Ransomeware Goon Update

Looks like 2019 was a good year for Ransomeware goons with almost 1k attacks. Now the fault lies both on network administrator and poor budgeting.
This problem will not go away until companies come in terms of what needs to be done to ensure that everything is safeguarded within their organization.



Apple Satellite Secret

Apple satellites can mean trouble for ISPs and let's just say that if their dream comes true, there could be a better way to stream data to user's devices. As for the ISPs let just say that they can easily be cut off entirely because of the advanced technological breakthrough.



IE Bug

Looks like IE has a new bug being widely used by hackers and Microsoft will hopefully fix it soon. I guess they don't think it's that really critical yet. It's similar to the Mozilla bug found recently.



Flash end of Life

It looks like the end for Flash with nearly 95 % of the website without it. The once popular software that was every where will be dead soon and you can blame Adobe for not fixing it's sluggish software and it's constant vulnerabilities.So if you still have flash files you will have to view them offline because it's going to be even harder to find on the web.



iPhone Update

It looks like the next-generation iPhone may have no charging ports at all and it is believable because iPhone is trying to stay one step ahead from its competitors.
It's a great sign for phone manufactures because it's only a matter of time before everyone starts following the new trend.



Windows 10 Key Cmds

Looking for Windows 10 key commands, then look at the following commands below.

Window + I = to switch programs on the taskbar
Windows + Shift + 1 = open new browser
Windows + Up = to maximize
Windows + Down = to restore to previous style
Winodows + Shift + Left = move the current program to the left hand display
Ctrl+Shift+T = opens recent closed tab browser
Windows + I = bring up Settings programs
Windows + Ctrl + F4 = close current desktop


Google Activity

Tired of Google tracking your daily routines, click on the link below to go to Google's personal activity page for your user profile. You will be surprised at what information they have already stored on your profile.



Tmobile fails 5G

Looks like T-mobile's hype on 5G is not all that it's up to lately and the big giant looks like is failing on covering forty percent of the population. If this is true then they need to correct this as soon as possible and give it's customers the satisfaction that they want.
I am not surprised by the outcome by they should have known better than sooner that someone was going to find out the truth. There no better than At&t.



Microsoft Local Accounts

Setting up a local on Windows 10 is getting difficult. Microsoft keeps hiding the option making it difficult for users to create a private local account on their computer.
Your best bet is to select join a domain and remove it when the installation is complete.


Disk Rescue

Getting hard drive clicks and know that your drive is about to go but you need to backup all your files before it's too late. Check out Test Disk and try to salvage whatever is left of your drive so that it can be backed up.



Franz 5

Keeping connected with all social media applications is becoming difficult for everyone. I suggest looking into Franz 5 since it helps you keep connected with one application to all your third party accounts. Now you can easily be connected to several accounts via one sign-in login.




Want to tweet like a pro, then this is a great way to get real-time tracking and organize your audiences so that you can get more tweets and movement on social media.



Box Office Ending

It looks like the Box Office Ending is approaching sooner than you think. There has been some talk for a while on how Box Office is struggling to survive and now Netflix is not helping at all.
Netflix is now using all its connections to get the movies to you sooner than you think, let say 27 days after an opening. So this new trend will open the doors for other companies to do the same and the count down has begun.
So adore the moments now, before it's gone. There is no saving a struggling business in a cable cutters world.



Office Alternatives

From time to time users always ask me what are my alternative if I choose not to purchase Microsoft Office. And I basically say if you want something free stay with the free online versions from Microsoft. If that still is not satisfying enough then check out these links below.
They are really not that bad and there are free.

Open Office


Geotag Threat

It looks like the military is concerned about soldier security when it comes to taking pictures on their phones. The tags can easily pinpoint the team's locations and could be a security risk.
The same similar risks can happen for consumers when it comes to safety. So the next time you take a picture, it's important to remove the geotag from them.



Win PE Rescue Disk

Windows PE is still popular and if you don't know how to create a rescue disk, you should go over the steps just in case you ever need that rescue disk in the future.



Win 10 ISO via Chrome

Some users have problems downloading the latest Windows 10 ISO image from Windows and hate using Internet Explorer. If you are a Chrome user you are in luck that not there is an easier way to download Windows images using Chrome.
Now hopefully they will make this easier to do in the future.



Fix IE Performance

IE is giving your problems when it's on the internet. Then you might want to check out these troubleshooting tips to get IE working back to normal.
Until the new IE browser comes out this is your best bet for fixing IE.



PCmover Express

I have used this software in the past and it's a great software to move from one OS to another. If time is of importance to you, then this software is a lifesaver.



Reset Internet on Win 10

Here are some great tips to help you easily reset Windows 10, if you cannot get on the internet. This reference is a great start to know ahead of time before the problem occurs.



Social Media Management

Have a bunch of social media accounts and need an easier way to manage them. Here is a cool way to control this account in one place. Hopefully, it can take your social media to a new level.



Uber payoff

It looks like Uber has some serious explaining to do on paying off some hackers on a breach of confidential data. Now Uber should have advised every one of the recent hacks. Instead, the chose to pay off the hackers, have them sign a confidentiality agreement and delete the data and keep the breach quiet. I guess this was not a great resolution.



Robot Curtains

I can see this little guy making a difference in opening and closing the curtains daily. It must admit is looks quite simple and easy to do. I hope it has an automatic scheduling feature to the application.




New iPhone Concept

If this is the new iPhone I am excited to see what other vendors have in store coming soon. This could be the new reality for phones in the future.



Bio Gas

I must admit I have never seen anything like this before and it's worth looking into if you want to go green and help the environment.
It's a great idea and helping you keep on reusing energy in the best way possible.



Ransomware Infections Continue

Looks like Lousiana was recently hit with ransomware and the infection, unfortunately, took down more than two thousand state computers and servers.

The key to preventing these future attacks is end-user education.



Web Page Test

Need to test web pages over multiple browsers and OS. Here is a great tool to help you fix those compatibility problems across browser and platforms.




Firefox & Chrome Offline

Looking for offline installers for Firefox and Chrome, here is some great information for various types of OS that your are looking for.




Uber breach

It looks like the UK is well aware of Uber's breach and yet the company still refuses to fix their problem. Unlike the U.S.A. the UK refuses to let this breach be unaddressed and it's justified since the company now is growing.



Find Anyone

Use these great search tips to find you lost friends online. You will be surprised how quickly you can find anyone online. If the person uses social media you can hopefully easily find them, if they do not then you will have to rely on other sources to find them. Here is the info.



Reach an Operator

Reaching an operator nowadays is frustrating and can take a long time with these automated voice menus. Your best bet is to try services like GetHuman.com or FastCustomer to get in touch with an operator directly. Life should not be complicated speaking to a human.