Remove Windows Dual Boot

This tweak is very dangerous and requires reading carefully. If you do it wrong, your system will no boot or you can loose everything. So make sure you backup your computer and read carefully.

To correct the dual boot problem do the following:
Go to my Control Panel - > System - > click on the Advance tab go to Start up and recovery section and click on settings. Where you see the default operating system choose one and click on edit.
Here is where you have to be careful you need to delete the option of operating system which you do not want to use any more or is invalid. Click OK and exit.

If you did everything correctly and read the instructions on the links then your system should boot up now to one operating system.


Son of Snoop on Steroids

This system utility inventories computer hardware, software, configuration and security information, and etc. so that an administrator has this information on hand when available. Now upgrading workstations can be done easier.


Car Music Streaming through Blackberry

This is a great way to hear your songs wireless via bluetooth and blackberry. Just pair the two and your streaming to music through your car stereo.


Palm Pre Missing Manual

Have a Palm Pre and finding it difficult for you to use because it didn't come with a manual. Well let's just say this is the new technique manufactures are using to save money. If your in need of one, here is the link.


Predator on your USB

Paranoid that someone might take files from your computer when your not around. No need to worry with Predator. It uses your flash drive as a security key to use your computer. You unlock via password and can unlock it manually should you loose your flash key. A must have software for the paranoids.


Rihac continuous ink supply

If you print in great quantities, Rihac can be your answer for savings on ink cartridges. It's going to take a while before you run out of ink with a Rihac.


Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

Want a copy of a great recovery software. This holiday your wishes will come true with help of Western Digital. It's especially catered for Western Digital hard drive users.


Nintendo Free Channel

Share this Holiday season with Nintendo by surfing on it's free channel. You can now compete with each other and surf online for free.


Blackberry SMobile Anti-Theft Edition

Software Info

Sometime back I announced the software that would be available by summer for your teens and preteens in an article entitled, ” Software Alert: SMobile Security Shield Parental Control Gives More Power�To Parental Control“. �SMobile Security Shield is now available for your child’s BlackBerry, at the price of $29.99 per handset per year! / $19.99 at the blackberry app store. This program is the answer to your dreams: the ability to monitory your child’s safety and well being. It also includes security features for loss, theft, and viruses.

The software has the following to offer:
# E-Mail and Text Message Monitoring. What is the content of the email and the texts?
# Call Monitoring
# GPS Locate, where is the person who is communicating with your child? Track the phone if it is stolen.
# Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware
# View Contacts, who is your child communicating with?
# Monitoring Dashboard for the parents online, so parents can view the messages and contents of the messages. And make changes accordingly, even blocking calls, texts, and emails.
# Application Monitoring, such as Facebook and MySpace
# Lock, Wipe, Backup & Restore; In other words you can lock up their phone, wipe it if it's stolen, and Back it up to Restore later.

Have peace of mind knowing that you are able to help protect your child.

More Info


Windows 8 Released

Oh Really. If anyone thinks that Microsoft would already have out it's next generation Windows before it evens rolls out Windows 7 then you have this coming to you. It's FAKE. So don't bother on downloading it, unless your willing to sacrifice your computer.



Here is another easier way to Install any Windows CD or DVD on a USB stick. It's user friendly and very simple. It's even easier than the BartPE software.

Direct Link


US Currency In Circulation

Ever wonder which paper currency is in great circulation. Here's your chance to find out and learn some interesting facts about the U.S. Mint.



Take a look at the new USB drive that's disaster proof. Not only will it protect it's files during fire and floods but it also protects you against theft. A must have hard drive for individuals who want a secure hard drive.



New way to scan, file and remember where your papers are at. This scanner makes your digital files search able and even gives you it's location if necessary. What more can you ask for in a scanner besides to tell it to file.


Sony DSC - G3

First camera to be able to upload photo's to an internet photo sharing site. And it will eventually change the way we take pictures, because now everything will be in real time as long as you take the picture in a WiFi hotspot.


Check and Drive

Here is a great fleet management software without spending the big bucks. You can't expect miracles with this software but it's capable of running on a network mode if necessary.


Duracell MyGrid

Duracell has just released a cell phone charging board named my Grid. You charge all your cell phone on the Grid and your phone automatically charges. No need now to have multiple cords to charge your cell phones.


Medical Dictionary

Need a medical dictionary on hand so that you understand what your doctors and others are always saying. This software is a freebie and you can't ask for anything more.


Duplicate Music File Finder

If you have a long music library and have various copies or duplicates. Instead of deleting them one by one. Try this software to make your job easier. At least it will save you some listening time.


Octo-mother USB Charger

Looking for a phone charger to work with all of the current phones on the current market. For the price, you can't beat it. I just hope one day they'll finalize on one phone charger.


Vmware Vcenter Converter

Convert physical machines to virtual machines in minutes without rebooting. This is a must have for disaster recovery. In the long run it will save you time and money.
And if you haven't done your homework on Vmware. Let's just say this is the software that's going to replace all those IT technicians in the future.


Pocket Safe USB Drive

This was thinking out of the box. Now you have a personal USB drive safe that you need to enter a code in order for you to access your files. I just hope you don't forget that code.


Free X-Mas Mp3's from Amazon

This year download free Christmas MP3's from Amazon.com. All you have to do is click on the link each day and download a free Mp3. If you just want the MP3, just skip the Amazon MP3 Installer and download the MP3 directly afterwards. An Amazon.com account is needed to download these wonderful Christmas songs.


Popup Peeper

Need an email notifier when your mail comes in from multiple accounts. This software does the trick and works with twenty email clients.

Email Software Screenshot


PQI Cool Drive

Want to transfer files using a USB cable / thumb drive. This device can do both via USB. In one way it connects like a network cable, transfer rates are about 21 mbs. Or you can use it as a flash drive to transfer files to another computer.


Free Internet TV

Looking for free Internet Television. It's not going to be cheap. But if you add up the savings in the long run, then your always going to be ahead.


Chrome OS

Now you can install Google Chrome OS on a USB stick and test to see if you like the current operating system. It's worth to try and here is the link below.



Blackberry App Store

It's similar to Apple's iTune store in which Blackberry user's can pay, download and install Blackberry applications. If things goes well, this store could finalize future Blackberry applications.


ISP that refuse Gov't funding

There's no secret why these companies are refusing government funding. The main reason is that they are profiting from broadband services and want government regulation out of it. If they later on decide to take the government money. It's just going to be a catch 22 later on.


Play DOS Games Now

If your in need of wanting to play old DOS games here is your fix. Install Dosbox and get ready to play all your favorite DOS games.
You'll be amazed on how many titles are now DRM free.


Travel the World for Free

I don't know how reliable this website really is. But if anyone does get to Travel for free this year, I would like to know.
Take your choice, worse scenario you need a plane ticket back home.