Download more than four files in IE

Be careful editing your Windows registry . Backup registry and then do the change below. At your own risk.

This tweak enables you to download more than 4 files using Internet Explorer

Normally you can only download four files at a time with Internet Explorer.
To increase that to as many as you want:

1. Go to Start -> run and type Regedit
2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet
3. Change the MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server to whatever number you want
4. Change the MaxConnectionsPerServer to whatever number you want


IE Favorites Alpha Fix

How to have all your favorites in Alphabetical order using Internet Explorer.

Be careful editing your registry keys. If you delete the wrong one. You PC will not operate and you have to re-install Windows again loosing everything.

There are two ways to do this:

One is to delete the key in the Windows registry

1- Go to run type regedit and find this file and delete the order key


the new key is made and your favorites is in order.

2- copy/paste the following in notepad and make a program to do this.

Type in notepad :


then so that it is recognized as a registry key name it "NoMenuOrder.reg"
make sure it's in quotes otherwise notepad will make it a text file.
Now what this does is that it deletes the file in the Windows registry because it has a minus sign in the beginning of the file. And then it creates a new file order for your bookmarks.
This program can correct the bookmarks every time you update the list, by clicking on it.


Battery Converter

If you hate having several different types of batteries around the house. This maybe a great solution to combine all your batteries into one. With a battery converter. You only have to purchase one type of battery and use the various converters to change the battery size that you need.

other links
Converter 2

Converter 3


Vonage USB thumb drive

Talk about great portability. It's powered by USB and all your information is kept and stored on your thumb drive. It's a great price besides that it lacks noise cancellation. Keep this item in mind, if your looking for great portability.


Amber Alerts

This web site is an excellent resource for helping to find missing children. There should be more sites like this one to help resolve missing person's worldwide.


Pollution Score Card

Want to know how bad the pollution is in your area. See the EPA site score card and it will tell you what companies in your area are doing the most damage to your environment.



Are you ready for inkless printing. Zink has just that. Printless digital printing that creates instant photo's from special Zink paper that contains embedded crystals. Don't be suprise to see these items by year end. Wouldn't it be great not to have to buy ink for your printer again.


Valentine Audio's Treat

Download for a limited time Valentine audio from audio.com
You might need to install the iTune player. But download all the free audio files this Valentine week.
Happy Valentines.


Wifi Radar

Need a Wifi signal for your laptop or computer. You might want to try Wifi Radar. It easily scans Wifi locations and you can easily create profiles to connect to them, later on. Stay connected with the Wifi Radar.


Solar Keyboard

I don't think this item will ever really sell that great. But you must admit it's environment friendly.


Buying Software with Windows Vista

Windows Vista does something different in this case. If you want to purchase software for your computer using Windows Vista. You first have to go to the control panel and click the Peformance Information and Tools link. In here you'll see a base score. That's the score you want to remember when purchasing software for Windows Vista. The reason for this is to make sure that the software works with your computer hardware and runs efficiently. Hopefully manufactures will be able to upgrade the multimedia experiences that are available for Vista.


Free Virtual Web base Office

Looking for a free online web base office version on the web. No can't beat this. It's not Microsoft Office. But it sure beats the price.


Wep Key Generator

Using your Wifi Router but want a good WEP key so that hackers will have a difficult time getting in. Try the WEP Key Generator. It gives you a higher encryption random key for your wireless system.


Free Audio Books

If you have a computer and recording software. This site has lots of audio books to record from on it's public files. Expand your mind.


Free PDF Magazines

Here is your free guide to free PDF magazines of your choice.


Gmail Bookmarks

This is a great ideas for transporting your bookmarks from computer to computer. But you'll need to install the Firefox web browser and have an existing Gmail account for this to work correctly. In the end your bookmarks travel with you.


Logitech Alto

Enjoy the convenience of a laptop but hate the keyboard. Logitech has a solution. A universal keyboard dock for your laptop. It gives you a a better keypad and configures your laptop so that you can type at ease.


Ojo Phone

This new technology will eventually change the future of phones. But for now this pricey phone will just have to wait, until it's affordable to almost everyone. Ojo Phone is the future waiting to happen.


More Google tips

Here are some useful google search tips to help you get your information faster.
in the google search engine type:
For weather type : weather New York
For airline flight stats type : United 134
For airport delay use the three letters for the airport & then airport : jfk airport
For dictionary type : define modern
For Fedex and UPS tracking use the tracking number type : 044970030068629
For movie listing type movie and city and state type : Borat ny ny
For stock quotes type quote and stock or mutal fund symbol type : quote hd


Buy an unlocked Cell Phone

There are many reason why someone would want to buy an unlocked phone. For one major reason is that you can have the phone you desire to work with your carrier. But unlocking a cell phone has it's drawbacks. If you do it incorrectly the phone is null and void. The only secure way to get an unlocked phone is to have a professional unlock the phone for you and setup the network settings for text messaging and the internet. The fees varies from manufactures and in the end you have the phone you desire working with your cell carrier.

To buy phones



GSM Phone Unlocking Professionals
GSM Unlocking Phone

Browser Configurations
Browser Settings


Quotes on your web page

Want to make quotes on your web page. Here is the easy way.
Now in minutes you'll have quotes on your web page.


Say Goodbye to the Floppy

The standard PC storage drive is almost obsolete and soon the option on buying a floppy from a PC maker will disappear. These drives are becoming useless because most computers don't even have them now.


Vista the $200 XP Update

Here is an interesting article refering to Windows new operating system called Vista. In which all you're really getting is Windows XP with a service pak update. You decide who is right?


Windows Virtual Memory Is Too Low

I hate it when this happens. It slows down your PC and you have to do a disk clean up or re-boot your PC to get your computer back to it's normal level.

Go to My Computer Right click it -> click on Properties -> click on the Advance tab in Performance -> Click Settings -> click Advance tab in the Performance Option -> click change button in Virtual memory panel -> find System Managed size option and select this and -> click Set -> click oK (3x).


Auto Hot Key

Automate all your repetitive tasks. You create scripts and you share them with others. An easier way to compute.


Home Security

Here are a few sites depending on the security details your looking for, that are affordable for a monthly fee. Keep your home safe with a trust worthy security system.




Vista Compatibility List

Yes if you do have Vista is advised to view the compatibility list to see if the current software you install will work efficiently with Windows Vista.
If not, you can have problems from your PC not booting up, to your PC not functioning at all. Be safe and smart.


Comodo Firewall

Need a freeware firewall. Try Comodo firewall. Works as well as the premium firewalls and stops intruders at bay.


Increase your Wifi Antenna - Geek Style

Yes you can inrease your Wifi computer antenna using basic household products. It doesn't guarantee that you'll get a better signal but at least you gain knowledge on trying.