Windows Media Connect 2.0

Want to Play media files in every room. Download Windows Media Connect and you can easily play music, view pictures and watch movies from your PC to your stereo and TV.


Ready for Office 2007 Beta

I don't think the world is really ready for an office 2007. Microsoft could try to convince us that this is the way to go, if it had more perks. But for small companies, Microsoft is going to have to do better to think that their pay to subscription will work. Why pay for something annually when your old standard office software can still do the work that Microsoft now is telling you to pay annually.
Hurry up and grab any old Office software's that you can before it's too late and you have no choice but to buy the new Office 2007.


DPOF - Why is it important ?

Let's just say that if own a Digital camera it already has this feature built in. What it does is that in names and marks all picture and video files. In it's new version it supports multiple size printing and slide shows. The better this feature gets the more easier it will be for us to view video and pictures portable. Now at least you can edit the size of the picture you want to send to another individual to view.


For Space Explorers

If you enjoy space desktop wallpapers here is an interesting program for you. It creates a desktop wallpaper of space. And tells you exactly how space looks like in that precise moment of the day, as long as your logged on to your computer.


PayPal Mobile

Will it work, what can you pay with this service. All of these questions are still yet to be finalized. But it's already possible and hopefully Paypal will not add on additional charges for this service.

Why My Computer will not SHUT DOWN?

Although this tip is not for everyone, it's a start to learn on how to trouble shoot your PC problems.
Most of the times a Windows Update corrected the My Computer will not SHUT DOWN problems. But in situations where problems can't be fixed easily. Forcing the PC to Shut Down does save time if you really don't have any really valuable information on that current PC.


TurboTax Manual Update

TurboTax Updates
Recently bought Turbo Tax and want the software updates just in case you need them later on or for what ever reason. Here it is.


Windows Live

Windows Live is similar to Yahoo and Google Blogs. Microsoft is trying hard to catch up on what it already missed out. I just hope that Yahoo and Google can keep up the speed for Microsoft to stay away.


Password Manager

Automated Password Manager
Tired of remembering various passwords. Try this software for free. You use one password for all.


TV For People

USDTV->>For The People
If this company has it's way. Cable is not only going to be very affordable but you'll pay only for the channels you want. The way it works is simple you pick the channels and based on the channels you pick that's your premium. No more 72 channels of plain nothing. This time you get what you pay for. Coming soon to a city near you.


National Insurance Crime Bureau

Here is a nice site to help you just in case your planning on buying a vehicle or watercraft affected by recent Hurricane Katrina, Rita or Wilma in disaster areas. Most insurance companies pay damages to premium holders and the inventory is later sold to consumers. Don't get caught out there and be aware.


Glide Effortless

The site is free and you pay extra for perks but the idea is to have a family sharing site where you can share files, pictures, music, documents, contacts and mail.
Even though it has nice perks I would wait for them to get rid of the credit card identification procedure before registering for a free account.


SNARF from Microsoft Research

Hate missing those important emails. Then this software might be of some use to you. It's confusing at first but after getting some use to. It provides a list of important emails that need the up most priority. I hope Microsoft would make this simple, but this is a start.


Let VZ Navigator Show You The Way!

Verizon Wireless VZ Navigator
Verizon Wireless is offering navigating service. Soon all Wireless providers will follow suit. Figure it will cost you $1- or $2- per trip and the rates are still cheaper than buying a $500- GPS navigating unit.


Google Reader Blog

Official Google Reader Blog
I enjoy how Google setup up this RSS news reader. Pretty unique. Hopefully it will change they way we read and email.


EAC - Exact Audio Copy

Although I don't promote to download or copy music illegally. Here is a site per Maximum PC April issue on the best Audio Ripper for Perfect Mp3's. It will take you a while longer than other programs. But it will give you that high quality audio that you need.


Website Monitoring

Website Tools
Have a domain website that you just want to make sure it's running properly. Try these tools to test the domain service.

Building a Bicycle Camera Mount

Bicycle Camera Mount
With this little invention you can now take mobile pictures where ever you want to go.


PowerToys for Windows XP

PowerToys for Windows XP,
I always loved these little app's. My Favorite are the power toys Alt Tab and Virtual Desktop Manager.I love the way things are easily viewed. Microsoft still has yet to learn why Apple has been so popular.

Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router

Kyocera PC Mobility
In love with Verizon's EV-DO service but unsatisfied that you can only connect one PC with it. Here's your solution. A wireless router that uses the EV-DO service and then splits the EV-DO service. It's fairly new and hopefully Verizon will not discourage others from doing this. If your currently using EV-DO I would suggest you get the $300- EV-DO router. But at this time I am going to wait and see if Verizon approves this. If it goes well. Don't be surprised EV-DO will be the easier connection of tomorrow.


WinXp Desktop Wallpapers

Looking for that unique Windows Wallpaper for your desktop. Then try this site. It sure will catch your eye on the fascinating designs.


Pimp-My-Profile codes

Pimp-My-Profile Layouts
Here is another codes page for hooking up personal profile on myspace and Hi5.


$3,500 USB Key

Who said that money can't buy anything. Why did anyone want to spend $3,500 for a USB Key is beyond me when it practically does exactly what any other USB Key would do.



Blog Templates
Started your own Blog and now you want to customize it. This site will help your create the skin of your blog that most websites allow you to use. It's free for now and hopefully you'll be able to find a blog that interest you.


Backup and Synchronization Software

Nice free ware so that you can backup all your files at ease. It also helps that it's easy to use.


Fastest Growing Registrars

Fastest Growing Registrars
Looking for a cheap, Reliable domain registrars. You might want to check this site out and don't be surprised to see Godaddy on top of the list.
Cheap, reliable and yes affordable. So the next time your ready to renew your domain check out Godaddy.


.NET Framework

Developer Center
This is one of those software's that many programs require for you to have but it's a pain to find out where to download it from. Save this link because one day you might need it one day.


Myspace code help

Code help
Have a web page but need some code help to make that web page special. This site will be of some use to you.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Cable Puts You In Control

Cable Puts You In Control-Home
This site is dedicated to Parents who want to control children television habits. Interesting site for all your parental controls that currently exists.


Windows® Defender (Beta 2)

Download details: Windows® Defender (Beta 2)
Microsoft AntiSpyware is now called Windows Defender. Blocks spyware and from rumors it's going to also going to include Anti-Virus software that will cost $50- a year. At least you'll be able to share this service with three different computers.