Display Monitor in Win10

Need to display a smaller or larger monitor in Windows 10, then here some helpful tips to get the display to match the correct resolution. 

These simple tips can easily fix your monitor resolution in minutes. 


Win 10 Weather Widget

You might have noticed recently that Windows 10 recently added the weather widget onto its taskbar and Microsoft is back again doing things that it should not be doing to users. This little gadget although useful to some users, may just be eating up some of your memory. 

So if your low on resources in Windows, your best bet is to turn off the weather widget to save memory. 


Free Win10 Malware Removal Tools

If you currently have malware on Windows 10 and need help removing it, here are some great tools to use to help you fight back the infection.
These viruses tend to get complicated, the longer you leave them on your computer. 


McDonald's AI Drive-Thru

It looks like McDonald's AI Drive-Thru is underway after the chain reported difficulties in hiring staff members. If all goes well fast food can quickly adapt and eliminate these hard to fill jobs. 



It looks like New York Cities subway pay system has a hidden cost and you will be surprised on the information that it's collecting from users. 

With adaptation from the MTA in a few years, OMNY is the future of payment methods. Now it's only a matter of time before rider's give in.


Send Large Files from Gmail

Want to know how to send large files using Gmail, then here are some helpful tips to bypass the 25mb file limit. Now sending large files through Gmail can be done easily. 


Norton 360 Antivirus

Now Norton Life Lock will allow user's of it's antivirus software mine Ethereum crypto directly from the program. Interesting to hear and if you are a crypto buyer at least you can now feel that you have some type of protection for your crypto.

For more information take a look at Norton Life Lock link below.


Drone Volcano Footage

Here is a great video of a drone flying over an erupting volcano. Technology has changed so much that now scientist are able to monitor hazardous areas using drones.

This is so exciting to hear and hopefully we will learn more about volcano's with this technology limiting our risks to being so close.


WiFi Report

Here is how to create a WiFi report on Windows 10 to troubleshoot your computer WiFi connection. It's a great way to analyze your connection to your computer and verify that everything is working normally. 


Export VPN Connections

Need to export VPN connections in Windows 10, here is some great information on how to copy the Pbk folder and where you can find these files in Windows to export to a new computer. 

                File Explorer window, browse the following path –   



Amazon MGM Deal

Netflix should be very concern with the recent Amazon and MGM deal. It's not only going to explode with new content but it will be very interesting to see what Amazon is going to do next to win Netflix subscribers. 


Amplifi Alien Mesh WiFi

Amplifi is a pretty interesting wifi router for user's who love to be in control of their access point and want to monitor their wifi. The set up is simple but it can be quite pricey.

If you looking for a new toy for your home wifi, then this device will sure keep you entertained. 


Fix Printer in Error State

If your printer is having printing problems and you are getting the "Printer is in Error State" message, here is a great way to get the printer up and running again.

  1. Run the Printer Troubleshooter.
  2. Check whether the printer is online or offline.
  3. Check the status of Print Spooler Dependencies.
  4. Download the latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s website.


Face Swap Video

 Now things can get interesting using this Face Swap Video. Let's see how creative you can get with this application. 

Google Play



Bitcoin Pizza

It looks like Bitcoin is making drastic changes in the financial markets that many companies are now opening the doors to crypto. This is the beginning and the end of financial companies as we know it. 

Regardless on what is your opinion on crypto, it's here to stay for good and be ready to see more vendors opening the door to crypto. 



Quadriga Story

Now with the new digital age of currency, you are going to hear a lot of stories like this and these stories are just the beginning of more things to come in the future. 

Unfortunately you are always going to have things like this happen, you just have to be careful and hope that you will not be another victim. Regardless the gamble is still worth the risk and as long as you do not invest anything worth loosing, then you should be good. 



AMD Notifier

If you have an AMD chip, you might want to install this cool application to notify you when a chip update is available. It's a great way to always have the best performance for your computer when an update is available. Check it out. 



If you ever wonder on how professional photographers take excellent pictures when it's sunny outside then you might want to install this handy iOS application on your phone. It can pinpoint the exact times the sun will set with the right amount of light you need for that special photo. This will give you the quality pictures you are always looking for. 




Want to know if your picture is being used on the internet. Here is a great site to search your picture online and see who currently took your picture and posted it online.

From that point you can request the user to remove the picture or get legal advice on how to remove the picture online.



iDrive Business

Cloud backup can be pricey and here is where iDrive Business makes sense. You simply register the client set up computer and configure the backup settings and you are done. Their is no easier way to back with this simple software. Give it a try. 



Out of Office

It looks like remote office is taking a swing because of the recent pandemic and now working from home is becoming reality for many businesses. 
The hybrid work place is now becoming normal for big technological companies and you can see this expanding to other areas to shed corners are unnecessary costs. 


Win10x Dropped

It looks like Microsoft just dropped Windows 10x and it's changing it's goals to push it's new interface.
I guess we are going to have to wait a little longer for Win10x to come out in the market.


Banks Cryto custody

It looks like crypto currency is putting the squeeze on banks that later on this year banks will be offering services to buy, hold and sell crypto.

It's only a matter of time before consumers start moving their currency elsewhere. The revolution of currency has begun. 


Twitter Spaces

I must say this is going to be very interesting to see on twitter when you have a host then pass it on to another host to let the stream go even further.

You are then going to see a lot of interesting tweets on Twitter from that point on. Wait and see. 



Mastercard Massive Adaptation

Crazy as it sounds but I doubt that anyone is going to stop the crypto phase. Master survey see's massive crypto adaptation and this could be the end of paper money as we now know it.

It's amazing on how a few tweets, with several months has taken crypto to new levels. The industrial revolution of currency has arrived. 


Win KB5000802

Let's just say Microsoft messed up with this KB and it caused printing and BSD for some users. The fix was simply to uninstall the update, if you were an advance computer user. For some it was just another headache and hoping Windows will resolve this problem as soon as possible. 


Mining Nixed

It looks like Nvidia nixed the RTX 3060 GPU by building a limiter into the driver which halves the harsh rate for Etherium mining. It plans on directing miners to special GPU's that it wants to sell to them. 
Hopefully this will direct miners to their specialty cards and not frustrate other user's from not being able to purchase future GPU cards. 


Unwanted AirTag

So what do you do if you find an unwanted AirTag, well let's just say that you are better off on disabling it so that notifications are not tracking you. AirTag's are meant to find lost items and if it's not attached to an item it most likely fell off and retrieval is unlikely.  


Excel Quiz

Need to create a quiz and want to simply your choices, well if you are familiarized with Excel you already have an incentive. Excel can easily crate automated quizzes that can easily be set up by following the instructions below. Good luck.



You cannot stop the Crypto madness and until crypto exchanges upgrade their systems for tracking portfolio's your are going to have to keep log of your gains manually.

This is where CoinMarketCap comes in, now you can let this software track your gains and easily report it to the IRS during tax time. Yes capital gains is taxable with Crypto but regardless on the amount at least you have a chance to reap in the rewards.