What is the RIAA and why should you who they are?
In plain English, it's the records industries association. You probably heard them in the past on suing people for downloading illegal music via the internet.
I don't discourage downloading music because it's the new technology. I do however caution users on downloading music files online. If your doing it. Be careful. The RIAA are out there and they are monitoring you. They make believe there some innocent user who has a music library and when you download your favorite music file, they got you. How they do it from what I hear is that they grab your IP address from your file sharing software your using to download music. Depending on how many copyright songs you have downloaded from them, or depending how many illegal downloads they find from your IP address. They eventually sue you for the amount of copyright songs you have downloaded.
The sad thing is that the one's being sued are children under the age of 18 and the parents are the one's paying the bills. It's unfair for this to happen. But the RIAA cares not. And in most cases they just settle out of court, like always. I have yet to hear a case where someone who downloaded illegal music continued with there lawsuit. Everyone is just pleading guilty and paying penalties.
My belief is that if you want to download music do so, if you want to buy the CD or music do so. But why should these people be penalized for technology which is changing the world of music. It's not our fault that someone put music and technology and the internet all together. The record industry should take a different approach and some how profit in on music downloads instead going after innocent individuals. We should just boycott buying any music at all and then I bet the RIAA would change it's mind about suing. How's that boycott concept for you(the RIAA)?


New Wifi USB Adapter

Need a new Wifi Card for your laptop or pc.
Try Trendnet's New Wifi USB 2.0 Adapter with HotSpot Detector.
You can't go wrong with this card.
It has everything you can imagine and it's backward compatable with G and B bands.
Hopefully all new Wifi Cards will follow suit and give you the all in one card so that anyone can connect to a Wifi device easily.



Wifi is Everywhere Including in the North Pole

Intel has put a WIFI hotspot in the North Pole.
So if your in area take advantage of the free Wireless Connection.
Hopefully you can sit down in the cold and browse the web without freezing.



Sketchpad for Hanidgo and Pocket PC

Have a Handigo or Pocket PC with a Wifi card.
Well this software will do wonders for you.
You can now scribble on your PDA and have the same information written on your computer. Taking you another step further to making your life easier.
Nice software but will it get to the next level?


Erotic Art

If your into erotic art take a look at Janesko.
Her art is so realistic that I am just amazed how each portrait comes to life.


Microsoft Vista

Microsoft new operating system Loghorn is now called Microsoft Vista.
From the look of it. It's in Beta Version now. It has lot's of changes from the control panel to the Internet Explorer browser which has tab browsing.
The setup looks simple. Hopefully there will not be too many bugs to patch upon upgrade. But I will hold off on it for another year after everything settles.
In the past I've learned the good and bad things about having the latest operating system on your personal computer.
The good is that you get everything first and your problems that you discover will be along with others who have the same problem.
The bad is that it's often to buggy and you can't get all of your old software to work with it. It's a pain, because you have to upgrade everything to work with the new operating system. And even if you get it to work. It will be a while before the first service pak comes out. This just cases more problems than you had before and when you think about it. You are fustrated because the operating system does not work the way you wished it work. So if I were you I would hold off until the first service pak comes out. And then hopefully your PC can handle the new operating system.
For now check out the Microsoft Vista and installation snapshots.


You Have To Know urinal

This is in a class of it's own.
Now the next time you want to get check for sod's you might want to consider using this to get results. It's a Urinal that exams urine for samples of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Hopefully this will come to a mall near you.



Total Combat

Into Martial Arts Total Combat.
Then this site is for you.
This site kicks some ass.
Sign up for the newsletters and keep up to date with current matches.
Hosted by Pvt. DeDEE


Club Listing on your Cell Phone

This is a new Club flyer site.
You register and depending on the clubs you subscribe to.
You'll get text messages via your cell phone on what's happening and what clubs you should go to. Try it. It's free.


Get Paid on Surveys

Do you want to express your opinion on products and get paid filling out surveys. Then this can be for you.
All you have to do is sign up and fill out survey after survey. It's a long process but you eventually get paid. From $1 to $5 depending on the surveys.
You can either do it online or via mail your choice.
If you have free time and love to express yourself. This can be for you.
Just simply send me an email and tell me to sign you up for surveys.

Email Me


Recharging your Mobile Phone on the move

I spotted this site from one of my mobile magazines and it's a must have item for mobile users on the go who always needs there mobile phones fully charge.


Mobile TV

I was blown when I heard this was available years ago. But unfortunately it wasn't in the U.S. where it was available but in China.
It's called Mobile TV and it's exactly what it means, TV on your mobile phone.
I believe there going to respond exactly like the way satellite and cable subscribers do. Offer basic service and once in a while offer Pay Per View for special events. If it continues world wide can you imagine that your favorite TV show can go where ever you go. So you have no excuse now to miss that favorite program.

Bittorent on your Pocket PC

Check out this site to download Bittorent on your pocket pc.
It's just a better way to download music for files easily

Sprint New Text Message Service

Sprint PCS from July 12 to October 12, 2005 is offering a New Text Message Service.
I believe it's more like a Beta Test Service for text messages.
How it works is that a Sprint Customer send a text message to a landline phone. When the person pickup the phone call. They will hear a voice generated message and they can respond to the message using certain commands.
Experimental and who knows what this could mean for the future.

Mozilla Firefox Extensions & Themes

What are Extensions & Themes for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
It's like installing programs on your computer but taking less space and all in one location. What Mozilla Firefox does is that it combines it's browser to be more than a browser.
So now let's see you want to view a form online. Everyone know that if you want to view a form online, you would have to install adobe acrobat to view or print the form online. Why adobe is simple. Because when people where developing forms or letter or applications online. Adobe made a deal to offer it's software for free as long as they made a product that supported adobe. So adobe gets the publicity and recognition and every single form you see now a days is adobe base which is in file format " filename.pdf ".
How does this relate to Mozilla Firefox is simple. Mozilla has a .pdf format extension that you install to view forms online using it's browser. The nice thing about having this extension is that you don't have to install the adobe software on your computer and you save some space. Even though you still have to install the the extension file on Mozilla Firefox. In the end by installing Mozilla Firefox you have saved some space on your hard drive.
So your answer is: Mozilla Firefox save space.

Now with themes it's totally different. You would use themes on your browser to make your browser look good. Some people install themes so that they can match there application or so that they don't have to see those standard tacky colors on your browser. Themes are all about putting color on your browser so that you enjoy what your looking at. It's that simple


Why Mozilla Firefox

I have been recommending this site to many and I keep on telling them over and over.
Install Mozilla Firefox. Why? It's simple. What browser has tab browsing, weather updates, Satellite image of your area, Various search engines, customized templates, and the many more extensions that you can even dream on to add on to your browser.
At least by installing Mozilla Firefox you now don't have to worry about installing the latest Microsoft security patch because it's not a Microsoft product. Microsoft has to rebuild it's Internet Explorer browser all over again. And they refuse to do this. They convince the public that it's still a good browser when every two weeks you still have to install these critical update patches.
Once you go Mozilla you never go back.
Install Mozilla Firefox and your concerns on Microsoft updates will ceased to exist.


Girls Girls Girls

From the Site Hot or Not there is not Google Hot or Not.
A Dating game with pictures that shows hot girls and Guys in different locations.
Check it out

DVD Information

Want to the in & outs of DVD's.
Check out this site.
It will help you learn more on how to burn, copy and store information on DVD's.

Online Virus

Afraid of getting a Virus online?
Do you want to be advised as soon as a possible virus threat is out before it gets to you.
Then sign up for Mcafee Virus news.

It will tell you send you an email when a possible virus threat is out.
Be on top and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Symantec also has a similar newsletter as well


For all the Techie's in you this site is just want you wanted.
I found lot's of stuff here that you can't even begin to imagine.
SourceForge is one of my favorites and it should be yours too.

Storage Media

Storage Media is getting better, larger and easier to use.
The new SanDisk Ultra® II SD Plus™ Card does just that.
They increased the storage card and you don't need any readers to read it.
You just plug it in to your USB and see your pictures of files stored.
A better way of using your storage disk and software friendly with your computer.

Funny videos

Need some life with your online experience.
Try Channel 101 it's full of wacky funny videos like Laser Fart #9


Weather - On your Cell Phone

Weather on your cell phone.
There are two new services that I just discovered that are offering weather updates and other services on your phone.
I've been getting weather updates for a while from yahoo but these new sites suppose to be better.

AOL Buddy
Now offers news, weather, sports and more. They are in some way trying to copy Google SMS service on 411. It's all on your preference and in the end hopefully we will benefit these new search sites via our mobile phone.

Link :
The Weather Channel is doing something similar but the weather channel is concentrating more on severe weather. Like hurricanes, tornadoes, heaving rain fall, etc. For more information check out the link below.

Link :

The new services above vary from provider to provider. Your best bet is try to find out what services are useful to you and subscribe. The one that works with you better wins. Remember free is good.
The only thing I enjoy about it is that I don't have to pay for 411 information again.


Travel - Cruise Lines

I found this site on from some travel book that I usually get.
It's discount Cruise Lines trips.
What happens is that people make travel arrangements and cancel.
Lucky you - because now you have a great travel deal to take advantage of.
The cancellations become free vacancy for anyone who wishes to take a quick vacation cruise. The only thing bad about this is that it's short notice and don't be surprise if you leave in a few days.
But if your in the neighborhood it's worth a try and a risk to take an unplanned vacation soon.


Need a vacation and don't know where to go?
Try Rough Guides.
It has thousands of travel destinations

Fold & Drop Pages on your Desktop

Seems like a MAC utility function but it's java based.
It's easier to use this function that minimizing folders on your desktop.
It's a nice way to change your desktop functions instead of using the old windows applications that everyone uses.


On a diet or want to know how to diet right.
Take a look at Calories Per Hour website.

Don't be foolish to visit so many misguided websites on dieting.
This site is going in the right direction and if you sign up for there newsletters you'll be educated on the proper way to diet.
Your still going to have to do more research on dieting but what I've noticed is that there are so many misinformed websites that you have to be careful.

Also make sure to check out the forums to learn more about dieting.

Educate your self and learn to diet right.


Google Main Menu

Are you one of the many who hear things about google this and google that but still don't know what other things google has that you can use.
Well use the google Services menu.
It has everything and anything that google is now into.
It changes and new things are added everything.
I am a strong supporter of google because google is listening to what people want.

411 on your Cell Phone

I've advised a few people in the past and I hope they still remember this.
Why dial 411 on your phone and get charge for it when you can do it for free with Google.
It's simple -
the easiest example is as follows:

Just send a text message to 46645 and in the message type pizza and your zip code let's say its 11220.

Wait a few minutes and if you did it correctly it should give you the closest pizza restaurants with in a radius of that zip code.

There are so many functions you can do like:
Driving directions
Stock Quotes
Movie Showtimes
Product prices

Click on the google link above or go to :


Blogging for Dummies

How do I do my blogging and what's all blogging about?
Well blogging is what your are currently seeing and blogging is when someone who writes which is me and interacts with others on a website and they leave comments and reply to what you write about.
Right now there is a high demand in picture blogs which contains all pictures. These sites are showing up every where and everyone is getting in on the action because there is big money to be made on picture blogging.

Now if you want to do a blog go to my bookmarks. In my bookmarks go to Computer -> Blog and either use my Blog folder for hints on doing your own blog. That's the best way I think that you can learn how to do a blog. It's not difficult to do on your own. But this way is time consuming and in the end your blog will be different from the rest.
If you want to cheat just go to www.blogger.com and create an account and the rest should be simple.

Is that simple enough.


What's my techie site all about?

That's simple.
It has links for the IT in you for

All Updates - link for updates to all your software's
IP Address locator
Live Manuals - for those missing manuals you need and lost
Email Testing Sites

This site changes from time to time but it's really for my tech friends and people who just want a little technical experience.


If you are one of those tax freaks.
This is a site for you.
I posted various links that are useful for tax preparation season.
Everything from tax software's to tax guides, to state form and 1099's to do your returns.

I even included a Tax Calculator Site that calculates what you will owe in taxes if your one of those few who get 1099's instead of tax forms.

List gets updated every once in a while when I discover a useful link that may be of some use to others.


If your into shopping keep an eye on my *** Shopping Link ***
I will in the future put useful links in it to get the webs best deals.
Right now it's just your plain shopping site to find

Things like :

Cell your old Cell Phone for Cash
Direct TV
And your every day Computer Needs

To got to my shopping link go to www.plasencia.us click on the top right hand side link were you find Shopping.
Or just Click on the Shopping Icon above to take you directly to the link

Solution for Various Email Accounts

Have more than one email account.
Hate it to check all your accounts daily to see if you had mail.
Try www.ePrompter.com

How it work:
Eprompter installs it's software and stays on your desktop. It gets updated every 15 minutes and when new mail comes you get a flashing circle telling you how many emails you have now available to view in that account.
You can either read it through eprompter and reply back to any emails using eprompter. So there is no need to go every other time to the direct web site to view your new emails. Please note some sites force you to at least log in once in a while so that account remains active and other sites like Juno warn you that service will stop if you don't use there site but I still am getting emails.

My Bookmarks

Want access to all of my bookmarks.
Go to www.plasencia.Us and click on the top right hand side where you see Menu. Click on Must SEE and go down to the page where you see Remarks.
Click Remarks and this will take you to my public bookmarks.
You have access to all of my bookmarks that I have to date.
or use the direct link below



Have an Apple I-pod and want to do podcasting.
check out this new site.

For the Artist In You

Cute site and takes drawing to another level

For All You Chicken Keepers

I love this site.
I didn't even know that they had a club.

Rappers Delight

Want to be a baller?
Have bling bling bling on your teeth.
Here is the West Coast Site.
They do all custom jobs and make sure that your bling bling looking good

Mobile Web Solution

Do you have a mobile phone or PDA with wireless web access?
Do you hate it when you try to view certain websites and it tells you items cannot be viewed or page inaccessible.
Well your answer has been resolved.

This site eliminates all the java, pictures and other stuff most websites contain.
It strips all the artwork to plain text. That way when your using your mobile device you see just plain text and be able to read everything.

Blog for your city

Keep up to date on what's going on in your city with Metro Blogging.
It keeps you updated on all events going on.
Keep inform and join the rest.

Travel News

Want to know what are the new airlines restrictions.
All the critical information you need for traveling.
Subscribe to the newsletters and be up to date.

Pictures - Must have sites

If your into pictures you should take a look at the following:

For panorama pictures

For your pictures


Try to send a large file over the internet and keep on getting email errors from your service provider.
That's simple use YouSendIt.com
This site it too good to me. It let's you send at least 1 gig of data files, pictures, etc. - you name it. It's free and it takes a while but if you have time this is the right way to go.

How it work:
You go to the site type your email address and the email address that you want to send it to and find file via your computer and following the directions.
Your file depending how big will be sent to another email address via an email with another link. The other person on the other side clicks the link and has 7 days to download the link. After that the files are gone forever and you have to do the whole process all over if the 7 days elapse.
Try it you'll enjoy this one



This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Free Magazines

Wow is this possible.
Yes it is.
Who doesn't want free magazines.
Try http://www.freebizmag.com/welcome.asp?FBMVisitId=2428509109
And sign up to get your free magazine subscriptions.

How it works:
The idea is that you sign up and later on you get these fabulous magazines and after the 1 year subscription is over you will subscribe to them and they have a new customer. But no one ever said that you have to subscribe to them. My concept is get as many free magazines as possible. Why not since there free. But free is not always free. You have to wait for these freebizmagazine news letters that you get and fill out a questionnaires and subscribe to them. So technically they are retrieving personal information from you. In turn you get the free magazine. But still it's an offer you can beat.
Recommended to me by a friend this site works and I've been getting magazines for over 5 years without subscribing. Enjoy and use it well.

Want To Post Pictures via your Camera Cell Phone

Try www.textamerica.com
I've tried the others but this one it still way ahead of the competition.
To sign up it's free and you can create as many picture blogs as you like.
You can also sign up for a paid subscription which lets you customize your picture blog web page.
But why do that when you can still have it for free.

I love the fact that I can send a video file from my phone, camera or computer to textamerica and store it for free. I have yet to pay for service that other providers charge.

Excel Tips

Need some excel tips.
I tried to write down most of the hard tricks that they don't mention online but here are some.
If you have an new tricks please feel free to reply and post them as well.
There are so many and I have so little time.


Safe Guard your Banking Information

If you guys are doing online banking you probably heard of phishing.
It wouldn't be a bad idea to install this toolbar for safety.
You never know.
if you don't then just save this link one day you might need this information to pass it on to others

Ring tones on your phone for free

Here is another easy way to put ring tones on your phone. This site is open now but who knows how long.
It's as easy has picking the song from your pc.
Seeing the ring tone file, playing the file and sending it to your cell phone.
Try it out and you will not regret it.

Beta Version TIVO - That's not TIVO

They have this new beta version tivo online. It's still buggy but I believe it's going to be the next big thing soon. It's called netscape tv and what there doing is putting videos, movies, and talk shows online for free. Something to check out and keep an eye on. http://www.omn.org/
If everything goes right. Tivo will be a has been product and your pc will be the new tivo with the current software OMN running on it.
Today everyone wants to record there favorite shows and programs and watch them at a later time and it sucks that now you can't do that because it's illegal.
Netscape is moving in the right direction.
Check it out.

Shopping For Books Made Easier

Did you ever go to a book store, want to buy and book and ever wonder if that was a good price or not?
We'll never fear there is amabuddy.
With amabuddy is simple. You sign up and use your cell phone to find the latest prices around.
By entering the UPC code from the book using your phone you can get the cheapest price around for that book and decide whether it pays to buy that book at that bookstore.

check out http://www.amabuddy.com/

T-Mobile Coverage

Find those Cellular phone block out areas
The next time your on a call and loose coverag check out the compass T-mobile website.
It will tell you where and when your T-mobile will be out of coverage using GPS.
Unfortunately this is only for T-mobile customers now and hopefully other carriers will do the same.


What is plasencia.us ?

Simple it's me at your desktop.
Why not have the current news and personal computer world news at your feet.
I promise to keep you informed and updated daily and weekly.
I have a few tricks up my sleeve and will always keep you on your feet.
Keep up with my news and you will be ahead in today's technology world.
Make www.plasencia.us your homepage, sign up for my Yahoo groups and read my blogs.

Being a nerd is not a bad thing anymore