Ultimate Boot CD

I recommended this Boot CD several times and I must admit, it's the best one that I have yet to see. Burn a copy and have several copies on hand. This is one Boot CD that all your friends wind up using to never return.



Make your brain and your computer one. This is the new Apple iThink concept, going the Matrix way. I just want to know long of a line there is going to be, when this goes public.


Drive Image XML

Looking for a free backup and restore software for your computer. Drive Image XML has come to your rescue. Enjoy it because it's a sweet deal that's free.


Disk Image Backup

This easy comprehensive software creates backups while working, restores file directories and is compatible with all Windows system files. Try and then buy if you like.


Shadow Protect Desktop

Need auto backup with complete backup recovery for your personal computer. Take a chance with Shadow Protect. Backups can be saved to any location including a thumbdrive.


The Poor Man's PPV

Love Pay Per View events but can't afford to watch those main events all the time. Here is a great affordable solution. Sign up for for free to login and watch your main event. On the night of the event do a sport search and pick a channel and if your lucky you can get view the fight in realtime. Don't expect miracles but at least you can enjoy it for free.
And later on when this site goes down for whatever reason just remember this, there are many other sites just like this one all over the internet.


Genie Backup Pro

Looking for a reliable backup software to make your life simple. Take a look at Genie Backup Pro. It's reliable backup software at a great cost.


Amazon Kindle

Here's a new wireless reading device. No computer, no syncing and no cables. Just buy a book wireless and in a few minutes you have the entire book in your collection. It's a reader that will change the way you read.


Site Advisor

Tired of surfing the internet and not knowing which website are safe. Don't be afraid and download Site Advisor from McAfee. It rates websites while protecting you from spyware, adware, spam and identity theft. And best of all it's free.


Dual Wan Routers

What are dual Wan routers and why would I want one? Dual Wan routers are routers that can handle more than one broadband line. It's like having two DSL lines put together. In some cases, it would be easier to double up your broadband lines if your in a position that you always need to be online. The speed boost will be double and in the end you'll always be up and twice as fast on the internet. My only concern is that having two DSL lines put's the question of reliability. I would rather prefer having a DSL line for my main line of business and have cable broadband just has backup so that I always never go down.

Dual WAN routers Link


Free - 1 Year Norman Parental Control

Hurry up while supplies last. Get a one year legal subscription to Norman parental control. Stay on top of what your children are doing online. Don't wait until it's too late. Be in control now with Norman Parental Control.


PA Server Monitor

When monitoring servers is a number one priority with you. This software makes your life easier by notifying you of any critical events that can cause users not to get acess. Be one step ahead of the others.


Capture DVR Video

There have been several attempts to capture content via DVR drive using firewire and even though their is certain legality on doing this. If you wanted to experiment, then this is where you would start.


Free Antivirus Program

This Antivirus software is great for removing Window erros that computers were infected with viruses. You install the program -> go into Safe Mode and run the Antivirus software to remove the virus.


See Your boot System

This program let's you see what's in your boot system when your computer boots up. It's a great tool for disabling programs that you don't want in your system boot up file.


Duracell Powersource

This portable gadget powers up your portable device when your batteries are just ready to run out. This device can be handy if your always on the need to be connected.


How do I format a Hard Drive

This excellent website shows you how to format your hard drive. This at times can be tricky depending on the current hard drive your using and operating system. But if you follow the rules in detail. Your hard drive should be formated to you current operating system.


Progressive Insurance Deduction

Progressive Insurance is willing to deduct insurance rates, as long as drivers are willing to be monitored. Customers in the end will pay for insurance for their driving usuage. Time will tell if this works to cut down rates.
Monitoring Info



Creative apps for business solutions. It contains various of business applications to make your life easier. Give it a try.


Convert to PDF

Acrobat is becoming a well known format to save files that everyone and anyone who wants to archieve files for the future are using it. It's a standard format and it works just right.


ZoneAlarm hates Patch Tuesday

The new Patch that was recently released by Microsoft this Tuesday disables ZoneAlarm users from the web. Once you install the Microsoft critical updates and you reboot the computer. Your net activity is gone. Thanks Microsoft.


Mayor gets key to network

Basic rules to learn in a protest. Make sure it's for a good cause and know the laws and the rules of engagement. If your smart and wise enough your never spend a night in jail. If your foolish and stupid like this guy was. Then no matter what happens next, it's not going to get better.
You can just imagine the list of charges that this network administrator is going to be brought up against just to prove a point that management was being mismanaged.


Lexar 256bit Flash drive

If your looking for a top of the line secure flash drive take a look at Lexar's 256bit flash drive. It's military approved encryption just in case it goes in the wrong hands.


Backup your Computer Drivers

Have a computer with hard to find drivers. This backup software will help you to backup and restore those drivers easier. Just install the program before you re-format the computer and after you install the computer operating system, install this backup driver software and do a restore. Everything should work like new.


System Mechanic 8 Full Yr License

Here's a great way to get a good utility software for free. Hurry up while supplies last.


Free Norton Antivirus 2009 Beta

Here is a chance to get a free version of Norton Antivirus 2009 Beta. Although I don't recommend beta software. This is a great chance to get antivirus software for free.


Bluetooth Cyber Alert

Let's just say Bluetooth is great but they are still some security concerns with it being secured.


Tetris on the iPhone

Just show's you how great the Apple touch screen software works with portable games on the iPhone. And yes Tetis is still worth purchasing for the iPhone.


Startup Warrior

Want to know where the famous technology startups are located. Here is an excellent site to tell you just that. At least you now know.


Nvidia Stock News

It's true what video card manufacture is top of the game with really no competition around to change what they are capable of making, which is video cards.
If you have the extra cash, it wouldn't be a bad idea to invest for the future.


Recover Lost Picture files

Had a picture or video file that you just recently deleted. If you just deleted the file in most cases it's as easy as installing this program and recovering the file. If you format the drive, you could be bad, but there's always a way with new technology.