Free Software for Windows

The best gift that anyone can get on the last day of the year is free software. Hopefully you can use most of these.


iPhone FM Transmitter

Looking for an FM transmitter for your iPhone. Then this inexpensive gadget should do the trick. I just can't figure out why they just don't have them built in.


Passport ID Security

I don't know how protective this case can be against the new RFID passports. But for now I will just have to believe everything until someone hacks an RFID passport.


Craftsman Entryease

Looking for a more secure remote for your garage door opener? Craftsman comes to the rescue with their biometric remote. It will not only protect you from losing garage door remotes, but it also works with other craftsman products. Giving you the ultimate security all around the house.


Battery Basics

Every year people go out and purchase batteries not really knowing what they are buying. People figure all batteries do the same thing. Which is to provide energy for a period of time. Now it's a great time to understand the different types of batteries in the market and what types of batteries consumers should be purchasing for electronic devices.


Get your Free Dummies Guide to Email Archiving

Get a better understanding of Email Archiving with the reference guide from Dummies.
But hurry up, while supplies last.


Elf Yourself * Fun *

Every year I pass this on to family and friends only to regret that I've sent it to them. Be creative and Elf yourself.



Need a photo editor software to edit your photo's online. Use Picnik, it's simple, free and easy to use.


Vista Deactivated

Interesting article on how Microsoft's new Vista deactivates because you just changed the video card. It might seem like a simple upgrade for PC user's but with Microsoft, it's considered a drastic change and yes Vista will need to be re-activated otherwise it might just not work again.


How to clean your Notebook

If your looking for tips to clean your notebook, take a look at Toshiba notebook tips. Laptops are delicate items and you should make sure you treat them delicately so that they can last forever.


Wireless Video

This fascinating device makes monitors go wireless and I just hope this brings on new manufactures to perfect the wireless monitor.


Sure way to enable NUM Lock

Hate it that everytime you boot your computer you need to enable the NUM Lock key so that you can use it everytime.
Here is an easy solution to enable NUM Lock on your computer during every boot time.
On most computers, to enable NUM Lock on boot up you just go to the system BIOS and enable NUM Lock. If this feature is not available, the next easy thing to do is to go and do this in your Windows Registry. Make sure that anytime you tweak your registry you backup your registry just in case.

go to Run -> command type Regedit -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER_CONTROL PANEL|KEYBOARD -> and look for a file named Initial Keyboard Indicators -> and make sure that it's set to 2, if not click on it twice change the value and hit enter to save. Just re-boot and your NUM Lock key problem should disappear.


Crack your own Passwords

Need a pass key program for Windows to see if the pass key your using is good enough. Here is a chance to break open your own home pass key and see if the program can crack your unique pass key. If it takes years to crack then you can say you probably have a good pass key. If it takes a few minutes, then it might be time to change that pass key for something more harder to guess.


Wireless Packet Sniffer

Need to trouble shoot your existing network. This software works great to help fix network problems. And if you need in need of also a network sniffer, you get two products in one. Take control of your network before it takes control of you.


Kangura USB Multi copier

Need to copy software into 24 USB devices at once. This nice software makes reality come true. It's a great idea for IT, sales and marketing companies who need to roll out software and products all in one shot.
Software Link


Vista SP1 Updates

Need to know what know updates are necessary for your network. Check out this direct link to help you identify certain service paks that are a must in SP1 for Vista.


Try Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft recently has in Beta it's Silverlight technology to improve it's download center experience, so that one can find and download Microsoft products easily. It's the next generation to the Microsoft Update Center. I might give this a try to see if once and for all they get it right.

Microsoft's direct Link


Evaluate Windows Server 2008

Want to evaluate and test Windows Server 2008. Here's your chance from Microsoft. It suppose to be a better improvement to Microsoft past server products. But we all know that only time can prove if that's true. Test drive it before you buy.


Vista SP1 in Beta open to the public

If your in need of the Vista SP1 and can't wait for the final release. Here is a great time to download the beta update. Although it's still buggie, it will help to resolve your some of your application issues.


Image fixer

Looking for a software that will fix a distorted image, resize it, make it clearer or cleaner. This site is excellent for that and it's free.


Mobile Phone Charging Station

These stations will begin to pop up almost anywhere to supply emergency cell phone charges to our everyday devices. There is a no charge for re-charging your cell phone because advertisement is what's supports this station from operating daily.
Another excellent product made available by our advertisers.


Wifi Inflights become reality

JetBlue is doing in flight Wifi and what that means is that eventually you'll be able to surf the net while on a trip. Satisfying anyone who wishes to surf while flying.


First Laptop with Vista that's downgradeable

Who would ever think someone would want to buy a computer with a most recent operating system to down grade it's operating system. Toshiba has done this and it's not alone, other manufactures are doing it as well. Microsoft can say whatever it wants to say about Vista, but it's going to take an even longer time for people to say goodbye to XP. Let's fight back and take control of our operating systems.


Office 2007 SP1 in Beta

Next year besides there being a Service Pak for Vista and XP, there will also be a Service Pak for Office 2007. Microsoft is working around the clock to still make Windows the number operating system of the world.


Scan your phone to get on board

It hopefully will save your time for looking for that missing paper boarding pass that you always keep loosing. Only time will tell if this trend will be adaptable at all airports.


Brando Chromatic USB hub

Talk about a usb hub with many curves. These are popping up almost everywhere. And helping out to connect your computer to various ports.


Content Filtering

Want to filter out certain websites. Try these links below to help you in your battle to control the Internet from users.

Adult Blocking


Port Assignments

Looking to block certain ports so that someone can't IM others. Take a look at these links below to identify ports in a router.

Wiki Ports


LaCie Hub

Here is a accessory hub to connect your computers to other devices. It's designed to connect to awkward positions so that a connection can be made. It will be a while before consumers find a useful usb hub connector.


Belkin Flip

Looking for a new kind of KVM switch to connect two computers or more. The new Belkin Flip will take you to a new level in remotely switching from computer to computer.


Get Fios and Get a Free 17" LCD

No it's not a typo. It appears that Verizon wants everyone to get into Fios. It's a sweet deal if your looking to upgrade your televsion for nothing. I am just upset the deal is not in my area.
Hurry up, don't know how long this deal will last.


People Search Engines

Looking for an old school mate, searching for someone you know, or want to do a background check on someone. Hopefully one of these sites will help. Hopefully you'll use this database in good faith.




A great tutorial site to learn the latest from the experts in the field. This is a must for graphic designers and programmers.


I want Sandy

Need a personal assistant to remind you of your daily task. Say hello to Sandy, your personal assistant. Her job is to remind you of things to do list. Give her a try since it's for free.


Compusa Gone For Good

It can be the end for Compusa, the mega computer store.
Times are changing in the technology world and the once so famous store now looks like they can't keep up with consumers.
If your looking for computer mega deals, keep an eye on all Compusa ad's this year and next. In the end it will be a good deal to the end.


Free Wifi Connect from At&t

Have At&t ( Bellsouth ) and hate it that you can't connect wirelessly to other public networks.
Well if your always going portable, this might be of some interest to you.
At&t DSL customers can connect free to public locations by just signing up.
Just check the public wifi locations in your area and get connected.

WiFi locations Link


Aim into Gmail Chat

Yes it's true you now can chat with Aim users using Gmail chat. No need to install aim onto your computer. If your currently using Gmail chat, all you do is send a message to the Aim user get confirmation and your ready to chat.


Get Snagit 7.25 for free

Love the famous Snagit software. Here's a chance to get it for free.
And to make it valid register your copy.
Software ftp://ftp.techsmith.com/pub/products/snagit/725/SnagIt.exe

Register Link


Lego Software on your PC

If your looking for some lego software for your computer. Take a look at these



New Plant Filteration System

It's just only 1 year away for the amazing new technoligical plant filteration system. It will revolutionize air filteration system from companies such as Glade, Wizard and Air Wick. Eco friedly to the environment.


Windows XP SP3 with Speed boost

This is the reason Microsoft is keeping quiet with XP SP3. It contains Windows Speed boost that will enhance your PC performance. The reason why Microsoft is keeping this quiet is that if your computer feels sluggish now, many users usually upgrade instead of keeping their existing operating unit. But with the new SP3 update. You can keep your old operating system and disregard Vista all the way.
If you have XP and debating about buying Vista, hold on and wait to see when the service pak comes out next year. It's can be worth the wait and it will save you a bundle and headaches from the new upgrade.


Away from Home Office Tools

Here are a few cool away from home office tools that will keep you working when your away from home.

Create your own personal desktop
Brain storm your thoughts
Office application that uses the same functions as Microsoft Office
Great place to download files and have others view them
Online Spending Account
Need some books while your away


Free Music Download

It's only a matter of time before all music downloads will be free. It's a long battle to the end, but I believe that in time music downloads will be free and music giants will find a new way to cash in on their royalties.
So feel free to browse this website and download as many songs as you want.
The advertisers are the ones who generate revenues to the artist.
It's legal and its free.


Print Anywhere over the Internet

Interesting windows freeware that let's you print anywhere over the internet. I would assume it would be great for salesman or executives who are always on the road to print documents over the internet.
In my opinion why not store these documents online and print them later using widows xps.


Census results in your area

Want to find out the Census results for your area. Try this site and you'll be amazed on the U.S. Census results for your area.



Ready to purchase a house, condo, or co-op. Just type in the address and this site give you the property values within that area that are currently for sale. You no longer have to call broker to broker to find out how much a buyer is asking for. You just first shop at Cyberhomes and then you later decide if that area is where you would like to move.


Solar power Bluetooth headset

For a hundred bucks you'll not only have a Bluetooth headset but it will be battery free. I just hope that it lives up to it's reputation.


USB toaster

This holiday if your looking for a special gift to someone who is always near there portable computer. This item could just probably make their day. I just hope they are able to understand that their is no such thing as a USB toaster.


Where are my cookies in Vista

If you already tried to search for your cookies folder in Vista. You have already had several unsuccessful attempts. Hopefully now you will be able to see the cookies folder but they're several things you need to do first.
The first thing is to go to your Control panel -> folder Options -> click View
tab -> and check show hidden files and folder and then find Hide protected operating system files and uncheck it and say ok to save the settings.
You then copy this link to internet explorer to view your cookies.
Make sure you change the USERNAME to read your computer user name
and this link as well


Yahoo Pipes

Let's just say it's RSS your website home page the easy way.
Check it out and give it a try.


Talking First Aide Kit

This kit is a life saver. It's contains several emergency packets. When an emergency occurs, no need to read the first aide card to find out on what to do. Just activate the voice player and it will tell you step by step.


Easy convertor

Need to convert something. No problem, just load the file, choose the format, enter your email address and the file is converted via email. Quick, fast and simple.


Remember the Milk

This is a creative website where you can gather all of your things to do list and have access to them every where. You can even get reminder alerts, so you will not forget.


Wireless Photo Frame

These new wireless photo frames are popping out every where and it's only a matter of time before one manufacture creates a great way to view and share pictures. One such manufacture is Momento who makes the Momento 100 photo frames. These frames display photo's wirelessly as long as they have a wireless network connection. Pictures are easily uploaded onto their website and you as well as family members with a Memento frame can view pictures endlessly.


Only 2 Clicks

Do you visit several pages on a daily basis. This software can make your life easier. You save the software onto your desktop as your home page. And you customize your homepage with the several websites you visit daily. Hopefully to make your browsing easier.


Verizon mess up with Day Light Savings

In this day in age it's amazing on how many people use there cell phones as alarms clocks. It's only time before alarm clocks become a thing of the past. But it makes it difficult to know how easily someday it can become a nightmare because of technology glitches like this one.



Every so often we print articles online or need to write a letter that requires special fonts. This is where this website comes in. It has over 7500 fonts and are PC and MAC compatible.


Missing a DLL file when installing a program

Take a look at this free site that promises to find and replace that DLL file that you need to install so that your program can run correctly.


The Things I want

Want to create a perfect wishlist, registry or christmas list. Check out this site and what it does is that it connects your list to any web site so that your list can be shared with friends and family.


Do My Stuff

Looking for someone do your chores, duties or task around the house or while your at work. Check out this new website that can help you when you just need that extra person around to just get that job done.


Byte Convertor

Want to know how many byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte in your computer. Or just need to calculate so that you know how much disk space you will need or have left.
This is a great tool for all those users who hate to calculate.


High Def on your TV via your laptop

This is a cheap and inexpensive way to watch high definition via your laptop.
If you currently have a HD or Blue Ray Laptop, you can watch your favorite programs in HD on your television using your televisions HDMI port. It's not plug and play but it can be done.
You would just have to locate the laptop HDMI port and connect a HDMI cable from your laptop to your TV's HDMI port. Set your television input to the HDMI setting and the laptop should recognize the connection. If it does not, you need to use the laptop's new display device by pressing the laptop's command keys ( usually FN+F5 )then goto the windows mobility center located in the control panel, on the external display tile click on Connect Display. You insert a HD or Blue Ray disc and watch the movie on the big screen. It your still having problems try doing a google search for HD or Blue Ray Laptop's via newsgroups or forum. Enjoy.


Free Drive Partition

Looking for a free drive partition software. Look no further. This Linux based software will help you partition your hard drive at ease. Just download the ISO file and burn it to a CD and reboot. It's that simple.


Archos Wifi

This is a great portable device, if you looking to download movies and tv shows. Even though new models are getting thinner, this device is the best of it's kind. Although there should be an external device for storage limits, this unit is pricey because of the limited free content providers.


Seagate Class Action Lawsuit

All you need to know is that if you purchased a Seagate Hard drive from March 01 to September 07 you will be eligible to claim a settlement from the manufacture because of the way they explain a gigabyte, when purchasing a new hard drive.


Better Cell Phone Reception

There have been in the recent years great improvement in cell phone reception gadgets and I have talked about some in the past. Here are a few great cell phone enhancers to help you get better reception.

@Home HotSpot
Wi-Ex zBoost


Flat screen sound bar

Have a new flat screen but dislike the sound. Take a look at Sound Bar. It's a great solution for flat panel monitors and the design is made to increase immersive sound quality. You be the judge.



There a new technology out there named WiTricity and what it does is that it easily recharges your portable devices. That means if you had a cell phone, PDA, or mobile laptop, as soon as you go into a WiTricity room, the portable devices get recharged. The process is still in experimental mode, but hopefully there can be some use for this great technology.


How much Rent are people paying in your area

Make sure the next time you move, you compare rental prices in your area. It gives you a ballpark of what you should at least be paying when compared to others.


New Job Search Engine

Next time your job hunting check out this new job search engine. It uses a keyword to search job websites, newspapers and company webpages.


To All Verizon Wireless Customers

Hurry up and opt out or you can bet that your cellular telephone number will be given to telemarketers to be shared. This is a no, no for Verizon.



This is the easiest free way to create a wallpaper for your cell phone. Just upload the picture you want to make a wallpaper for and in a few minutes, the magic is done. Some pictures will require resizing and cropping. But the rest is real simple.


Take TV Player

It's a creative way to take a video from your computer so that you can watch it via your television. The 8 gig flash drive saves your video from your computer. When you plug in the flash drive into the television dock, your movie is only minutes away to be viewed. It's an affordable solution to watch videos.



Let's just say this is the new way of video net sharing that will change the way we socialize. No software to install and you talk to everyone via your browser. You control who can see you. Video networking is now easy to do.


Stuff Safe

Need a home inventory software to keep track of your possessions. This free site will make your life simple.


Free Hard Drive from Microsoft

Looking for a free storage place for your files, Microsoft is here to help. Your going to need a Windows Live Id and you'll be able to upload for now 1 gig of hard drive space. Unfortunately Microsoft has arrived a little to late to offer storage space.


Google Doc's go Mobile

Google doc's has gone mobile and the batttle has begun to see if it can compete with Microsoft Office. The goal will be to provide similar services and gain user confidence, by being one step ahead of Microsoft. Hope Google can achieve it's goal.


Hard Drive Toaster

Looking for an easy hard drive hook up device instead of a USB to store your important data or music files. This gadget is a must have. Now swapping more than one hard drive will be a breeze.


Totalidea TweakVI

Here's a great tweaking software for Windows Vista. You can now shape your operating system and make everything simple. Make a one click Shutdown, configure hard drive details, access your Windows CD Keys, optimize the cache, change system folders with out needing to know how. Customizing Windows is simple.



New music site with no fees, no registration and you don't need really much to listen to your music.


Free books via pdf

Looking for a site to give you free books via pdf format. Look no longer this site make it easy so that you can be portable. Reading is fundamental.


Les Concierges

Need a concierge for all. Depending on your service level, your over the phone assistant can set you up with trips, Super Bowl tickets, reserve squash seats, and score hard to get reservations. All that it requires is membership to these elite services.


In Case of Emergency Cell Phone Tips

Have a cell phone and want to make sure your family or love ones are contacted if your in an accident. Follow this procedure that many paramedics use since 2005 have been using. It's called ICE. What you simply do is change your cell phone emergency contact names to include ICE (ex. ICE-mom, ICE-dad, ICE-daughter) and in case of an emergency police or hospital staff are able to notify your loved ones.


Language Line Services

Need a 24 hour language translator, then this site will come into great help. Think of it as a language hot line in your hours of need.



Need a taxi cab service throughout the Country. Next time just call this number and they will dispatch you to a local independently owned cab company in any metro area.


411 Song

Hear a song but can't identify the artist or label. Don't worry anymore. A new service is here to help you find that song by just dialing an 800 number, signing in and just playing that favorite song you want so bad. The fees are not cheap but if you figure the time and energy spent looking for that song. This site will give you the best results.


Other iPod Specialty sites

Want to trade your iPod for something else. This website will easily help you swap your music player. Link

Want to get a ECO Content music player. This site is will help you do just that.


Broken iPod

Have a broken iPod and just want to get rid of it. Here is a great website to get rid of your damaged iPod's. You can get an instant offer via Paypal in 24 hours.


More Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some more useful Windows keyboard short cuts you should always remember to make your typing job easier.



Need an official airline guide to over 75,000 departures from 3,500 airports. Take a look and download for free.


Online Conferencing Services

Looking for some good online conferencing services to consult on ideas and presentations.

The following companies have gone a long way to make online conferencing simple:
Adobe Acrobat Connect
Cisco Webex MeetMeNow
Citrix GotoMeeting


USB 3.0

What goes 10 time the speed of any connection, it's backward compatible and will be finalized by the end of 2008. If you haven't figured it out already it's USB 3.0. Who can't wait for excessive speed like this?


Transfer Files online

If your looking for an online file transfer site to send a file to a friend consider the following sites.

100mb per File
500mb per File
2gig Files
10 gig Files


Enth the Sports Search Engine

Want to know sports statistics this site will give you just that. It more like a sport query for all of your sports questions.


Belkin Wireless USB

Want to connect four devices wireless to your computer while only using one device. This is where the Belkin Wireless USB comes in. It solves the need for more USB ports and ends the cable clutter problem around your computer. I wouldn't rely too much on the wireless distance capability until new models come out. But it still does live to it's reputation. I just wished it was priced reasonably.


Firefox 3.0 Beta

IE will be in the dust again when the new Firefox 3.0 comes out. Think of having a browser with anti virus protection, pop up blocker and spyware all in one browser. Firefox is ahead of it's predicessors.


Breast Cancer Notebooks

CompUSA is selling the Sony VAIO pink notebooks to benefit the breast foundation. It's for a great cause.
If you in the market for a new pink Sony notebook, please consider the purchase.


ZoneAlarm Force Field

Get ready for a new type of Zone Alarm software. It supposet to protect you while your surf, shop and browse around the internet. Prevents people from stealing information from your computer and while you shop online. Let's hope that this company can stand behind this product beliefs.


Old Computer Cases

The next time your ready to throw out your old computer CPU. Think again. They're just might be new uses for that worn out computer boxes you've been using for years. You can be surprise on the things that you can use that old box for.


Windows XP License is coming to an end

Sad to say that the Windows XP operating system is coming to an end. Microsoft has come out with an end date to stop selling XP licenses until June of 2008. So you choices are simple. Stack up with copies of the old operating system until a new operating system comes out. Out switch to Vista, which will eventually be another Windows ME.


Portalbe GPS Jammer

Your friends are going to hate you for purchasing one of these items, but it does assure you that you can get rid of those annoying people talking on their cell phones.


More online Dictionaries

Here are more online dictionaries to help you understand the universal language.

Word Reference


Multi Language Dictionary

Learning a new language, then you might want to have around a multi language dictionary to help you understand words you still don't know.


A Record Player 20 years too late

Nice portable record player. It's a shame that it came twenty years late. I don't see why someone will want to purchase this mini player, but it can replace that bulky turntable.


Flashy Mp3 Clip Player

MP3 Players are getting smaller and fashionable. I am just waiting to see these little amazing gadgets increase in storage capacity.



Want your young children to learn about computers. This is where v.Smile comes in. It's an educational learning center for children to learn using computers.


Learn a Language online for free

Want to learn a new language. Then try it online for free. It's the best way to communicate with the rest of the world.


Coke Chill Factor

I've talk about this new invention a while back for beer. But I have yet to see any product on the market selling it. Now it appears that Coke is doing the same, with it's soft drinks. The concept is excellent, I just hope someone will make it happen.


Disc Painter

Tired of ugly disc labels on your favorite cd media. Here comes disc painter. It's said to be the future of label making.


Atdec Visidec Freestanding Double

Looking for a dual freestanding double monitor mount. Atdec is here to resolve your monitor mount situations.


iWear VR920

Virtual reality is finally here and the iWear VR920 is here to make your experience memorable. Jack in to virtual reality.


Office 2003 SP3

Office 2003 Service Pak 3 is just recently released. If your currently using Office 2003, it would now be a great time to update your Office Pak so that all the major current fixes are done.
It's about time.


802.11n Picks

If your looking for a new wireless 802.11n router
Here are some top great Pre-n picks:

D-Link DIR-655
NetGear WNR854T
Linksys WRT350N


Wrecked Exotics

I always say, that there is always something for everyone on the world wide web. This site is full with one of a kind unique wrecks.


Google Street View

Although it's still not quite finish yet, Google street view is suppose to give you a birds eye view of the address location that you want to locate. Who knows how long it will take to map most of Google Street View.


802.11n Draft

Ready to upgrade your Wi-Fi router. 802.11n should be your next choice. A few years ago the standard was shady and most people warned that products would not be upgradable. But now the gap is closing in on 802.11n draft and all new compliant 802.11n draft should be upgradeable, just make sure it's certified compliant.

Wireless LAN Throughput by IEEE Standard
IEEE WLAN Standard Over-the-Air (OTA) Estimates Media Access Control Layer, Service Access Point (MAC SAP) Estimates
802.11b 11 Mbps 5 Mbps
802.11g 54 Mbps 25 Mbps (when .11b is not present)
802.11a 54 Mbps 25 Mbps
802.11n 200+ Mbps 100 Mbps


Reunite with old friends

Want to know what ever happened to an old classmate or friend. Easily reunite with them using these websites.
The searches help others to keep in contact with you and your friends. Fees apply and it's a little pricey, but it does come with perks.



Virtual Tourist

Next time you decide you want to travel. Check out this website to see what other travelers have experienced and they have to say about there trip.
Also check out these other great travel trip websites.

Global Access News
Fast Forage
Trip Connect


Digital Photo Key Chain

Digital Photo key chains are poping around every where. Some of them are even capable of holding at least 70 pictures depending on the model. It's only a matter of time before storage capacity increase. To be capable to make it possible for anyone to carry around there entire photo albums.


Contacts Online

Need access to your contacts online. Forget the small address book that you've been carrying around for years. Now contacts can easily be accessed online.


Operating System Requirements

Operating System / Minimum Memory / Minimum Hard-Disk Space
Win 98 64 MB 500 MB
Win ME 96 MB 2 GB
Win 2000 Pro 96 MB 2 GB
Win XP Home 128 MB 2 GB
Win XP Pro 128 MB 2 GB
Win Vista Business 512 MB 15 GB
Win Vista Enterprise 512 MB 15 GB
Win Vista Ultimate 512 MB 15 GB
OS/2 64 MB 500


Vista Sidebar Gas Widget

Widgets are becoming very popular and this widget will do almost all that by providing you with the best gas prices in your area.


Defrag your computer automatically

This is a little tech tip to have your computer defragmented. Defragging your computer increases your computer search capabilities and gives your computer a tune up.
The best way to defrag a computer is to set it up automatically. By this we go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Schedule Tasks.
In the schedule tasks menu click on -> Add Schedule Task and once this box opens up click browse. In file name you need to type the following %systemroot%\system32\defrag.exe and click open. This will create the system a continuous defrag task that can be setup daily, weekly or monthly.


Open source laptop battery saver

This open source software will help you save at least 70% or your laptop battery life. It's an excellent app for users who need to have access to there laptop at all times.


Wifi Thefts at Airports

It's been known for a while and now it looks like more Wifi thieves are stealing valuable data information from frequent flyers.
For now, be cautious until these security issues are resolved.


Vista Hardware Compatibility List

Running Windows Vista and thinking about adding additional hardware. Take a moment to view the windows compatibility list before you buy anything. Otherwise your taking a chance that there might not be a windows Vista update for that hardware anytime soon.


Sell your computer memory

Have some memory and want to sell it so that you can buy additional memory. Here's a good store to check out. You can just sell your memory and get a check in return. Regardless what the buyout price is, at least you got rid of the memory you never plan to use again.

Note: Although this is a great place to get cash for your memory, this site is quite unreasonable when it comes to getting market value for your memory. Your best bet is to try ebay and get a better deal.


Sell your used computer or laptop computer

Done and office upgrade and now you need to get rid of your old equipment. Stop and look at this site and maybe your old hardware can bring you in some extra cash.
It's not for everyone.


Inflight USB power unit

If your constantly travel, this device is a must have item. You plug the device via phone jack on your airline seat and the device becomes a USB charging unit for all of your portable devices. Now you can charge your cellular phone, pda, smart phone, laptop, iPod and so on. I just hope more of these items show up every where.


Windows Updates Stop Working

If your windows updates all of a sudden stopped working. Here is a helpful forum site to help your resolve your windows update issue.


Free iPhone Ring Tones

If you have an iPhone and use iTunes, this could be a big buck saver for you on ring tones. You'll have to go to the Mac forums to figure out on how to do this. But it's so simple that you wished you did it yourself.


Proof that iPhone Sim Free Unlocks the Phone

Do not believe everything that the cellular carriers tell you. You can unlock any phone to work with your wireless network. It just might not operate effectively.


APC Notebook Battery 70

Looking for more juice for your notebook when your on the road. You might want to consider the APC Notebook Battery 70. It adds another 1.8 pounds to your laptop. But with extra power to last up to six hours.


Disable Vista Annoying Permission

Although I highly recommend not to do this. Here is the tweak.
Go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> all you do then is look for the Turn User Account Control on or off. And disable it.


Widget Callwave SMS

Need to send a text message via cellular phone. No need to do that anymore. Send it via your desktop using the SMS widget.


Widget Magic Folder

Need to file folders onto your computer. Now be able to do it at ease with the magic folder widget. All you do is download and install the program and drop and drag files into your file folder. Simple and easy.
Still need help, then use the tutorial video Link


Printer Forums

Have a problem with your printer and vendor website is not helpful. This is where the forums come in. All you do is type in your printer make and model number and hope that someone has resolved that problem.


Flexible OTFT Film

Get ready for a new type of film that when bent still displays a picture. If everything goes as planned. This new technology will change future photography for film, pdf and e-books.


Microsoft Vista SP 1 Beta View

If you have Windows Vista and want to know what's required in Microsoft Service Pak 1.
Here is the beta view.


Metro PCS to buy Leap Wireless

If your unfamiliar with Metro PCS it's simple. It's an south eastern cellular phone carrier that offers unlimited calls with long distance for under $50- a month. No commitment and you pay what you pay for. It's basically the best inexpensive cellular solution when you just need to be connected, on the cheap.
If this purchase goes through, let's just say now Metro PCS will be able to expand into other big cities and its service and reliability should eventually get better within time.
Even though the service is spotty. I must admit it's an offer most can't refuse.
Metro PCS Plans Link
Leap Wireless information Link


Working Hard Drive

If your ever asked what a hard drive looks like. Here is a great video that shows you what a hard drive looks like and how it works.


Music to your blog

If you have a blog and want to add music to your blog. Here's the site to do this.
Just copy the html code and paste it onto your blog and presto your blog will have the latest video playing your favorite song.



Here's another personal software inspector. It just reassures that the software your downloading is coming directly from the site it should be coming from. Now you don't have to worry if your downloading spyware or adware.


Walk Score

Next time you move or ready to buy a house, you might want to try out walk score. This site will tells you whats near in your neighborhood and how far everything is. Like where is the nearest restaurant, grocery store, park, coffee shops, bars, drug store, clothing store, library and book store. Walk Score is your answer to what's around in your area before you rent or buy.


Community Walk

Need a map of your neighborhood for locations of supermakets, restaurants or landmarks. This is where community walk comes in. These maps are made by people in their communities mapping out locations.



Need direction on the go. Take a look at hopstop, where you find bus and transportation routes on the go. More like a portable map for your cellular phone.


Update Checker

I've used in the past these update checker programs. Although I am not a great fan of doing software updates, it's sure solve the problem of doing updates manually.



Enjoy television when you want to watch television. If Joost becomes successful, computer PC tuner cards will be history. It's has simple has choosing the channel and browsing what your interested in.



This is a new dollar saver search engine tool that you download to your computer and when you see a target price online. You enter it in Yapta and setup an alert and waits until the alert is reached. Great for finding price drops in airline fares, or electronic must have gadgets.



Ever tried mind mapping online. Well this is a first. It some what like the Visio in Microsoft, only you instead organize your thoughts with others online.


Hello Blinkx

The next time you want to find a video of your great artist or band. Take a look at Blinkx. It will take you directly to what your looking for by searching the web for all different types of videos out there.



Looking for a unique photo hosting site to upload your favorite memorable photo's. Check out Zooomr. What's great about this site is that it has the capability to upload all your photo's from your hard drive into the hosting site in one batch file. Plus you have the capabilities to organize, share tools and captionize photos.


Multi Video Joiner

If you have a few videos in avi, mpg, mpg 1-4, rm, wmv format and want to be able to join them together endlessly, without having any format issues. Take a look at AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Joiner. It's not free, but it will simplify your various movie formats.


Re-Install Windows Guides

This is an excellent site for users who need the hands on experience to learn how to re-install Windows on to your laptop or Personal Computer.
Try the emulation mode, which goes through step by step.



Looking for a powerful firewall. Take a look at Smoothwall, a Linux based firewall. It has an easy setup and it's simple to configure your network.


T-Mobile Hotspot @ Home

Get calls free over Wi-Fi. But your going to have to be a geek and resolve how to tweak the new technology for T-Mobile's unlicensed mobile access.
What the system does is that it enables you to make free calls via a UMA enabled cell phone that's on a Wi-Fi network. As long as your call started on a Wi-Fi it's free, any place else, then your counting down your minutes.



Get ready for a new type of storage. A chassis that holds up to four SATA drives, with lights that warn you if a hard drive is bad, or full. Better yet it even takes several different types of SATA hard drives. Although it's not cheap. It makes storage solutions a breeze.


iPod Shuffle

Have an iPod Shuffle, here is a nice accessory to carry your portable player where ever you want to go.


Smartphone backup for $6.00

Have a smartphone but with no backup. Don't fear, because there is free software known as BitPim that will help you backup all your important information from your smartphone.


Pay Pass

I while back I spoke about an easy Pay Pass to be used via cellular phone. Citibank has joined the family and now you can use your Citibank card if your a Citibank customer and pay just like a debit card without swiping your card into an electronic card reader. Users can then pay for their transactions the same way people use their debit cards. Pay Pass is the future in credit cards.


Upgrade your Laptop

If your upgrading your Laptop to a new hard drive. You'll find it difficult to transfer your old files to your new hard drive. This is where Apricon comes in. You'll find everything from new hard drive upgrade kits to laptop file transfer software and cables. Laptop upgrading will now be a breeze.



If your job is monitoring employee internet policy. Guardware is a piece of hardware you might want to take a look at. It scans a computer through a USB port and searches for inappropriate materials on company owned equipment. The results is simple. To keep employees from downloading and installing garbage on company equipment. Saving storage space and program viruses that can infect your server environment.


Linux iPhone Killer Wannabee

Get ready Apple for a Linux iPhone Killer Wannabee. At least it's open source and hopefully it's price will be below Apple's hyped iPhone. Let's see who now will develop more applications for there new phone.


Word 2007 Cheat Sheet

Get yourself motivated to keep on top of Office 2007. Enclosed are the most current cheat sheet for Word 2007.


Excel 2007 Cheat Sheet

Get yourself motivated to keep on top of Office 2007. Enclosed are the most current cheat sheet for Excel 2007.


Alarm for your Laptop

Want to make sure your laptop is always secure. You might want to look at Laptop Alarm. Not like it's going to help you out if your laptop is stolen. But it's a great idea for someone who needs to feel secure that they at least have an alarm for there laptop.


Java Bitorrent Client Download

Enjoy bittorrent files but hate to install software onto your computer. Try this new java applet. You just go to the link and copy and paste bittorrent file and then just click the download button. The java applet does the rest and you download the file without having to install bittorrent.

bittorent Link


Create your own Atomic Clock

Most people require modern technology to be their electronic clock. But with coordination and discipline. Anyone can create their Atomic Clock. All you need to do is to understand the primitive basics.


iPod on the Cheap

Looking for a bargain iPod.
If you have a few friends that can get together and purchase a $1300- RT ticket to China. Then this might be a great deal for all of you. Unlmited iPods at $140- a pop.
Although you might have a problem connecting to the cellular network, in the USA. At least you have an iPod.


$10- DSL

Yes there is a $10- DSL but you'll never see it advertised. It's At&t's condition in part of the acquisition to Bellsouth. The download is similar to Bellsouth 768Kb/s-128Kb/s download and upload speeds. Only available in the 22 states that never had At&t or Bellsouth broadband in the past.
Just do a google search and you'll be connected in no time.


Mouse Jiggler

This is a great software to use just as a prank. It just causes your mouse cursor to jiggle nonstop. You just plug it in the port and Jiggler does just that non stop.


Wifi Intrusions

Worried who's on your Wifi network?
Here comes a software to help you monitor those prying eyes.
Although with a Wifi connection you can't always guarantee that one day someone will try to connect. You can at least try to monitor and secure your system from attacks.


How to get rid of bugs from your monitor

Pretty interesting stuff. You install the program and play the high frequency sound and the bugs fly away. Only time will tell if these annoying critters do go away.


Open up your cable box

You cable box has many features that your unaware of. Some of them have eSATA ports for faster data throughput. If you do have a cable box with a eSATA port, you can easily connect a laptop to your cable box with an eSATA cable. Your only headache will be is finding the driver for your laptop to recognize the cable box. That's were the forums come in. Once you match your cable box, it's as easily as downloading the driver. Now you can capture live video feeds using software like CapDVHS or even Vista's built in Media Center software.
** Caution copy protected content can't be recorded. **



Get ready for programming language that interacts with other web creations. Now anyone can learn how to create, communicate and think continuously. Promising to educate you into the 21st century.


Voice Changer

Here is a great software to enhance your voice quality. Excellent for someone who's trying to change there vocals while playing music. There so many things that one can do with a voice changer. Hopefully everyone will use it wisely.


Create a USB Fan

USB Cooler - Click here for another funny movie.
Great recreational project for people who just have extra time on their hands.
Try it out. At least you'll be cool.


Shut down your PC faster

This is a registry hack and like any registry hack, your at your own risk.
But if you want to tweak your computer and don't use remote desktop. This is the fastest way your computer will shut down.


Easiest way to Cancel your Cell Phone

I wish I've seen this site earlier. This web site is the easiest way to get out of a contract as long as you don't care to much about the number. The incentives goes both way for the current user and for someone who is looking for a good affordable plan. Do your homework and come back to this site to see how it can save you money.


More DOS Prompt Commands

Every now and you need to use the DOS command prompt and forget the old school programming language. If this is your headache. Don't fear anymore. This site promises to refresh your old school DOS prompt commands.


Next Generation KVM Switch

I am a big fan of KVM switches and when I think I have the ultimate switch to guide me around to everyday problems. Something new comes around the corner.
This new generation of KVM switch is provided over IP. Now remote access can go even further. Switching over several servers will no be a breeze.


Can't get rid of an unwanted program

Try this.
Reboot your computer in safe mode by holding down the F8 key.
Go to the control panel in safe mode and Add or Remove the Program from there.
Your computer will attempt to uninstall the unwanted file.
Majority of the time it works.

If it doesn't here is another tip.
Try to find the program online. If it's an old software version.
Try doing a google search for the old software version and see if you can find and download the program.
Install the program on your computer. Then go to control panel
and uninstall again the program. This should correct the old program from being uninstalled from your computer.


PC Decrapifier

Have a computer with unwanted programs and trial offers. Here comes PC Decrapifier. This program is great because it searches your computer, gives you a list of programs that it has found and tells you which ones you want to eliminate.


Sell, Donate, Trade, or Recycle

If your concern for the environment and wish to go green with your old laptop and computer. Here are a few sites that you should be interested on to sell, donate, trade or recycle your computers.

Dell4 Me


Asus Eee PC

The $200 notebook is here. It's a Linux based PC with 2 gig and 16 gig models.
Contents include built in 3 megapixel webcam and microphone, SD/MMC Card reader, 802.11 b/g, 10/100 ethernet port, 3 USB ports with a 3 hour cell battery life.
Great for the ideal student on the move, who just at times need to connect.



If your into internet radio you should take a look at Pandora. It's internet radio done quite differently. Also if you have a mobile cell phone, now you should be able to subscribe to this service for only $2.99 per month and go mobile. It's only time, before are mobile phones become our portable jukebox.


iPhone Remote Desktop

If you have an iPhone and wish to connect remotely with your desktop. Take a look at this remote software. It's a java app that saves data as a jpg format. Every time the jpg format changes, the server updates the information into your desktop and reloads them securely. Taking your iPhone adventures to another level.


Magic in the Air

This logitech MX Air mouse transforms motion into cursor controls. Now mouse movements become reality, taking multimedia to a greater level.


How to Clean your LCD Screen

There a many usual tips online to clean your LCD screens. But the best is to use distilled water and a micro fiber cloth.


Find All the IP's on your Network

1. Launch Notepad and type the following commands:

@Echo off
date /t > IPList.txt
time /t >> IPList.txt
echo =========== >> IPList.txt
For /L %%f in (1,1,100) Do Ping.exe -n 2 192.168.1.%%f | Find
"Request timed out." && echo 192.168.1.%%f Timed Out >>
IPList.txt && echo off
Echo Finished!
@Echo on
Notepad.exe IPList.txt

2. Save the file as IPTracker.bat and close Notepad.
then run this bat file in the run command.

Another command that can be done is copying the following link into DOS:

For /L %f in (1,1,100) Do Ping.exe -n 2 192.168.1.%f


Google Maps Street View

Although it will be a while before Google gets most of it's street view maps online. The concept is simple. Make driving directions so clear that it gives you a realistic view of where you need to be.



Many computers today have a several different types of power states.
Computers are left in standby mode for remote access or as a file server.
These different types are power states are identified below.

1- SO which means slightly powered
2- S1 which means virtually off
3- S3 which means standby or fully off
4- S4 which means hibernate

Unless your into IT and always working. I don't see the sense on leaving your computer on daily using up 400 watts of power which can cost you at least $35.00 a month on your electric bill.
This is where these power states play in a major role to save energy and save money in your pocket. Using a least a minimum of 2 watts of energy.

To enable S3 all you have to do is activate it in the control panel or system Bios.
Once this is on you can easily tweak your settings for your computer to awaken from standby mode.

Good Advice
The best solution on having an efficient computer is to power it completely off and power it on when your ready to use it. That way in case you have a power surge, power failure or any disastrous mishap. Your assured that your computer was operating efficiently and effectively the last time it was used.


PC Benchmark

Want to measure your PC performance overall. These are a few sites of the many online to test the strength of your computers performance.



Measure Wireless Throughput

Need to check your network performance for your hard wired computers as well as your wireless computers. This great utility will help you out in correcting your networks performance.
You have to install the software on a hard wired network computer and a wireless network computer to get good results.
You install the program and choose Local Host from the menu Endpoint 1. Type in the other IP addrss in the field for Endpoint 2. Check the TCP button on the protocol side and throughput for the utility side. And then pick the maximum test and run.


XP System Restore

Here is a great tip to free us some of your hard drive space that's been in use for some time. It's not recommended for all user's but it's a great tweak.

The XP System Restore is a great utility. If you mess up something on your computer. You just flip the switch and go back to an earlier time. Occasionally I use it to free up hard drive space and well as a solution to clean up a virus infested PC.
By clearing up your hard drive space your computer has more space for storage and system backup now will run more efficiently.
There are time when the XP System Restore utility is infected with a virus and the only way to fully remove the virus from your PC is to use the Symantec or McAfee website to show you how. But once the virus is removed, it can easily return because of your automatic System Restore utility. All you need to do is after a virus is removed, disable the System Restore utility and run a system check for the virus again.

To Disable XP System Restore.
First go to my computer to see how much hard drive space you have left on your c drive. Note it.
Then go to Start -> Control Panel -> System -> click on the System Restore tab and check turn off System Restore and click ok. Go to my computer and if everything work, your c drive should be free of hard drive space. Now go back to the Control Panel -> System -> System Restore tab and uncheck the turn off System Restore button and now everything goes back to normal. You system will now continue to backup as usual with more hard drive space.


Automatic Thumb Drive Backup

If your using your thumb drive to constantly copy documents back and forth. Your life now could be real simple by simply using Google Sync. Just download the software and plug in your thumb drive. Now you can sync all your documents and folder that's on your thumb drive to any folder on the hard drive. It so easy, that you wish you would have done this sooner.


ISO Image Help

Downloaded an ISO image from the web or from a friend. And now you your having problems installing or using the program. What you need is Ghost or Drive Image. But if you don't have the software handy your alternate choice is Daemon tools. Just install the program and copy the program to a CD / DVD for successful installations.


Unboud Medicine

If your in the medical field and are planning to purchase an iPhone. This site is going to be of great interest to you. With Unbound medicine a user has the capability to quickly consult online information as soon as it becomes available. Now medical literature will be easily accessed any time.


Ephpod 2

Have an iPod playlist but hate to use iTunes. Next time use Ephpod and never worry about syncing your iPod with iTunes.



Want to keep a tag on all your friends web activities. Tabber is the way to do it. Once your create your group and contacts. Everytime your friends updates there pages you'll be the first one to know. It's more like an RSS for friends


iPhone Accessory

If your looking for a car charger for your iPhone. Here it is. Changes DC voltage to AC voltage by the use of a USB adapter. Now you can charge your iPhone and ease and use the USB charger to charge other USB devices.


iPhone Battery Headache

If you purchased an iPhone and later on have problems with it's battery. Here is the headache. Make sure your doing your daily backups using iTunes otherwise you can forget about all your contacts, email accounts and other contents on your iPhone. The replacement battery is also not cheap and will set you back another $80- + shipping costs. I just hope iPhone wises up and makes an online backup suite for it's iPhone soon.


iPhone News

If you just bought an iPhone and want to know all the good news about it. Well here is a great sight to get you started. From current plans available to tutorials to make your iPhone experience pleasant.


Veoh Web TV beta

Want a chance to try out a beta version of Web TV so that you can record and watch programs over and over again.
Here is your chance.
Sign up and wait for a beta evalution.


Car MD

If you have car problems and constantly paying a fortune for repairs. You should take a look at Car MD new doctor's diagnosis kit. It helps to narrow down your vehicle electrical problems and tells you whats wrong, so that you can then shop around for a mechanic to fix those repairs. Never get ripped off by a mechanic again.


Find a Word Document on your computer

Here is a great tip to find a missing word documents on your computer.
Go to Start -> Search in the all or search document field type *.doc to find all you Microsoft Word documents on your computer. This will show you every Word document on your in any folder that you haven't yet checked.
Need later on to find an Excel file as well. Guess what it's the same command but instead of *.doc you use *.xls
In the future try to understand that the * signifies all options


Surface Computing

If you seen the movie The Island you might had have a glimpse on what people call now surface computing.
It's a new computing technology out there and what it does is that it elimates the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Everything is a touch screen and you move the screens around similar to the way one would shuffle and play with a deck of cards. Everything is so user friendly.
Right now it's prices are steep. But within time this might just be what an ideal computer user will use to view files, surf and read documents.
The future is now and surface computing is reality.


Apple iPhone Rate

If you long awaited for the iPhone.
Here are the current plan rates.
I wouldn't hurry up and purchase an iPhone yet, when there bound to be bug and defects for the first batch of phones to be sold.
I would wait until newer models clear up all the defects and they offer iPhones with bluetooth and technology that our current phones already have now.


Cell Phone Links

Here are some great Cell Phone links :

Airset :Link
Callwave :Link
Cellfire :Link
Domo Homepage :Link
eDealFinder :Link
Feedreader :Link
Flury :Link
Garmin Mobile :Link
Gavitech :Link
GPS Shopper :Link
Jott :Link
Mobile Payment Forum :Link
Nearbynow :Link
Netinformer :Link
NetVibes :Link
Nfc Forum :Link
Nuace :Link
Nutsie :Link
Ontela :Link
Opera Mini :Link
Pickle :Link
Qipit :Link
Seven :Link
Sharpcast :Link
Skookumobile :Link
Slifter :Link
Spinvox :Link
Spongecell :Link
Tivo :Link
Unwired Buyer :Link
VoiceSignal :Link
Winksite :Link
Zaptext :Link


Laptop fixes

Have a laptop and having problems technical problems with it.
Here are some useful tips that will get you laptop performing back to normal.
a- overheating = clean all the air vents and update your laptop bios.
b- program slow downs = do a disk defragment by clicking on start-all programs-acessories-system tools-disk defragment.
c- battery will die constantly = get a new battery at Laptop Battery
d- slow performance when using applications = get more memory at Crucial
e- clicking sound when computer gets data from hard drive = sure example that your hard drive is about to fail or will fail soon. Make sure to backup all your data as soon as possible or you as online backup software company to save all your back like Mozy
f- laptop will not boot = get an external enclosure, put the laptop hard drive in it and do a checkdisk. ex. in Dos prompt type chkdsk /f. Hopefully this will fix your laptop hard drive for failures.
g- distorted video = download the latest driver for the video card you have on your laptop.


Email for your phone

If you have a cell phone and want the free premium service of PDA's and blackberry email service. You might want to take a look at consilient.
It gives you a free service of getting emails through your cell phone. At least now you can have free email service with your cell phone.


All Sport GPS for your cell phone

Need a personal trainer when you go out. For a small premium this personal trainer app works with your cell phone. The GPS technology tracks your time, pace and trail. You now can keep track of calories burned, laps and exact maps with notes and images to share with others. Your workouts now will be worth while.


Steganos Secure Traveler

Have a notebook that constantly connects to wifi hotspots. You might want to make sure your data stays safe and secure. The premium is steep, but if you figure on all the free wifi connections that your getting for practically nothing. It pays off in the end and your data is safe.


RSS Feeds

Enjoy RSS feeds, then take a look at these other sites that will amaze you on things that you can do.




Turn your Cell Phone into a VOIP Phone

A few weeks ago I discussed about a new software called Fring. It converts your cell phone to VOIP. And just when you thought there was just one, several others came onto the scene.
What this means is that within time cell phone and VOIP service will exist sooner than you think. It's all a matter of getting all the networks to talk together.
Here is a list of more VOIP providers for your cell phone.




Social Networking

Have a cell phone with Internet access and want to know what else you can do.
These new sites will give you more than just online access and text messaging.
If you haven't check them out, then you should be looking at them soon, because the next generation mobile phones promise to deliver more.




Kyte Tv




Free Web Tv

Have broadband and want to see what's out there in Web Tv.
Check out these online video player sites:






Buy old phones

Have an old cell phone and want to sell it. Here is another great site to get cash for something that's still valuable to others.


The dram sandal

If you always go to the beach a lot and hate it that you always have to hide your liquor. Here's a great solution. The dram sandal. It's a cantee for your favorite drink, that's concealed as a sandal in public places.


XPS file reader for Windows

If your currently using Vista and are saving file via the XPS format, you might have a problem reading documents on other computers. The reason for this is that it needs an XPS reader to read the documents.
Hopefull Microsoft will integrate this viewer on all future updates so that every computer is able to read the XPS file format.


Backup your Blue-Ray DVD's

** The following information is for experimental purposes only **

Right now this software is still in development but hopefully soon new software will be easily avaialble.
Do a Google search for BackupBluerayv021.zip and extract it to your hard drive. For title keys you'll have to goto www.aacskeys.com or try message boards.
Open the CPSKey.cfg file in the run subdirectory and manually input the keys for your disc. Then open the command line and type cd \backupblueray\run. Type Backupbluray.cmd z: c:\blurayrips\ where z: is your blueray drive letter anc c:\blueraysrips is the directory you created. Once you press enter you begin ripping the disc.


Backup your HD DVD

** The following information is for experimental purposes only **

Ready to backup your HD DVD's. Well you better get ready for some new help, because copying HD Dvd's are not that simple.
You'll need to goto Google search and look for a file named BackupHDDVD.
But downloading this is not the end. You'll still need title keys from www.aacskeys.com and www.hdkeys.com.
Once you install these programs you then have to have at least 20gig of space available from your hard drive and point to the HD Drive to rip and burn the disc.
It usually will at times take about a hour to process.
Once the disc is backup you then need tools to recompress the files for video and audio using an efficent codec.
Good luck and hopefully future software will make these rips simple.


How to save documents in Vista using XPS

Vista has a new XPS writer printer that enables you to save pages onto your computer without printing them out. It saves paper and efficiently stores and files documents that you maybe useful in the future.
All you need to do, to activate XPS is open the web page in IE and save page by using the Microsoft XPS as your printer. This then creates an XPS file and all you have to do is create an name and store it in your documents folder.


Change Vista boot screen

go to the start search prompt type msconfig and click on the boot tab.
In the boot tab check no GUI boot and reboot computer.
Windows will now change your boot screen everytime you boot up.



Want all of your friends to keep track of your where about. Here is a great software to help your friends keep in touch. It's a tracking software, where you can easily locate or have your friends located. You decide who has access to your whereabouts. Right now it's only available for Boost Mobile customers. But within time, it will be ready available for almost all cellular phone users.



If you hate juggling websites to see what great prices you can get from time to time. Yapta is worth taking a look at. Call it RSS tag for airlines. You not only get current changes in prices, but from all of your airlines offering those prices.
Shopping around for airline tickets is getting easier has we speak.


Test Disk

This open source utility is excellent when it comes to restoring a hard drive that has recently failed.
Hopefully now you can recover all of your failed drives back to normal.


Blog Backup

Have an ongoing blog and are afraid that one day your loose everything from your hosting site. Blog backup is a great solution for backing up your blog. You never know what can happen and for a free blog backup to your site. Why not!


Make XP look like Vista

Like the way Vista looks but have XP.
Here are a few softwares to change your XP layout to look similar to Vista.

Desktop Sidebar


Similate 3D

Media Center

Google Desktop


Cell Phone Widgets

Like the concepts of Widgets and want to go portable with it.
Try widsets and take your mobile experience beyond what you can imagine.



Looking for widgets for your computer, cell phone, PDA, etc.
This site will give you just that. Just be prepared to take widgets where you've never gone before.


Vista Manager

Enjoy Windows but wish you had a utlitiy to clean up all the garbage you don't really need in Windows.
Vista Manager maybe the tweak your looking for. You would be glad to know that after tweaking your computer. You will not only have a fast running computer, but a computer free of garbage software that manufactures load when you first purchased a computer.
At least now you control the tweaks on everything from automatic updates, to error reporting and access drives.



Want to make a VOIP call via your cell phone at no cost.
Fring is the way to go and it easy interacts with Skype, Google talk, and MSN Instant messenger.
Fring uses a thin client technology to connect via the current cellular 3G system to connect with other providers.
Everyone can talk and instant message for free. Be ahead when it comes to VOIP.


Restart a Frozen iPod

If you current have a iPod and hate it when your iPod freezes, here is a great tip to get your iPod working again.
a- click on the iPod wheel and slide the hold button back and forth once.
b- then press and hold the menu and select buttons for a few seconds, until the apple
logo appears on the screen.
If nothing happens, repeat a and b until the apple logo screen appears.


Damaged Laptop Screen

Have a damaged laptop screen and want to see if it's worth to repair the laptop or just get a new one. If you paid less than $500- then your better off getting a new one. Otherwise if you paid a little more, it might just be worth to replace your laptop screen.
Laptop screens will cost you anywhere from $300- and up depending on the model. And if you do it yourself. You save on labor costs. So evaluate your options and if you decide to change your laptop screen,Screen Tek is the way to go.


Verizon All In One Bill

If you have a Verizon All in one bill you should read this article. It can save you money.
What happens is simple. You cancel a Verizon service and years later guess what? You can still be paying for that service. Read the bill carefully and make sure your paying for services you are using. If you don't know what it is just ask?
Otherwise you'll just throwing your money away.


Get More Out of your Router

If you have currently a Linksys or Buffalo router there is good news for you. You can easy tweak your router settings and get your current router to do more.
You first need to know if your router is supported.

For Linksys models it works with:
WRT54G, WRT54GS to ver 4, WRT54GL ver 1 to 1.1, WRT54GS
For Buffalo models it works with:

In Linksys you download the Tomato Firmware and do a firmware upgrade with the Tomato bin file.
In Buffalo it's tricky. You hold down the reset button and hand wire your computer to the router. Edit your TCP properties to and mask with the gateway to Unplug the router power cable for a minute and the power up the router and run the wh4_intall.bat file in the Tomato archive.


Afordable Online Backup

If your looking for an online backup to store your files, photo's and personal documents. Mozy is a pleasant way to go. For $5- a month you get unlimited personal storage, you can't beat that. If your a business user prices vary but it's affordable.
Online storage is a convenient way to make sure you loose nothing and your files are secure.

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Alternate way to download files from Youtube

Youtube is a great, but I just hate it that you can't even download those favorite videos. Here are some software tips to help you keep those Youtube favorites with you.





Add Folders to the Office Open Menu

Want to make it easy to have quick access to all your documents in office.
Just follow these simple tips and opening files will be a breeze.

1- Open up Office Word and then click file -> open
2- Once the open dialog box opens up. Find the folder that has your files that you want to open quickly and click on -> tools
3- In tools click on -> Add to My Places
4- If you do everything correctly you should see the new folder underneath My Network to the left of the open dialog box. Now everytime you need to retrieve those files quickly. All you have to do is to click on that folder.


Optimize Vista for Bitorrent & eMule

Microsoft did an update on Service Pak 2 to limit TCP connections. What this did was slowed down Bitorrent & eMule downloads.
With the new version of Vista it put greater restrictions so that the Vista Ultimate version has only 25 and the Vista Home edition with just 2.
If anyone wanted to speed up the download for Bitorrent & eMule they would have to seek online tutorials to undo the restrictions.

Here are the steps to optimize your downloads.

1. Download patched tcpip.sys: 64-bit tcpip.sys or 32-bit tcpip.sys.
2. Open command prompt, and run the following 2 commands:

takeown /f c:\windows\system32\drivers\tcpip.sys
cacls c:\windows\system32\drivers\tcpip.sys /G “username”:F

Replace username with the actual user name that is currently being used to log on.

3. Disable the TCP/IP Auto-Tuning feature by running the following command in command prompt:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

4. For 64-bit Windows Vista (x64), the integrity checks need to be disabled as it needs all drivers to be signed. So run the following command in DOS prompt:

bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

5. Replace the tcpip.sys in C:\windows\system32\drivers folder with the patched tcpip.sys downloaded during step 1 (remember to use the correct x64 or x86 version. Normally this procedure can be done by simply logging into Windows Vista with an administrator account. However, if the process fails, reboot the computer and then press F8 to boot up in Safe Mode, and then copy and paste to overwrite the tcpip.sys.

6. Next, the maximum number of TCP half complete connection limit needs to be set in the registry. Open registry editor (regedit), and navigate to the following registry key:


7. Right click on the right pane, select “New”, then select “DWORD value”. Enter the new value name as “TcpNumConnections” (without quotes).

8. Double click on TcpNumConnections registry value, and modify the value data to the desired maximum TCP/IP connection limit that you want to allow, in decimal value. For example, enter 500 as the value data for TcpNumConnections. You can use any limit that you prefer. Alternatively, download this registry registration file that when executed, will set the TCP simultaneous connection limit to 16777214 (you can always modify the value in the file or in the registry after applied).

9. Restart computer.

Compliments of TorrentFreak


Get Ready for Firefox 3

While Microsoft is trying hard to convince everyone on buying Vista. Mozilla is getting ready for it's Firefox 3 deployment in beta.
I just hope that this time Mozilla keeps keeps pace with there software bugs and updates so that Firefox will always be ahead of the lame IE 7.


Vista Servic Pak 1

We still have no release date but here are the 100 known fixes already.


Online Desktop

It's an online version of your computer where one can email, surf the web, save documents and photos and do file transfers. There so much one can do you'll find it difficult to believe it's online. It's worth to check out.


Remote Laptop

Want to control your laptop remotely. It's great if you want to use it for Powerpoint, Windows Media Player, playing CD's or viewing DVD's. Now effortlessly you can control your Laptop PC from a distance of one hundred feet away. Plus it has a PCM-CIA card so that you can store your remote at ease. It's the best way to go wireless with a Laptop.


Sima USB Multi Cable with Firewire

If you have more than one portable device and need always a special cable to connect to your laptop for power or file transfer. Take a look at Sima's USB Multi Cable with Firewire. It's like having five cables in one. Don't waste your time forgetting to bring that special cable. As long as the Sima Multi Cable has it, then you can use it.


Vacation Gas Calculator

Planning a road trip this summer. You better estimate how much gas it's going to cost you because prices again will be higher than usual. Maybe your just better off flying or seeking other means of transportation. Prices can vary from place to place, but in the end if your planning a road trip, get ready to dig deeper into your pockets.

State Regional Gas Averages Link