Xerox Free Color Printers

Xerox FreeColorPrinters
Yes you too can get a free color printer. The catch is that you have to do a minimum amount every month and if you don't meet the minimum you will be penalized and billed $100- monthly per quota that you don't meet. But the printing supplies are reasonable and it's still cheaper than leasing and in the end the color printer is yours. So go figure if Xerox is your way to go.


BlogEasy - Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting For Your Blog.

If your looking for another blog site. Check Blogeasy.
But Blogger.com by Google is still my favorite.


Celestia - For the Astronomer in You

If you enjoy stars and like to see Galaxy clusters. Here is a program for you. It stimulates you space experience to the final frontier. Expand you mind take a ride.


Current TV // Google Current

TV // Google
I don't know about you but I want my Google Tv.
What else can anyone ask for. TV for free from Google.

National Archives

NARA -About the National Archives and Records Administration,
If you have in interest on the business the Federal Government does. Then this site is for you. It contains all Government agencies records that you should be aware of on how our Government operates.


Gmail for your domain

Gmail for your domain
Now it's a time to have a domain via Gmail.
You get 2 gig of storage and it's free.


Motor de Búsqueda SearchSpanish - Inicio

Motor de Búsqueda SearchSpanish - Inicio
Want to Search Something in Spanish. Here is a nice site to help you get started. Hopefully this will help others.


Hawking Technologies

Hawking Technologies are on the right track. They are perfecting Wireless technology and hopefully all new Wireless devices will improve in the coming year.


Myspace Codes

Myspace Codes, Layouts, Layout Code, Graphics, Backgrounds, Graphic Codes, and Myspace Help,
Joined MySpace and just looking for something special for your page.
This site will help you make your web page unique.


Blind Spot Detector

Valeo : global automotive supplier
Automobiles may soon be coming out with a Blind Spot Detector.
It keeps on alert for vechicles in your area and warns you of vehicles passing by.It might just prevent blind spot accidents.


Blackfin is Connected

If you like Wifi you should take a look at the SoundBridge Radio.
It's a Wifi Internet Radio that promises to bring all the Music you can ask for.
This is going to change how we listen to music.


Logitech Bluetooth Music System

Logitech Bluetooth Music System Review
I think I am going to enjoy this. Bluetooth is every where now and it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a wireless convertor to put your stereo and pc together.

Portable Book Scanner

The World's First Portable Automatic Book Scanner

If you have at least $50k to spend. You might want to purchase an automatic book scanner.
Think of all the extra space you'll save not having an extra book taking up some space.

Apple Shuffles the Deck

Apple Shuffles the Deck - Motley Fool - MSNBC.com
Prices are now going down for the Nano and this might be the end for Apple's new toy on the block. Apple better catch up and take the Nano to a different level. Otherwise this will just be another digital player in the tech market.


Google & Skype Global Wifi

Let's just make this simple.
Think about free Wifi access.
Then think about Global Worldwide Access for everyone.
No need to reconfigure programs because your Wifi in Europe will work well in America.
The right way to go.


Shareazza download

Shareazza download from MP3 Search Tools category
Here is another Peer to Peer file sharing software like LimeWire and Bearshare.
Unfortunately it hasn't gotten to much popularity and hopefully within time it will gain its momentum.


DDR Ram Drive

Get Ready for Ram Drive. Plugs into your external power supply instead of using buss, maintaining your data even if you shut down. Keep an eye on this.

Xbox 360 Hacks

I4U News - Xbox 360 Hacks: File System Explorer and Web Browsing
Here are a few hack tips to play around with your Xbox 360.


CDBurnerXP Pro - free burning solution

CDBurnerXP Pro - free burning solution | Home / News
I love when things are free and this site is sure enough good for me.
Free is for me.
Even though it has a few bugs. You can also wait until a stable version comes out.


DeepBurner Free

PCWorld.com - DeepBurner Free
Don't want to buy Nero or Creative CD/DVD burning software. Try this DeepBurner for free.
You can't copy from CD to CD and you can't burn Video or DVD's unless your willing to fork up $25- for the Pro Edition. Any way it's still cheaper than others.


iPodRestore - Help is on the way

Help is on the way
Recently bought an iPod and somehow it got damaged. This is a site to remember. They can even give you a free estimate of what it will cost for you to fix your damaged iPod to life again.


SunRocket Internet Phone Service

SunRocket Internet Phone Service
For $17- a month / $199- a year who can go wrong. These sites are what I predicted and if they play the VOIP game right. You better believe people will be changing over.


Missed the XL Super Bowl Ads

If you missed the Super Bowl Ads here they are once more again.


Gmail Instant Messenger in Gmail

Reality has kicked in. Gmail Instant Messenger is now integrated within the Gmail program. No more trying to install other software. Just instant message anyone with Gmail now.


Keyboard with VOIP Phone

Talk about a keyboard with perks.
This keyboard is one of many new ways Voice Over IP gadgets.
The question is who can create VOIP equipment that will hardly cost hardly anything and integrate it with your stand alone personal computer.
VOIP the cheaper way of tomorrow.


Fighting Spyware

Here is a list of ten things that you should know.
It's better to know then not to know so that your prepared for the consequences.


Industry Applauds DTV Bill Passage

Industry Applauds DTV Bill Passage - 2/2/2006 - Electronic News

All that's left is for the President to do is sign the bill and it will be law.
Analog transmission will end on 2/19/09. From there on it will just be Digital television for everyone.
The future is now and hopefully it will make a better tomorrow.


Desktop Sidebar

Want to spice up your personal computer desktop.
Take a look at these sidebars. Hopefully it will change the way your desktop looks.
Besides it nice to have all the useful programs at your reach.


1800 Got Junk

Lets just say this is a good solution to get rid of most of your junk.
Door to Door service. And the good thing about it is that you get help.


Make A Button with Google New Toolbar

what is plasencia.us
This is pretty simple to do but you can only do it if the site has a search engines and the new Google toolbar installed on your computer.
1-First install the Google Toolbar software
2-Go to your favorite page that you want to make a button for and right click on the search box in that page. I believe it only works on web pages with a search engine on that page.
You then customize your button and presto it appears in your google toolbar.
Anytime you want to go to that favorite site. You just click the button and your there.
That easy and simple.
I must admit Google is impressing me.