Google Services

Looks like these Google services have yet to be revealed and I guess the work continues, until one day the service be


Always remeber these:
Google Keep
Google books nGram Viewer
Pronounce big numbers
Character Draw
Type 80 characters without special keyboard
Google Art Project
Digital Cheat Sheet
Google Trends
Search Terms
Google Express
Sound Search
Animal Noises
Gboard for iphone
Google One Day Donate


Youtuber's Delete your Video's

Youtube tutorial's on getting more user's to subscribe to you and the how to get more user's on your channel theory. It's good advice if you just starting doing tutorials or how to video's.



Ransomware hits Android Smart Tv's

I am not going to like the idea one day that ransomware will invade my television and I hope someone comes up with a fast fix before this get's out of hand. Not a good idea and it's going to definitely get me upset.



Outlast your iPhone Storage

Anyone who has an iPhone already has learned about reaching their storage limitations. Here are ways to reduce that problem so that you don't fall short on storage when taking pictures or recording video.



Excel Caution Hack

Looks like Excel has exploit with users who have the software WhatsApp installed. It's a must read if you have Microsoft Excel and the WhatsApp installed on your computer.



Exploit disables iOS Texts

A new exploit just showed up just recently that disable's iOs texts forever. It was warned to us by security experts years ago and it looks like this is the beginning of very serious things to come and interrupt our daily lives.



Sling DVR

Looks like Sling Tv is taking streaming television where it's never been before by adding DVR to it's showing line-up's. It's a great feature that's been long over due and it's the start of more streaming DVR service to come from in the future.
It's still in beta but this shouldn't keep you back from subscribing to them.



B Batteries

Ever wonder why some batteries are no where to be found? Take a look at B batteries and how they just simply disappeared as time went by. It's not like you can't find them, but eventually it will be obsolete. I can't ever remember ever seeing a B battery. Can you?



Unlimited Access for Prime User's

Have an Amazon Prime subscription? You might want to take a look at the FreeTime Unlimited service for your children, which not only has more shows but educational apps as well.



Phone and WiFi Malware

Looks like this new visitor is gradually taking over gadgets and if your not careful it could even go further and take over all of your electronic equipment that you use daily.
So far it's not here in the states yet, but for the way it's spreading out on the internet. It's only a matter of time before it reaches all of us. And the only protection that user's have for now is to have their internet service provider quarantine



Month to Month Cell Phone Insurance

Here's the real scoop on having month to month cell phone insurance plan on you phone. From the article it looks like the plan is a waste of money unless your one of those individuals who is careless and have bad luck when it comes to phones.
In my opinion save the money and when you eventually encounter a problem with your phone, either fix the old one or buy a new one.



Netflix Downloads

Want to download Netflix video's now. No problem with this cool software, but there is no telling how long this will work once Netflix counter backs the online privacy.



Blank Pc Screen

What to do with a blank Pc screen. This is the start of your computer repairing problems. If your patient enough, sometimes the fix can be simple. But if all these tips still does not get your computer up and running. Your best bet is to get hired help.



Hardware Inventory

Looking for an inventory software for your network for system administrators. It's has a lot of information for the everyday user. That can be useful in many other projects.



Porn Pc Policy

Looks like porn will soon be harder to access on a computer if this bill passes. It's not only going to block you from accessing porn sites but you will have to pay a one time premium to be able to access porn. It's a great idea for parents who want to limit porn access in their child lives.




Online privacy keeps on getting out of control and to help battle this fight this software comes to the rescue to keep your information private.



Obituary Searches

This is a very sensitive issue and it's always good to know when a dear friend or someone special has just passed away. It's the blue print to finding out if someone did pass away.




Here is another free Ransomware protection for user's who fear on having their system taken over by hackers and demanding money or else. It's another way to help protect your company and investments at the same time until a future fix is created.



Wiping Hard Drive

Want to wipe out a hard drive all of it's information to either resell or later re-install on another computer. That shouldn't be a big deal with the help of the link below.
Now erasing a hard drive is a thing of the past.



Malwarebytes 3

Looks like Malwarebytes is back and better with it's new improved software. Built form the bottom up, this new line of defense will hopefully end antivirus software forever.
It looks like the company is taking a challenge with it's competitors and making a stand to be the only software solution needed when combating malware and antivirus. If all goes good this could be a new way and the only way to go for computer protection. Check it out and give it a try.
I still consider this software the best in the market.



Network Scan

Need to scan your network to see what's connected to your devices. This free software will help you do the leg work and figure out what's connected. Hopefully making your job easier to do.



Bank Glitch

Some people just have all the luck. How wild this story sound and what risks this individual took and the consequences that he faced because of his bold actions.
He is so lucky that his ending made him free.



Gooligan Malware Check

Looks like this new Android malware is infecting many user's by the minute. The infection takes place by opening an email or via web page and it doesn't stop there.
The only way to make sure you haven't been attacked it to verify your email address via the link below. I advise user's not to open any email that's they are not familiar with and if you don't know the user delete the email all itself.



Public WiFi Beware

Public WiFi has it's good and it's bad. Today they are reviewing it's security risks and why you should be concern when connecting to these free services.



Directv Now Review

Recently Directv came out with a mini subscription version for streamers and here is the scoop on whether or not the service is worth it.
Well for the money it looks good against it's contenders but only time will tell when more player's get in on the streaming wagon.



Ultimate Boot CD

It's time again to update your Ultimate Boot CD that been recently been updated from September 2016. The new update brings new bugs fixes and definition updates and it's still a great utility disk for technician's and do it yourself users.



Audio Grabber

Free audio grabber lets you rip music files so that you can easily play them where ever you go.
Technology is changing daily and it's important to keep up to date with software that's going to make your life easy.



Virus Removal via CMD

Yes your best bet to remove any virus goes back to the DOS command prompt and if you hate going back to the old school method. I just want to let you know that this method is still effective.
Sometimes going back to the basic is the best way to get things done right.



Reset Win Pswd

Your locked out of Windows and need to reset your Windows password to get access. Here is another useful site to get you out of a jam and help you get those files you need quickly.


  1. Use the Windows repair disk to boot your computer.
  2. Choose your preferred language.
    Note: The method was tried on Windows 10. The repair disk options may differ for other Windows versions.
  3. Click Troubleshoot.
  4. Click Command Prompt.
  5. In the CMD window, type the following command and press Enter:
    copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
  6. Now, type the following command and press Enter:
    copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
    Note: You will see the Overwrite c:\sethc.exe?  confirmation if you have done this method in the past. In this case, type All and press Enter.
  7. To quit CMD, type exit and press Enter. Restart your computer.
  8. At the login screen where you enter your password, press Shift key for five times. A CMD window will show up.
  9. Type the following command and press Enter:
    net user username password
    Important: Here, the username is your user account name and password is the new password you want to set. If your username is ironman and new password Jarvis, the command will be:
    net user ironman Jarvis
  10. Now press Enter.
  11. Exit the command prompt.
  12. You can login to your Windows machine using the new password.
with compliments of fossbytes.com


Win & MAC Password Help

Somehow you lost your Windows or MAC password and need to get into your computer to get a hold of important files. No problem with the help of this link.
I am hoping user's use this information wisely and not do anything that's wrongful.

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Store 2


Traffic Lights Get Easier

Looks like traffic light technology is getting to the automotive industry and if all goes well. We can sure expect to see it in upcoming models. Not only will you be able to tell when the next traffic light will change. It will warn you to slow down, because for one reason or another, your not going to make that light. The technology has so much to offer for drivers and city traffic headquarters that hopefully it will give better information for daily commuting traffic. Stay tuned.