Bard Integration

Google Bard now can easily connect to Google's applications and this is the start of more things to occur with AI in the future.

Imagine how easy it's going to be to set up vacation plans or driving tips by using AI. This is just the beginning so stay tuned on what's going to happen next. 


Upgrading iPhone 1st Steps

If you are planning to upgrade your iPhone, then here are some great steps to take before transferring your device.

Following these steps will hopefully ensure that everything goes smoothly during your phone migration. 


Cyberattack Management Options

Management should always have a plan when it comes to cyberattacks. Most companies are still not prepared for these intrusions and users should be educated the sooner the better so that if an event does happen, they know the proper steps to take. 

Here are some helpful tips to put on your checklist. 


MGM BlackCat Cyber Attack

Interesting how MGM Resorts was attacked by ransomware using BlackCat. The ransom uses a malware-infected email or website to bait its victims. It just took ten minutes and let's just say in my opinion everything went down. I hope that had a good reliable backup system.



A lot of browsers are now copying with other browsers are doing and Shift is one of them. If you prefer to install the software instead of using these browsers then installing Shift makes sense.
I must admit having these simple tools on the side to easily connect to does simplify having easy access to the application with just a few simple clicks.


Cable Splicing

Ethernet cables have come a long way and just a few years ago I recall splicing these cables to set up network connections throughout the office.

If you like a DIY project and want to customize your cable experience in the office or at home, here is some great resourceful information on how to splice your cables.

Tools are optional but they sure will make your work easier to do. 


Zoom with AI

Zoom is planning to embed ChatGPT into its video conferencing to boost productivity. It's going to be interesting on how they incorporate the software with their program and how users react.

Let's wait to see how it all plays out with Zoom. 



New Cars Privacy Nightmare

Having a new car feels great to have all of these advanced technologies alerting you to potential hazards and warnings. You will be surprised at how this technology is sacrificing your privacy, but this is just the beginning of more to come from these auto manufacturers. 


MS Azure Breach

You would think that a company this big would make it difficult for malicious hackers to get in using simple tactics. But it looks like negligence played a key role in this breach.

I think it's time for their security measures to be updated if they plan on being a key player in the cloud. 


Chrome Privacy Ad Block

Chrome recently added a Privacy Ad Block and if you want to enable it you can just go to the url listed below and tweak the settings in the browser to limit their online ads.

Most users who are tired of the constant ads might want to just turn the feature off altogether. 



JSD Charging Desk Mat

This is definitely wireless charging next-generation, not only can you charge your cell phone and wireless Apple Air pods but you can also charge your keyboard and mouse. 

It's a must-have to look at and it can probably be the answer to your desktop wireless solution.


AI Auditing

It looks like the IRS is using AI to crack down on potential tax violations from wealthy people. In the past they would use manual tricks and tips, now they are hoping that AI will detect these actions automatically and easily point out tax cheating individuals. 



How to enable Co-PilotThis

This is how you now can enable Microsoft Copilot and get early access to the software. If we have the resources I will definitely give it a test drive and see how it works. 

Eventually, the software will be added to E5 and E3 plans. 


Microsoft Co-Pilot Intro

If you have not heard yet Microsoft Co-pilot is coming and let's just say it's going to change how we do things. I am excited to see what happens in the long run, but if all goes well we can definitely see this incorporated where ever we go. Just think of it as AI in the workforce. 

Here is a layout of the annaul work trend.


MSI Caution

Users who have an MSI motherboard should hold off on upgrading to Windows 11. There looks like there is a major bug with BSOD after updating to the latest OS.

My advice to users is to hold off until KB5029351 if fixed. 


Save Youtube Videos on your Phone

There are several ways to save YouTube videos and here is a great way to do so using your mobile phone offline so that you can still play your video endlessly. 

Now you no longer have to struggle for a good network connection while playing a video. 



Chrome Sidebar ChatGPT

It looks like now you can add a sidebar to Chrome using ChatGPT. This feature is a great add on to use while you browse online. 

Here are the instructions on how to enable it to take browsing to a new level. 



MS Google Alternative

Microsoft is doing a lot of new tricks to get users to switch to Bing, but it's just getting awkward and tiring for many users. 

This is nothing new for Microsoft and they should first keep on focusing on making their browser number one again before trying to convince users to switch over to Bing. 


Apple Maps

 It looks like Apple Maps palette is causing a lot of attention and it looks like Google Maps is showing similarities. 

Let's hope the new colors do not confuse some users, since it does take some time to get use to, especially if your a Google Maps user. 



Chrome AI Summaries

Chrome will soon offer AI-generated text summaries of articles and this is certainly going to be interesting to see when you browse. I am hoping that it will simplify my everyday reading habbits. 


Ford Sync 3 Problem

Ford owners who use Sync 3 should immediately turn off Wi-Fi. The software has a vulnerability and the manufacturer is currently developing a patch for the problem. 

So be patient and hopefully, the fix will come out soon.