Microsoft Safety Scanner

Here is Microsoft Malware Anti-scanning software. You download the current version and ten days later it expires. Just made especially to fight malware.


Make Your Own Wire

Want to save extra money by making your own Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables. This is how your going to do it and in the long run it's going to help you save a bundle.


See Through Privacy Glass

Here's a neat trick to show you how you can easily see through Privacy Glass. It's amazing on what an inexpensive item can alter the security affect.


Does Facebook hurt Relationships

Here's is a survey of how you and Facebook affects relationships. I just don't understand how a social network can have so much influence on relationships. What is the world coming too?


Underground Walks

Here are the top ten underground walks all around the world. It's just amazing how nature and man helped developed these marvel wonders.


Suitcase Tampering

You'll be amazed on how easily someone can tamper with a closed suitcase. Just because you have a lock, doesn't mean you can't have access to what's inside. Take a look on how easy it is to tamper a closed suitcase.


Computer Fixes

This is one way to help fix computer freezes. It's not guaranteed to fix all of your problems, but it's a start in the right direction.


Medical Animation

Here's the look of life in the medical world animation style. You'll be surprise on how technology has evolved within the last few years. It looks like almost anything can easily be repaired.


Plane Spotter

Want to know how to identify planes that are in the air. Here is a great site to teach you how easily to identify airplanes. If your curious or in the business it's a good idea to learn now.


McDonald Info

Here is some very interesting information on the fast food industry and McDonald's no wonder why so many people are obese. You just never know.


File Repairs

In need of a file repair utility to fix video, word, music and pdf files. This repair utility is a must for those important files you just can't afford to loose. Give it a try.


Microsoft System Sweeper

Here's a new software from Microsoft to help recover your OS, just in case one day it decides not to boot up. The software is said to fight against malware, but it's not intended as a replacement for real-time anti-malware protection. Feel free to try the beta software for now.

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Facebook 1500 crash

Interesting article on how a young girl invited 1,500 guest from her Facebook account and forgot to mark it private which resulted in 15,000 guests confirming her invite. Luckily for her only a tenth showed up.


Team Heels

Looking for your favorite team heels, well now is the time to tell other's who your favorite teams are. Be proud and hope that your team is going to win with your favorite heels.


Flight info from Google

Now when your using Google, it will help you to choose what flights are going to a specific area with several different airlines. Then from there you can shop around for pricing. Go Google.

on google.com type "flights from NYC to LA"
google will give you a listing of all flights going to LA from NYC among various different airlines.

Flights from New York, NY (all airports) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

Non-stop flights:34–41 per day, 6h 6m duration
Airlines:AmericanContinentalDelta, and 3 more
Valid through Jun 4
6:30 am9:45 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 201
6:30 am9:25 amEWR-LAX-MTWTFSContinental 91
6:30 am9:45 amJFK-LAX-MTWTFSUnited 891
7:00 am10:09 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSJetBlue 671
7:00 am10:11 amJFK-LAX-MTWTF-Delta 968
7:00 am9:55 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 399
7:45 am11:02 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 33
8:29 am11:44 amJFK-LAXS-TWTFSUnited 361
8:45 am11:41 amEWR-LAXSMTWTFSContinental 1402
8:52 am12:07 pmJFK-LAX-M-----United 361
9:00 am12:25 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTFSAmerican 1
9:00 am12:09 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSDelta 973
9:25 am12:20 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 407
10:00 am12:46 pmEWR-LAXSM--TFSContinental 302
10:30 am1:35 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTF-American 19
11:25 am2:31 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTF-JetBlue 673
11:30 am2:35 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTF-United 629
11:32 am2:37 pmJFK-LAX------SUnited 227
11:45 am2:31 pmEWR-LAXS-----SContinental 317
11:45 am2:40 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 409
12:00 pm3:00 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 3
12:00 pm2:58 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSDelta 969
1:10 pm4:01 pmEWR-LAX-MTWTF-Continental 17
1:29 pm4:24 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 411
1:45 pm5:00 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTFSAmerican 117
3:00 pm6:17 pmJFK-LAX---WTFSDelta 217
3:00 pm6:17 pmJFK-LAXSMT----Delta 899
3:15 pm6:05 pmEWR-LAX------SContinental 41
3:15 pm6:14 pmEWR-LAXSMTWTF-Continental 41
3:40 pm7:10 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 133
3:40 pm6:49 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTFSUnited 712
3:40 pm6:50 pmJFK-LAXS------United 841
4:30 pm7:17 pmEWR-LAXSMTWTFSContinental 1550
4:40 pm8:10 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSJetBlue 675
4:45 pm8:20 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 181
5:00 pm8:33 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSDelta 791
5:00 pm8:10 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 413
6:00 pm9:08 pmEWR-LAX-MTWTF-Continental 1502
6:00 pm9:15 pmJFK-LAXS------United 394
6:00 pm9:30 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTFSUnited 394
6:15 pm9:45 pmEWR-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 119
6:29 pm9:26 pmEWR-LAXS-----SContinental 1502
7:00 pm10:27 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 21
7:00 pm10:30 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSDelta 2363
8:10 pm11:20 pmJFK-LAXSMTWTFSVirgin America 415
8:29 pm11:40 pmJFK-LAX-MTWTF-United 272
8:50 pm12:20 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSJetBlue 677
9:00 pm12:20 amJFK-LAXSMTWTFSAmerican 185
9:00 pm12:15 amJFK-LAX-MTWTF-Delta 2263
All flights from New York - All flights to Los Angeles