Vista Servic Pak 1

We still have no release date but here are the 100 known fixes already.


Online Desktop

It's an online version of your computer where one can email, surf the web, save documents and photos and do file transfers. There so much one can do you'll find it difficult to believe it's online. It's worth to check out.


Remote Laptop

Want to control your laptop remotely. It's great if you want to use it for Powerpoint, Windows Media Player, playing CD's or viewing DVD's. Now effortlessly you can control your Laptop PC from a distance of one hundred feet away. Plus it has a PCM-CIA card so that you can store your remote at ease. It's the best way to go wireless with a Laptop.


Sima USB Multi Cable with Firewire

If you have more than one portable device and need always a special cable to connect to your laptop for power or file transfer. Take a look at Sima's USB Multi Cable with Firewire. It's like having five cables in one. Don't waste your time forgetting to bring that special cable. As long as the Sima Multi Cable has it, then you can use it.


Vacation Gas Calculator

Planning a road trip this summer. You better estimate how much gas it's going to cost you because prices again will be higher than usual. Maybe your just better off flying or seeking other means of transportation. Prices can vary from place to place, but in the end if your planning a road trip, get ready to dig deeper into your pockets.

State Regional Gas Averages Link


No Mac is Safe

Once again thumb drives are now considered a security threat in the business world. Anyone with the right tools can get into your computer and get a hold of sensitive information. So if you think your computer is a safe guard for all your passwords and information. Think again.
Mac lock pick is only accessible to law enforcement individuals. But in a world with identity theft, anything is possible.


Decrypt iTunes & WMA files

Here are great applications to decrypt your iTunes and WMA files.
Regardless of the legal issues, decrypting your music files saves you headaches on playing music on other portable music players.

For iTunes you need a decrypting software known as QTFairUse6. You can find it on Google and install it. Start iTunes and then run QTFairUse6. If you have problems decrypting files. I've noticed that if you close iTunes and re-open it again. Files will begin decrypting.
Link: QTFairUse6

For WMA you need a decrypting software known as FairUse4. You can find it on Google and install it. But you'll need a version of Windows Media player 9 or 10 for the program to work effectively. Windows Media 11 bypasses the decryption software.
Link: FairUse4


Mobile Broadband Cards

If you currently have a laptop and searching for a broadband card. You'll have a difficult time guessing who has the best peak performance and perks.
If your a traveler, Cingular is the way to go. But for fast upload and download speeds in the U.S., Verizon should be your choice.
Besides the two year required service agreements, you have special rates if your a current subscriber or not. So make sure you read up on the broadband connect service costs. Cards for laptops will run you any where from $50.00 up to $100.00 and can have broadband limits. Verizon for example is changing it's unlimited plan name to limited because it prohibits file sharing.
I don't understand why buying a mobile broadband card should be so difficult.
Carriers should just keep everything standard and keep cost's across the board. What's the point on offering mobile broadband connections if you can't file share. File sharing is your business. I don't hear any complaints when someone goes over their plan minutes so why the sudden cap on mobile monthly limits.
But if you really want to be mobile. Mobile broadband cards are the way to go. I will just wait a little longer until the price drops and caps are removed so that mobile broadband can be my way of life.



Online Highlighter

I like this neat application of highlightening web content online. Similar to when someone uses a highlighter marker or post-it notes.
You install the program, choose the browser, highlight the information your think that's important and save file, or share the file to others. This makes it easier for anyone to save online content.


Need a Photo Management for Dummies

Kodak EasyShare program is what your looking for when it comes to Photo Management for Dummies. The software is user friendly so that anyone can upload, correct and edit pictures online.
Remember that your photo's are the diary of your life, so remember to keep them alive with Kodak.


Yahoo 2.0 Mobile

Yahoo wants to be a part of everyone's life. That's were Yahoo mobile comes into play. You can setup mews, weather, sports, entertainment, Flickr photos and other widgets to any mobile phone. Since it's free, be prepared to view advertisements.
But free is free.


Solar Cell Bag for your Laptop

I've seen these items lately but there are too pricey and not at their peak performance. They only good to recharge your battery before use. I am not reconsidering in purchasing one until either they make laptops more energy efficient or until these solar cells are able to give anyone their moneys worth. It's about time.


Build an External Hard Drive

Building an external hard drive is simple. But you may want to read this article before hand just so you have an idea what to look for when building an external hard drive.


Sun Pod

Concern about getting skin cancer while tanning in the sun. Here is a company who is trying to help and make a difference. It's pretty unusual but in the end it's suppose to control the UV's that your body can handle. I just hope that this really works.


Geek Squad Stupidity

Geek Squad has a lot of explaining to make concerning one of their employees leaving his cell phone after being called to fix a computer problem and secretly filming the customer coming straight out of the shower.
Didn't he realize he was going to get caught?


Giga Tribe

Want to make your own peer to peer file sharing site between friends and family. Here is an easy way using Giga Tribe. You install the program and no one but you and your friends on your file sharing list can see, view and download files at maximum speed.
Peer to peer, the secure way.


Cassette Deck Converter

Don't know what to do with all those cassette tapes that you piled up through the years. Here is a solution. Get a Cassette Deck Converter for your computer and bring your favorite tunes back to life.


Vista Bios Hack

I can't believe what I am reading. Microsoft is aware of a recent hack to their Vista software and it's response is to do nothing. Now this makes me wonder how secure is there operating system.


FED Phone Charger

Tired of using several charges for your cell phone. Use the FED Phone charger and you'll be able to toss all of your phone chargers away. Hopefully in the future manufactures will make a universal charger for all devices.


Verizon all in one plan

It's not official yet but if your a Verizon wireless customer check out for a new bargain plan to come out. It's unlimited text, pictures and V Cast. You will be able to know enjoy more benefits for an all in one price.



Antimalware Software

You can't trust the Internet anymore. You don't know when your going to go to a website and automatically download something onto your personal computer. Trojans are everywhere and there is no guarantee you can be virus free. You just have to be cautious. But for safety you can always buy antimalware software to help fight these Trojans that can mess up your computer.


File Scavenger

If your looking for a file recovery software here's a great one for a great price. You can recover media from hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives, and accidental reformating.


Portable Security

Be smart and ahead of all the rest. Trust no one and secure all of your personal items.


Emergency Copy

Every now and then I find a great solution for IT headaches. One is making an emergency copy of a hard drive. Great item to have. But you be the judge when it comes to making an emergency copy.


PC Lock

Want to make your PC useless, if someone else ever tries to steal it. This is a great solution for the price. Keeps everyone off your computer. The only bad thing will be, if you loose it.


Verizon Unlimited Broadband Card

I don't know if I am legally correct. But if a company offers unlimited broadband service. Then it's service should be unlimited. I wish some lawyer would see my article and take action. This looks like statues of fraud. In plain English, false advertising on Verizon's side.


Floating Serving Tray

Call me lazy, but I kind of like the idea of having this cool toy in my pool and serving my guest food and drinks, remotely.



Computers are almost wireless free. One day everything will be wireless. For now we just have to live with devices that connect to our computer and sort of hide the wires that connect to your PC.


Secrt Web Browser

If you want to stream the web anonymous this program will sure keep your visits private. You can also install it on your USB thumb drive.


Mac Micro *FUN*

I figure this year for April Fools day. I take a break and see what cool stuff people can come up with to fool me. Guess what. There are too many people still sleeping.