Buying Domain for Drugs

Recently I read a very interesting article regarding how a police officer is purchasing domain names for the future in legalizing marijuana. Although this is still a debatable subject, the reality of the drug being available for medical use is increasing state by state and there are now strong positive views on getting it approved. In the long run marijuana will eventually be legal and it will be a wild west show down for companies to take their business online to reach the vast of majority of buyers.
So even is this police office is able to sell a few domain names to companies in need, his payout will still be worth it in the long run. Smart move from San Francisco's finest.



Delete Accounts

Want to easily delete accounts online. This site is dedicated on doing this with just a few steps. The end result is peace and tranquility knowing that your old account is gone forever, I hope.



WinXP Hack

Need your XP computer to still keep on working after Microsoft ended it's support. Try this registry hack and see if it works. I guess it's still worth on trying regardless if the hack works on not. What do you have to loose.


regedit, navigating to HKLM\Sytem\WPA and creating a key called PosReady. Once you have created the key, add a DWORD value to it and set that value to 1. Once all of those things are done, Windows Update will view your XP system as though it is a POSReady device and since those devices are slated to receive support until 2019

easiest way to do this is to open notepad and copy and paste the info below and name it winXpPOS.reg and just open the registry link in Windows and say yes.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

save as xpPOS.reg


First 360 HD Cam

If your looking for a new portable camera, you might want to check out this 360 HD Cam. It's small, compact and rechargeable. You can't go wrong with this camera.



Solar Panels

What the deal with solar roadways? Let's just say it's going to save us a lot of money and yes it will help us easily see things at night. You not only can control what the lights can do, you can customize them easily. It's the future of roadways.




Here's a handy software to help tweak your computer of optimization, enhancements, manage and recover. It's an all in one suite and will come handy if your looking for an all in one software.



Remove Win 8 Apps

I am so excited that someone created this great utility to get rid of those annoying Windows 8 applications that came pre-installed on my computer. For those users that still hate Windows 8 this is a great solution to turn Windows to a workable operating system. I don't dislike Windows 8 new ideas, I just disliked on how they forced you to use their new platform.
We have come a long way as a Windows user and it's going to be very hard to just switch from one method to a new modern method because Microsoft said so. You need to focus back on customer needs and give user's the OS they been wanting.



IT technician gets time

I understand in the real world that there are times in everyone's life that no matter what sacrifices you make to your employer. Your always at an at will state and with this you always need to stay professional, no matter what the circumstances are. Because the foolish actions you take next will affect you were ever you go in life.
To bad for this computer technician and if he would of had a mentor on hand, he should of just let it go and move on. Instead he gets to pay back dearly with time.




Have a password that you want to see or save on your computer, but you still can't view it because it's blocked. This app make it really simple with just a click of the mouse.



Facebook free Malware

Looks like Facebook soon will be offering free Malware service to it's users so that they can stay online. There is still more to come but it's it's a great direction for the company to keep everyone connected.
I think it's great and about time they put their money where it belongs which is in the hands of it's users.




Apples solution to the flash drive is the iStick. It hooks on to your device exactly where the charger connects and you can easily transfer your files from iOS to any computer with it's USB adapter. It's about time and I just don't understand why it took so long to get this done.



Office DIY Hacks

Here are some great office hacks with the every day office materials you have available. You'll be surprised on how creative and some users are.



Junk Java

It's unfortunate that a good software has so many bugs that to this date, the software vendor denies or pleads still no wrong doing. If your a user's who doesn't care too much about Java, your best option is to dump it. I can't even begin to tell you the stories on how many Java updates keep on patching these ongoing security holes. As for the new era of Java it looks slim. It's only a matter of time before something comes out and it's over for our big hole Java.



Home Depot Comeback for Hackers

Home Depot recently addressed it's recent hacking with a free offer from AllClearID. It's not going to repair what has already been done, but if consumers are afraid on using their cards at their outlets, they can sign up for 1 year at AllClearID. It's a great start in the right direction.


WinXP users last longer dumping IE

If your an Windows XP user and haven't upgraded yet, here is some new information regarding your OS that you should know in order to get more life out of your OS. Dump the IE browser and your security risks should be limited drastically. Instead use a secure browser instead of IE and your problems will go away for a while longer, or until a new virus or malware comes to be a threat.



Subscription based OS

Looks like Microsoft is moving towards a subscription based OS in the future. This plan maybe temporary delayed because of the recent user response with Window 8.
This long term subscription service is bound to failure because of how it's competitor Apple gives back to it's loyal customers. Apple sells them a product and then give them lifetime updates.
If Apple wants to be ahead of the game plan, they need to keep on doing what there doing best, which is to keep on listening to it's customers.
As for Windows good idea but way to late in the game. Why buy something when we can get it for free. You decide.



Antivirus is Dead

Here's another news article referring to Symantec's antivirus move to malware. It looks like now everyone is seeing the light on the real threat online which is malware. So it's no secret that these companies are now changing their main focus which is to stop malware where it begins.



DriveImage XML

Looking for a reliable backup software that's been around for a while. DriveImage XML has been around for a while and this freeware software works as advertised.



What to do with old CD / DVD Collection

Time is running out for all you CD / DVD lovers. If you haven't yet figured it out yet then it's long past due. You favorite media can now be download via iTunes or MP3 format for your personal collection. What that means is that all your music collection should now be stored on your music player, computer, flash drive, portable hard drive or portable media player. The days of owning music media is over and you should try to cash in on your collection before it's too late. In the future this is no CD or DVD players and the so called world of music has gone all digital.
CD and DVD's gave everyone a good run for the money and now it's all over.




There's a new way of cloning Windows disk and this software works great. The freeware works wonders if your just using it for personal use. Besides that I wouldn't use anything else to backup but this.



iPhone Tips

If your a current iPhone user, here are some great tips on getting around with your phone. It's not every day that you see an iPhone manual to show you how to get things done.

Turn Emoji on / off

Turn Auto Spell on / off 

Change iPhone language 



Need an easier way to copy your computer for free. This software is a great start as a freeware. The paid version speed up your process and give you a little extra for the money. Note that the free version can only copy to 92gb of drive space. Anything larger will require a premium price. Besides that it's still worth the money.



Forgot your Windows Password

Here are some great tips for users who forgot their Windows passwords. It's not an easy task to do, but with proper patience and time. You can restore your Windows to original state.

Please note that this information is intended for educational purpose and not for mischief. Besides all this information is online for anyone to access for free.

Step 1:
 Use the Windows repair utility to reset your password. You'll will need your recovery disks. First boot from recovery disks. Then click repair your computer and choose command prompt. The c drive is not usually mounted and to mount it you need to find the current drive letter. In DOS type "bcdedit I find "osdevice" the command should end in partion= with a drive letter. This letter should be used instead of c. Then do the following type  (drive letter is in place of c)

 "copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ "
then type this below
"copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe"
when prompted type

Step 2
 Change the password using the command prompt. Remove the installation disks as in step 1 and reboot the computer. On the login screen press Shift key five times in a row. By magic the command prompt appears. Now enter in the command prompt the following "net user " the name should be the account you want to change the password to. 
You must then restore access to the sethc.exe file we overwrote in Step 1. To do that click Start-Accessories, right click cmd prompt and choose Run as Administrator. This gives you the right to copy sethc.exe back into the system32 folder. Now enter the following command " copy c:\sethc.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe" and then confirm to finish. 

Step 3 
 If all fails it's time to get the heavy duty password cracker from Ophcrack. Download it at http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net and burn the software to a disk and boot your computer to the software to crack the password. Your best bet is to do a deep scan to crack the password. With any luck your computer password should be that simple to crack.


IE Tricks

If your using IE to access the web, here are some cool tricks to help you speed up your searching practices while on the internet. If you can remember all of them, you will eventually speed up your browsing techniques.


Select all words in the address bard

Display list of addresses you have typed

When in the address bar, move the cursor to your left on next logical break
 CTRL+ Left Arrow

When in the address bar, move the cursor to your right on next logical break
 CTRL+ Right Arrow

Add www in the beginning and .com at the end of a web address

Delete Browser History

Open an inPrivate Browsing Window

Open a new tab

Open specific tab number
 CTRL + 1-9

Return to home page
 CTRL + Home


Cool Websites to See

Want to go some place different and see what the web has to offer. Take a look at these interesting websites that take you into another world.

What Should I read Next



DocShield is a backup software similar to Shadow Copy in which users have complete control of the files they backup. The great thing about this software is that if you make a change accidently. You can easily restore it with DocShield.



Best Free Android Music Players

Android is growing up and with this are these great free music players. So if your tired of using the default music players, here are some great ones to look at.



Pick a Good Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting has been around for a while and many user's complaints is if there hosting site is good or not. Here is a comparison list from PC Magazine showing the good web hosting service.
In my opinion is that you get what you paid for but sometimes not all hosting companies are created equal. So if your looking for a hosting provider to do more, here's a start.



Great IT Apps

Here are some great IT apps on the go for those technicians who always need to connect and be on the move. It's a collection of applications that most professionals love to use.

Mobile Connect
SonicWall VPN
Microsoft RDP
Daylight Zone
Fing - Network Tools
HP iLO Mobile
Citrix Receiver
Sound Meter