Restore Lost Office Files

If your a regular Office user, this software is a must have in case of emergencies. It's a recovery software to un-delete office files that have been damaged or corrupted. Nothing is guaranteed, but at least it's nice to know that you can at least try, especially if it's for free.


Research a company before an Interview

Going for a job interview and want to research a company before you go. These websites will give you company information before the interview, so that you know a little more about the company.

Business Wire
Web Feet
Forbes List
Thomas Net
411 Stock


Predator PC Lock

This software locks your computer when your not around. All you have to do is install the software on a USB drive and when you walk away, you remove the USB drive and take it with you. Your computer is immediately disabled by the keyboard and mouse.


Active KeyLogger

Think someone is using your computer when your not around. This shareware software will help you find out who is using your computer, by remember the keystrokes.


WD Live Player

Western Digital has done it again with it's live player. Now you no longer need to attach a hard drive to watch movies. You can now stream them with the ethernet port located on the back of the unit. And has a plus you can now view pictures, play music and watch videos all from the internet. It's worth to check out.

Detail Specs

Detail Review


Start your car with the iPhone

As more cars are developing the keyless future, it becomes practical for someone to develop a software to open and start your car. This could be the future's ideal device to open and start your car from the touch of your phone.


Delete Stubborn Registry Keys

Trying to delete a stubborn registry key that just will not go away. ReggAssasin will help make things different. All you do is type in the registry key and presto it's gone.

ReggAssasin Download


Track My Shipment

New online service is suppose to make shipment tracking simple. You just email them your order and they will advise you the method of shipment and track your order from it's origin to it's destination via email or sms.


Laptop Repair Manuals

Need to save money repairing your laptop. Here are the Laptop repair manuals so that you can do the work for yourself.
If your not mechanical, I suggest you then bring it to a certified technician to get the work done right.


BootDisk2BootStick 0.8

Here is a great software that replaces all of those old floppy disks that you still carry around with a USB stick.


Keyboard Driver Download

If you have a current keyboard and can't seem to get it working correctly. Try this software. It's suppose to correct all missing keyboard drivers.


RoboForm Online

Saving your passwords has just gone easier. RoboForm in now online making it easier for you to access your password vault anywhere around the world.
The setup is simple and you will never be tied to one computer.

Also is included the RoboForm bookmarklet that let's you login to your RoboForm account online folder.


MP3 Modifier

Want to change the bitrate of your MP3 music collection. This software does the trick.


Blackberry Push Email Service Alternative

If your in need of the Blackberry service but don't want to pay their fee's for a Push email service plan. Here is are some alternatives, but email accounts are limited.

Nokia Messaging
Apple MobileMe
Notify Co


Do you really need a Blackberry

Here is an interesting article on the needs of having a Blackberry. It's not for everyone but it's go to know information.


Emoze the Blackberry Alternative

Using Blackberry but are getting upset with their recent outages. Here is your replacement for the Push Email service that Blackberry offers.
At least now you your email is guaranteed.


Amorize HackAlert

Now-a-days it's always better to be alert when it comes to people trying to hack into your website. If your in need of monitoring your website then it pays to have armorize so that your one step ahead of malware before it happens.



Need information on a business name or online service. This website there via text message. Access content on demand.



Here is another GPS driving software for your smartphones. It gives you more than just directions, like real time traffic problems.


New Calculator in Vista and Windows 7

Want to know what's new with the calculator in Window's Vista and Windows 7. You can now use it either as a standard calculator or as a scientific calculator. This is a great benefit for students and rocket scientist.

To view it just open the calculator and click on view and switch from standard to scientific anytime.


Girl Hater Website

If you recently broke up with your ex and want some revenge for the things that they did. Here is a great website for the girls. It's better than using physical force and your post's will last forever. I just hope he doesn't find out.


Sexual Partner Calculator

This is a very interesting website that calculates your sexual partner past indirectly and estimates the chances of getting STD. If your concern about your health, here is a good place to start.


EA Sports FIFA Online

Love EA Sports, here's a chance to play online for free in the closed public BETA version. Hurry up, there is no telling how long this offer will last.


Chrome 4

Google's new version 4 is said to be more stable with 1,500 more tools. Let's hope this version of Google makes everyone happy when browsing.
If you want the upgrade, just wait until next week to update the browser manually.


Blue Watch Dog

Now you can keep calm with Blue Watch Dog. The device is said to keep track of your belongs by using the bluetooth technology. Once an item that has bluetooth enable device goes out of the network, the alarm rings to alert you. It's like having your own portable watch dog.



Get ready for the new wave of movies coming to a cell phone near you. Blockbuster starting doing first and it looks like others are to follow. No telling how mobile movies will do yet.


HBO Imagine

Here a website from HBO that gives the true meaning of short clips of current shows. Now you can see the story lines in different angles. Give it a try.


Here Comes HRD's

In the past few years data storage has been increasing drastically. New types of hard drives are being developed to extend hard drive durability. In this comes the new hybrid HRD's. It's a new concept on making hard drives, I just hope it can last longer than my current hard drive.