How has my PC been running

Here is a easy way to determine how long your computer has been running. All you need to do is go into the run command and type "taskmgr" or hit CNTRL&ALT&DEL together.
What your looking for is for the Performance tab where it saids Up Time.


Twonky Media

Want to share your media files at home. It can be easy if you use Twonky Media manager. It enables you to control, view, and share files with other computers on your home network. It's the modern streaming entertainment center for your home.


Lan Speed Test

Need a software to test your network LAN speed. This utility should do the trick. And it give you speed test read and write results.


Blue Screen of Death Tool

Need a tool to analyze the common Windows Blue Screen of Death. This tool can help by clearing up the MiniDump, Event Log entries for Application and System Logs. There is no guarantee that your computer can be saved. But it's better than doing nothing.


W 7 SP1

The long awaited Windows 7 service pack is here. There are no major fixes and you can skip this update if you like. But before you download it, here is what you should do first.

Windows 7 SP1 is scheduled to go public on February 24, 2011. Which means that your computer will be doing it's scheduling update soon after this date. If by no means you want to skip this upgrade, here is the service pack blocker tool kit to prevent your computer from updating.


World Web Portable

Here is a great portable thesaurus and dictionary for Windows user's who are always on the move. It can easily be put in a flash drive and you only use it when necessary.

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Need to defrag more than one drive and don't want to take forever on doing this. This helpful utility makes it simple to do.

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Dell KACE Secure

Dell is trying to keep online web purchasing secure that it's offering it's free virtual secure web browser extension for Firefox users. The new virtual website is designed to keep hackers away from spoofing customers for online purchases. Now browsing on the Dell website will be done securely.


USB Safeguard

Want to secure your flash drive. Here is a nice software to password protect your sensitive file while you're on the move.

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Image Burn

Need a portable recorder to burn CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray with several modes for recording. This software should help you do the trick.

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Planning a Trip

If your planning a trip, you'll be wise to use Kayak. A new search engine that get's you deals from five travel web search sites. You compare and book your travel plans all online.


HW Monitor

Here is a great Computer monitoring utility that gives you professional hardware and informational specifications for your current computer. It's a great utility with lots of useful information for the need to now specialist.

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VNC Helper

Portable application user's should be glad to know that now VNC can easily be accessed via your portable device. Now every technician can have easy online access.

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Downloading a large file or doing a large file transfer and your computer keeps on being interrupted by going to sleep or suspend mode. Your computer needs Caffeine to correct this problem. The program prevents your computer from locking and enabling the screen saver from going on. It's a handy application to keep your computer connected when your in need of completing a long task unattended.

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Windows 7 System Restore Manager

Windows 7 has some nice great features. But one thing that I hate is what they did with system restore utility. They made it so difficult to manage. This is where the system restore manager comes in. You now can easily do a system restore and delete a restore point, so easily with just a click of the button.

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Portable Application Launcher

Have your own portable applications that you want to make portable. Try this portable application launcher that puts these portable applications at your finger tips.


Android Open Spot

With the help of Google Android user's can now download for free Open Spot software application. It's a handy software to tell user's where to park in open parking spaces.


Blackberry Tablet

Hey why not, Apple has one and Microsoft tried to make one. So why can Blackberry try to compete in this competitive market and show everyone that they too can make a successful enterprise tablet.


Nero 10 Free

Nero is giving away it's Nero 10 software for free. All you really need to do is download the free software and start burning your favorite CD and DvD's.

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Reversible USB

Annoyed that every time you need to plug in your USB device to a computer, you either have difficulties in plugging the device in or just can't get it done correctly.
Here is where the reversible USB plug comes in. It doesn't matter which way you plug it in, the device will easily get connected. Less pain for your efforts.


Soft Key Revealer

Want to reveal CD Keys or serials are your computer. This software will do the trick so that you don't loose your investment and are forced to buy the same software again because you've misplaced your serial keys.


Remote Desktop Manager

Looking for a Remote Desktop Manager to make your life easier for remote access. This handy software changes the way you login remotely so that you can connect quicker. Give it a try.

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Share Docs via Facebook

Facebook should be excited that Microsoft Office 2010 helps them now share documents online via Facebook friends. Now Office will be in the center of the social network so that everyone now can share Office files freely.


Beep Codes Viewer

Have a computer beeping with codes and don't know what it means. Here is the answer to your problems. This small utility small enough to fit in a flash drive. Decodes the computer beeping codes.

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Encrypt everything you do so that your personal files are always secure. A must have utility for anyone saving notes on their portable devices. Best of all it's free.


Lupo PenSuite

Looking for on the go portable applications to make your life easier. The Lupo PenSuite is a great alternative. All you have to do is just download and install them to your portable device.

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If you enjoy Open Source software. Your going to love ZeuAPP. It contains at least 82 open source applications that can be used on the go. Enjoy.


Windows Error Message

What to know the meaning for your Windows Error messages. Here is an excellent software to decode those codes.

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