Amazon Fire TV Remote Fix

If you are an Amazon Fire TV user here is some great helpful information to help you resolve your Tv remote for the device.

As cable cutters keep on increasing yearly, Amazon Fire Tv is an excellent replacement for newbies. So if you do not have one wait until the holidays come up and grab yourself an affordable Amazon Fire Tv stick.



Enroll Team Rooms in Intune

Microsoft has a feature where you can manage Teams through compliance policies used in Intune. It simplifies adding out-of-the-box devices to your network so that rooms can be configured via profiles. 


Useless Car Tech

It looks like a lot of users are no longer using their car's native controls and continue using their smartphones as mirroring devices. It makes sense since smartphone technology keeps on advancing with new features that make it easier for users to connect and control what they want to do when traveling.
This could be a new game changer for automakers if users keep on adapting to this method. 


Telsa One-Time Transfer

If you have a Telsa and already purchased a self-driving package you can now transfer the package to a new vehicle but you still have to do it before the deadline and new car delivery date.
I guess it's their way of resolving the ongoing conflict among their customers with the Full Self Driving software costs. 


Win 11 Reinstall Simplicity

It looks like Microsoft now has a repair fix for Windows 11 and now when things go wrong with your OS  you will not have to reinstall the entire OS again.
It's still in the testing stage but if all goes well this could be a quick fix for non-computer literate users.


iPhone Concept

It looks like Apple is testing out some new concept rollable phone and they are taking extreme measures to make sure it's patented correctly.

If all goes well foldable phones will evolve to the next generation of mobile devices.  


WiFi Diagnostic View

Here is a great software to use to monitor WiFi connection problems. It will tell you what devices connect to the WiFi and what problems occurred to the device trying to connect. 

Sometimes the simplest things can be fixed so easily but if you are troubleshooting this is a great start.


Laptop Airport Problem

Here is some information on why it's not a good idea to take your laptop when traveling. I know it's always nice to stay connected but these devices do pose a security risk.


Google AI

Google recently added AI to its arsenal to combat cyber attacks and this could be the future for many more companies at risk to reduce threats. AI not only monitors user habits and activities but hopefully will prevent devices to be compromised. 

Let's hope that this new security defense line works in there favor. 


MS Data Cannot be Pasted Here

If you ever get this error from your Organization what it means is that your company can be using Microsoft Intune and they enabled the digital security of copy and pasting of materials on their mobile devices also known as DLP. 
In situations like this, users will have to reach out to an administrator and advise them why they need to get permission to enable copy and paste. 

Data protection has never been so easy to do with Intune. 


Top Dashcams

Interested in getting a good dashcam for your vehicle, here are the top dashcams that are close to perfect in providing you useful information for accident reporting, or for documenting the road.


High Maintenance EV's

If you are in the market to purchase an affordable EV, you should definitely review these cars and the maintenance costs. Just because there its electric does not necessarily mean that you are going to save money in the long run. 


Discord with Netflix

Now watching a movie with friends is as simple as going live and sharing your screen. This is nothing new and a great way to watch the movie with friends and share the experience. 


NYPD Car AirTags

It looks like the NYPD is asking people to put AirTags in their cars so that they can combat increasing car thefts. The chances of getting your car back with an AirTag are greater than not having one at all. 

It looks like AirTags are the new LoJacks of car thefts. 


Office New Font

It looks like Microsoft is saying goodbye to Calibri and introducing a new font for its office applications. I am hoping that the new font which is Bierstandt is going to work better with the new display resolutions. 


Best Time for Instagram

Very interesting information for Instagram users on what time is the best time to post. I guess if you are trying to get content out there doing it at the right time makes a big difference so that your ratings can increase depending on the time zone. 

So learn it, study it, and make it a habit and hopefully your ratings will go up. 


Twitter ChanChing

It looks like now Twitter is finally paying its users who are subscribed to Blue but here is the catch. Users must prove they have at least five million impressions on posts in the last three months.

Let's see what his competitors are going to do next to keep the competition going. 


iPhone Cool Down Tips

If you have an iPhone and got a temperature warning telling you that it needs to cool down there is no need to worry but you can follow these simple tricks to get the phone back up and running quickly.

And do not worry this will not damage your phone it's just your phone trying to normalize it's temperature. 


Disable Read Receipts on Instagram

Want to stay hidden from messages you receive from Instagram. Here is a neat way to read messages and not alert the sender that you have read them. 

It's not permanent but a great workaround to make your life simple. 


Download YouTube Shorts

If you are enjoying YouTube shorts you might also like this site to download your favorite short videos. It's a quick simple way to use ShortsNoob to save your favorite videos from Youtube.


ChatGPT for Trading

Very interesting video on how to use ChatGPT to make your own trading strategy. I was surprised at how simple anyone can do this even without program skills.

It's definitely a game changer and you should try it out with other sites as well to see how simple coding with ChatGPT can be. 


Shell Station of the Future

The future has arrived for Shell with its new EV chargers for those who need a recharge. This has been long awaited and the new stations are going to be a great eye soar for many new EV car owners, so get ready because the future is now. 


Telsa Summer Driving Job

If you are looking for a summer job this year, Telsa has a program to let drivers drive their EV and pay anywhere from $18- to $48- dollars an hour. 
It's not a bad deal but you will have to have a good driving record and live in these designated areas.


EV Battery Life

Interesting information on how EV batteries last and why you should be concerned with this. The more you understand the more you are going to be able to learn why taking care of your electric car is going to benefit you in the long run. 


Google Version History

Want to remove Google version history, here are the simple way that you can do it just make sure you have the right right copy of the document you are going to save before removing the history. Once the history is done there is no going back.


Customize iOS CarPlay

If you have an iOS device and use CarPlay you now can customize the application to show your favorite apps. It's pretty nice being able to have your apps easily available while your commuting. 

You got this one right Apple now just keep it up. 


New Canadian Law

It looks like Google will be blocking links to Canadian news articles for people using search engines so that they do not have to pay publishers for content.

I guess the Canadians are going to have to figure things out themselves when it's time to follow the news.


Real-time Security

Get ready for a new world of real-time security backed up by SpaceX. It's definitely going to be odd seeing drones do flybys and monitoring perimeters.
And you can bet that in the next few years, these devices are going to revolutionalize security to another new level never seen before. 


Twit Limits

It looks like Twitter's users will soon be tweeting out, the social media company is now limiting the number of posts users can view per day.
Now I do not know whose bright idea was this but this is definitely the beginning of the end of Twitter as we know it.

In a time of rising interest rates, inflation, and job loss, people are having difficulties staying afloat, how can you even consider paying a price to post when other other social platforms are free. This is a no-brainer for Twitter users to jump ship and I am not alone on this theory. 


Deploy Apps using intune

Microsoft is going a long way with Intune and I must admit that as time goes by the application just keeps on getting better and better.

If you have not looked into Intune, you should start looking into it because overall it's going to make sense going forward in the future. 

Here is a great find from a technician who enjoys teaching others. 


LG to Bring Hotel AirPlay

Television manufactures are now supporting Apple AirPlay for hotel room TVs. Not only will it integrate your iPhone to your hotel room TV but you will be able to easily play content from their phones securely to the TV easily. It will definitely make it easier for guest to watch there Netflix or paid program from their phones to their room TVs.