Do more with USB

Want to do much more with USB, here is a great software that will take USB to it's limits. Now you can install different OS with a USB, test your USB speed, install Grub4dos, SysLinux, create EX2 FS, check drive info and test it using QEMU, create a bootable USB, and copy files after format. What more can you ask for.

Direct Link


DvD to MKV

Here is a great software to transform those wonderful Dvd movies you love to MKV. It's a better format to view you files wherever you go. Give it a try.

Direct Link


Useful Tech Sites

Here are some great useful technician sites to help you troubleshoot your Window problems

Expert Exchange
GFI Event
Event Sentry
Event Analyzer


Create a Desktop Shortcut

Here is the easiest way to create a desktop shortcut. It will save you time and you'll be happy to know that you can customize any shortcut anytime, anywhere, at any place. 


How to install Memory

Here are some great youtube video's to help you install memory. There is no reason to hire a professional when you can do this yourself and save the money for other resourceful tools.



If need need help on what type of memory you need for your computer feel free to use this link.



Need to unlock files and folders that you need to delete, or how about terminate malware or viruses that don't go away. Try fileunlocker and see if your problems goes away.


iDAPT i3 Universal Dock

Great phone and mp3 player charger for the user that's looking for a way to charge all their portable devices at the same time. Although it could use more tweaking, it is a great solution for charging.
Check it out and watch the video below.



Want your car washed, no problem with Cherry. Cherry automatically connects you when someone who will wash your car right were you left it. No need to go to a car wash. Once it's done your credit card will be charge for the car wash and you'll receive a text saying that it's done. That easy and simple. 


Microsoft Rootkit Analyzer

If your computer has been recently infected and your in search of a user friendly Rookit analyzer, search no more. Take a look at Microsoft Rootkit Analyzer and hope that your computer can be saved.

Direct Link


Chrome Remote

Google has come along way with it's current browser. Now it's testing remote access via it's Chrome browser. If everything goes well. Let's just say, you can easily see Google getting into the remote desktop world. 


Free Recovery Software

If you ever lost a file and need to recover a file, it's good to know there is free software out there to retrieve your lost files. There is no need to pay premium dollars for software you'll probably just use once in a while. 



What is My IP Address

Looking for your computer IP Address. No problem with the help of these links below.


Google OS


How to Remove Viruses

Here's a great tip on how to remove viruses from Windows XP computers. It's not a sure solution to remove all viruses, but it's the rule of thumb on removing the most common viruses. Learn it, try it, and then master it. 


Drupalgardens Hosting

Looking for an inexpensive hosting site to host your blog or website. This site is a must have for beginners still new on the internet. Besides the Pricing being reasonable, you can easily host your site for free. Check it out and give it a try. 


Silex Print Server

Need to connect to a printer that doesn't have wires. Here's the easiest way to do it with the help of Silex but it's going to cost you. So before you buy, weigh out the cost of getting a new wireless printer with the cost of this device. 



Looking for a tablet stand to read, browse, email and watch movies online. This soft comfortable pillow is the ideal device for tablets while your online. 


Word Doc Tip

Need to view two Word files side by side. Here is the simplest way to view two documents at a time. This sure will save you from going back and forth. Give it a try.


Sign a Static Drive to USB

Hate it that your USB drive always changes every time you plug it in. Here's the best way to keep the USB drive constant using static.
Once this is done that drive should always be held in reserve only for your USB drive. 


Where is the Recycle Bin & Control Panel

If you currently using Windows 7, you might have noticed that the Recycle Bin & Control Panel are no longer


Wifi Analytics Tool

If you have an Android phone, then it would be nice to install this great application that will scan Wifi and check the channel and use around you. It's a must have for Wifi user's.


Text Plus

Free text messaging sites are showing up almost everywhere. It's time you said good bye to text messaging fees and show the carriers that you mean business. Join the free world of texting. 


Free Text Messages

Looking for free text messaging via your cell phone plan. If you can somehow add this application onto your phone you can be text messaging for free without the fees. 


Event Lookup

Tired of getting all those Windows errors and can't seen to decode what they mean. Hold on and get answer's to those error codes by installing the event log explorer. Fixing computer problems will be a thing of the past now that you know what the codes mean.

Software Link


Net Burner

Want to burn CD's over your network. It's very simple with the help of this software. All you do is download the software and search for the nearest computer on your network. Accept the new drive and the drive will automatically appear on your current computer your using. Now all you have to do is copy the files to the CD, burn the files and your done.

Direct Link



Keep track of your phone or laptop so that if it ever gets lost or stolen, you can hopefully one day find it. It's a great tracking software that's open source. So if your in the need of a tracking device, this site is a great help.


Computer Basic's

Want to learn the computer basics but are afraid to ask. You don't need to ask anymore now that you read my post. Just fill out the survey and click on the tutorial video's. That's all you need to do.

Direct Link



Need to organize all your files you recently downloaded. Here is a simple way to manage and take control of all the files you download, so that you don't waste time.

Direct Link


Free DJ Software

Here's a free copy of DJ software for all Window user's. Now you can make your friends happy starting your own party. Mixing and making music is now a reality.


Splash ID for Android

Need to secure your files on your phone. Here's a great way to do it with SplashID Safe Secure Data vault. Now keeping your data will always be secure where ever you go. It's a password vault especially customized for Android products.


Trader's Little Helper

Need to encode, verify, fix, remove, and test audio files. This software is full of so many tricks that it will simplify your audio editing needs.


Karen's Directory Printer

Want to print all your information about your files. This software goes beyond printing by giving you detail information on name, size, date created, last modified, and who had last access. It's a plus software for the everyday user.


Need Fax Cover Sheets

Need fax cover sheets for your daily work. No need to make one up, when you can easily download them onto your computer and put them to use immediately. Save time download one today.



Ready to deploy software across a network. Take a glance at WPKG and see if it's deploying methods are satisfactory too you. Profile can be created easily with the option of adding or removing programs.

Download Link


Ford Texting

Looks like Ford motors is responding to consumer's requests on texting while driving. Now Ford has developed a method where a user can hear their text messages while driving with a few simple commands. The technology has been there for a while on older models and it was just recently available with a software upgrade. Go Ford.


Qustodio Parental Control

Now there's a parental control program for Windows 7. Not only does it monitor your child's social access, but it also monitor's tampering, net access and social network behavior. Start now, before it's too late.


Verizon Wireless Privacy

With all the new privacy concerns, it's pretty difficult to understand what companies are doing to protect your privacy. Take Verizon Wireless for example. They now have the ability to monitor your phone's web activity, location, app interest, and demographics that is shared among their advertisers and partners. Is this what you wanted? If not, I hope you can follow the instructions above to opt out.
It's a shame what these companies are doing and I hope that  consumers put an end to this.



What is a Rootkit? Easiest way to put it is that it's almost the same thing like getting a virus or malware on your computer.The reason why is mostly because in the end they all affect on how your computer performs and they all do they samething. That is to mess up your computer from working normally.
What are your solutions from fixing this problem. Usually it all depends on how bad and infected the computer is. My best advice to you is to backup everything and re-format the computer all together. Because no matter how many times your remove these rootkit's. Your computer will never run the same. Good luck.

Some Rootkit Help
Rootkit Detectors
Microsoft Rootkit

Rootkit Removers
Trend Micro


Easy way to Save Links

There are several ways to save links and the reason why you want to do this is to save your bookmarks from being lost forever. It took you a while already to find your favorite links. Now make sure you keep them forever.



Scrapi Image Downloader

Need to download images with a few clicks. This great software takes the pain out of right clicking and saving pictures one by one. Now all you do is install Scrapi and all your pictures will be downloaded instantly.


Active Directory Telephone Book

Looking for an easier way to view find people on your network. Install the Active Directory Telephone book and match employee's to other people. 


Verify if your Gmail Account has been hacked

Want to verify if your Gmail Account has been hacked. Gmail is already setup to do this, all you need to do is to know what looking for. It's real easy and simple. Now lets just hope you're account will be secure.


Digital Business Card

Need to go beyond networking, try digital business cards and take a leap into the new world of digital business cards. Now passing out business cards is total electronic. 


Remove Empty Folders

Tired of seeing empty folders. Here's a great software to remove empty left over folders left by programs in your computer that were recently deleted. The great thing about this software is that you preview before you delete.


iOnRaod Augmented

If you have an Android there is new software that you should be installing to have a third eye on the road. The current software is still in BETA but will eventually dominate the market in the upcoming years. Not only does it navigate your driving conditions but other vehicles ahead of you and caution when your vehicle gets to close. It's a great alert system to prevent future real time collisions. It's a must try application.


Cheap Voice Over IP

Making calls local and international are getting cheaper and cheaper. Yearly prices are so affordable that you'll be amazed on what your going to pay. It's these small Voice Over IP companies that the phone companies don't want you to know for personal and business.

More Info



Want to capture almost everything that means the most to you. Take a look at this site and keep notes on hand where ever you go. 


Geo Tracking

This has been out for a while and I would suggest that you all remove Geo Tracking device. It can be dangerous for you and your loved one's. So be safe than sorry.

check out how to disable Geo Tracking here


Destroy Twitter

Here's a site for all those Twitter hatter's who don't want to follow everyone, everyday. It suppose to free up your time to reduce the number of Tweets you get the entire day. You can also filter users who you don't want to follow. At least now you can control your Tweets. 


Small Business Web Hosting

Here's what you need to know about Small Business Web Hosting. I suggest if your a beginner to start with the best well known hosting providers like Godaddy.com and Mywebsite.1and1.com and then latter on when you familiarize yourself on what you want to do, you can then choose where you want to go. Good luck.


Creepy Halloween

Halloween is coming soon and this year you want to top other Halloween costumes. Well this company specially is going to challenge many new comers. How about cloning your face for Halloween? If your interested then check out this site below.

Direct Link


Hard Drives in Yrs

Here's a look at hard drives through the years. It's amazing on how we've come a long way.


JPG mini

Here's the easiest way to shrink pictures online. All you do is upload your pictures and shrink them. Now you can scale down any picture size so that it can easily be imported to your favorite websites.



Here's a great way to bring web applications to your desktop. All you have to do is download and install the program and easily customize the programs that you always want access to.


Chrome Remote

Get ready for Chrome remote, now there is no excuse to remotely control any computer while using the Chrome browser. Even though it's in BETA it's a long due plus for Chrome.

Direct Link



Need to recover a lost password, operaviewpass can give you a hand when your in need of a quick recovery. Recovering a password is a simple and copy and pasting the password to the password recover utility. 



If you ever wanted to search a USB drive or DropBox while on your computer, you were in luck if you found anything because Windows Search is basically useless. This is where Dropout comes in and saves the day.
The software easily scan's your USB drives and DropBox account so that it's easily searchable.  


Social Media Don'ts

I seen this so many times and it's just getting ridiculous on how social media is getting out of hand. It's my advice that if your going to tweet or post anything, keep your work life out of it,or better yet, just don't Tweet.

TeamViewer for Chrome

If you enjoy Chrome, your going to love the new TeamViewer extension for remote computers. Now there should be no reason for you not to monitor a remote computer. 


Remote Desktop for Windows

If your in need of the remote software for Windows, here's the link to install the software. All you need to understand is that with this software you can login to your work computer at home.
Please note you still need to ask permission from management and your system administrator to do this. 


Install Plugin's easily

Want to install plug-in's easily. Ninite is a great solution for plug-in's when you need them. Now there is no need to search online, or go to the manufacture website to download the plug-in's. It's as easy and click and install. 



Want to skip the wait when you go to those file sharing download sites. This software automatically begins downloads without the wait. 


USB write protect

If you have an old flash drive, you'll be surprised that they come with write protection. But the new flash drives lack this feature. The easiest way to install it is by using this handy software utility. 


Copy files over SSH

The next time your remotely managing a computer remember that you also can copy files via SSH. The only thing that you will have to remember is the scripts. Now backing up a remote computer is a thing of the past with SSH.


Ways to open Task Mgr

Here are great ways to open the task manager, in case you didn't know. So they next time your just doing Ctrl+ALT+DEL, remember that's not the only way to open the task manager.


Best way to install app's on a new PC

Don't take it from me, but take it from the experts. You follow these easy setup rules and all those computer problems that you have will easily disappear. Majority of all computer problems are the software. So the next time you reformat a computer do that same, so that you don't have any conflicts.


Pin any file to the Win 7 Taskbar

Here's the neat tweak to place any program on your Windows taskbar. It's quick and easy and before you know it, all you file's will be easily accessible.


Monitor Computer and Documents

Here's a great way to monitor computer and documents using group policy. You'll be amazed and what you can monitor in the background. 


Capture Screens

Here's is a great way to capture Window screens with the ease of a button. I must say it is very easy to use and I enjoy how it also captures screen images that you always wanted to capture.


Fix Bootmgr is missing

I don't know how many times I've seen this ever and a great way to fix this is to use the current Windows DVD and going to repair Windows, then command prompt and type the following commands below.

Type in the following commands:

  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /RebuildBCD


Wireless Watcher

Want to know who's on your wireless network. Here's the easiest way to monitor who's riding on your Internet access and who's stealing your bandwidth.


Open an encrypted file

This is the hack to open an encrypted file in Windows if access is denied. Microsoft should have wrote the dummies guide to encryption for the non technical user's.


Customize Ctrl - Alt - Del

Want to change the group policy of how user's lock their terminals. Here's the easiest way to do it via group policy in Windows 7. Now user's shouldn't have any difficulties on login on or off.


Hide Folder via Win 7

Want to hide folders in Windows 7. And if that doesn't work you always can use Free Hide Folder for those user's who you always want to make sure that they don't find it. 


Laptop Overheating 101

Help, my laptop is overheating. Well if you are constantly having this problem, be sure to read these tips to help you troubleshoot why your laptop overheats. Majority of the time it's preventive maintenance.


Repair Zip Files

Trying to open a zip file but it keeps on reading corrupt. These two great software's come to the rescue to save you time and money. Hopefully the files are fixable.

Zip Repair
Zip Fix


Forward Ports

Want to know how to forward ports on a router. This site will teach you just that and make sure that your always connected and that you hopefully don't get confused. 



Got into an accident and want to know what the accident report is telling the insurance company. This company is easily networking the police department and the insurance companies with that information and you also can get a copy of the report for a fee. At least now you don't have to go to the Police department to get a copy.


Migrate from Facebook to Google +

Ready to migrate from Facebook to Google +. This is the simplest way to do it via Facebook downloadable information. I just hope Facebook plays friendly.


Server managing using Amahi

Windows days are already number and it's about time that society starts giving other operating systems a chance. Amahi is an open source program that beats the Windows licensing rules. If your bored of Windows, now is the time to switch to the new operating system. 


Drop Zone

Like drag and drop, then get ready for drop zone. Now dragging and dropping files for transfer is quick and simple to do. 


Software Piracy

Pretty interesting information on software piracy. If you think the United States is a problem, think again. I don't understand why certain people would have comments on piracy, when in fact that became successful because of piracy. Did any even watch the Pirates of Silicon Valley?


Secure files on a USB

Here's a great way to secure files on a flash drive. Now there is no need to worry when you going portable in the world of technology. 


Facebook Excel Hack

At work and want to always be on Facebook, but don't want other's to see what your doing. Here's a great excel hack linking into Facebook. All you have to do is download the spreadsheet and add it along with your other excel files or just have it open all by itself. Other's will be amazed that now, your now working.



Beginner's Guide to Scripting

Want to learn scripting. Well you'll never going to learn how to do it unless you learn the basics. It's better to first have an understanding on how it works so that you always can create good scripts. 


Stop Software Installation

Lack any computer skills but want to lock out a computer from installing any software. This software utility will help you keep software off any computer via password protection. Exactly the way the professionals do it.


Quiz Creater

Here is a great software for businesses and educators. Now you can easily make a quiz in matter of minutes and publish it online so that other's can participate. Now making up a quiz is a thing of the past. 


WiFi Safety

Today every place that you go you can't help it to enjoy free WiFi. Whether it's in a hotel, coffee shop, convention center, beach, bookstore, restaurant, fast food places, etc, WiFi is here to stay for good. Now just because it's free doesn't necessarily mean that it's secure. So I would suggest you read this article the next time you decide to roam hotpots. 


Video Capture

Here's a great way to capture video from your hard drive. Now recording from your screen, webcam or input video can easily be recorded as long as it can be seen from your monitor. It's a must have software for user's who just love to record. 


Universal File Opener

Now there should be no reason for anyone not being able to open a file on their computer. This software connects with a hundred of software's that are in the current market today. Do we need to add some more.


Windows 8 new file / copy / move

Windows 8 is still not here yet and we are learning new changes from Microsoft. Now the file, copy and move is now in one dialogue where you can pause or resume at anytime. 


Laptop Motherboard Repairs

Here is a great site to troubleshoot Laptop Motherboard Repairs. It gives you some great tips on what to look for if your laptop mother board begins to fail.

The signs are here:

Tell tale signs of motherboard failure:

  1. You have switched on the computer being indicated by the light and fan also starts to spin. But there is complete black- out on the computer screen with the hard drive not working within 10- 15 sec.
  2. The initial start up functions appear like indicative light, fan and hard drive sound, but  disappears after a while i.e. 5 – 3 mins.
  3. A high pitched sound comes from the laptop when you press the “on” button.
  4. Last one can be that even when you have switched on the computer nothing happens.


Need to Reinstall Windows

Your computer keeps on crashing and your tired of the same old problems and you know that you will eventually have to re-install Windows. Well if you don't have the recovery disks, which most new computer don't. It's probably pre-installed in your hard drive hidden partition. The only way to install the software is to restore it to factory defaults. Here is the function on most computers to re-install.

Dell XP - Ctrl+F11
Dell Vista - F8
Compaq - F11
HP Desktop Vista - F11
Emachine - F10
Acer - Alt+F10
Lenovo - F12


Doc to Image

Want to convert a document to PDF. This online site requires no installation and helps you convert your powerpoint, excel and word documents via PDF online.


Network Tools

Here's a great network tool to tell you all your LAN's network resources from computers, disk and printer shares from all your domain and work groups.


Bat to EXE Converter

Already have a BAT file and want to convert it to an EXE file. Here is a great program to help you do just that. Now all you have to do is create a shortcut.



It's about time. Now that Tablet are in and Laptop and computer's are on the way out. The demand for software distributing on Tablets is still fairly new.  For now it looks like it will be flash drive driven and I am just glad to see this software come to my rescue. 


Visualize Me

Want to stand out from the crowd, this site promises just that by posting your achievements on line with your skills for others to review. It even gives you a personalized url to go your business cards. It's a new technique on getting yourself noticed in this job market. 



Job hunting and tired of posting your resume on the not so professional websites. Take a look at this site with a different approach and increase the possibilities on getting reviewed. Job hunting now has become more interesting. 


Stand By - Hibernate - Shut Down - Restart

For most user's the words Shut Down and Restart is easy to understand because user's always do this. But when it comes to Stand By and Hibernate, their is always a confusion because the two things do a similar job with a difference.
In plain English if you stand by and the power goes out you loose your data in Stand By mode. When if you Hibernate and power goes out, your data is saved.

Stand By - loose data if PC looses power
Hibernate - saves your data 
Shut Down - turns off your computer
Restart - restarts your computer



Looking for the easiest way to reboot, lock, log-off, or shut down your computer. This tiny application puts all these commands on your taskbar for easy access. 


Refresh your Network Settings

Here is a great tip to create a Refresh batch to reset your Internet connections when your computer is running slow. I hate to hear every day when my loved one's tell me that my computer is slow what do I do?
Now anyone can easily create a batch file and Refresh their Internet connections with one click.

First open Notepad and type the following:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

then save the file with a file named Refresh. Once the file is save you now have to take that text file named Fresh.txt and change it to Fresh.bat


Office 2010 SP1 Remover

Installed Office Service Pack 1 and now your having problems with the software. Stand in line with everyone else. In the past your best bet was to uninstall the entire software and re-install the software from scratch. Now there is no need for that and all you do is install this handy utility and uninstall the Service Pack and your done. 


500 worst passwords

Everyone does every now and then. But the next time you create a password remember this list and remember why it's still on this list. Be safe than sorry. 


Dummy Image Generator

Looking for an image generators for your web page or website. This is a great site to get you started with links to other useful generators. You'll be surprised what you can find here. 


Show Me What's Wrong

Tech Support for friends and family members who need your help in solving their everyday problems. It's quite cool on how all you have to do is record your problem and email them for help. Give it a try.


Pick Me App

Need to transfer programs from one Windows based PC to another. This portable software does the trick without the installation disks and it can easily be reversed. Even though it's still in beta it's a great software to love. 


Scan Win7 PC for Errors

Ever wonder what to do when you have problems with Windows 7 and your computer will not boot. One great tip is to scan Windows for errors. You'll need to do the following.

as the administrator and type the following:
By default the Administrator account on the local system is disabled after installation. This is the case for all Windows 7 installations. Right click on "computer" select "manage" look for the users and groups section, on the users screen right click on the administrator account and select properties, uncheck the "account disabeled" option.

Sfc /scannow /offbootdir=[[driveletter]]:\ / offwindir=[driveletter]]:\windows

Sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows


Marvel Comics Wallpaper

If you love Marvel Comics you'll love this link to download your favorite Comic Wallpaper. There's is nothing better than to decorate your desktop with the world's greatest superhero's. 


Be an Extra

Want to earn money, be around entertainment and get paid for lunch. Try being an extra for television shows and you'll be surprise where you can go.


Convert Money using Google

Need to convert your currency, Google has several ways to do this and the best part about this is that it's free. Check out which currency converters are you familiar with.


Real Working Key Chain

Every now and then I come upon links that I always like to share with others and today I find a link that sells key chains in the form of a real working key. So if your hate to walk around with so many keys. Here is something to consider.


Mouse without Borders

Here is a simple peer to peer file sharing for one or more computers done with the help of Microsoft employees. It's a little restrictive, so you have to make sure you note down passwords in order for you to easily share files among computers. 


Block Search Websites via Google

Upset that certain websites are showing up on Google search. Here is a great way to block websites from all Google Searches anywhere in the world. I don't know what's the point on doing this, since your just going to limit your search results and eventually restrict yourself from what the the world wide web offers.
What ever happen to internet search freedom. 


Hurricane Monitoring

Like monitoring hurricanes? This great site monitor's hurricanes and it's direct path via satellite, terrain and radar. It's sort of like google earth but with lots of extras. 


Google Flight Search

Hello Google Flight Search. The online search is nothing new but you never know what new things Google can improve for future Flight Search. 


Great Batch Files

Here are some great administrator batch files to help you make your job easier to do on a day to day basis. I recommend that you experiment first before using a batch file on a live network system.


Remove Passwords from PDF files

Want to remove a password from a PDF file. Here's the easiest way to make all your PDF files password free. Now anyone can open and share a document easily.

Direct Link


Recover Windows with Linux

Tired of reinstalling Windows because some files were corrupt. Next time give Trinity Rescue Kit a try and see how easily you can recover your current installation of Windows using Linux.



Want to remove old versions of Java, or how about multiple version of java that should have been removed once the new update was applied. This handy software is a great fix to keeping a computer space free.



PDQ Deploy

Need to deploy software across a network. This free software saves time and money. Imagine updating all of your workstation instantly.



Here's the easiest way to run admin programs on a restricted computer without giving the user administrative rights. This hopefully will end your user complaints on giving them full access to a network computer.


Automate Windows

Windows VistaWindows 7Want to automate Windows to be install across the network unattended. Here's how with the help of Microsoft deployment Installation kit.

Windows Vista

Windows 7


Opt out from the Net

Here is a great site to opt out from the Internet. Secure your web privacy and security before it's too late. Identity theft is on the rise and it's up to you to control what's on the web.

More Info


Lost Office DVD's

Missing your Office DvD's and wished that you made an extra copy of the software. As long as you have the product key, you can easily download and reinstall the original Office version via the Microsoft website. Any Office version 2007 and Present included.

More Info


Google Chrome Extension

I like this extension application that Google created but I just unsure if I want to see any more ad's on my computer and how much memory it's going to use up. 


Wireless Network Watcher

Here's a great and easy way to keep tabs on your wireless network. Now at least you know who's on when your on and why your network speeds and performance fluctuates. 


Grave Finder

New technology for burial sites make it easier to find love ones. The burial site is all computerized and all you have to do is enter the deceased persons first and last night and hopefully your'll find your love one's instantly.


Wireless Touch Screen Router

Your going to love this touch screen wireless router. Not only is it easy to configure, but it requires no computer. It's a must have for those die hard wireless users.



Cablevision Wifi

Get ready for the new world of cable via WiFi. It looks like Cablevision is rolling out it's WiFi service so that it can reach customers where cable service never reached before. If everything goes smoothly you can bet that everyone else will be pushing cable via WiFi. I just don't know now about those internet caps?

WiFi Locater


ISO to CDDVD or Flash

Here is a free software to burn all of your ISO files to CD, DVD and even Flash Drives. The portable world is getting easier and real soon flash drives will replace almost everything. 


13 Gadgets for Win 7

Here are 13 Win 7 gadgets for monitoring your computer so that everything is always running smoothly. You never know when problems will arise and these monitors will keep you on top before the problems get worse.


Gmail Preview Panel

Gmail recently testing Preview Pane view it's in Lab and if you enjoy Outlook and want it to look like Gmail all you have to do is simply go to Lab and enable Preview Pane. You'll instantly notice that it's very similar to Microsoft Outlook. Google is sure making Gmail simple to use. 


USA Visa Lottery

For those non residents of the United States, here is the Visa lottery for immigrants. There is no charge to download. Hurry up and join us.

Diversity Visa Lottery


Outlook AutoComplet Fix

Annoyed that your Outlook email keeps on populating wrong email address when your writing emails. Here's the fix to the automatic name population in Outlook.


Dialup Password Viewer

How many times have you been in a situation where you forget the dial up password. Here's a handy program to retrieve the dial up password from your VPN or regular dial up.


IEEE pushes 802.22

What that means for us is that National Broadband is possible and soon you'll be experiencing 802.22 in the national level. Bringing broadband throughout the United States. It's now possible.


Write Protect a USB using the registry

This is a great way to protect your USB device from being tampered with by other user's. It doesn't guarantee that they can't still delete the flash drive files but at least it will give them a hard time in doing it. 


How to Deal with Difficult Clients

There is no good or bad way to do this. But there comes a time when your just better off loosing the new client to save future headaches on satisfying a customer that will never be satisfied. 


Your Wedding Budget

Planning a Wedding and don't know where to start. Use this Wedding Budget Worksheet below and prepare yourself for an exciting event.


Google Giving Away Free Routers

Google is giving away free routers. These routers contain benchmarks and diagnostic firmware to monitor the Internet backbone. I believe it's Google way of getting people want they want when they want it. Eventually leading to the new world of fiber. If your interested in getting one, here's the Link.



Want to know the newest crime stats in your neighborhood, here you go and I hope everyone is keeping a close eye. Crime is every where now a days.


Moba Live CD

Here's the easiest way to test a Live CD without rebooting your computer. The test drive performs with a single click and if everything goes well, you Live CD should be running smoothly.



Private SMS & Call

Here's a controversial application that keeps wondering eyes off your phone. You now can easily hide SMS & Phone calls from your cell phone calling list. All you do is install the application and pick which calls you want to block. It even hides the caller phone number from your contact list. A must have application for individuals who are always monitoring your calls.

Not responsible on how you use this application



The future for radar detector is here and for free. With this application hopefully you'll avoid speed traps and traffic cams tickets. It automatically updates so that everyone is notified ahead of time.


Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The 150 tweak wizard now works with IE 9 with improved speed improvement, refreshing, no more prompts after applying tweaks and some UI fixes to get your computer running at peak performance.


Internet Traffic Report

Is your Internet sluggish and wondering if it's your provider. Here's a great way to know who's at fault when it comes to the Internet.


Reserve Outlook.com

Everyone needs to hurry up and reserve the new Outlook.com cloud services from Microsoft. You just don't know when sometime in the future your going to need it. It's best to reserve your name for free now before someone else beats you to it.



Taskbar Shuffle

Want to do more with your Taskbar. Try this handy utility that takes, rearranges, and organizes icons in a wide range of controls to make your life easier.


Power Menu

For all those Power Menu user's please be advised that you still can make Windows transparent. Windows 7 user's all they have to do is just hold down Shift + L to enable options in the taskbar.


DS Clock

Here is a great desktop clock program to customize the clock so that you always on time with the world and your appointments. A must have utility for punctual people.


Gmail Notifier

No need to keep Gmail open when new mail arrives. The Gmail notifier will let you know when you have new mail and also give you a snippet of your message.


Sumatra PDF

Here's a simple PDF reader that does more than just read PDF files. It also reads .xps, .cbr and .cbz files as well. Save drive space with one application that does all.



Protect your computer and files from anything out of the ordinary. It's the new spyware and malware protector for your computer. You now can surf the web and open emails with ease.

Bypass the Captcha Authorization

Hate captcha authorization and wished you could bypass it. Well it can be done if your using Chrome. All you have to do is install the extension and wait 5 seconds and the words will automatically fill in for you.




Want to make sure your CPU's cores temperature are running at maximum clock speeds. Just run this simple utility for 1 hour and if you detect large sags, then you could have thermal issues.



Want to control the volume of your computer with your mouse. This simple software makes it happen using your wheel on your mouse.



If your having trouble sleeping at night because you were recently stared at your computer before you went to sleep. Try this monitor application that matches the color of your screen with your room temperature. At least now it will be easier to fall sleep.



Deleted a file by mistake. Don't fear because their is still hope. Just add restoration and recover your lost files in no time.


Migty Text

Send mobile text phone calls to your browser. Sounds interesting, well now there is no excuse to be without your cell phone where ever you go.


Future of Mobile Phones

Let's just put it like this, the mobile phone eventually is going to take over the world. Whether it's going to be the next debit card it's still to hard to know. But the future of mobile phone's is certain that it's going to be a vital asset in our society.



http://www.mikogo.com/downloads/mikogo-portable.exeRegular Download Looking for free remote access, Mikogo is a great freeware to do your personal or commercial remote access on the go. There's even a portable version to get you on remotely where ever you go.

Regular Download



Looking for a PDF file splitter. This tiny software does the trick and you be the judge should you split the PDF file or not.


Screwless Fans

Here are the new screwless rubber fans. All you have to do is attached them to the metal case and boost up your current fan ventilation.


Create a Win 7 Restore Point

Here's the manual way to create a restore point for all of those user's that refuse to make a shortcut. It's real simple and easy to do. Just always remember to easily identify all of your restore points.


Create a System Restore Link in Vista

Here's is an easy way to create a System Restore Link in Vista so that you can always have a good copy of your operating system before you do a Windows Update or new software install. You don't know when your ever going to revert back.

Here's the manual .vbs script

If WScript.Arguments.Count = 0 Then

Set objShell = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”)

objShell.ShellExecute “wscript.exe”, WScript.ScriptFullName & ” Run”, , “runas”, 1


GetObject(“winmgmts:\\.\root\default:Systemrestore”).CreateRestorePoint “description”, 0, 100

End If


Roadkil Unstoppable Copier

Need to copy a CDs with bad sectors or errors. This software should hopefully do the trick so that you can have a good copy always available.


Learn how to Troubleshoot Windows

Ever wanted to know how to troubleshoot Windows like the professionals. Well here are some secrets that many professionals use and it doesn't hurt to save some money and do it yourself. Remember wisdom is knowledge.


Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 3.20

Microsoft Malicious Software Remover Tool is a great start to get your Windows operating system back to what it used to be. It's Microsoft fight against the world of viruses. Give it a try if you already know your computer is infected.

For more info see Tech Republic


Starbuck App

Starbucks now is bringing mobile payments to Android user's. Not only would you be able to pay for purchases but find the nearest Starbucks near you.


Any Drive Format

Looking for a USB drive formater that overrides the portable drive error. Any Drive Format does a great job  and it's free.


Online File Search

Need to find an audio or video file online but don't know how or which search engine to use. This search engine is a great performer. You can even specify the file type online. It's even a plus if you subscribe to a premium file hosting site. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.


Online Coupons

Looking for coupons online to help you save money on a recent purchase you want to make. Help is here with these great online links.

Amazon Coupons
BestBuy Coupons
Ebay Coupons
Coupon Code


Who's Watching

Ever wonder if someone is watching you online. Well your not alone and don't be surprised on what information people can get from you by just browsing online. Knowledge is power.


Free Music

Looking for free music online, well don't be afraid because it's not legal. Here is a legal link to keep your music library up to date. Enjoy.


Portable PC Tech

Have already a portable PC Repair shop making money. Now before you loose money on careless and busy technicians make sure you get the right billing software in order so that your clients are billed in a timely manner.
Here are some great portable software's that make billing easier.

Shop Manager


Clean a Dirty Keyboard

Ever wanted to know if you can clean out a keyboard. Brace yourself, because it can be done. But I guess it would just be easier on spending a few bucks and buying a new one.



Looking for mutliple virtual desktops in which you can customize your applications so that each desktop is different from the other. Dexpot is a great alternative taking the desktop to a virtual level.


Secure your Email

Here are great tips to secure your email so that no one gets into your emails. In todays world almost anything is hackable. Take precautions and in the long run you'll always be ahead.



Dropbox has a new competitor and it's SugarSync. It does a better job that Dropbox when it comes to finding your favorite files online everywhere you go. This is a great way to take you music library everywhere you go.


Disposable Emails

Once in a while your going to come across a website that you want to sign up with but risk being subscribed to spam. In situations like this, it's best to use a disposable email address. It not only secures your current email address, but protects you from getting future spam mail. Feel free to choose any of the disposable email addresses below:

10 Minute Mail

Guerrilla Mail


Watch Your Webcam

It's unfortunate that people are using webcams to our disadvantage. Make sure you read this article and remember not all repair technicians are bad. There's always going to be one bad seed every now and then.


Win 7 Password Reset

This is a great way to easily reset your Windows 7 password using a USB flash drive. Hopefully you'll never need to do this step. But it's better to be safe than sorry.


Microsoft Safety Scanner

Here is Microsoft Malware Anti-scanning software. You download the current version and ten days later it expires. Just made especially to fight malware.


Make Your Own Wire

Want to save extra money by making your own Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables. This is how your going to do it and in the long run it's going to help you save a bundle.


See Through Privacy Glass

Here's a neat trick to show you how you can easily see through Privacy Glass. It's amazing on what an inexpensive item can alter the security affect.


Does Facebook hurt Relationships

Here's is a survey of how you and Facebook affects relationships. I just don't understand how a social network can have so much influence on relationships. What is the world coming too?


Underground Walks

Here are the top ten underground walks all around the world. It's just amazing how nature and man helped developed these marvel wonders.


Suitcase Tampering

You'll be amazed on how easily someone can tamper with a closed suitcase. Just because you have a lock, doesn't mean you can't have access to what's inside. Take a look on how easy it is to tamper a closed suitcase.


Computer Fixes

This is one way to help fix computer freezes. It's not guaranteed to fix all of your problems, but it's a start in the right direction.


Medical Animation

Here's the look of life in the medical world animation style. You'll be surprise on how technology has evolved within the last few years. It looks like almost anything can easily be repaired.


Plane Spotter

Want to know how to identify planes that are in the air. Here is a great site to teach you how easily to identify airplanes. If your curious or in the business it's a good idea to learn now.


McDonald Info

Here is some very interesting information on the fast food industry and McDonald's no wonder why so many people are obese. You just never know.


File Repairs

In need of a file repair utility to fix video, word, music and pdf files. This repair utility is a must for those important files you just can't afford to loose. Give it a try.


Microsoft System Sweeper

Here's a new software from Microsoft to help recover your OS, just in case one day it decides not to boot up. The software is said to fight against malware, but it's not intended as a replacement for real-time anti-malware protection. Feel free to try the beta software for now.

Download links


Facebook 1500 crash

Interesting article on how a young girl invited 1,500 guest from her Facebook account and forgot to mark it private which resulted in 15,000 guests confirming her invite. Luckily for her only a tenth showed up.


Team Heels

Looking for your favorite team heels, well now is the time to tell other's who your favorite teams are. Be proud and hope that your team is going to win with your favorite heels.


Flight info from Google

Now when your using Google, it will help you to choose what flights are going to a specific area with several different airlines. Then from there you can shop around for pricing. Go Google.

on google.com type "flights from NYC to LA"
google will give you a listing of all flights going to LA from NYC among various different airlines.

Flights from New York, NY (all airports) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

Non-stop flights:34–41 per day, 6h 6m duration
Airlines:AmericanContinentalDelta, and 3 more
Valid through Jun 4
6:30 am9:45 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 201
6:30 am9:25 amEWR-LAX-MTWTFSContinental 91
6:30 am9:45 amJFK-LAX-MTWTFSUnited 891
7:00 am10:09 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSJetBlue 671
7:00 am10:11 amJFK-LAX-MTWTF-Delta 968
7:00 am9:55 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 399
7:45 am11:02 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 33
8:29 am11:44 amJFK-LAXS-TWTFSUnited 361
8:45 am11:41 amEWR-LAXSMTWTFSContinental 1402
8:52 am12:07 pmJFK-LAX-M-----United 361
9:00 am12:25 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTFSAmerican 1
9:00 am12:09 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSDelta 973
9:25 am12:20 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 407
10:00 am12:46 pmEWR-LAXSM--TFSContinental 302
10:30 am1:35 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTF-American 19
11:25 am2:31 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTF-JetBlue 673
11:30 am2:35 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTF-United 629
11:32 am2:37 pmJFK-LAX------SUnited 227
11:45 am2:31 pmEWR-LAXS-----SContinental 317
11:45 am2:40 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 409
12:00 pm3:00 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 3
12:00 pm2:58 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSDelta 969
1:10 pm4:01 pmEWR-LAX-MTWTF-Continental 17
1:29 pm4:24 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 411
1:45 pm5:00 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTFSAmerican 117
3:00 pm6:17 pmJFK-LAX---WTFSDelta 217
3:00 pm6:17 pmJFK-LAXSMT----Delta 899
3:15 pm6:05 pmEWR-LAX------SContinental 41
3:15 pm6:14 pmEWR-LAXSMTWTF-Continental 41
3:40 pm7:10 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 133
3:40 pm6:49 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTFSUnited 712
3:40 pm6:50 pmJFK-LAXS------United 841
4:30 pm7:17 pmEWR-LAXSMTWTFSContinental 1550
4:40 pm8:10 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSJetBlue 675
4:45 pm8:20 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 181
5:00 pm8:33 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSDelta 791
5:00 pm8:10 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 413
6:00 pm9:08 pmEWR-LAX-MTWTF-Continental 1502
6:00 pm9:15 pmJFK-LAXS------United 394
6:00 pm9:30 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTFSUnited 394
6:15 pm9:45 pmEWR-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 119
6:29 pm9:26 pmEWR-LAXS-----SContinental 1502
7:00 pm10:27 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 21
7:00 pm10:30 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSDelta 2363
8:10 pm11:20 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 415
8:29 pm11:40 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTF-United 272
8:50 pm12:20 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSJetBlue 677
9:00 pm12:20 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 185
9:00 pm12:15 amJFK-LAX-MTWTF-Delta 2263
All flights from New York - All flights to Los Angeles