Win 10 ISO's

Now that you have Windows 10 you should have always a handy copy nearby should you ever need to reinstall the OS back into your computer. Don't wait for disaster to happen. Make your copies now, before it's too late.



Win 10 Hotspot

Have Windows 10 and you should already know that it can be used as a WiFi hotspot by just configuring the setting in Windows to allow other user's to use your WiFi connection. It's a great way to share a mobile connection to other devices, when your portable.



Speed Win 10

Speed up Windows 10 by just doing these simple tweaks. You will be amazed on how quickly Windows will boot up, once these tweaks are removed.



Wireless Keyboard Alert

There is no secret that a while back I posted the threats on wireless keyboards leaking out your information. And still as of this date, hackers have not really bothered to venture in this direction. Not that you shouldn't be worried, but no major threat has yet to be reported.
So if your concern, sometimes the best option is just to be all wired.



Router Firmware Upgrade

Have a wireless router at home that you own, we'll if you haven't recently done a firmware upgrade in the last few years, you should check the router setting and do one soon.
Most router's make this an easy task to do, just either use the ip address below to sign-in to your wireless and upgrade the router firmware if available.
After a while when you notice that there are no firmware updates and your still continuing to have router problems, then only then would it be a good idea to upgrade your device.


                   Common ip address to login to your router :

List from other carriers below
  • Apple –
  • Asus – 192,168,1,1
  • Buffalo Tech –
  • Dlink – or
  • Cisco/Linksys – or
  • Netgear – or


Thermostat Hackers

For a while I've seen WiFi thermostats hit the market and I was always concerned on the manufacture up keeps with their security features. You better believe it that in the future this is going to be a common problem for WiFi users. And sure and behold a group of hackers got together to see if the breach could be done. And let's just say, I knew it and it was long coming. So be ready and get prepared if you own a WiFi device.



Microsoft Telemetry

Microsoft has a tendency to always give back information for everything you do right and wrong. For some user's who are concern about privacy, this is none of Microsoft's business. And if your concern on what information goes in and out then this software is a must for you.



Card Chip Hack

Forget the next generation credit card security chip. It's been hacked and yes it's not that secure has many user's thought it would be. I guess it will be back to the drawing board.



So Much for Apple Pay

Looks like CVS is out for Apple pay and no longer wants to honor it's payment methods. If both parties don't come up with an agreement soon, this could be the end of a big chain refusing the next generation payment methods.
I can see why it's a headache on both side and if the outcome does not get resolved soon, more stores may just go that way.



Move Contacts iPhone - Android

Here is a great way to move all  your contacts from Android to iPhone or vise versa. This will save you lots of time and will make your job easier staying in touch with everyone when you upgrade.



Apple Killing Jack

Here is the real reason why Apple is killing the headphone jack and there will be most likely more options in the next generations. This is the beginning for Apple to expand it's new accessories.



Win 10 Quick Assist

Here's a look on Win 10 Quick Assist App, not everyone yet is talking about it and you should read up in case you need remote support from others.



Mozilla Test Pilot

Want to help Mozilla build a better browser. Then join the test pilot and tell Mozilla what it needs in order to be the best browser in the market.



No No Pc Stick

Here is a good reason why Pc on a stick future will doom to be successful. I must admit this user sure has some great points to make why it's not going to make it. Besides how many users want to even try to go this way when they can still use a laptop.



Battery Status Indicatiors

Looks like these cool battery status indicators to help user's monitor their power usage are being used in different forms that consumers should be aware of. You get free software and they use your information to track you. Not good for user's who want to block their privacy.



Yahoo + Verizon Troubles

Consumers should now be aware of Yahoo and Verizon troubles within the next year. Not only can user's loose their privacy rights, but sneaky Verizon can just basically do what ever it wants to and quietly get away with it. To find out more read the link below.



Slow WiFi

Here are some great reason's why your WiFi is running slow now-a-days. We have seen major changes within the last few years that even though our speeds are greater. For one reason or another, the technology hasn't yet quite kept up with what manufactures have to offer some consumers.



Apple Ear Piece

Looks like the rumors are true for apple phone ear piece. Apple has re-designed it's adapter and from the looks of it, it's going to save space and work well with user's.



Win Anniversary Update

Just recently updated Win 10 after it's anniversary date. Well here are the things you should do to make sure your software is working properly.



Googe Maps Update

The next Google Maps update is going to show users how bad parking spaces are in a given area. Really interesting to see the new update and if this is something new user's will be able to use when they drive daily.



No More Ranson

A new company fighting Ransomware is taking a fight to get rid of these scammers who cripple user's on taking control of their computers. I hope their new project is successful in combating these cyber thieves. Let the games begin.

Crypto Sheriff


Firefox 48 Update

Firefox 48 update will disable unsigned add-ons and moving forward will have safe downloads for all of it's add on's. It's a good move for Firefox on securing their browser from user's add on's.



Driver Changes

Windows 10 anniversary date has some new driver changes that you should be aware of. Everything now will be digitally signed. Which will be a good thing for user's moving forward so that all hardware is compliant with Microsoft's software.
Moving forward user's shouldn't have so many hardware problems with drivers.



Hard Drive status Instantly

Is your hard drive failing and want to know instantly if the device needs to be replaced before you loose valuable information. No problem with a few clicks of the command prompt.


in the command line do the following type


Driver backup & restore

Looking for a reliable Windows driver backup and restore. Look no further with the help of this great freebies.



Warframe Hack

Looks like this game Warframe has been hacked back in 2014 and two years later, everyone figures it out what has just happened.
Sounds like a movie and all that I am concern is how much information these hackers were able to contain within the last two years of information from the companies users.



Dumb Phones are back

Have a new smart phone but still don't understand what your doing and wished you had the old smart phones they had back in the 90's. No problem, will the help of manufactures listening to their customers and helping those baby boomers who don't want smart phones anymore.
It's not for everyone, but for those user's who hate technology, here is some reliefs to your griefs.



Run a Mac Server

Here are three reason's to run a MAC server. Just because your running a MAC don't think that you will still not have malware or virus attacks, but when compared side by side with Windows. MAC's are less likely hacked than their competitors.




Tired of trying to get your WiFi signal to reach it's strong point. Here comes a new product that everyone will love and will deliver what you want throughout your household. It's technology that was always with us, doing things that we do on a daily basis. So when you want to stay connected here is Luma to the rescue.



Laptop Encryption

Laptops are a big nightmare for some user's because of the ongoing thefts and they are often stolen because of their valve and not the data they might contain.
Since everything is portable now-a-days, data in these laptops can be anything vital as tax, medical and financial information and anyone with fair computer skills can easily get access and retrieve this information to have at their disposal.
This is where encryption comes in and why everyone should start using it and make it a practice moving forward. There are a loft of open source software capable of doing this for free and within  a few minutes your laptop will be secure just in case someone later on decides to steal your portable device.
Stay alert, be informed and stay ahead of security for your laptop before it's too late.



Command Line Tricks

Command Line is a very powerful program with lots of tricks that not only controls what you see on your computer but can make life easier if you remember these key tricks.

System File Check - great trick to fix hard drive booting problems and repair your Windows OS when things just don't see to work right.

type "sfc /scannow
now if you get an error that it was protected then do this below
             type "findstr /c:"{SR}"%windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log>"%userprofile%\Desktop|sfcdetails.txt"

Now identify the corrupt file and source and goto another computer running the same version of Windows and issue the following command for each corrupt file, replacing with the files path ex: c:\Windows\System32\ and with it's filename (jscript.dll)
                          takedown /f \
                         GRANT ADMINISTRATOR:F

and copy the file you took from another computer into the same folder

now run SFC again and the corrupt file that you replace should be gone

Robocopy - difficult setup, but once it's done it makes your life easy copying multiple files and folders on the go

Type in dir in command prompt and to show hidden folders type the following
                        dir /A:H = shows attributes and hidden files 
what to know what other commands you can use type dir/? or help dir on the command line and it will show you other command options. 

Tree = command shows subfolders
cd = change to different director or move files to a new folder, cd is a way of moving to a folder in another folder. 
md = make directory or create a new folder
rmdir = delete a directory 
del or del *.* = delete file and when you add *.* it means delete all files in that folder
verify on and off = confirm files that you copied
/no copy = removes all file information
/b = allows administrators to copy files that they usually would be denied access too
format = to format a drive
format /q = quickly format the drive
format options ad /FS, V: = specify file system Fat, Fat32, exFat, NTFS volume to be formatted
fsutil = list of commands that are supported
convert from FAT32 to NTFS type convert /fs:ntfs
ckdsk = check window at boot time
ipconfig /renew6 = resets IPv6 addresses
ipconfig /flushdns = clear domain names over the internet
ipconfig /renew = renew ip address of computer
ipconfig/release = release ip address of computer
tracert = if internet is sluggish instead of ping type tracert to route you and your target for connection times
netstat = run in admin to find out more about a program process ex; netstat -b
driverquery = includes info on drivers on your pc
-v = more information on the file system ex: drivequery -v>drivers.txt
powercfg = information on power options ex: powercfg /a
powercfg /h = disable or enable hibernation in power mode
powercfg /enegery = gives energy report of efficiency and battery
powercfg /batteryreport = gives you a battery health report
diskpart = very dangerous and make sure to make an image backup, it will erase your hard drive
diskpart cmds = type help but becareful anything you do here may destroy all of your hard drive data
echo off command = prevents command from batch file from showing up in command line
cls = clears screen