Stolen or Lost iPhone problem

If you want to repair a stolen or lost iPhone and try to have it repaired at an Apple store, you may be out of luck. Apple is instructed authorized service providers to refuse the repair, so you might have to go elsewhere to fix the device. So beware of the consequences when buying used phones. 


Android Lightning Port

Engineers are now trying to create a lightning Android device. If all goes well this can be the new generation in which electronic devices carry a universal charger for all. 

It's great news to see the unity of devices to a common charging port. Let's hope this is the beginning of many more things to happen in the future. 


Chrome v100

 Google Chrome just recently reached version 100 and I must admit the browser keeps on getting better and better. Let's hope that they can keep it going and continue their success on keeping everyone safe and connected when surfing online.



UPS eQuad Electric Bikes

UPS is testing some electric quad bikes for delivery service. The mini UPS truck makes it easier for drivers to navigate through streets, narrow alleys, and congested areas. 
They are not that fast and hold small packages but it will make it easier for drivers to carry packages to their destinations where now their trucks cannot get through.


IPv4 vs IPv6

When comparing the two protocols you always wonder which was faster, now here is an easy explanation of the two different technologies and why IPv6 can be slower than IPv4.


Google Drones Take Off

Google is testing low-frequency robots for commercial deliveries such as Amazon, Walmart, and Google and if all goes as planned you can be seeing services across the country. 

I am excited about the rollout and to see how this will revolutionize delivery services. 


iPad Battery Pull tabs

It looks like Apple is now making the iPad easier to repair by putting in iPad battery pull tabs. Now if you had repaired old iPads the adhesive was stronger, now it will be easier to do that DYI users can do it themselves on this new version. This is a plus for Apple to encourage self-service repairs.


Tiffany & Co April Fools Joke

It looks like this year Tiffany got everyone on April Fools Day with their cryptocurrency and what everyone thought was fake was actually very real. Say hello to the TiffCoin.

Now let's see how fast user's are going to swallow up these coins before their gone. 


Kommoda e-bike

E-bikes are ruling the world and this is a very powerful bike similar to having a scooter. If you are in the market for an electric bike, this is an nice option. But bear in mind that getting an e-bike can be dangerous, and always weigh your options before purchasing one.


Apple 9 inch foldable

It looks like Apple is currently testing a 9 inch foldable iPhone but it's not any time soon expected. As per the article it looks like the company is putting it's priorities on large and medium devices before it goes to it's small devices. 

I think this is a pretty foolish move while Android continues to gain market share. It's a move like this that could just could kill Apple all together. 

Apple should learn from Motorola's past rise and fall. 


Apple IT SMB Package

 Apple has recently introduced a beta package for small businesses to manage their devices. The package helps push pre-configured packages to employees similar to Jamf.

It's beyond me what took them so long to offer these services to companies. 



iOS 15.4.1 Fix

It looks like Apple again patched its zero-day exploits with its iOS and if you are an Apple user make sure you read this information before updating. 

I would also google Forbes iOS update should you update as well to see if users are having problems with the update. 


Nike Fake NFTs

It looks like Nike is taking legal action to go after users who are making fake NFTs without their permission. And if they succeed this will be the first NFT regulation on trademarks. 


Land for Metaverse

It sort of sounds crazy but buying land as the new applications are created will eventually be very profitable to new users who just want a place in the Metaverse. 

Imagine everyone getting together and doing a meeting, playing games, or socializing in a virtual world. 


Kaspersky Risk

It's long known that this cybersecurity firm was a risk and now it's clear where the FCC stands with the company. I guess with the recent war and current restrictions now was a great time to publish this. 


Night Vision Dashcam

This camera is a lifesaver for night driving, now I would love to see this technology added by the car manufacturers to make night driving easier to do. It's the little things like this that can make a difference for defensive driving. 


Hyundai's Solar car roof

This new solar car roof is going to help EV discharges in the future on power consumption. Not only is it going to help the car save on electricity but as technology advances maybe eventually add some more miles to our current car. Let's wait and see to what the future holds for EV vechicles. 


Florida DMV License

Florida soon will be will enable their mobile drivers license and you can if you want download the application to your mobile phone so when it becomes available you will be ahead of the game.


iOS 15.4 Battery Drain

Here is what you should be aware of iOS 15.4 upgrade, besides losing more battery as per Apple this is normal. But I wonder if it's just Apple just being sloppy when upgrading their software and refusing to fix their ongoing battery life problem with their devices. 

Here are some recommended fixes if you are trying to find solutions to your problem.



iOS 15.4 Arizonians

It looks like these residents in Arizona can now add their state driver's license and IDs to their Apple Wallet. As states, one by one migrate into the new digital wallet make it easier for users to present at checkpoints. Get ready for a major upgrade to virtual IDs.


Troubleshoot Window Freezes

Here are some good tips to troubleshoot Window freezes. This always requires lots of patience, you need to wait until things free up so that you can save your file and continue.

Then try Cntrl + Alt + Del and wait for the screen to blank before selecting task manager. In task manager click more details, if visible and any non-responsive program should be highlighted and you can attempt to close it or try to recover it. This will take you to a detail tab, where processes are listed with more information on their status. 

Right-click the non-responding thread and choose to Analyze the wait chain. This waits to use resources being used elsewhere which can result in the program freezing. 

And Sometimes the Task Manager appears to have no effect. In these circumstances, you may be forced to reboot. 


Lazesoft Recovery Software

If the need for recovery software for Windows then Lazesoft suite is a great solution. Not only can you recover Windows but you can also do used for Data Recovery, Disk Image, and Password retrieval. 



Google Plus Codes

Here is digital addressing for the entire world. With Plus Codes instead of an address or street name or numbers you use latitude and longitude. 

It's a better mapping system for deliveries and emergency services to be easily found. 


AWS Sanctions in Russia

It looks like Amazon Cloud stop taking new customers in Russia, Belarus. Although this is minimal it does curb current business activities and who knows if they will even impose drastic measures to current retail activity in the country. 



Let the Bots Begin

Uber spinout service expands and lets just say that this is the beginning of the expansion of sidewalk robots to carry out everyday deliveries.

It's only a matter of time before other companies start the doing the same, and reshape the future. 


First Web3 Brower

Want to be the first to experience the first Web3 crypto browser, then take a like at Opera Crypto Browser. It's still in beta but a great way to add Telegram and Discord with just a few clicks of the mouse. 


QR Code Phishing

With the recent outbreaks, more QR codes are appearing almost everywhere so that you decrease the chances of getting germs. 

Now scammers are getting clever and trying to outsmart you, so be careful, and if something looks off just go to the URL directly by yourself. 


Simulated Destruction of Pmpeii

Now science has come together to animate the past to show what possibly occurred with the destructions of the famous city of Pampeii.

Simulating the destruction can explain the bits and pieces of historical evidence that many people have been trying to figure out for years.

Hopefully, this new technology can give us answers to the unexplained past.


Brain Activity of a dying Person

This is a touchy topic but it is amazing on how they were able to record what a person goes through in there final stage of life. Hopefully one day we will be able to decode this and understand more. But for someone who lived so long I am wondering if on the final stage the brain does a recap of what the users experience throughout their life until the end. 


Chrome OS Flex

Chrome is taking its OS to a new level by reviving old hardware using the Chrome OS Flex. Not only will you bring back old hardware to use, but can extend its lifespan.

Anyone looking to extend the lifespan of their equipment should give this software a try. It's a worthwhile consideration.