Windows 7 Energy Report

Want to know how much power your Windows 7 computer is consuming. Just go to the command line in Windows 7 and type "powercfg.exe". This will create a utility report on your computer's energy consumption, so that way you know how much energy your computer is using up daily.


Where is my Dell Service Code

If you have a Dell PC, every now and then when it's time to upgrade your going to need the service code or service tag number. Here is where you should find it so that you can upgrade your computer.

Another way to get the service tag is via cmd prompt and typing in wmic bios.
For more information see Link

Or better yet use a third party software to get your service tag from the express code given Link


Follow Traders

Enjoy the market and wished you could follow your favorite traders. Here is an interesting site to help you follow your trader. Just join up and add them to your Gurus.



If your looking for a user friendly network tool to help you diagnose network problems. Help is on it way. Enjoy.


You & Your Email Address

I don't know if it's true or false what they say about email address personalities. But it does makes sense. What do you think?


Recover Outlook Express Emails

Need to recover emails from Outlook Express Database. UnDBX is what your looking for and it might just save your day.

Direct Link


National Opt-Out

I don't know if this is going to be a good idea, but it sure going to make headlines. I believe they're better ways to protest than to crowd airport lines up during the holiday. I bet this person doesn't do a lot of air travel during the holidays.


Verify if a website is running

The easiest way to do this is to use my blog. I have created an application at the bottom of my Blog named Verify if a website is running to see if a website is down.

Test Results:
If you get a test results. Then there is a good chance that it's not your computer but it's the website. Usually this happens because of high internet traffic to that site at that particular time or it could be maintenance issues. Your best bet is to try at a latter time. Good luck.


Move Files in Vista

If you have recently edited the user profile or created a new profile in Vista. You might have noticed that all your files are missing. Here how to fix it. Microsoft doesn't make it that easy.

For Changing folder location or for Move file's to another location


Lacie Flash Drives

If your looking for a key like flash drive. Take a look at a Lacie drive. It will change the way you store your portable files.


Circuit Business Card

If your looking for a unique business card, take a look at the new circuit board business card. It even can be used as a USB flash drive.


All Remote Connections

Want to organize all your remote connections into one place. This software makes this simple and easy. Now connecting remotely is a snap.



More power from USB port

If your in need of more power from your current USB port. Help is here. Now motherboards are using an integrated software to give you more power to your USB ports.

Direct Links



Looking for an online backup that's helps you to do your backup without any help. Blackblaze comes to the rescue with it's online backup service. No need to pick the files and no need to find any folders. Everything is done automatically. Try it.


Computer Specs

Need to get all the diagnostic spec's on your computer. Try entering in the run command "dxdiag" and you'll retrieve all sorts of information from your computer that your going to need one day or another.


Don't Sleep

Who would want a don't sleep software. How about someone who's using a computer and downloading a large file and hate it that their computer stops the download because it goes on sleep mode. Besides that it's a great software prank to use on your friend.s


Grammer Software

Ever wonder if the words that your writing is grammatically correct? I hope it is, but to make sure, here is a great grammar check software to proof read your documents.


Google Password Decryptor

Lost your Google password and need to recover it. This software helps you find your password stored on various Google app's. Good luck.


Kindle on your PC

Want to view Kindle books on your computer. No problem with the help of software. It even sync's your last page and annotations between devices.


It's 2010 and IM is Dead

It looks like in 2010 Instant Messenger came to an end. This was due to heavy competition, with different software compatibility.
Now our new generation prefers not to use Instant Messenger but instead use something more cross platform like Twitter or Skype to reach out to friends. Instant Messenger should have learned a lesson a long time ago, "software compatibility."


Team Viewer

Here is a great remote access software for your friends and family. The setup is easy and you connect in minutes. Great solution for remote support to the one's that you care for.


Firesheep exposes Social Sites

Be warned that if your currently using social sites to post private pictures and posts, Firesheep can be used to access the account. Currently there has been over 100k download since the new software has been out and social groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Yelp are being compromised. 
At this point it's useless to suggest user's what to do since sites have already been compromised. But in the future user's should know better.



McAfee Stinger Portable

Here is another utility to help you detect and remove specific viruses. I still haven't found one complete antivirus software that is capable of protecting and removing an infected computer. Your best bet is to try several individual antivirus software removers until your sucessful.


iPhone 4 Bug

Let's just say Apple should be ashamed on creating an application that anyone can bypass. What's the point on locking your phone, if anyone can easily bypass it. Just shows you how sloppy they are now getting. It's only a matter of time before they are matched up equally with Microsoft's sloppiness.


How to remove Facebook Pages

Time is running out for removing your Facebook pages. With Facebook constantly updating it's policies and privacy acts. You just might not get another chance to do this, so act now to secure your privacy.


Imogen Cinema Stick

Get ready for the first flash drive movie player. This amazing Stick takes plays HD movies in MKV, RMVD, TS format. It's no wonder this tiny device is a keeper. I just hope that Western Digital improvises quick. Otherwise it's going to be the end for today's movie players.


Google Earth 3D Plugin

Want to see Earth in 3D, try the Google Earth view plugin and anyone now will be able to view almost any terrain on the Earth in 3D. Give it a try, because the trip is out of this world.


Convert WMC Recordings

If your currently using Windows 7 you should notice that the Windows Media Center (WMC) is better integrated with cable, broadcast and internet TV. Windows 7 now no longer uses DVR-MS format. So if your going to play these files on older version of WMC or Windows Media Player, your out of luck. The only way you can watch them on older versions is to convert them back to .dvr-ms.
With Windows 7 you can easily do this by just right clicking and converting back to .dvr-ms.


Windows 7 SP1 RC

Let's just say it has just a minor fix and it's not even addressing the common freezes with Windows Internet Explorer. Like always it's another bomb for Microsoft on fixing it's still faulty operating system.


What's Your Speed

Need to test your internet speed. Well Speed Test will confirm your download and upload speeds to make sure that your getting exactly what your paying for. Although most providers can only estimate your actual upload and download speeds. You can at least decide if your still getting your moneys worth.