The Only IM Program that You Need

Tired of installing separate Instant Messenging software.
In the past I've recommended Trillian.
But now you have a choice of two others who do the job as well.
No more installing Instant messengers like AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Gtalk.

Try one of the following IM software and make your life simple.


my Favorite Meebo - no software to install


Sounds of Nature

Love the sounds of nature. Well this software will put the sounds of nature on your desktop. And it's free.

For Ebay Bidders

Like bidding on ebay but hate to have to stay home to watch the bids. This site will make bidding easier. I promise.

Free 411 for your Cell Phone

Hate paying for 411 information charges on your cell phone. It's time to use this site. Voice activated all it's free and hopefully the telephone companies will wise up with those rates.


My Blog Tips # 1

If you had read an article on my site that you want to read and maybe install. Here is a tip. Go to My Site and on the top left hand corner you'll see a white box. Type in the information your looking for and click on search this blog.
Hopefully this will find what your looking for in less of the time then going page to page.


Annual Credit Report for Free

Thanks to the federal law we now can get an annual credit report for free.
Yes free. It's a great defense to monitor identity fraud.
I sure will keep this site handy and you should too.


Porn Sites new Domain

Yes Porn sites do have domains. And if everything goes well. New domain sites for Porn will end in .xxx
At least now you can tell if that domain site is porn related. And it will help users from being fooled on the net.
So honor the .xxx domain site to regulate all Porn sites.

Google goes Wifi

News is that Google looks like it's going to go Wifi. They are seeking to get into the service provider business. I don't know if that's a good stand for Google. But hey you never know. I hope that whatever they choose to do. They know when enough is enough and hopefully they'll get out of the business if enough profits are not being generated.
Google you should learn from rivals like Microsoft and American Online. They're making no money now and they are struggling to be on top. Google stay unique and try not to get into too many sectors. Because this will be your down fall.


Nuclear Attack Detonation Simulator

I found this site interesting for the reason that some day this map could be useful. It's simulates an explosion of a war head in a ten mile radius. I hope I will never need to use this map.



This is a great way to stop that spam coming to your mail box. If you ever visited a site and just wanted to browse and they required you to enter your email address. You can use this site to create an email account and not worry about ever getting spam again from that site.
It easy all you do is create an email address like the name busy. And just add to the end @mailinator.com. So you are telling people that your email address is busy@mailinator.com. What happens next is simple. Most sites want you to verify the account. So you go to the Mailinator website above. Go to the top right corner that said check your in box. By writing busy@mailinator.com and you view the email and verify the email. No spam, no more mail from anyone. It's that simple.
Bookmark this as one of your favorites.


What's the Big Deal on Zabra Search

The big deal about Zabra search is public domain. What happens is that if someone types a first and last name. They can easily find your address and telephone number.
Many people are upset about this because they feel like their privacy are violated.
Hello the telephone company has been doing this for years. If they are not going to get the information from the Zabra search site they are going to get this information from some where else. Go figure why they're upset, when this is been available for years, ever hear of 411 - information or the White Pages. Just because certain information in not given to the entire public does not mean they don't have access to it. Public domain is public domain.
I have a good example for you. Let's say you type in Bill Gates. Well Bill Gates is really William Gates. And guess what he's not on the listing. So what does that tell you. The information is only available for certain individuals.


Nintendo's new controller

Before I even played the video I was like so what. Afterwards I was like wow.
Nintendo is going in a new direction and I wish them the best. Sony and X-box are still ahead of them. But I do admit it's nice to see that they're trying to compete and get at least a piece of the gaming market.

Donations for Katrina Survivors

If you are a concerned individual who wants to make a difference. Here is a new way to donate to a great cause. Send a text message via you cell phone to 24357 (2HELP).
They say all funds will support the American Red Cross Katrina relief efforts.

Your donation will appear on your monthly bill or be debited from your prepaid account balances.
And that's it. No hassle and no worry about money going to a wrong foundation.
Don't be surprised that in the future you will see these things appearing for other tragedies.

Encryption for your Files

Need a file encryption utility to save those personal files that you don't want anyone to view. This is a good utility. It's 128 bit encryption and it's free. What more can a person ask for.


CD Holder

Have a lot of valuable CD's that you just hate to have them lie around so they can get scratched. Try the new Discit holder. It holds 8 CD and it might save you some valuable money from having your CD or DVD's get damaged.


Mobile Maps On the Move

Is was only a matter of time before they put Mobile maps on cell phones. The only thing is can someone please come out with an affordable fee so that everyone will want to go and use it.
Various companies are offering monthly subscription fees figuring paying any where from $6.00/month to $99.00/month depending on the plan and usage.
But only time will tell if we can get this option for free


Portable USB

Have a USB device and want to take it everywhere.
Here is your solution. Download a portable USB utility and where ever you go you can bring that program to the current PC your using without even installing software on that personal computer.
A great way to bring your favorites to another computer via your USB.
It's too good to be true


Do Not Call Registry

This site gets swamped at times but every now and then your able to get in and register your telephone number so that telemarketers cannot call you with these annoying announcements.

From what I'm being told from a Mobile PC magazine is that you should register your cell phone number so that you make sure your not on the Telemarketers Call ME list.
So make sure you do so and have confirm with your confirmation email to tell you your phone is on the do not call list for five years. From there on you have to re-register again.


File Extensions

Downloaded a file and want to know what program will open that file. Here are a few file type formats. There are many programs out there that can open the various files but it easier to know what program you can use easily to view or play the files.

Anything else you would have to got to the File Extension website for file type program.

File formats:
.doc Microsoft word
.indd Adobe InDesign
.pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
.ppt Mircrosoft Power Point
.rtf TextEdit, Microsoft word
.txt TextEdit - usually you can read this using Notepad

executable system files
.app Self opening
.exe windows application

compressed files - some other programs may as well be able to open these files
.hqx Stuffit Expander
.sit Stuffit Expander
.tar Stuffit Expander
.zip Stuffit Expander or winzip

.eps Photoshop, IIIustrator
.gif Preview, Photoshop
.png Preview, Photoshop
.psd Preview, Photoshop
.tiff Preview, Photoshop

.asf Windows Media Player
.avi Quicktime
.mov Quicktime
.mpg Quicktime or others
.rm Real Player
.wmv Windows Media Player

.aac iTunes
.aiff Quicktime, iTunes
.m4p iTunes
.midi Quicktime
.mp3 iTunes or others
.ogg Audion 3
.ra Real Player
.wav Quicktime or others
.wma Windows Media Player


WebSite Help

Doing a website and need some help?
This site will be a great help and it's very user friendly.
It's free and yes hopefully it will help you make a great website.

DSL Deals

These are great DSL deals that I am just amazed people don't just jump on them. Why pay for dialup when for almost half the price or almost the same price you can pay for DSL service.
You join a free email service as Yahoo,Gmail or AIM and get 2 gig of email storage for free. But people just can't seem to get the idea that this is a deal they can't beat.


New Orleans Satellite Image

It's sad to hear what occured to New Orleans before and the after.
Here is an interesting site that shows New Orleans underwater.
It was always known that New Orleans would always go under, if a storm ever hit.
I just don't understand why they never listened.


Portable Firefox

Are your a Firefox lover. Just got to have that special Firefox browser where ever you go on the web. Here is a portable solution to use the Firefox browser via USB thumb drive. You install the application on your thumb drive and where ever you go and what ever personal computer you use. You can easily browse the web using the Firefox browser and it's extension. Wow now that's portable.
Now you can take Firefox everywhere.

Hidden Web Search Engines

The following are a series of web unindexed search engines.
These sites are hidden to many. But if your looking for free stuff you might find things you can't believe your eyes.

other links:
Direct Search
Loc Gov
Inviso Web
Resource Discovery Network
Virtual Library

The new 64 bit Series

If your not aware you now are that the reason for all the sudden price changes in current personal computers is because their are a new series of computers on the way which are the 64 bit computers.
What's the difference with current computer 32 bit and 64 bit computer?
Well for now it's not much a big difference because they hardly have any good software's out for 64 bit yet - just that your screen display will be quite smaller than usual when viewing icons. But eventually the personal computers today will look very different later on with software upgrades to 64 bit. For now save your money and wait until everything is finalized and settled.
If you want to jump on the band wagon and get a 64 bit personal computer now, beware. They have hardly any software that support 64 bit applications.
What that means is that you could have a new powerful personal computer with useless applications because the current 32 bit computers are hardly compatible to the new 64 bit PC's. So waiting is an economical choice.
Here are a few links for various support to 64 bit products:

Also if you have a current windows XP Pro computer and you are upgrading to 64 bit. Good news. Microsoft will let you upgrade your PC to 64 bit. But they're is no upgrade for user with Windows Home edition. Here is their link:
Microsoft 64 bit


Free AntiVirus Software

If you hate to pay for your AntiVirus software for your personal computer, here is a solution - get AntiVirus software for free. You must register to use the software but free is free. Having some protection is better than not having anything protecting your computer at all.

Other Free AntiVirus Sites:

Microsoft AntiSpyware

I was advised a while back on Microsoft new AntiSpyware application. Even though its in BETA version its worth to check out and try. I hope Microsoft will incorporate this product in its operating system like most of the other products it already has.
It's pretty great. With Eraser tracks it can clear up your history on your computer so that no one can tell what you were doing on that personal computer. Pretty cool for a beta version.

Note: Per a blog article on 9/19 beware of this product. It apparently can damage your personal computer configurations. It removed Internet Explorer which the program considered as spyware. So even though it seems to be a good product I would suggest you keep an eye on it and wait until it comes out of beta version.