RCA Cell Docker

I've seen this a while back but at the time it was only for a selective sets of phones. It looks like RCA is making a difference because now they are moving in a right direction. Why pay for another phone service when you already have one.


The Perfect Mailbox

You just bought a home and now all you need is that perfect mailbox.
Well no need to shop around. Here are a few creative mailbox ideas for a home near you.

Google RSS feed

Don't have a Gmail account. Well you should get with the program. Now Gmail has incorporated RSS feeds on top of your emails. The next time you view your email account you will see real time news feeds on top of your Inbox. Just making a better and faster way for people to get news and world updates in real time.

The Brick Testament

A lego lover site with amazing lego illustrations. I just can begin to imagine how long it took to develop all of these illustrations.


Looking for a premium online photo site that has all the functions of other blog sites. This site is great because you can also plug in pictures with your favorite mp3's or use the drag and drop functions to put your pictures online. If you sign up now in the beta version. You will be entitle to premium services for the life of your account.
Take advantage now.

Public Alert Radio's

If you are one of those people who always want to be advised when a disaster is about to happen. Maybe you should invest in getting a public alert radio. Public alert radio advises people about biological, radiological, chemical hazards, civil emergencies and contagious diseases.
Like if we do need to worry these things with all the problems that revolves around our world.


Cell Phone Radiation

Does your cell phone have radiation or not?
There is no way to possibly tell. But you can read this article and be your own judge.


Gmail Invite via Cell Phone

If you are anxious to see Gmail new features and still don't have a Gmail account. Google now makes it easier for you to get an invite.
All you have to do is have Gmail send you a text message via your cell phone and you instantly get access to open a new gmail account.
Now getting a Gmail invite is easier and faster. Once you enter your invitation code all you have to do is create a screen name and your account is created.
Thank Google for being so great.

NYC - AOL Old Customers

AOL to Pay $1.25M to Settle State Inquiry

ALBANY, N.Y._America Online Inc., the world's largest Internet service provider, will pay $1.25 million in penalties and costs and reform some of its customer-service practices to settle an investigation by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office.

Around 300 consumers had filed complaints with Spitzer's office accusing AOL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., of ignoring demands to cancel service and stop billing.

The company, with 21 million subscribers nationally, rewarded employees who were able to retain subscribers who called to cancel their Internet service. For years, AOL had minimum retention or "save" percentages that customer-service personnel were expected to meet, investigators said.

The employees could earn tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses if they were able to dissuade half of their callers from ending service.

That led many employees to make it difficult for consumers to cancel service or simply ignore such requests, Spitzer spokesman Brad Maione said.

As part of the settlement, Dulles, Va.-based AOL agreed to eliminate any requirements that its customer service representatives maintain a minimum number of "saves" in order to earn a bonus and record all service cancellation requests and verify the cancellation through a third-party monitor.

AOL, which cooperated with Spitzer's office, did not admit to any wrongdoing in the settlement.

The company also agreed to provide up to four months of refunds to all New York consumers who claim their cancellation requests were ignored. AOL has 1.9 million subscribers in New York.

New York consumers seeking refunds can obtain a claim form from the attorney general's Web site.

Article from AccountantWorld.com


Want Free Satallite Dish

This is a good opportunity for a town to get free Satellite TV for ten years just for changing its town name to Dish.
Dish networks a competitor of Direct TV is celebrating it's tenth anniversary and in celebration its looking for a town to rename itself DISH and in turn the town will get Dish network free for ten years. Wow what a bargain for renaming a town and what good advertisement for Dish.
I wish my town would apply.

How not to get Sued by The RIAA for File Sharing

Hopefully everyone will read this article before something like this happens to them.
The RIAA isn't kidding around and innocent people are being sued weekly for file sharing. Its sad to say that your being sued for something you love.
Even if you think its not right or wrong. Make sure you know your rights from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Zone Alarm is another utility that I use frequently and its a good alternative to install if you have Spyware or Adware on your computer.
What Zone Alarm does is that it controls what goes in and out of your personal computer. You don't want valuable information leaving your computer at anytime and its always best to be able to see what information is coming in and out of your computer.
The permission pop ups from Zone Alarm is easy to setup and the program is very user friendly. All you have to understand is that if your using America Online and you want to access the internet. A Zone Alarm pop up is displayed on your lower right hand side of your computer asking you for permission. And you either say yes or no, so that American Online can access the internet. The rest is the same for other programs you use on your computer.

Spyware Killer

Getting a lot of pop up adds on your computer. Your computer all of the sudden is getting to slow. Chances are that you have spyware installed on your computer. Spyware is software that was installed on your computer either by clicking an ad or by going to a particular site without your knowledge. I've seen so many cases of Spyware that its hard to distinguish how you got that software installed on your personal computer in the first place.
Now How do you get rid of the Pop up ads?
Your best bet is to install Spyware Killer which finds your spyware that started this entire mess. The program is a good way to put the Spyware in control. I advise you to just install the program and remove the Spyware but not delete the Spyware from your program. There have been situations where removing the Spyware affected other programs as well so be careful what you delete.
Hopefully you've controlled the Pop up ads and your computer is back to normal.


Need a video player that supports various formats. VideoLan is your answer. It can play Mpeg1,2&4, DivX, mp3, ogg, DVD's, VCD's and many various streaming protocols. This is a must have player for people who want to watch a movie or a short clip in one player. Why not try VideoLan. One player is better than installing several on your computer.


Gmail New Email Feature

If your a regular user of Gmail and want to make sure everyone sends email to one of your several email address Google Gmail Email setting is for you.
What it does it give you the opportunity to make an additional default email address so that other users keep on sending you email at one address instead of several. So if everyone has your email address and let's say your using AOL and want to have everyone send you email to your AOL account email address. You can still use Gmail service add the alternate email address in your Gmail account which is AOL as your default address to your mail that your sending out. This way all your emails will go to one account and only one account. You don't have to sign into each and every account to see if you have mail or not. Similar to Eprompter service.
This was very complicated in writing and if you still don't understand click on the link above and read how the settings are done for a better comprehension.


Google Web to Users

Google has now restructure the way people receive information on the web. It developed an new application known as Sidebar which acts like a gateway to online information for news, pictures, weather and stock quotes.
There is no need to open a web browser with Google's sidebar application and it's suppose to be bundled in with Google's desktop search engine.
The software comes in competition with other companies competing with Google for similar applications. Hopefully now news and weather content will be easier to read.

Amazon's $.49 Short Stories

Virtual books on the web may be here sooner than you can imagine. Amazon.com will now be selling popular short stories in digital version for $.49. The new program will be done on Amazon's web site but eventually other sites will follow.
Hopefully in the near future buying a paperback book will be a thing of the past.


Gmail Now with 3Gig of Storage

Yes if you haven't noticed Gmail increased its storage capacity to 3 gig.
Wow its trying to make sure its ahead of its competitors like AOL Aim service,Yahoo and MSN.
Can all these other companies keep up. Gmail better be ready because AOL a few weeks ago just bought a online storage company. So it could be a good battle between AOL and Gmail. Will see who wins. In the end, it's not how much storage you have. Its how good of an email service you get with these free accounts.


NYC Computer Shows

If your in the NYC area and always was looking for a computer show. This is a great
show to go to. If your looking for good deals, your best bet is to still shop online. But if your just like to see what's out there and what good deals you can get the shows are a great help.
Show tips: Remember this when you go to the shows. Just because they have a price on it doesn't mean that's the price. You can haggle at times and paying in cash sweetens the deal.


AOL Journal

If you already have an AOL account free or paid version. You might want to look into AOL Journals ( Blog like service ). It's fairly new and I am glad that their getting their priorities straight. Will it work? Did they wait to long? Only time will tell.

Flash Phone

If you have a Skype account and always on the go this phone is for you. It's a USB phone with an ear piece and mic all in one. You plug in the USB device to a computer that accesses the internet and use the Skype phone to make free call any where you go. A must have item for the mobile user.

What is Skype well it's VOIP over the internet for free.


Linksys New Router Setup

Linksys has made router setup simple. It's now a one button setup called Secure Easy Setup technology. You add security to your wireless networks with a push of a button. There is no need to know and master the WPA and SSID commands. Eventually setting up a wireless network connection will be a thing of the past.


A few years ago a friend gave me a demo version of snagit and I was amazed how well and easily the product worked but I didn't really know what uses it could bring me, so I just forgot about it.
Later on while doing some work for a client. I noticed that my current client took a long time to print screen report balances for their customers. It bothered me that there had to be something easier to do that task faster and that's when the product SnagIt came to mind. Why use the Ctrl & Print Screen button when one utility can do it all, easily.
I did some research on SnagIt by using a demo version. And it did what I expected it to do with additional features. The setup is fairly easy and you can either print either video, text and images. They way I see it, why just print a whole document full of gibberish when you can just narrow down what needs to be printed. It's so user friendly that anyone can master it in a few minutes. SnagIt satisfied my clients needs and I am glad to recommend a good utility - Try it.

Beyond Tomorrow

This program is just full of exciting new technologies that could come out soon.
It's more like your popular mechanics catalog but in a television series.
Shows on:
- Can your dog tell you if you have cancer or not?
- Want to control your childrens cell phone calls.
How many minutes they have and who can call them.
- GPS for your lost dog or cat
Watch the new series and be beyond Tomorrow

Blogger for Word

If your a Blogger like I am and want to easily write your blogs and save the draft. Blogger has come to your rescue. So far I believe this software only works with Blogger.com users. But if not other Bloggers will eventually get with the program. You just install the software and it connects Microsoft Word with Blogger.com. Now you not only can write comments for your Blog, but you can store them as well for your files.
Blogger.com making a better tomorrow.


Yahoo 360

Yahoo is currently in beta version of a RSS blog feed somewhat similar to blogger.com. The site seems impressive but you must get an invitation to be able to use the Yahoo 360.
If you have a yahoo account and want me to send you an invitation.
Just ask.

Lost your Windows CD Key

This is a great site to help you retrieve your CD Key. It's not a hack. It just gets your CD key from your current computer so that you can store the CD Key in a safe place. Why buy another CD Key when you already own the current copy.
Software vendors will love you to loose your CD Key so they can sell you another copy of the current software you already own.
I wish they had this utility for all of my softwares.

Create Your Own Google Maps

I like this site because you can customize your map to display whatever you want to display. You can post web addresses, locations, or just leave messages.
If you love maps this is a great site to check out and be creative.
The instructions are simple. To create a new site just click on create your own guest map and then all you have to do is zoom in or out and pin your sites of interest on the map. And to view the site just click on the pin or icon to view site.
My Map Link site

Game Facts

If your into games and want a whole list of game cheat codes and what's new in games this is the place for you.
Make sure you also check out the free games you can download as well.

Gmail Drive Extension v 1.07

If you have Gmail and are using the Gmail Drive extension utility. I suggest that you install the new version. But to do so you must uninstall your old version and reboot your system then reinstall version 1.07.
It fixes the know Html filter code that cause your files to appear empty.


Google School Boundary Map

This article is very interesting how someone developed a school boundary map so that kids and parents know where the bus stop is, school crossing, school location and bike walks. It can even show traffic safety routes around the school so people could be aware of. I hope that more parents and teachers will be involve in doing this at other locations.

How To Become an Astronaut

I must admit this is very interesting because it shows hands on experience on going to space. I must admire those lucky chosen ones to take risk like that.
I hope she does become an astronaut.

Net Ready Tv's

On the September 2005 issue of Popular Science I discovered that Televisions are taking a future step by being net ready.
What this means is that hopefully more manufactures will make television with a network card so that we can view programming, music,DVD's, pictures, and anything else you have on your computer via your television set. If this takes off be ready to see more television and computer components integrated together.

Metro WIFI

If your traveling and want to know the nearest Wifi area in the City that you'll be visiting this is a good site to use. The site will email you a list of Wifi Spots.

AirScanner Software

Have a Pocket PC and looking for an AntiVirus Software for your portable device.

Try this Airscanner Software
If you sign up with them they will eventually give you the software for fee.

Cloudmark Anti Fraud Toolbar

A while back I suggest the Netcraft toolbar to spot phishing sites on the web.
Now another company developed another anti fraud toolbar. It's still in beta version but its worth to watch and see other companies getting serious about phishing sites.

Uniden Cordless Bluetooth Phone

It's the first phone that offers the capability to link with your home phone and your cellular phone together.
In the next few years you will see more of these bluetooh phones being made by other carriers. I have long awaited this and I am hoping soon that they incorporate Voice over IP phones together as well.
Eventually you will only need one phone that will portable where ever you go.
Thank you Uniden for making my dreams come true.


Apple iTunes

If you miss those mp3 files that you've recently stopped downloading from the internet because of the recent lawsuits by the RIAA.
Your best bet is to join Apple iTunes. It's legal and its your best way to still have music files on your personal computer. If it wasn't for Apple we would still be downloading illegal music and be afraid of getting sued by the RIAA.
Right now its a better alternative instead of getting sued. The choice is yours.


Donate Your Old Cell Phone

If you have an old cell phone that you no longer use.
Why not donate your phone to a good cause.
Choose an organization:

1- Donate your phone to the elderly for 911 assistance.
Just click on the link and on the left hand side go to the Phones for Life icon link.

2- There are other sites as well doing the same thing but for different cause
another organization is Vita with Call to Protect. This organization donates
phones to domestic violence victims.


Staple Weekly Specials

I enjoy checking out the weekly specials from staples because you never really know what you can get for a good price.
My key goals are to wait for the weekly specials and If I see something that interests me I either purchase it or wait another time to buy one of those must have items from Staples.

What's in a Domain Name?

I am currently a subscriber to Jake Ludington newsletters and one newsletter that he wrote was very interesting. It was about people selling domain name because its a good annual advertise revenues.
It amazing to know people can easily profit on the web with just having a perfect domain name.

Xbox 360

Don't know if this game is going to be what we all expect it to be.
But Microsoft is spending a lot of money to prove us wrong.
I will wait and see what the majority of the gamers say when this product comes out.
But I love the work they did on the web site.


Want to make an enhanced podcasting for your site or blogs.
This site will show you how and get your site and information noticed.
Podcasting is the next generation for getting information and news.
This is the beginning of something better to be developed in the future.



Have a laptop with a Wifi Card and looking for constant access.
Try boingo. It has the biggest Wifi access known and its everywhere.
Even if you don't feel like subscribing their software is good to install to find the free Wifi access point areas in your neighborhood.



Looking for a site to put your friends emails, pictures, birthdays etc.
Try Ringo. It's Free and the nice thing is that you can easily tell everyone who is signed up with your service when your email, physical address or telephone number change without having to email them or contact them directly.
As long as they are on your contact list and they are signed up for Ringo. All of your contacts and there contacts will be updated with the correct information.
I've seen this a while on American Online. But it was nice that someone else made a service that was not associated with a paid service. This makes it easier for you to still get the contact information up to date.

Gmail Invites

If you still don't have gmail and want to see if gmail is for you.
Just email me at Manny@plasencia.us and in subject area say "I Want Gmail invite."
I would be glad to send you an invite.
You can't go wrong with 2 gig of storage. Hopefully to increase soon.
It's still in beta after a year but it works well and I am glad that they are not releasing the final product until they do extensive work to make a final product.
Why can't Microsoft do the same.

HP Settlement

This is a special email sent to me via HP for a HP computer that I currently own. If you changed emails or moved. You should read the information below and check the links to see if your computer is listed on the lawsuit. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT NOTICE What is this lawsuit about? The lawsuit the Court preliminarily approved for settlement as a nationwide class action and this notice is titled Melissa Dukes and Thomas J. Dolan, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, v. Hewlett-Packard Company, Case No. CV-2002-270. Plaintiffs allege that HP committed deceptive and unfair trade practices because HP allegedly did not disclose to Plaintiffs and Class Members that HP: (a) placed recovery software on certain PC hard disk drives, which reduced the storage space on their computer hard drives; (b) did not provide them CD-ROMs containing recovery software; and, (c) loaded a version of the Windows XP operating system that did not include the "ValueAdd" and "Support" folders, which were included in stand-alone versions of Windows XP available for purchase separately. Plaintiffs claim that the foregoing practices caused damages to them and the Class. However, HP believes and contends that the current configuration of the Class PC Models is preferred, and that hard drive recovery is superior to recovery with CDs. HP denies any and all liability for the claims alleged in Plaintiffs_ lawsuit. By preliminarily approving the Settlement of this lawsuit, the Court has not decided in favor of the Plaintiffs or HP. What are My Options if I am a Class Member? You May File a Claim to Receive the Settlement Benefits. Class Members must submit a properly completed Requested Relief Form by September 9, 2005. Class Members may complete a Requested Relief Form, or request a copy of the form, online at http://www.computersettlement.com/. PDF format on models pertaining to this lawsuit http://www.computersettlement.com/docs/Exhibit%20A%20(Stip.%20of%20Settlement).PDF

Know your Rights in the Digital World

This site is all you wanted to know on digital rights.

Sign up and keep up to date with the information


Tips for Recording Word Microns

as per Dummies Etip here is a good tip to know

Tips for Recording Word Macros

About the only thing that's not recorded by the macro recorder are mouse movements within the document. The macro recorder will record buttons or menu choices you click, but if you move around the document with the mouse or select text with the mouse, those actions aren't recorded. Remember to use the keyboard for navigating or selecting text while recording a macro.

Here are other tips to keep in mind as you record macros:

Macros are normally stored in the global Normal.dot template. To store a macro in the template attached to the current document, change the setting of the Record Macro dialog box's Store Macro In list box.

If you use the Find or Replace commands, be sure to move to the beginning of the document first.

Avoid any commands that depend on the content of a document that is active when you record the macro.

Third Grade Test

We will see if you can pass the 3rd grade test


Need News Links for your RSS reader

This site has a few nice important links to news feeds.
If you still don't know anything about RSS feeds or want to know what RSS is? Go to my web page www.plasencia.us -> and click on the Link section click on RSS-> this will take you to the special RSS page that I created.
You have a choice of other RSS feed links that I made available and some links to RSS



Google News Feeds Go Live

Its about time and now you can get your live newsfeeds from google without third party software.
Thanks google for making our lives easier.



Gmail Drive Extension

If you have Gmail you should also install Gmail Drive.
It creates an additional drive on your computer and you can easily import file for storage using your gmail account.
So not only can you save emails but other information as well

Time Warner Giving out TV via PC

Yes this is true. Time Warner Cable is giving people in San Diego Cable 75 cable channels via Personal Computer. If it goes right this may change how we view watch TV in the future.
Its already available now. They have been selling for a while now dual monitors that you can watch television and use it for your computer as well. But the prices I believe are too high now. Maybe it vendors start lowering the prices then consumers will catch on to this phase. Stay tune and pray that this goes national soon.



Lottery Results

Need the lottery results in your area.
Click on the Lottery link on www.plasencia.us
You can also see other states lotteries as well



Copyright These Movies

Copyright protection doesn't last forever.
If you want to copy a movie from 1923 to 1964 you can because it already entered in public domain. You can make copies.
Here are a list of title movies that you can copy and make has many copies as you want.

The Great Train Robbery
Tarzan of the Apes
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Mark of Zorro
Little Shop of Horrors
Night of the Living Dead

You have to make sure first that it's in the public domain and then you can go ahead and make copies. You see RIAA I can make copies of movies



Comics Online

Want to view the Comics online.
Click on the yahoo link. It gives you a only a few comics. But at least its free and online. If you want these comics to be emailed to you just subscribe it's free and you also can do their crossword puzzles.



For all your Flickr users.
If you are using the website Flickr as your blog site for pictures. Here is a new utility for uploading your pictures to your blog. This program enables you to download various pictures in one shot. No need to upload your pictures one by one.
It makes your life easier and hopefully will save you time.
Why not try it.



Sodering Tool

If your into sodering and always hated that extension cord. This thing really works. I bought one a few days ago to fix some wires on my motherboard and presto it was like magic. It one of those tools that you can be without.



Cell Phone Extras

Here are some helpful Cell Phone extras that I thought you might want to know.
This information will change through time and if it does please let me know.

Cell Phone Email addresses for other cell phones:
You must know at least the provider to send emails to there phone:
type telephone # and then type @

For AT&T: @mobile.att.net
For Verizon: @vtext.com
For Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
For T-Mobile: @tmomail.net -OR- @voicestream.net
For Cingular: @mobile.mycingular.com
For Nextel: @messaging.nextel.com

Other information:
to block a call *67
to unblock a call *82

If you buy a cell phone or want to activate a cell phone here are the contact numbers below to activate a new phone on your existing plan.
Buy the phone, then activate your cell phone by calling the service provider customer support:

AT&T Wireless (800) 888-7600
Verizon Wireless (800) 922-0204
Virgin Mobile(888) 322-1122
Boost Mobile Nextel (800) 639-6111
Tracfone (800) 867-7103
Cingular Wireless (800) 331-0500



Microsoft Pirated CD's

Yes if your one of the millions of people who have Microsoft pirated CD's.
These are your alternatives.
1- Disable Windows update - If you don't your windows operating system will be locked. And you will not be able to sign on to your computer again. Losing your valuable data. Because the only real way out is to buy a license version of windows or reformat your hard drive again.
2- Window has been telling us for years that they were going to lock people out of their pc's if they have pirated software. Guess what they're doing it now.
3- If you bought a pc from a vendor and windows is telling you that you have a pirated windows license. Windows will give you a new license. But here's the catch. You have to rat out on the vendor or individual who sold you that computer.
The task from what I hear is tedious but for a free license that's what you have to do.


Desktop Air Conditioner

I wish they would of had this earlier. But for those non conditioner environments this is a good solution. Its even cheap.