflower
Altoids Solar
Slxtreme 4


Bluetooth Tracking

Ever notice how transportation is able to track traffic conditions. This could all be traced back to your
Bluetooth device in your car and in your telephone. It's the Department of Transportation way of tracking traffic so that future congestion can be avoided.



Rising Seas

If your concern on the rising level of the seas because of global warming, this article should be a great interest. From the looks of things it's not going to get better for major cities in the United States. Water levels will rise and your property could just be under water in a few years. It's not going to happen overnight. But it will eventually happen and you should be aware.



Internet Everywhere

Need to connect to the internet where ever you go try then ViaSat and stay connected. There is now no excuse for you not to have internet. If your in need of connection, this company sure will help you keep in touch with the outside world.

Reasonable service starts around $50/a month.



Update your drivers

Tired of updating your computer drivers. Here's a program that searches for the most recent drivers for your computer and helps you install them so that you can move forward and do other things that are important.

Slimware Drivers


Dynamic DNS with no IP

Here's a great way to monitor everything you always wanted to monitor without an IP address. Now monitoring your home should be easier without paying a premium price.
So before you pay a premium price for DNS, take a look at this site first.



Tuff Test

Need to run a diagnostic on Windows to see if your system is running at optimal speed. Tuff Test is your answer to narrow down your computer problems.



Google Remote Desktop

This software has changed since the last time I tried it. It's now more cleaner and very user friendly. All you do is create a pin and login remotely to another computer using chrome as well, as long as they have chrome remote installed.
I just wished they had more security option on securing the software, just in case. But for what it's worth it sure beats paying a premium price.


Reboot the Gov't

In the recent weeks we have seen our current government go from normal to abnormal and it's my suggestion as a computer consultant to just do the following before something goes wrong.


Intel discontinues Motherboards

Intel recently announced that it will no longer compete and produce future consumer motherboards. Although  they are still going to make motherboards for business desktop. They feel the consumer market has already dried up and it's time to focus on the business side of motherboard making.



Computer Tips

Building a computer and want to know what type of screws, cables and tools you need to complete your system. Take a look at the information before to guide you on.

Thumbscrews - usually #6-32 to hold together the case
Hex head - usually #6-32 to mount everything from the hard drive to side panel
Fan Screw - special screw to mount plastic fans to your case
M3 Hex - rounded screw for the optical drive and SSD commonly mistake as a #6-32 screw

Extension Cables - to route your case power switch, reset and LED

USB 2.0 to USB 3.0
USB 3.0 card
USB Expansion
More Extension Cables
SATA to Molex Adapater
Power Extension Cable
External to Internal USB 2.0

Boot Win 8 to Desktop

If you want to tweak on Windows 8 booting to the desktop, you have several ways of doing that. One way is using the Windows task option and forcing Windows to bypass the tiles when log-in on and going straight to the desktop.

First, open the Task Scheduler by typingSchedule task in the Settings search on the All Apps screen, or by deep-diving toControl Panel System and Security >Administrative Tools Schedule Tasks.
Once the Task Scheduler is open, clickCreate Task under Task Scheduler Library in the Actions pane. Name your task "Boot to desktop" or something similar. Open theTriggers tab, select New, and choose At log on in the 'Begin the task' drop-down menu at top. Click OK, and then open the Actions tab, select New once again, and enter explorer in the Program/script field.
Save the action and the task, and you're done! From now on, every time you log in to Windows, you'll automatically jump to the desktop, where an open Libraries folder will greet you.


DIY Computer Repair

Although I am in the computer repair business. From time to time I share helpful useful sites from my competitor's. Some companies go out of their way to help the every day user and like me, I am not shy on sharing my tips to my readers.



Chrome Pinaling

Want to know if your computer is connected to a network. Install the Chrome Pinaling extension to advise you constantly when your computer is connected to a network.



Chrome Internet Connection Monitor

Have a wireless device and want to monitor whether or not your connected onto the Internet. Here is a handy add on extension to Chrome to let you know if your connected. A green light means your connected a red light notifies you that you have no internet connection.



PDF Rotater

Looking for a PDF software that can easily rotate pages when your reading it. For whatever reason that the original pdf was scanned wrong. This software corrects the problem with ease.

More Info
Software Link


Pay Anywhere

Portable credit card scanner's are showing up everywhere and with this comes a new company where they except credit cards. The software is easily installed on a smartphone and you just sign in and swipe the credit card. All in just minutes. Get ready for the new mobile world.




Want to know the new events and promotions businesses are offering. This site is a great help if your in the Chicago area. For other area's only time will tell when the site gets connected nationwide.



Netgear Wireless Ext

I recently resolved my home WiFi coverage by extending the antenna. I tried several other items in the market in the past and just was not pleased. The Netgear WN1000RP was more than I expected be could be much more. Setup was easy has long as I reset the wireless extender after I plugged it into the outlet. The trick is to sign in to your new wireless extender and configure it with your existing wireless home network. After the system reboots it renames itself as an ext and your all done. Your new antenna has been setup and all wireless devices just need to be setup to connect when necessary.
I just wished Windows or Netgear would somehow make it easier to switch back and forth when a faster Internet connection is available. Besides that I can't complain.



Cheap Hosting

Every once in a while new hosting companies show up and offer steal deals to new customers so that they can secure a client list. It's so cheap at times it's a steal. But if you play your cards right you could be paying pennies a year for reasonable hosting. Check out Hostica and compare others.



S Korea recent attacks

If you haven't read the news on South Korea cyber attacks, you should take time now to read up on it. It looks like it's neighbor is trying to cripple South Korea's economy via a malware called Jokra. If they do get lucky and succeed. Cyber attacks will be the new mass weapon of destruction. It only takes a good virus to cripple a countries informational superhighway.

News Link


Family Tree Templates

Want to start your own family tree but don't know where to start. Use these free templates to help you easily update your family roots to the beginning of time.



Google Keep

Want a easy portable post it where ever you go. Google apparently wants to be in the business on keeping your notes portable where ever you go. It's quite different when you compare it with other programs. But as long as it's portable, it will have some use in our daily lives.



Virus & Malware Know How

Recently your computer was hit with a virus or malware and out of curiosity you just don't know what happened. Here is some useful information to understand how the virus attacks your computer and what malware role is afterwards. In the end having these two things in your computer will just give you all sorts of problems. So when you notice your computer acting up. Remember that it's time to verify if you do have a virus or malware.



Organzie Your Email

Tired of your emails building up. Here's a great way to organize your email with the help of Microsoft. It's four great tips to help you become more productive and involve with people who constantly email you from day to day.



Music for Free

Thanks to Bittorent you now can download for free 1,210 files of mp3's for you collection. It's sort of there for the artist showcase. But whatever the cause maybe you can have these files for you to keep.

More Info
Download Link


Install Win over a Network

Here are the simple steps to install any version of Windows over a network. It's a little tricky but with the right information and software installing Windows should be simple.
For more info
Serva software


Legal Street

Need a lawyer but can't afford the lawyer's fee's. Here's a great start to get a lawyer for a minimal fee via telephone. They even give you a discount if you later require there services.

More Info


Downgrade 8 to 7

Here's an easy way to downgrade your new Windows 8 computer to Windows 7. There has been many controversy about this and it looks like Microsoft for now is playing friendly knowing that user's are not that happy with the new Windows 8 OS.




Looking for a computer clean-up utility to remove unwanted files and restore your computer hassel free. Try this handy utility and besides cleaning up old files, you also can shred them as well.



Browser Check

Need to verify you browser plug-ins and verify if they are secure for browsing. This plug-in is a great help on stopping viruses and malware where they begin. It also helps you to resolve security risks before they happen.



BioLite Camp Stove

This is a must have item for those rugged travelers who are always on the move to new adventure and still want to be connected to the world. This handy device not only creates energy to recharge your phone or portable devices but has so many good uses for it. It's the best eco-friendly device suitable for so many uses. I just can't say no to this handy item.



Life Before & After Cellphones

It's so true on how Cellphone's have charged our lives so dramatically today than it did thirty years ago. If you didn't reach anyone years ago, that was the normal. Today it's unacceptable in every aspect that you can't even begin to imagine. What went wrong?



Evernote for Business

Evernote is taking a presence in the business world and things are about to change for the better for this small software company. If everything goes right, this could be a new beginning and hundreds of new users for the handy software that many already use.



Dump Drop Box

Have a Dropbox account and want to know more of the companies internal secrets. Here's a website bashing the famous file storage company and why you should dump it and go elsewhere. It's interesting on how in the day in age file server companies are being out sourced to other big companies. Whether it's good or bad depends upon what your storing and backing up on Dropbox. But it's nice to get the scoop on a company that is some how misrepresenting itself into the business world.



Remote Desktop TaskMgr

How do you open the Task Manager in Remote Desktop? If you haven't figured it out already it's as simple as doing a Cntr + Alt + END.

Here are some other great tips below:

Alt + Page Up – Switch between programs (Alt + Tab is the local command)
Ctrl + Alt + End – Display the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc is the local command)
Alt + Home – Brings up the Start menu on the remote computer
Ctrl + Alt + (+) Plus/ (-) Minus – Minus takes a snapshot of the active window and plus takes a snapshot of the entire remote desktop window.

More Info


Printer with Fake Money

It's a great idea to remember the things that you print because when you are up to no good, karma has a way of coming back. This is what happens when a man in Wisconsin tried to return a printer with no receipt. Upon inspection from a Walmart employee, the employee noticed two print pages of fake bills and within minutes the man with no receipt had to explain his criminal activity to the local police.

Story Link


Stop Win Services

Noticing that your computer is acting funny lately and think you might have a virus. Most of the time it's easy to find out which files are giving you the problems by looking at the Start Task Manager. From there you just   view the files that you want to close and hopefully your computer will return to normalcy.
Or you can just install Smart 2.0 and safely shut down the services automatically and tweak your computer settings to your satisfaction.



Get Rid of Left Over Files

Recently uninstalled programs on your computer and from time to time you still see some left over files left from programs that you no longer have. This handy utility takes care of those problems easily.



Win Boot Fix for Win 7 & 8

Is your Windows software taking longer than 30 seconds to boot. Install the Windows update boot file fix and watch your Windows OS boot faster.



Everything Search Engine

Tired of trying to find files on your computer and for what ever reason you never can find those files quick enough. This utility search engine will gather all the files on your computer and simply them for easier lookup.



Laser App

Here's a great application for financial advisors that you have recently filled out their forms. All you have to do is fill the form once and then anytime you deal with a different broker, fund company, insurance, annuity or custodian website you can easily prefill the information that you entered the first time somewhere else. It will definitely save you time doing paperwork.



Zap Messenger

Upset that MSN Messenger is gone and now it keeps on opening up on your computer daily and just want to remove it. If you tried using the Control Panel and failed in the past un-installing it. Here's an easier way to un-install MSN Messenger. All you have to do is install this utility and it will give you the option to un-install it. For those user's who still haven't heard. MSN Messenger was replaced by Skype. So if you still have MSN on your computer. You might just want to remove it.


Bank Vault Password Manager

Looking for a better way to save your passwords online? Check out Bank Vault and learn how easily you can store your passwords with your favorite weblinks. Now saving passwords can be a thing of the past.

More Info



Need to create a flyer for a special event. Or just want to get the word out so that everyone knows what's going on. Check out Zazzle and let them show you how easy it is to create, save and order flyers online.



SSA Statements

Wondering what happened to your Social Security statements? The government shut down last year the paper expense and all new users will now need a computer to monitor and review their statements online. It's  good and bad news for some. But it's the governments way of telling everyone that it's time to go online.



Open IE Favorites via Cmd

Here's another way to open your website via Window's keyboard command instead open it the normal way from your favorites menu. It will save you time, if you can remember these unusual commands.
Goto IE, favorites menu and highlight your favorite website you want to create a command to launch quickly. Now with your mouse hit the second key and choose properties. You see something like ctrl + alt +g for opening google.com. Now open up a new Windows in IE and type the same commands to open google.com.


Expand your Windows Screen

Need to expand your Windows screen so you have a better view of what's going on. You'll be surprise to know that Windows can be expanded by hitting just F11. And once your finish and you want to go back to you usual screen you can either end the program or just hit the Esc key to undo the current changes and go back to the original settings.


Refresh IE

Want to refresh IE when it's already open using keyboard commands and not the refresh button on the browser. Just press F5 command and Windows IE should automatically refresh.


To Access Windows Folders

Here's a Windows tip to access Windows all folders. Hit the Windows Cmd  key usually saids "Start" or has the Windows logo on it and type R for "run". In the run command box type ".." and press enter. A new window should open up listing all the folders.


See is Up or Down

Here is a great site to verify if your favorite website is up or down. That way you don't have to freak out and think someone hacked into your account.
It's not uncommon now-a-days to find a well known website to be down. Hackers are constantly playing with big name sites for fun and you just never know.



Disable Win 8 Lock Screen

Here are some handy tweaks to Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen and how to take back control of your computer. It was difficult at first to even tweak my new computer. But after installing the new Windows 8 taskbar menu, everything else made things simple.

Note : This tweak is not for everyone and it can be done.



Enhance My 8

Here's another Windows 8 Tweaker with more options to boost your Windows to a new level. It's filled with so many tools that I prefer this tweaker among others. Give it a try and buy if you like.

More Info


Tweak Me

Here's a handy Windows 8 Tweak that will help you customize your Windows the way you want it. It's a great way to optimize it to it's full capacity.



Holes on Hard Drives

What's the meaning and purpose of do not cover holes on hard drives. In the manufacturing world it has to do with air equalization pressure. The hole acts as an equalization zone for pressure inside and outside a hard drive where parts move constantly. Without this parts would have a very difficult time moving inside the hard drive and could mean disaster for your programs and files.



Give Forward

Want to start a fundraiser to make a difference in life. Here are great ways to do it in fundraising. You never know how much of a big difference just a little donation can change someone life forever.



Infected Website

This is a quick check link to see if your website is infected. If for some reason your website gets blocked, it's a good idea to check the website and narrow down what applications have not been updated. Or if some files on an old website is affecting your new site. You never know until it happens to you.




Want to know who's signing on to your computer when your not around. No a big deal with this neat software from Mouselock. Not only does it tell you when the user tried to sign-on but sends you a picture so you can identify them. Pretty cool as long as you have a google account.



Office 2013 vs Office 365

Here are the pro's and con's on buying Office 2013 for your computer vs Office 365. In the long run it looks like Microsoft is going Cloud and your best option is to stick to their subscription plan until you decided which route you want to take next but it's going to be a hard sell for Microsoft to convince many to signup.



Trap Calls

Tired of getting unmasked calls of people you just don't want to talk to. Here's a great software that's going to let you know who's always calling. It works with every phone and you don't even have to install an application. All you do is signup with a plan that works with you and watch the magic.



BitDefender Rootkit

BitDefender it taking a stand on viruses by offering a rootkit for already infected computers. It's the new generation of antivirus software fighting the bad guys in the real world. Let's just see how long they can keep the battle going.



Office 2013 License Upset

If your going out to buy the new Office 2013 license, read this first before you go out and spend the extra cash. 
Microsoft is claiming that any retail Office license of 2013 is tied to the computer that it's installed on. So let's say your computer goes bad or motherboard just dies. Your out of luck and have to cough up the extra cash to get a new license for 2013 on a new computer. The same goes for computer upgrades.
Big disappoint from Microsoft for the retail side of business and I hope customers will complain enough and ban the purchase of Office 2013 until Microsoft changes it selling practices.

More info


Removable Drive Shortcuts

Here's an easy way to add removable drive shortcuts on your desktop so that user's can easily access the drive with a click of a button. It's not for everyone but it can make a difference to user's who always need to access this on a daily basis.

Software Link


Want to track your phone

Here are some great software's to help you track your phone in case one day it goes missing. Everyone every now and then has this misfortune happen to them. It's a great utility to know where your phone is at all times.

Phone tracking info


Create a DOS USB

This is a great way to make a bootable DOS USB drive. It's a must have utility if you one day have to reformat an old computer with no floppy drive. I can't tell you how many times this saved my life when fixing computers.




Want to be able to shut down or re-start your computer remotely via your phone. This software can help you do all this and just a little more. It's a great application to control your computer while on the road.



Indeed Search Engine

Here's a new job search engine that is unlike anything you had ever encounter. Just type in your job description and see jobs in your area. Or why not enter the company that you work for and see who's recently been job hunting.



Download Win 8 iso

Here's is the easiest way to download the Win 8 iso instead of using a torrent. It's Microsoft's sure way to secure you from getting malware or viruses online.

more info 


How to Change Double Click to Single Click

This is the most asked problem in Windows in which after several Windows updates the computer now responds when you double click it instead of single clicking it. It's annoying that Microsoft still hasn't fixed this bug and I am glad to give you the instructions on how to fix it here.

Instructions to fix it here

open Explorer > Tools > Folder Options. Here under the General tab, you will see Click items as follows

Here select Single-click to open an item (point to select). You may also want to select the Underline icon tiles only when I point at them option. 
Click Appy > OK > Exit.


Mobile Website

Want to transform your website to a mobile website. Here's the information needed to take it mobile. First you need to go to xtgem. And then step by step you will have to re-create and re-size your website so that it can easily be viewed via mobile. Remember just because the graphics on your regular website worked, doesn't mean it's going to work via mobile. So your going to have to some what re-invent what your doing via mobile if you want any of you users to visit your web page. Good luck



Remote Access for Free

If your looking for a free remote access software and dislike LogmeIn. Here's a great company to take a look at if your willing to keep it simple and just share one computer. Adding more computers just forces you to go to a premium level account. But besides that it's still worth the freeware.



Win 8 App backup

Have Windows 8 and wondering how do you backup all your new applications, just in case one day your computer gets corrupted. All you need is the backup tool from Windows 8 and backing up and restoring your application will be a thing of the past.



Cancel a pring job in Quere

Here are the step to step instructions on how to cancel the a print job in quere. Most of the times it's easier to do it on the server. If you don't have access you can either reboot your computer or try this fix.


Win8 for Beginners

Recently purchased a Windows 8 computer and still not use to some of the features and options that Windows currently has. Here's a great start up video to get you in the right track with Windows 8.



PDF to Word

Need to convert a PDF document to Word. No problem with this easy converter. Its the best freeware to edit and re-use over and over again.


Are Digital Signatures Secure

Are digital signatures secure, yes for now as long as you use a respectable company. As for the future of digital signatures, well it looks great for now, but vendors will always have to be a step ahead on security if they want to make  big sell to their clients and  future of digital signing.

More information see Link


Send Large Files

If you haven't check them out yet, do so now because you never know when your going to have to send a large file online.

Drop Send
We Send


Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Looking for a new malware scanner with dual engines. This software claims to be the best one on the block. I'll say just lets give it a test and let time tell if this software works.

Software information link



This is a great virus removal software. It's designed to take control of any lost computer files who are full of viruses, malware and rootkits. Your best bet is to use this software first and then use you standard removals afterwards.If all fails then your better off to reformat all together. Good Luck.

ComboFix info:
**Note: In the event you already have Combofix, this is a new version that I need you to download. It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**
  1. Please, never rename Combofix unless instructed.
  2. Close any open browsers.
  3. Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.
    • Very Important! Temporarily disable your anti-virusscript blocking and any anti-malware real-time protection before performing a scan. They can interfere with ComboFix or remove some of its embedded files which may cause "unpredictable results".
    • Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive. If yours is not listed and you don't know how to disable it, please ask.
    NOTE1. If Combofix asks you to install Recovery Console, please allow it.
    NOTE 2. If Combofix asks you to update the program, always do so.
    • Close any open browsers.
    • WARNING: Combofix will disconnect your machine from the Internet as soon as it starts
    • Please do not attempt to re-connect your machine back to the Internet until Combofix has completely finished.
    • If there is no internet connection after running Combofix, then restart your computer to restore back your connection.
  4. Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts.
  5. When finished, it will produce a report for you.
  6. Please post the "C:\ComboFix.txt"
**Note: Do not mouseclick combofix's window while it's running. That may cause it to stall**


Verify Twitter Post

Need to verify if your twitter posts are real people. Here's a site to confirm which one of your followers are real and are not automated. At least you now know the truth.



Mouse Wait

Here's a great Disney application for travelers who always want to know how long the wait in line is at certain locations. It's a must have application to make your park experience pleasant. I strongly recommend it if your a Disney fan.



Where did this email come from?

Sometimes when we get spam mail, people wonder where the email is coming from. Here's an insight on what to look for and what to use to find out who sent you that mail. It will not always be true for all the emails that you get.

Spam Cop
Google Header Analysis

Tweak Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a utility file that's built into Windows to clean up temporary files left by programs or files that you were working on. If the file is open or not in use, at times Windows plays it safe and doesn't delete them.
If you want Disk Cleanup to always cleanup your temporary folder here is the registry tweak to do this.
I caution you tweak your registry at your own risk and follow the instructions below.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer\ VolumeCaches\ Temporary Files

Locate and double-click on LastAccess. When you see the Edit DWORD Value dialog box, change the Value Data setting from 7 to 0 and click OK. Setting it at 0 will make Disk Cleanup Tool delete all the files. If you set it at say 1, it will not clean the last 1 days temp files.



BYOD connections

Want to establish a BYOD at work and enable connecting to be easy. Here are some software's that help you link your to your network easier.

SU1X software download link
Xpress Connect

More Info


Boot Safe

No need to hit F8 to get to Safe Mode. Now all you have to do is use this handy utility and it easily takes you to safe mode. It's a dummies guide to Safe Mode.



Uninstall Win Product Key

Here are the instructions to carry along your Windows Product Key to another computer. The laws vary on OEM so feel free to try it at your own risk.
You have to be signed as an administrator and at the cmd prompt type "slmgr /dlv" then uninstall the product key using the /upk switch. If everything is done correctly you should get the window script that the product key was installed correctly.

for more instructions follow this link



Looking for a Nero replacement that's free without the premium price. Brasero is a good substitute and your enjoy how easily you  can burn software like Nero with just a few clicks.




Here's a great new application for Apple lovers who need an alarm clock that works with their daily happens. It's very unique when compared to other applications that I've seen in the market.
I enjoy how you can easily mute or give yourself another five minutes with just a slide of the application. If you in the market for a new alarm application for you phone. This is a must see link.



Free Accounting Software

Looking for a simple free accounting software. Here's a simple program to track income and expenses with even a sale record database. Not bad for a freebie.

Installation Instructions


Win 8 Startup Menu

Windows 8 has changed drastically that now user's have the option to install the classic version or alternate versions if they feel that they still need the startup menu. It looks like Microsoft is taking action to eventually remove the menu button for good.


Win Classic
Win 8 manual setup
Start Menu 7 


Free Any Burn

Here is a great burning software that simplifies burning software. It works with various operating systems and hopefully this time burning will be easier to do. If your in the market for a new burning software here's a great freebie.

Free Any Burn


Live Gold Prices

Have scrap gold to sell and wondering how much you can get for your useless gold pieces. Here's what you need to know before you decide to sell your gold. Gold prices vary with the amount of carat the gold pieces were made of. Anything that is 24 ct gold is worth way more than 18 ct and 10 ct gold. And if your planing on selling your gold, the best offer you'll get in most places is 1/4 of the current market price. But you need to know how many ounces your carat of gold weighs before hand.
My advice to you is never settle for the first bid on gold your selling, don't fall for vendors charging you to price your gold and shop around for the best offer. It is what it is, but you can still sell your gold and still make a decent profit. Good luck.

Current Gold Prices



Your program recently crashed and now you want to restart it again like you originally did. Here's a great software to restart things over again when things just crash.

Installation help
Software Link


Planning on Fixing your MAC

If your planning on fixing your new MAC machine read this before you attempt to go further. Per the iFixit technician's, they said that it's a headache and the biggest complaint is that RAM location which is hidden behind the logic board. If you still want to go ahead and go for it. Make sure you take a lot of pictures, just in case something goes wrong.



Pay to stop Internet Ads

Want to put a stop to internet Ad's. You might want to check this site out and get a prototype before someone decides to stop the mass produce this product.
Advertisers are sure going to get legal and try to ban this product from production but until that happens enjoy the benefits of an Ad free internet.




Here a great way to organize important people you meet on a daily basis. Not only does it tag the personal information but you can even attach a picture to that person so that you can easily recommend them to other. Great idea to keep your network active.