Already going to college and want to get together with other students to share notes and discussions in class so that you pass your exams. Here is an excellent way to study.


Survey Share

Want to expand you business but don't know how. It's a known fact that if you satisfy your customers needs. Your company will eventually grow. And a resourceful method is by using surveys. You'll not only discover your company's strengths, but also conquer it's weakness.



Want to deploy software anywhere . Here is the new virtual way of deploying applications across you network. It's like running a software with no installs, that's easily integrated with sharepoint.


Home Invasions

Here are some great tips to prevent a home invasion.The best advice that I can give is to be cautious and never let your guard down when it comes to strangers. You just never now.


Save you blog

Want to know how to save your blog as a PDF file so that you can later on view it at your convenience. This site will easily convert your blog to a PDF file with just a click of a button. Now you can go almost every where with you blog.


National Park Wallpapers

Here is a great link to national parks wallpapers for your computer desktop. If your a nature lover, your going to enjoy these limited images on your desktop. Great thanks to the National Park Service.


US Running Out of IP Addresses

Here is the scoop on how the United States is running out of IP Addresses. You figure with all of these new technological breakthroughs. Someone should have figure this out a long time ago, so that this would not occur so soon.


Group Accounts

Here are a few user group accounts that everyone should be familar with :

  • Administrators: Members of this group have full control on the computer.
  • Backup Operators: Members of this group can backup and restore data on the computer
  • Cryptographic Operators: Members are allowed to manage the configuration of encryption, IP Security, digital IDs, and certificates
  • Event Log Readers: Members of this group can read event logs from local machine.
  • Guests: Members of this group have limited access to the computer.
  • Network Configuration Operators: Members of this group can make changes to TCP/IP settings on the computer.
  • Performance Log Users: Members of this group have access to schedule logging of performance counters on the computer.
  • Performance Monitor Users: Members of this group have the right to monitor the computer.
  • Power Users: Power Users are included for backward compatibility and possess limited administrative powers.
  • Remote Desktop Users: Members have the right to remotely logon to the computer.
  • Replicator: This group is used by the file replication service to support directory replication.
  • Users: Members of this group have limited permissions/rights on the computer.


Fedex Free WiFi

If you haven't heard yet, Fedex has just announced free WiFi at it's stores. I guess it's another good reason for Fedex to attract computer users to come in and use it's other services.


Ways to Shutdown or Reboot

Here are some great ways to shutdown or reboot. You decide which way is the best for you.

a) Shutting Down Accidentally
This method is to be used if you accidentally are shutting down and want to stop the procedure all together. It's going to require you to act quickly. So do so very fast. All you have to do is click on the Clock on the lower right hand side of your computer and change the date to a previous date and say ok. Windows will think it's in the past and postpone the shutdown.
b) Shutdown -a
For this trick you need to create a shortcut, because it will be to fast to execute. The usual way would be to open a command prompt and type this command but that will not be quick enough.  So if you can't do the first item on clicking the clock this is your alternative.
c) Shutdown Event Tracker
This feature is from Windows Server but it can be found in the group policy and all that has to be done is activated. It will be an extra click but it's worth it.
d) ShutDown Guard
This is the last resort to guard against a shutdown. This utility can easily be armed and disarmed with a click from the taskbar. 


Verizion's 4G Plan

While everyone is keeping quiet on the next 4G generation. Verizon just announced what cities will be getting 4G's first. See if your city is one of them.


Interactive Promotion

Want to run a promotion or campaign on several different sites with stats on how your promotiono or campaign went. This is the best site to start with reasonable pricing if your a beginner.


Bye Bye to Google Health

Looks like the famous once known Google Health is gone. It's too bad, it was something good gone no good from Google.

More Info:

An important update about Google Health

Google Health will be discontinued as a service.
The product will continue service through January 1, 2012.
After this date, you will no longer be able to view, enter or edit data stored in Google Health. You will be able to download the data you stored in Google Health, in a number of useful formats, through January 1, 2013.


Free Raid Recovery

Need a data Raid Recovery software to retrieve your backup. This software will save, create or write your array image to a disk.


iPhone Backup Extractor

Recover lost contacts, calendar, photos, SMS messages, notes, etc. This utility is a must have application to secure your iPhone information where ever you go.


Photo Fuse

Windows Live Gallery has a new beta software called Photo Fuse. It can easily make a clone of a photo and combine it with other photo's, or move existing pictures to life. I am so impressed that I hope this technology is adopted to other Galleries.


Google New Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the new Google shortcuts to get you moving faster in the right direction. I just hope all my current readers, learn these commands quickly.



These new generation USB are made to go where ever you want to go. They can easily be linked to your every day personal items. I just can't wait to get my hands on one.


Read all Newspapers

Want to read several different newspapers from all over the world? Here is a great website to read just about everything including 6,351 newspapers. Be the first to know everything.


Harris BlackJack USB Drive

Law enforcement officials are taking snooping to a new level. This magic USB drive is so unique that it once plugged in, it can be programmed to search the entire computer for keywords or targeted information. Leading investigators to the evidence almost immediately.

Here is more information for the Mfg website.



Laptop tracking software that keeps track of your laptop using GPS, in the event your laptop is lost or stolen. Not only does it track your laptop, but it also takes pictures of the criminal so that police can use to get your laptop back.



Need information about a website. TellStat gives you the website traffic, backlinks, search engines and much more. It's the simplest way to get stats for any domain.


Double My Speed

What's the deal with DoubleMySpeed.com is this software worth the price? 
Well for starters there are many free programs that do exactly what this program is capable of doing and the verdict for the software is questionable.You decide?

Who Is DoubleMySpeed.com



Need to know your WAN & IP Address but your behind a firewall and your having a hard time getting it so that someone can remotely logon to your computer. This software should do the trick by finding the internal and external IP Address.


Lojack for Laptops

Laptop theft is becoming a very serious business that there is very little anyone can do at times to recover their laptop with sensitive materials. This is where Lojack for Laptops comes in. Once installed, you can easily either try to recover it or delete all of your sensitive files. No need to worry about others getting hold of your sensitive information.

   Other Laptop Sercurity Alternatives
Laptop Cop
Gadget Trak



Here is a reverse image search engine in which when you upload an image, it detects where it came from and how it's being used. It's like fingerprinting an image on the world wide web.Give TinEye a try.


Capture & Annotate

Chrome & Safari users will now be happy to know that their is a new capture & annotate software that can help them copy anything on their current browsers. All you have to do is install the small application and choose the image format they want their files saved as.

Chrome Link


Tweet It Out

Already on Twitter and want to Tweet something out. Here is the simplest way to do it by using this website. Once you login with your Twitter account you just ALLOW the application to take over to make your tweets easier to edit.



Here's another new website to send large files over the Internet via flash. You install the program send the user a host ID key while they are online and instantly they get the file. No need to send it via email. It's a new way of sending large files online. It's quick, fast and free



Here is another great bandwidth data collector to verify your bandwidth speeds. It's a great tool to install for  monitoring your every day broadband speeds.


Universal Viewer

If you need to open large files without eating your computer memory. The Universal Viewer is an excellent choice that supports various formats.