Free FHM Magazines for 1 Year

Every now and then I get these 1 year free subscriptions.
Click on the link ASAP and while supplies last.
If your lucky like me. You'll get the 1 year subscription free.
Enjoy - and in the future I will post free magazines offers on my site when available.


Neat illusion * Fun *

I figured it was time to check your eyesight again and this is a good test


How to make your Cordless Phone Last Longer

How to Make Your Battery Last Longer
Get the most juice from your cordless phone with these GH Institute tips.

Charge the battery completely as soon as you take your new phone out of the box. The first charge will probably take about 20 hours, but be sure to check the manual. And don't interrupt the charge ?- you could permanently shorten the battery life. When done correctly, the battery will last about two years.

Keep the phone away from heat. This includes a radiator, the oven and any sunny spots in your house. High temperatures contribute to battery wear and tear.

To help prolong rechargeable batteries, you should "condition" them on a regular basis ?- which means completely draining and recharging the batteries. First, figure out which type of battery your phone uses ?- it should be clearly visible on the label found in the owner's manual.

There are two types of batteries, and each requires a different approach: Nickel cadmium batteries have been around for awhile and use the designation NiCD. They should be completely drained and given a full charge cycle once a month.

Nickel metal hydride batteries are a newer generation and are identified with the designation NIMH. They need to be conditioned only once every three months.
Tip: The easiest way to fully discharge the battery is to wait for the power to run out before connecting the handset to the base station.

Got a dead battery? You can find a replacement at an electronics store for $10 to $30. If your phone is an older model, you may have to call the manufacturer.



Mobile phone for kid's. It's more like a portable intercom instead of a mobile phone activated with prepaid cards. You determine how it can be used.
Worth to look at if your looking for a mobile phone with limitations.


TiVo Killers

Want to know how to create a TiVo using your personal computer.
This site will steer you in the right direction. All you need is a TV tuner card and software and your PC will do exactly what the TiVo does which is to record your favorite movies or shows that you have missed.
Everything is going in the right direction for TV tuner cards and don't be surprise to see more software for these TV tuner cards out there in the future.


Microsoft Incorporates AntiSpyware

It's about time. You figure with all that money they have. They've could of done this sooner. What took them so long. For a company that's suppose to be on top.
It sure takes them a while for them to adapt to things.
But it just looks like for now it's going to be availabe in the new Windows Vista version.
Wouldn't it be nice to add this feature to all your current windows versions.

Create A Widescreen

Here is an interesting way to create a widescreen with a DVD movie. Pretty amazing what you can do to have two televisions turn into a Widescreen tv.



This site is very creative. Shows the outline of a human body and what we can do to it with a push of a few buttons.
Cool to watch and fun to play with the current settings.


World School Photographs

This site is just great. A data bank for all your school pictures.
Try it and see if you can find your pictures from school.


Sketch Planet

A place to post your most recent child's sketches.
It's a nice way to have a child familiarize themselves with art and also be able to publish it on the web. Worth to visit.


Photoshop tutorial Site

Learn how to fix your current pictures via photoshop.
This is a great way to sharpen up your photoshop tools.
Practice makes perfect.


Love Text Messenging

Purchase the Motorola IM Wireless Instant Messaging and be able to do instant messaging on the go. Why clog up the computer will IM chats only.
Capable of Chatting with six IM individuals and all wireless and free.
It's all free and who can refuse that offer from TigerDirect.com


Sex Offenders in your Area

This is one of those sites that lets you know if there are sex offenders in your area.
It always good to know who your neighbors are a times.

Here are other useful sites as well

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Although I am for privacy, I do judge people fairly, for whatever reasons. These public access sites are available online to anyone seeking this sort of information.


Another 411 for your mobile searches

This site is pretty nice as well. It can send SMS, Email search, set alerts as well as other information sites.
Worth to look at.


New Movie & Showtime Map

Now you can find out where there playing your favorite movie you want to see.
Linked directly to Google Maps and I must say it's a pleasant way to get your showtimes.


Fake Google Toolbar

This is scary. I believe identity theft is a serious uncontrollable crime. Laws should be passed to punish these individuals that think it's ok to pretend they are someone else. If the punishment was more brutal, maybe the cases of identity crime will decrease.


Backpack Mobile software

Always on the road.
Like your cell phone to remind you of things to do.
Need to share images.
Need to share pages with other people.
Need to post notes you need to keep a tab on.
And did I mention it was free.
Yes the first 5 pages and 10 reminders are free.
Anymore your going to have to pay.
But why not try it to see if it fits your schedule patterns.


Free MP3 Blogs - Download free Music

Get your free mp3's while they last

Mp3's legal battle goes on but you can at least enjoy these freebies

# 1
# 2
# 3
# 4
# 5


Create your own Personalized Search Engine

This site is very creative if your looking for a site to personalize your own search engine. People will see all the links that you usually go to.
Check it out and hopefully you will create a unique search engine for others to view.