External HD problems

Have an external hard drive but notice that on Windows 7 the drive file system sometimes fails. The reason for this that Windows 7 likes only the NTFS format. All other old file formats like FAT32 tend to be ignored. The only solution to correct this problem is to format your drive to NTFS so that Windows 7 will always recognize it.

There are several ways to do this and one way to do it is by using the convert.exe command in DOS. After you type convert.exe convert x: /fs:ntfs, (in which x is the drive for your external hard drive).
Make sure that your external drive is empty first before your convert it to NTFS otherwise all your data will be erased.

c:\users\ED>convert f: /fs:ntfs



Here are twenty things to know about HTML5 that's not yet set to come out until the year 2022. But from the way it's going now, it's bound to change in so many different ways we can't yet begin to imagine.


Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

If you can't remove or uninstall a program this handy utility come to the rescue. I just don't understand why this took so long for Microsoft to produce.



Thought Zino was the only digital online publisher around. Well Issuu is doing the same thing and it's only a matter of time before the world adapts to digital magazines. I mean who wouldn't enjoy the portability and comfort of having several hundred magazines instead of just one.


Windows 7 Hidden Wallpapers

Looking for more wallpapers in Windows 7? Try finding the file in your C: drive named Globalization. It's usually in c:/windows/globalization
In here you'll find two folders named ELS and Sorting. You now go to the top right search bar and type individually "Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia"
and presto Windows should be able to find hidden wallpapers with from these countries.


Google Shuts Down 411

It's bad news for Google 411 users. Google plans on shutting down the service but will still keep their text messaging feature still active. I am quite disappointed on their recent move because I believe 411 should be free for everyone to use. I just hope that another company will come to the rescue.

In the meantime feel free to use the service until
November 12, 2010

For 411 via text - just send a text to 466453 (GOOGLE)


Say Goodbye to the Bios

We are still way off from the UEFI to be standard on all computers. But until this day comes, here's what you need to know and why it's going to end the bios in computers.


Playboy in 3D

There is so many new plans for 3D that even Playboy magazine, is betting their odds on it, by creating their first 3D magazine. It's only a matter of time before 3D takes us to the next generation.



Play hundreds of songs via music streaming web, right now and instantly. It's like a jukebox for all music with an enormous library. Try it, you'll enjoy it.



Here is a great mathematical way to convert various measurements. The program does an easy conversion from a list of several hundred conversion tables. A must have for the mathematician.


Read It Later

Here is a new way to save all of those favorite articles you just don't have time to read. By using Read it Later, it piles up the articles you saved to read for a later time. Now you can always be on top of your readings.


Google Map Buddy

Want to view large Google Maps and be able to print them easily without trying to configure with your printer settings. Google Map Buddy does the trick and you don't have to install the software on your computer for it work. Just unzip it, click Google Map Buddy exe file and paste url address and print.


NatGeo on a Hard Drive

If your looking for all the reprint publications of National Geographic. Here's a way to obtain every reprint in a 60gig hard drive. It's going to set you back almost $200- but in the end you be satisfied that you'll have the collection on hand for future reference.


Microsoft Killing Money

After ten years of Microsoft Money, the company has decided to end it's product and offer a final release to all users. This will enable user's to be able to use the software manually without any online access. I am surprised that the software lasted this long.

Download Link


How Libraries sort books

I don't know how many libraries have this sorting machine, but it kind of looks like the same technology federal express uses to ship it's packages.


Create Survey Forms with Google Doc's

If your looking for a simple way to create survey forms with your company, try Google Documents. It's cost effective because it's free. All you have to do is open up an account with Gmail. This will give you access to Google Documents and in Google Documents you just create a new form to create a survey. The setup is simple once you decide on what type of survey you want.
In the long run your customers will be happy knowing that they can share their thoughts and opinions.


Verizon's Droid teardown

Here is a great video tearing down the new Verizon Droid telephone. I just love to see what inside. Do you?


Xbox 360 Flash

You will no longer have the need to upgrade your Xbox 360 game console. Microsoft is now allowing users to store games, content and multimedia files via flash drive. It's only a matter of time before Xbox 360 gets smaller.


Microsoft Security Essentials for SMB

Starting October small business users can now install Microsoft Security Essentials that was once only licensed for Consumers. This is a big leap for Microsoft to expand it's Microsoft Security Essentials software to the business world.
I guess now the only question is whether they will be able to compete effectively with Symantec and McAfee business customers.


Verizon's 18k bill

Let's just say that it's so important to keep track of your contracts even when it's Verizon wireless. This customer is sure going to learn the hard way their lesson's on promotional offers.


Power for a Week

Need power for a week, this new Lithium battery is scheduled to come out next year with plenty of power to go around. We just wish we can get this sooner.


Head Mounted Camera's

Get ready for the head mounted camera's. It's a new technology that's in use by the current San Diego Police Department. If everything goes well. Be ready to see it near a policeman near you.


Youtube Movie & TV shows

Let's just say for $.99 up to $4.00 you can watch movies and television shows for 48 hours. I guess you can now call Youtube the new Netflix of videos.


Android 50k apps

Android has gone past it 50k applications and it's still climbing. This could only mean one thing for current Android cell phone users. The cell phone world is theirs.


Visa wireless payments

Visa is clearing the way for iPhone user's to pay for items wirelessly using their iPhones. If things go well for iPhone user's, get ready for pay as you go wireless payments.


Sony ends Floppy

After thirty years, Sony is giving up on making floppy disks. It's about time, when you can't compare the portability of a floppy vs a flash drive.


Apple Digital Concerts & Events

It looks like Apple is trying to cash in on almost anything. If there lucky it's patent on it's electronic Digital Concert and Events application could be another cash cow for Apple.


Online Banking keylogger

Your never going to stop hearing these stories. All you can do is to be very cautious and hope that this doesn't happen to you.


Hanshin Icreon

Have a new television and want to connect it wireless to your computer. Here's your answer to your not so difficult problem. In the end your audio and video needs will be fur filled to enjoyment.


Japanese P2P virus

This is a nice one. You go online and do a google search on specific porn sites and you get a virus. Then the virus demands that you pay ten dollars otherwise your browser history information will be posted publicly online.
Well if your a known celebrity, that no good. Otherwise who cares.


Avoid Email Mistakes

Interesting article on why not to send emails from your Outlook email's immediately. I guess it all depends on what type of position your in and if it really matters on what types of emails you send out to others.
Regardless here is the Outlook settings to disable emails in Outlook to send immediately by default.

To reset this option so that you control when Outlook sends mail, do the following:

From the Tools menu, choose Options.
Click the Mail Setup tab.
Click Send/Receive in the Send/Receive options.
Uncheck the Include This Group In Send/Receive (F9) option in the Setting For Group “All Accounts” section. Most of us will set this for all accounts, but you can configure Outlook to handle each account differently.
Click Close and then OK.