People Search Engines

Looking for an old school mate, searching for someone you know, or want to do a background check on someone. Hopefully one of these sites will help. Hopefully you'll use this database in good faith.




A great tutorial site to learn the latest from the experts in the field. This is a must for graphic designers and programmers.


I want Sandy

Need a personal assistant to remind you of your daily task. Say hello to Sandy, your personal assistant. Her job is to remind you of things to do list. Give her a try since it's for free.


Compusa Gone For Good

It can be the end for Compusa, the mega computer store.
Times are changing in the technology world and the once so famous store now looks like they can't keep up with consumers.
If your looking for computer mega deals, keep an eye on all Compusa ad's this year and next. In the end it will be a good deal to the end.


Free Wifi Connect from At&t

Have At&t ( Bellsouth ) and hate it that you can't connect wirelessly to other public networks.
Well if your always going portable, this might be of some interest to you.
At&t DSL customers can connect free to public locations by just signing up.
Just check the public wifi locations in your area and get connected.

WiFi locations Link


Aim into Gmail Chat

Yes it's true you now can chat with Aim users using Gmail chat. No need to install aim onto your computer. If your currently using Gmail chat, all you do is send a message to the Aim user get confirmation and your ready to chat.


Get Snagit 7.25 for free

Love the famous Snagit software. Here's a chance to get it for free.
And to make it valid register your copy.
Software ftp://ftp.techsmith.com/pub/products/snagit/725/SnagIt.exe

Register Link


Lego Software on your PC

If your looking for some lego software for your computer. Take a look at these



New Plant Filteration System

It's just only 1 year away for the amazing new technoligical plant filteration system. It will revolutionize air filteration system from companies such as Glade, Wizard and Air Wick. Eco friedly to the environment.


Windows XP SP3 with Speed boost

This is the reason Microsoft is keeping quiet with XP SP3. It contains Windows Speed boost that will enhance your PC performance. The reason why Microsoft is keeping this quiet is that if your computer feels sluggish now, many users usually upgrade instead of keeping their existing operating unit. But with the new SP3 update. You can keep your old operating system and disregard Vista all the way.
If you have XP and debating about buying Vista, hold on and wait to see when the service pak comes out next year. It's can be worth the wait and it will save you a bundle and headaches from the new upgrade.


Away from Home Office Tools

Here are a few cool away from home office tools that will keep you working when your away from home.

Create your own personal desktop
Brain storm your thoughts
Office application that uses the same functions as Microsoft Office
Great place to download files and have others view them
Online Spending Account
Need some books while your away


Free Music Download

It's only a matter of time before all music downloads will be free. It's a long battle to the end, but I believe that in time music downloads will be free and music giants will find a new way to cash in on their royalties.
So feel free to browse this website and download as many songs as you want.
The advertisers are the ones who generate revenues to the artist.
It's legal and its free.


Print Anywhere over the Internet

Interesting windows freeware that let's you print anywhere over the internet. I would assume it would be great for salesman or executives who are always on the road to print documents over the internet.
In my opinion why not store these documents online and print them later using widows xps.


Census results in your area

Want to find out the Census results for your area. Try this site and you'll be amazed on the U.S. Census results for your area.



Ready to purchase a house, condo, or co-op. Just type in the address and this site give you the property values within that area that are currently for sale. You no longer have to call broker to broker to find out how much a buyer is asking for. You just first shop at Cyberhomes and then you later decide if that area is where you would like to move.


Solar power Bluetooth headset

For a hundred bucks you'll not only have a Bluetooth headset but it will be battery free. I just hope that it lives up to it's reputation.


USB toaster

This holiday if your looking for a special gift to someone who is always near there portable computer. This item could just probably make their day. I just hope they are able to understand that their is no such thing as a USB toaster.


Where are my cookies in Vista

If you already tried to search for your cookies folder in Vista. You have already had several unsuccessful attempts. Hopefully now you will be able to see the cookies folder but they're several things you need to do first.
The first thing is to go to your Control panel -> folder Options -> click View
tab -> and check show hidden files and folder and then find Hide protected operating system files and uncheck it and say ok to save the settings.
You then copy this link to internet explorer to view your cookies.
Make sure you change the USERNAME to read your computer user name
and this link as well


Yahoo Pipes

Let's just say it's RSS your website home page the easy way.
Check it out and give it a try.


Talking First Aide Kit

This kit is a life saver. It's contains several emergency packets. When an emergency occurs, no need to read the first aide card to find out on what to do. Just activate the voice player and it will tell you step by step.


Easy convertor

Need to convert something. No problem, just load the file, choose the format, enter your email address and the file is converted via email. Quick, fast and simple.


Remember the Milk

This is a creative website where you can gather all of your things to do list and have access to them every where. You can even get reminder alerts, so you will not forget.


Wireless Photo Frame

These new wireless photo frames are popping out every where and it's only a matter of time before one manufacture creates a great way to view and share pictures. One such manufacture is Momento who makes the Momento 100 photo frames. These frames display photo's wirelessly as long as they have a wireless network connection. Pictures are easily uploaded onto their website and you as well as family members with a Memento frame can view pictures endlessly.


Only 2 Clicks

Do you visit several pages on a daily basis. This software can make your life easier. You save the software onto your desktop as your home page. And you customize your homepage with the several websites you visit daily. Hopefully to make your browsing easier.


Verizon mess up with Day Light Savings

In this day in age it's amazing on how many people use there cell phones as alarms clocks. It's only time before alarm clocks become a thing of the past. But it makes it difficult to know how easily someday it can become a nightmare because of technology glitches like this one.



Every so often we print articles online or need to write a letter that requires special fonts. This is where this website comes in. It has over 7500 fonts and are PC and MAC compatible.


Missing a DLL file when installing a program

Take a look at this free site that promises to find and replace that DLL file that you need to install so that your program can run correctly.


The Things I want

Want to create a perfect wishlist, registry or christmas list. Check out this site and what it does is that it connects your list to any web site so that your list can be shared with friends and family.


Do My Stuff

Looking for someone do your chores, duties or task around the house or while your at work. Check out this new website that can help you when you just need that extra person around to just get that job done.


Byte Convertor

Want to know how many byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte in your computer. Or just need to calculate so that you know how much disk space you will need or have left.
This is a great tool for all those users who hate to calculate.