Best Laptop 2017

Here is a list of best and worst laptop manufactures. There is no guarantee that your laptop is going to last forever, but it's go to know who is making an effort building a better product.



Free Music Tracks

Love music then you should see what music tracks are worth download from the link below. Sometimes the best things in life come in a musical way.



BeeLink Sea I

Looking for a DVR recorder to play your favorite movies and do whatever you want to do with them later on. This box is sure out there and give you a lot of options and storage capacity for the next generation of things you might want to do with an entertainment device.



Apple Pay Safe

How safe is Apple Pay, let's just say it's the same as using your credit card online. As for safety only time will tell how secure Apple Pay will be. It's very convenient and the new generation of paying on the go.
My advice is to setup alerts and monitor on a daily basis if you use it a lot.



Get Fiber

Want to know what it will cost you to get fiber in your area. It's not cheap, but if you can get connected, you can expect the speeds to be higher than your typical local carrier.
It will take a while for prices to go down, but keep your eye's open, this can just be around the corner.

Average Estimate for Home Users


WiFi Extenders

Here is what buyers should know before purchasing a WiFi extender. Not only does it depend on where to place your WiFi extender but the type of WiFi you should use to always keep connected.



Cinema End

We'll better go to the movies now while it last, the cinema has we know it is about to end soon. Now movie goers have new ways of watching movies that the cinema being dead is long over due. Until that time comes, everyone should enjoy the last days of the famous movie theaters.



Maximize Benefits

Here are two great websites for retiree's or individuals who parents or significant other's are planning to retire soon. It's best to see what time is beneficial for you to reap in those benefits. You'll pay a small price to see what is your best benefits.

Maximize SSA
SS choices



Need to keep track of a loved one's finances. Here is a great company to keep family members alert when suspicious activity occurs on their credit card or bank accounts. It's design to keep tabs on one another.



Health Care Calculator

Health care is on the rise and if your planning on retiring. it's a good idea to see what your health care cost are going to cost you years down the road.



Debt Help

Need some help with your debt so that you and your family don't suffer drastically. Well for a monthly fee of less than $30- a month, this site helps you get back on track.



Best Financial Adviser

Looking for a best Financial Adviser but don't know where to start. Start here and screen your financial adviser so that your just not handling your money to anyone.



Broker Check

Have an investment broker and want him checked out so that you can make sure your not a victim or a casualty of financial fraud. Have the broker reviewed at this website below. And decided whether or not you still want your financial investment handled by that individual.



Troubleshoot IP WiFi Network

Here's a cool software to troubleshoot those IP WiFi network connections for devices that your having problems connecting with. It's a great tool for the network administrator.



Recover from Raid 0, 5

Using Raid 0, or 5 and need to recover a drive. Well good luck and maybe this software can help but the chances you have for recovery using this type of raid is slim.




Here is a Linux application that you can incorporation to a backup solution of your preference. It's a great application that can be used to copy your data to a secure hard drive for safe keeping.
And then use Delta Copy to update the most recent files you just used.

Delta Copy


Process Lasso

Need to see what's running on your computer and to see if you can scale down software that your no longer using. This software is a great help to monitor what's consuming most of your computer resources and energy. And then just tweak them if you want. But at least you know what's consuming your computer daily.



Photo Duplicate Finder

Here's a great duplicate finder software, but for photo's. It searches your database and matches the similar looking images. I must say it's some pretty impressive software to do that. And if you have copies of the same photo's, you can either remove them or file them for storage.
AntiDupl is a program that will organize your photo library one picture at a time.



Social Security Card

Here's a great video telling everyone the top secret card that every american should have. It's good to know this information, should anyone ever ask you why you need one.



New iPad Repairs

Think you can still repair your new iPad, your better off taking it to an Apple technician because the new adhesive that their are using is making it a nightmare for repair technicians. Not only do you risk damaging the unit upon removal, but will have a hard time gluing it back together.
And besides it's probably cheaper to have them repair it, than to do it yourself.



Comodo One RMM software

Looking for RMM software to test out on your network, Comodo One is something to think about. You sign up for free and later on if you wish to add other services, let's just say you pay a premium price. But when you all sum it up, that's life in the world of RMM.



Carries Can Spy

Looks like this new privacy law can make it easier for broadband carriers to monitor consumers without any worries. Not only will they know your surfing habits but have the option to disclose it or sell it to others. Now that's pretty scary knowing that many user's use the internet for business and personal reasons. Where do you stand?



Admin Add-on via DOS

Want to easily add an administrator account on a computer without the hassle of opening menu's. Try doing it in DOS and see how simple and easy it is to do.



Optane from Intel

Think of this as a memory modulator that will speed up your computer to load whatever you want it to load quicker and faster. It's new technology made by Intel to adapt to improve your computer speed.



Xvirus Antimalware

Everytime I see something new I want to let everyone know about it, so that they can try it out themselves and give me feedback. Today it's Xvirus Antimalware that works well with Windows. For user's looking for a freebie, here you go.



MAC OS Night Shift

Now when you have to work late at night you don't have to worry about the MAC bright screens anymore. The Night Shift free ad on software, promises not to disrupt your sleep schedule. It's a great add on and I suggest all user's to download it.



Goodbye ATM card

Looks like the ATM card could sooner than you think disappear all together. It looks like Wells Fargo is adapting new technology to eliminate the use of the cards.
It will be a while before the transition is spread across other banks, but it's the future of banking as we know it today.



Another Data Breach

Looks like this time it was Verifone and it doesn't look good for the moment. That's because Verifone is the company that most gasoline stations use for consumers to purchase gas.
Verifone is stating that the breach was contained, but the way I see it, it will take months to really figure out how bad the breach really was.



Ford Smart Service Kiosk

Looks like Ford is revolutionizing the repair shop service drop off using new smart service kiosk. And if the service moves ahead, you can bet other car industries will follow. It not only makes it easier for the customer to drop off and pickup. But simplifies customer service.



Take Ownership

Here is a great software to help IT Administrators get their work done in easy steps. It's a great tweak and it let's user get things done when they are in a hurry.