Apple Vision Pro Failure

Even though it's a great device here are some reasons why they believe this device may fail. Unfortunately, unless they can resolve some of the ongoing problems that they now have, it's going to be a while before consumers even entertain the idea of purchasing this device.

I am excited that Apple took this approach but I am hoping other manufacturers put their minds together and figure out a solution to make the fantasy a reality. 


Using Win Gadgets instead of Widgets

Here is some great information on using desktop gadgets instead of Widgets for Windows 10 & 11. The great thing is that the gadgets can show up anywhere on your desktop even outside of the taskbar. 

Check it out and see if it's for you. 



Convert Word to Google Docs

Trying to convert a Word Document to Google Docs. Here are the simple instructions on how to easily do this and easily be able to edit the document and then download it again back to Word if you still need the document in .docx format.

Google has made it so user friendly almost anyone can do this. 



WSUS Pros & Cons

 Having WSUS in your organization has its pros and cons and here is some good information on using the service. Unlike other programs it's not cheap and in you have to do the math to narrow down if the subscription service is beneficial to your company.



CarPlay iOS 17

It's not a big deal but it has some cool applications like SharePlay which gives passengers the option to be the car DJ when they are driving.

Pretty cool and exciting feature and I can see other users enjoying this new feature.


iOS SOS Saves Hiker

iPhone new SOS feature on iPhone 14 is definitely a keeper. A hiker recently suffered an accident and put it to great use and it was able to save their lives. 

This is definitely going to take notice and a game changer for mobile phones going forward. 



Youtube is in the development stage of creating a new gaming service that users can play via mobile and on their desktop.

It's going to be interesting on how this plays out and how users eventually use the new gaming services. 


Best Doorbell Cameras

Here is the verdict for this year's best doorbell cameras and I must admit they are getting better as time goes by. Now users can simply get a glance whose at their doorstep before they answer the door. 


Year of Dashlane for $20

Looking to try out a password manager, hurry up because the clock is ticking for you to take advantage of Dashlane Premium Password Manager.

It's a sweet deal to try out the software to see if it meets your expectations. 


Telsa Hack

Not surprising to find an Elon Mode in the Telsa software. Back doors in software have always been there and it's there for a reason, so users can easily get access to them.

I would caution a user to activate this feature unless they are ready to accept the consequences.



Surface Repairs for DYI

If you have a surface and looking to repair your device, Microsoft has made it easy for the user to purchase parts for their computer using the Microsoft store. 


Unlock a Bios locked laptop

It's no secret that placing a lock on the computer bios can be easily hacked. If you are trying to bypass a bios-locked laptop you are just going to need a screwdriver and some basic electronic knowledge to unlock the device. So much for cracking that laptop.


Xbox One Games

If you are looking for games for Microsoft Xbox One you should not be surprised that the big giant is no longer making games for its decade-old console, your best bet is to purchase a new gaming device so that you can keep on gaming. And be glad that they gave you enough time to save up for a new console. 



Google Domain Sale

It looks like Google is killing off Google Domains and selling it to Squarespace and the clock is ticking for an additional year before the domain prices change. 

So you are better off shopping around now for a replacement. 


Rent a Tent

This start-up can make a difference if its outdoor rental equipment business kicks into the marketplace. It's a great idea and solution for the outdoor adventure in you.

The site GeerGarage can easily gain market share in the already booming outdoor sporting goods business. 


HoloLens vs Vision Pro

If you take a look at these two devices side by side you will see a similar technology years ahead. Now it looks like their competitors will enjoy their rewards and it's yet to early to see on whose going to be the big winner here. 


Moonwalker Shoes

These motorized shoes are a pretty interesting device helping you walk faster than usual. The device monitors how you walk and then AI kicks in and you start walking faster.

It's a pretty interesting device and I have to admit it's very interesting to see how it can be used in our daily lives. 


Fire you Lawyer

Cool AI website where you can get legal assistance anytime, anywhere with the finest AI lawyer at your fingertips. This is a game changer I must say.


Apple Vision Pro

Flop or not this could maybe be a game-changer and might just revive the metaverse. It's a big gamble for Apple but if it's not then they are one step ahead when it comes to innovations.



RI Paperless Cannibus System

It looks like Rhode Island has become a paperless online Medical Cannibus registration system. You can bet moving forward that other states will follow suit in order to simplify things and keep the registration policy as simple as possible. 


Video Doorbell for for Apts

Level has now introduced a video doorbell for multifamily buildings and hopefully, it will expand more companies to making similar products.

I was always trying to figure this part out and I hope that the can succeed successfully in this open market.


Chromecast Original Support Ends

Google finally ends support for the Chromecast device it created in 2013. The device in my opinion never took off because some users had connection problem issues and others did not and I guess since Google several times abandoned its doom product it never got the recognition it should of had from the start.


ChatGPT Sidebar App

It looks like the Opera browser recently integrated ChatGPT into its browser and I must say that other browser like Edge is quickly adapting and following the trend. 

I hope Chrome quickly gets with the program.


Weighing Passengers

This is very concerning how airlines are simply cutting corners by now trying to weigh passengers. Now I am almost certain that this should violate some type of passenger bill of rights if there are any in this country. If not then something should soon be showing up.

At this point, they might just reclassify the airline as a freight plane.



Having problems with your car here is a great site to go to to see if you can narrow down on what's wrong with it.

Hopefully, this site will save you money in the long run.  



Best Apps for New & Used Cars

Check out these great applications when buying used and new cars. Depeding on what your financial status is these apps narrow down your search to match your selection. Give it a try and hopefully you will find a good match.


Use Android screen on Mac

If you have a Macbook and an Android phone or tablet you can extend Mac's display buy using Duet Display. It's a premium software but it's definitely going to make your life super easy.

There are other software's that can offer the same service for free but it's limited. 


TikTok Fame

Are you ready to become famous using social media. If you have not realized it yet social media is creating a new world of overnight celebrities and if you have the right content and lets just say followers your success can open doors to other talents.

Here are the key steps to become globally known. Good luck and make sure to give me kudos. 



Cool application for your computer to clear out junk files and speed up your computer with help for restarting graphic drives.

It's not a bad software with lots of utlities and I must say I was very impressed. 


QB Alternative

If you are tired of Quickbooks and looking for an alternative accounting software check out this open-source accounting software.

At least you will not be tied down to any software.