DvD Ripper

Here's a great DvD ripper to clone your favorite dvd's where ever you go. Burn those favorite DvD's so that you can enjoy them for a lifetime.



Win 10 File Default

For those user's who are having file default problems in Windows 10, here is the fix going forward to correct the file format problem. All other versions of Windows was quite simple going to the file folder. Now with Windows 10 and it's current apps. This is a little different.


Dvd Repair

This bug keeps on coming and going for some user's and if you sit down and analyze it, you will realize that it's a Window and Manufacture software error bug. Microsoft will never admit it and the manufactures will deny it. But both parties are to blame for selling you a product that works when it wants to work. The reason for this is because either side don't sit down together to get work out the problem. It's easier to pass the buck and blame each other.
With this comes this great utility that hopefully will fix your problem for the time being until another major software update. Good luck.



At&t Cord Cutter Service

The future of cable is here and before a number of subscribers bail out, At&t is jumping on top of it's game to come out with cord cutter plans for streamers. The prices are still quite high but still cheaper than overall cable service so many have been paying for years. If your a cord cutter, or soon to be I would definitely consider this move to easily move off of cable.



Refurbished Review

Some companies lately are advertising computer items at unbelievable low prices and here is the real scoop on that. Although some user's think refurbished items are a steal for consumers. Here is the reality of what your really getting.
I am not a fan of refurbished items and unless your willing to risk the investment cost. If that's worth the risk then I suggest you go for it and take a chance.



Negative Review Lawsuit

Looks like a Texas student sure got a lesson in law when she hired a lawyer for an accident that she had and became upset with the outcome. In response she left a negative review and the firm went after her.
It's very interesting to see the power of social media when it comes to negative reviews.



Easy Steal

This device is making it very easy to steal your car. It's been out for a while for car thieves and it's getting a lot of attention. I just hope the authorities and manufacture re-establish control.



Speed Chrome

Tired of Chrome running to slow. This software tidy's Chrome to what it should be and make sure it's running with less usage.



USB Stick Toolkit

Having a USB emergency toolkit is always a good idea to have around. You never know when your going to use it and it might just get you out of a jam.

Malware Blaster



Easy manage mobile devices on your computer so that everything is backup and easy transfer files from one device to another. It's a great management tool to keep everything running smoothly.



Mobile Unlimited Data Plans

It's good to know before you buy or switch to a new plan what your new service provider is willing to do for you when you sign-up with them. Unlimited Data plans are changing rapidly and before you go all out, these are the things that you need to know.



Mobile Phone Tools

These great phone software's will help you solve your everyday problems, from backup, to restore, to unlocking your phone and data transfer. Use it wisely.



Remove Samsung Screen Lock

Forgot your Samsung Galaxy Screen lock and need to get a hold of your data on your phone. This useful program will get you backup and running so that you will not lose your data and you can be on the way. It happens.



Survey Creator

Here's another free survey creator for user's looking to get feedback from their customers. It's a great way to build a better customer service department so that your business can grow effectively.



Replace Xp with Linux

Yes it's a great idea and even though the OS will be slightly different, Linux is more stable and securer that outed XP.
It's a great idea to extend the life of your computer for years to come.



Things that will Mess your PC

Here are somethings to be aware of that will eventually mess up your computer if you don't take action now.
Let's just say it's just a disaster waiting to happen.



Seize Prepaid Cards

Now new technology is helping authorities seize and freeze prepaid cards. This is just the beginning of what authorities are doing to fight back against identity theft. But this new technique has it's down falls and I guess time will tell whether or not it's going to really slow down identity theft.



Auto Repair Windows

Here are good helpful tips to have Windows automatically repair itself when something is wrong. Not all the times this utility is going to help you. But when your down and out, it's a great start to try and doing things yourself first, before you get hired help.



Wise Care 365

This holidays are full of surprises, here is is the great computer utility that cleans and tune's up your computer so that it's always running efficiently. It's a 12 month license, but it's always a great time to enjoy something for nothing.



MAC Touch Bar

Deciding on getting a new MAC Touch Bar this holiday. We'll if your one of the DYI technician's you might want to review this teardown for future repairs. It looks like everything is glued and soldered to the board. So if it get's damaged your going to have to send it to an Apple repair technician. My theory is that Apple and other manufactures are making it harder for anyone to fix their products so that they can reap on future wear and tear maintenance. Good luck.



Extract License Keys

Worried that you'll loose your license keys if your computer gets a malware or virus. Here is a great software to have on hand to save your license keys. Don't wait for the last minute until disaster occurs. Save your keys now.



Stop a Text Message

It's an insane trick but if your quick enough to do it, it might just save you some great embarrassment later on.



Power Down Your Network

I have heard these questions on and off for a while when it comes to powering down networks when not and in use and this is a good answer to the ongoing computer problems that most users have when they are online.



Defender gets Smarter

Windows Defender is getting better and smarter with today's current computer infections. It's highly recommended to do constant offline scans so that your computer is always running smoothly.



Stop Spotify

Looks like a famous company is moving up the charts quickly in competition with Apple Music. And growing so fast is not necessary good news when it comes for an application to have software bugs. This bug if not updated quickly can do some wear and tear into your hard drive. So if you have Spotify, it's recommended to do the update quickly.




Using your computer around the clock. Then it would be a great idea to install this sleep pattern software on your so that your sleep patterns are in sync while your computing.



Dropbox Secrets

Here are a few Dropbox secrets that many user's are unaware of. Maybe if you know that you can do this things you would want to use dropbox even more.



New Router Buying Tips

Are you in the market for a new router, well if your getting ready to buy one. You should read this first so that you can get a quality router that meets your needs.



AOL You Got Mail Guy

Remember American Online and the helpful guy always reminding you that you have mail. We'll look no further because if your using Uber lately. Chances are that you can one day meet up with him.
It's nice to link up to the past to something that changed the world on how we send and receive emails today.



Fake Store Apps

Looks like hackers are already starting their shopping season early this year. Not only were they able to create a fake store apps, but confuse many individuals on thinking that it's for real.
So the next time you decide to click on one of those pop up ads, think again.



iPhone will not turn on

Having problems with your iPhone not turning on. Here's what to do to get your phone up and running. Some of the instructions sound foolish, but when your out of communication from other's it's worth to go back to the basics to make sure your phone is up and running.