Pc Memory Info Upgrade

Looking to upgrade your computer but confused on how much memory you should have so that your computer can run efficiently.

Here a simple scale to use to get the most out of your computer when it comes to memory.

8 gig = bare minimum for your average computer to do the basic
16 gig = great for streamers and user's who want to view constantly their video artist
32 gig = unless your going 3D your not going to get much out of this from your computer
64 gig and greater = you can go higher but your at technology that is still years ahead to come with also spending a lot of money for memory your probably never going to need, until your next upgrade.



The new hacker trick is for user's to misspell websites. And if your one's of those victims this is what you can expect. Try going to a website that's the same as the website you intending on going to. Great example is when users try to go to Nexflix.com but type Netflix.om. User's then go to a page similar to Netflix, enter their user name and password and get an error are it re-loads to direct you to the real user intended website. That's when it's difficult for user's to see that someone stole their information because they went to the wrong site. This is the typical for many.



Verizon breach

Looks like another company has been recently hacked and there is no telling what hackers will do with the information going forward. It's only time that can tell, while in the meantime you can either call your local carrier to find out if you were one of there latest victims.




Looks like this new browser is going to make headlines soon or maybe it's going to be another bust. Besides it's still nice to know that the browser war continues on who could make a better faster browser that works with all.



Smart Sites

Here are some interesting sites to get you smarter. I guess it's not a bad idea to learn more information so that you have capabilities to survive and become more productive on the things you do daily.



VirusTotal Help

Virus and malware's are getting out of control now-a-days and with this VirusTotal is here to make things better, by offering an easier solution to scan computer problems with simple clicks of the mouse. This handy application makes it easier for VirusTotal to verify files and to confirm if they are good or bad. Give it a try and keep your computer secure.



Online Real Estate Prices

Are on-line Real Estate prices realistic to what people are paying. It's quite close to what other's are paying but there are just a few companies in the market that have a more realistic valve that what most hold. You best chances are to check other sites on-line, to get an estimate, get an appraiser to value your home and hope for the best on getting a good value for your money whether your buying or selling a residence.



LassPass Auth

LassPass is taking password security to a new level. It's nice to know someone is making it harder for hackers to get into your online accounts. No one yet knows the future of online passwords, but at least LassPass is ahead of the game. Check it out.



Video Driver Issues

Having video driver issues and no matter how many times you upgrade the device it still continues. Sometimes it might not be the device after all. User's seldom ever think that the software might be corrupt, but your best option so that the device works correctly is to uninstall completely the driver and re-install a fresh installation of the software all over again. Hopefully this will clear out all the device problems you were having in the past and make your system run like new.



Power of Attorney Forms

Looking for free power of Attorney documents. I suggest you consult with a lawyer before signing any of these forms. But if you need the documents here are great sites to help you in your matter.

Free Docs
Total Legal


Are Tablet Dead

Looks like just a few years ago everyone was getting into the tablet business now it seems all these companies are moving away and developing surface type computers. Tablets as we know it could somehow come back, but the incompatibilities on what user's refuse to let go on make tablets difficult to adapt. If tablets are going to go any where they need to listen to consumer demands.



Can't Find Pdf

Having problems finding Pdf file's in Windows after you have saved them. This is the reason why this is occurring and here is the fix for this ongoing problem. Hopefully a solution will be resolved in the near future, but for now you have to bear with the new headache.



D Link Ultra Band Wifi

Here is the new Ultra Band WiFi from D Link, it's pricey and powerful. So if you have money to burn and want the a greater performance WiFi that is capable of handling three different bands at the same time, this is the device your looking for. This new WiFi delivers bandwidth where it's need and it's the next generation device everyone has been looking for in a while.



Gmail Streak ext

Gmail new streak extension helps take CRM to the next level using your gmail account. Now there is no need to go back and forth to contact your customers daily. It's a great add on to make sure your always connected to your customers.



Slimline Utilities

Looking for a driver update for your computer, here's a great software to help you update those drivers with just a few clicks. Now updating your computer drivers makes it simple and easy to use.



Fix Internet Connection

Here are simple easy steps to fix your internet connection if your having problems with your computer not connecting to the internet.



Hard Drive Facts

Here are some hard drive facts you should know about, that you maybe had no reason in the past to know about. The more you know, the better your know your product.



Starry Wireless Network

This new company wants to bring the internet to every home, but with the use of it's weird antenna's. I don't know if this is going to lift off successfully but it's an idea in the making to fix the ongoing problem of everyday internet connections.



Internet Links with Drones

This could actually work and make internet possible where currently now internet is not available. Should Google go this way, I will bet that internet connecting prices might just drop significantly.



Motherboard DYI

If you ever wanted to know the inside of a computer motherboard, here is your start. This is the main operating system of your computer and what makes everything run. It's good to know this information, should you ever want to repair it or have just basic knowledge to what it is, so you know how things work.



The Drone Gun

Some people are taking new measures for spying drone's in private properties and if your currently flying one, you should be aware of the risks and loss.



Fix Common MAC issues

Want to resolve your common MAC book problems, here are some great tips to remember and what to do when things are not working the normal.




Here's a router scanner test to make sure your router meets current security requirements while connected to the internet. You'll sleep well at night knowing that you have performed some performance tests before you go live online.



Old Pc to Chromebook

Here's the scoop on how to convert your old computer into a Chromebook. It uses some cloudready software for users who enjoy using the Chromebook experience already. Worth to check out.



Hack your Floppy

Have a floppy drive but limited to how much space your can put in it. Try this hack and extend your floppy drive to 128 gig with help of just a few items your probably already using.



Signs Pc is Failing

Here are five great signs that your computer is failing. Now I will not say that for all it's time to buy a new computer. But most of these failures can be resolved to reformat your computer to it's original state. If after that you still get these failures. Then your computer might be at it's last cycle of performance for good for you.



Cheaper Cable

Cable is getting cheaper all because of these three companies that are changing how and what we watch on television. Get ready for new cable service that will revolutionize how we watch television.



YouTube Verdict

It's about time that the court now is able to believe that pirating are not acts of companies becoming famous. New court ruling for YouTube cleared the way for the big giant to be sued by the music rights for pirating. This could somehow be overturned, but I highly doubt it as long as the company continues to fight against pirating. Let's see what the future holds.



Windows Cache

Need to clear up your Windows Cache, here are great ways to clear the cache via Windows using various tips. There is no right or wrong way to clear the cache and when all goes wrong you can always reboot your computer.




New delivery software will make it easy for user's to track their deliveries from any major carrier. There have been companies in the past that tried to achieve the same goal only to fail because of software incompatibilities and failure to keep their software up to date. Hopefully Junecloud will do better and succeed where others have failed in the past.



Malwarebytes New Software

Malwarebytes is fighting back with it's new ransomeware software. It's about time and I hope there able to make a difference. It's not everyday a malware software company moves in the right direction to help user's gain back control of their computers.