How Spammers get You

Interesting article on how spammers get your email address. Let's just say in this digital world, it's going to be hard to not get spam with almost everyone going digital. 

You can make a complex email and maybe that will make it difficult for them to reach out to you. But as long as you stay proactive you can reduce most of your spam emails. 


Chips & Motherboards that support Win11

Windows 11 will be showing up soon and the free upgrade will not support all computers and chipsets. For the list of current motherboards and chipsets it supports, take a look at the article enclosed.
It's no surprise that the new OS will not be supported because of the new TPM 2.0 requirement.


Universal Print with OneDrive

Microsoft will soon integrate Universal Print with OneDrive, therefore a user will no longer need to install a printer on a device to get a printout. 

Now user's will be able to print anything on OneDrive without ever to have to install a print driver.


Fix Win Camera

Suddenly lost access to your webcam on Windows 10, here a great tip to see if you can resolve the camera problem in Windows.

Sometimes that problems are not all that they seem to be. 


Win Server 22 Features

Microsoft's new server features for 2022 have new features and lots of improvements. Here is what you can expect with the new edition.
Now it might not seem a lot for now but slowly and surely the OS is improving. 


Ideal Agent

Tired of paying Real Estate commission fees, well here's a way to easily sell your home while just paying only 2% commission. This is not something new, but the downside is that if you do something wrong then you can be liable.


HIPPA excuse for Vaccine Requirement

Here is a pretty interesting article on vaccine requirements before you use HIPPA as an excuse. Now you are still in control of your medical records and you and in control of what information you still give out. So do not get confused about what HIPPA is.



Humanoid Robots

It looks like Telsa is working on humanoid robots so get ready for a new interesting companion to hopefully keep you entertained or better yet do your daily house chores. 


Apple Picture Scanning

Some users are a little concerned with Apple's child abuse photo scanning and this is why they are worried. Users cannot opt-out of the program and since the software is limited they fear that it can be used for anything from one day to the next. Opening the doors for more privacy concerns for its users.  
Imagine Apple now having access to whatever it wants to retrieve from users.


O365 Trial Over

Because of high demands Windows 365, two month free trials offer is no longer available to users. Companies that want a trial version will have to sign up and wait until available. This is a great sign that many more user's are signing up and it's only a matter of time before the trial days are reduced. 

If you have not signed up for Windows, now is a great time to do so. 


Fix Discord Error Messages

Here is some information for Discord user's on how to fix error code messages. Now hopefully you can easily fix your error messages and continuing on gaming with other users. 


GPO Admin Templates

Here is some resourceful information on how to install or update Group Policy Administrative templates in Windows OS. 

Now upgrading your computer Group Policy will be easier and quicker to deploy. 


Outlook Tasks in OneNote

Microsoft has a great feature for creating tasks, here is some great information on how to use this feature and get reminders for the same. You will be surprised on how simple and easy it is to do.



Android on iPhone

Want to test the new Samsung Galaxy on your iPhone before you switch over. Here is a great way to test to see if the Galaxy is the way to go before you switch OS. Their is a leaving curve but besides that at least you get to test before you buy. I wish Apple has this same feature for Androids. 



Robots for Grocery Store

Here is a new grocery store warehouse with robots to take customer orders and delivers the crates to the customers. It's the next generation of grocery stores coming soon near you.

It's amazing how many robots it requires to do this and how it distributes and packs each item.


Teams Share Content

Teams is evolving with many user's and if you did not know, you know now that you can share your screen with others by using Teams. Here is how you begin.


Simulated Mars

Citizens can now enjoy a years worth of a simulated Mars life with the help of NASA. It looks like NASA is accepting volunteers to test life for a year in a simulated Mars settings. 

This is something like the movie Bio-Dome and I can expect some testers to take living in Mars to the next level.



MS PC Health Tool Down

It looks like so many complaints and confusion Microsoft has pulled this utility fix. I guess users will have to wait for the new update before the software goes back online again. 


Auto Play End

It looks like Microsoft soon will be ending autoplay on the internet browser so that media will not be annoying users when they surf online. 

I must say that this was long overdue and I want to see now what the advertisers will think of next. 


Reduce Background Noise in Teams

Teams is getting better day by day and with this comes audio disturbances. If you have audio problems with Teams, then here is a quick fix to the noisy background problem. 


Gmail Monitoring

It looks like Gmail is monitoring your emails so that it can mimic your writing style. If this is something you dislike and do not wish Gmail to monitor, then here are the settings to disable this feature.



Newspaper Columns in G-Docs

Want to create newspaper like columns in Google Documents, here is a great way to make your documents stand out.

It's amazing on how this freeware keeps on getting better as time goes by.


Add Weather to Lock Screen

Here is a cool way to add weather to a Windows 10 locked screen. It's a great way to keep the weather live when your screen is locked. 


Netflix Gaming

It looks like Netflix is expanding into gaming and it could be a game-changer by adding video games to its package. Although the games would be just mobile, eventually in time they will expand to other areas. 
I would keep an eye on how this turns out. 


Curve Card

Here is a card that can change the way you charge, it's similar to other applications like Apple pay but the great thing about this card is that you can change at any time the default card and if you lose the card you just have to replace it, the curve card and not all the other cards associated with it. 

It's a great idea and an easier way to connect all your cards to one card. 



Poo WiFi

It's an odd request from a vendor offering a free WiFi service, but if it gets people to clean up parks and recreational areas then I am all for it.

I must say that they are going to be remembered for years to come. 



One Share of Stock

Give a user one share of your favorite stock as a gift so that you can teach them how to invest at a young age. This site is a great way to share your favorite stocks with others. 


Send Urgent Messages in Teams

Microsoft Teams is changing the world on how we collaborate with others, here is how user's can send messages in Teams when they are urgent. It's quick, simple to use and it will immediately be broadcasted to the user your send the message to. 



Here is a crypto wallet that going to make your crypto liquid. If you have several wallets, this is the way to go keep your crypto liquid and be able to transfer your crypto wallets to other currencies. This US-based company is going to change the way we spend money.

The fees are pricey but it's an alternate option to keep your crypto wallets together. 



Phrase Express

Finding yourself typing repeatedly then check out this simple program with a click of the mouse you can paste text phrases from a taskbar icon and paste them to an application at ease. It might save you valuable time typing.