Play Store App not avail

If you use the Google Play Store and can no longer download content because the flagged application has malicious or deceptive you can download an application such as F-Droid and APKMirror to continue using the application.




Old version of Websites

Trying to go back in time and see what the website looks like years ago, you might want to check out the list of sites available to go back in time. Sites like Wayback Machine, Archive.today, OldWeb.today, Library of Congress, Search Engines Cache Pages, Web Cache Viewer, UK Web Archive and Memento Time Travel are here to help. 

See the link below for more information. 


More Channels with Google Tv

It looks like Google TV lets you browse more than 800 free tv channels across multiple providers in one easy guide. It's only going to be a matter of time before other providers do the same thing to keep their subscribers. Thanks for the great idea Google. 



ChatGPT Tutorial

Want to check out ChatGPT and want to see what it can and cannot do, take the tutorial course so that you can see what information you can obtain by playing around with ai on the web. 

You will be amazed on the responses that you will get and what more information you can obtain. 


Chrome Browser Tips

Need to organize your browser with Chrome then get used to these helpful tips that will make your browsing experience easier to do.

You will be amazed on how quickly you can make them work. 


Apple Savings Account

It looks like Goldman Sachs Bank is now trying to minimize its Apple credit card exposure to risk by offering users a new savings wallet application available only to Apple Card holders.

The plan makes sense and users can get the current annual yield on interest. 



Apple ID & Password Bug

Apple users have been reporting a new bug with its devices in which it keeps on asking for the user id and password and when the user enters the password it fails.

Hopefully, Apple will fix this password problem soon in its new update. 


Apple Fake Products

The markets of full of Apple fake products and here is a good example of why people should stay away from Apple Fake products. 

You have to admire that they can get really close to replicating its products, but it's never going to be what you really paid for. 

If you got extra cash to burn and want to see the hype then it's worth checking out. 


Rise of RISC-V

Here is a new program language that is going to simplify how we use technology and if it all goes as planned we can save money and use our devices longer. 

It's going to make it easier for everyone to get more on their devices as long as the manufacturer adoption process continues. 



Solar Panel Robots

Solar Panel has taken a new launch with its autonomous robot installers. This simplifies and improves the future installation of solar panels and it's a complete game changer. Now there will be no shortfall in the labor force and it can make future rollouts easier to do than ever. 


2023 Best Foldable Phones

If you are looking for the best foldable phone here is the list again and it looks like Samsung is still on top for now. I just cannot figure out why it's taking so long for their competitors to get this simple technology figured out. At this rate, they will soon be making super computers more advanced that we can imagine. 


Old or Discontinued Software

Looking for old versions of software or software that have been discontinued. Here are some great sites that can help you install the old version of the software so that you can remove a corrupt program, or just use the program. 


Microsoft Copilot

I am so excited about this program and let's just say when it goes rollout it's going to be a game changer altogether. Not only it's going to make our life easier but you can incorporate this with your work, daily life, etc. There is so much that it can do it's endless.



Win System Restore Info

It's amazing that someone created this user-friendly video of system restoration in a comical way. Maybe we should be explaining things to others this way. 


Marketing Solicitation Tactics

I recently was reading this article on how users can easily have their consumer rights violated by just going to websites and just filling out a form and not submitting it. 

Once the form is created let's just say everything goes out the door regarding your consumer privacy and any information collected after that is bits of information that they can use to continue in contacting you.



Save Mobile VM

Mobile phones have an interesting way of saving voicemails and users can easily save their messages by following these tips. 

If you have some voicemails on your phone that you want to preserve it case something happens to your device, this is the best way to save them. 


Telsa Wireless Charger

It looks like Telsa was able to create a wireless charger that is not only pricey but can be the ideal charger for other products to maintain a charge. It's kind of like a charger on steroids and I would not be surprised if manufacturers adapt to the technology and start creating fast-charging devices.

Let's see hope this technology evolves.


Amazon Sidewalk

It looks like Amazon how been gathering resources together to pool the internet bandwidth from users of their devices so that it can create an internet blanket to connect all devices.

Successfully it now covers 90% of the U.S. population and it's open now to developers. This is great for vendors on future products and it is limitless on what they can do once the dots are connected. 

Stay tuned for what can come next, since it's not too far off from reaching their goals. 


Unlimited Hosting Defined

If you have a website you should be aware of what unlimited hosting is and the benefits that it provides for you and your company. Not every site offers the same features and how picking the right plan can save you money in the long run. 



NHL AI Predictions

You will see soon how companies will use AI to predict game scores and how it can benefit the team to change the odds of playing games. It may sound crazy but it's already being used. 



Still do not know what ChatGPT is all about, well this site will give you the details of what it is and why some people and excited or unexcited on how useful it will become in the years to come. 


ChatGPT Money Games

It might sound crazy but is it really, now that ChatGPT is out here are some great ways to make money online.

You just need to be creative, think out of the box, and make the money before someone else reaps your potential rewards. 


Car Cleaning Tips

Every once in a while I find websites that are very resourceful and if you are a car buff and love keeping your car tidy here are some top cleaning products that the experts use.

Now you keeping your car clean should not be that difficult to do.


Airplane Mode

Ever wonder why they always tell you when you fly to put your phone on airplane mode, here is the real reason why and you cannot blame them, because like any other company they do have a business to run. 


Amazon Book Depository

It looks like Amazon is shutting down its online bookstore. You would think that they would still maintain this golden token that help build this empire together. 

It's only a matter of time before they begin to slim-line other nonprofitable areas. 



Pinduoduo malware

Pretty scary application to have on your mobile phone. Let's just say if you have already installed the application, good luck on trying to remove it. 


Telsa resale value

Some Telsa users will have a reality check with their vehicles coming next year if they plan to resell their cars. Their long-range battery value will be down by almost 50% because of price cuts for new models.

Telsa's steep depreciation value is massive when compared to other new EV vehicles. So if you are looking to keep your model car value, you might just want to take a look into other EVs that keep their car value when it's time to trade in your vehicle.  




It looks like TikTok will soon have another social media application to go against META. I must admit it's an Instagram copycat but with a nicer layout and easier-to-search catalog. 

It's worth checking out since they seem to be adapting quicking than it's rivalries.


Autonomous Weapons

With recent excitement with new AI programs gaining popularity on the web,  some users are focusing on making AI fantasy a reality. 

Imagine a soldier calling for reinforcements and instead of getting another soldier to help him out, he gets several drones to attack his enemies individually. It's definitely going to make a difference and soon there is nothing that's going to stop this revolution from happening.

The AI revolution is coming and hopefully, we will figure out a solution to keep peace within other nations. 



iPhone Do Not Disturb Options

Here is a great way to add specific users to your iPhone Do Not Disturb feature. Apple has made some adjustments and now you can add specific user's on this list so that when the feature is enabled you still can get calls from priority users.