Alienware Ban

It's pretty interesting that with the current power consumption problems within six states this laptop is being banned and we can see more of this in years to come. 

I understand the recent ban on electronic devices for power, I just don't believe that banning these devices is the right move. Instead there should be more emphasis put on developing better technology to save power. 


Song Bassline Breaks Laptop

Odd on how this can actually happen but it's true and it's mainly due to software coding and updates that can easily break electronic devices.

This will not be the end but hopefully with advancements in coding and artificial intelligence future glitches will easily be detected. 


iOS Patch Updates

It looks like Apple has some more security patches to update on its current iOS. If you have a current iPhone it's best that you install the update as soon as you can so that your device will not be compromised. Here is more information on the update. 


Telsa Insurance Info

If you are buying a Tesla vehicle like the Model 3 you should be prepared to pay more insurance when compared to a similar gasoline vehicle. 

In fact, it's hard to believe that not all 50 states cover Tesla insurance. So before you buy do your homework before the insurance policy surprises you. 


Password Manager Verdict

It's concerning and it will not be the last time you come across someone hacking a password manager but here is some interesting information that you should be aware of.

For now, I am going to see what happens and then make my decision later if I still want to use them.


Timezone Headaches

Ever wonder about time zones and how things can be complicated if you have devices that need to be updated. Here is a start to help resolve your troubled devices.


Uber Hack

Interesting story of an 18-year-old hacker who just could not help himself and how he simply was able to get access by using social engineering. Just comes to show you that anything is hackable. 

So make sure to view the what-to-do tips to keep hackers at bay. 



Astronomers Starlink Problem

Once Starlink is completed, it might cause constellation interference with radio telescopes for astronomers. It's going to be interesting to see what new problems astronomers will face with space exploration. We can only hope for the best for the next generation of astronomers. 



Value of Electricity

If you own a home and researching if a solar system is worth the expense then this tool is a must-use utility to figure out the estimated value of your electricity for a home. The tools show you the potential for savings over the lifetime of the system.


What is eSIM

SIM cards are on the way out and Apple is leading the way, with many debating that it's not a good choice it does make sense to use eSIM.

No more SIM cards and moving forward you will get an electronic version of the SIM card via eSIM. Now with the new electronic version, you have the pros and the con and it's only a matter of time before we will see if this move is successful or not. 



Old iPod Uses

Still holding to an iPod and trying to figure out if you can still put it to use. Here are some options to make use of it in the new world.

You can still use old electronic devices if you just think out of the box. 


Fix One Airpod not working

If you have AirPods and running into a problem where one AirPod is not working here are some great tips to get your devices back to normal.
This does not guarantee that your device will work but it's a good start in the right direction. 


Android Share Files

Android is striving to simplify things when it comes to sharing files. Currently, with a few simple clicks, you can share files easily. Here are some great ways to share files and stay connected with the latest news from Google. 


Android vs iOS Messages

The battle continues with iOS and Android when it comes to messaging and it's far from over if you think these two are going to get along when it comes to sending messages.

And for now users are just going to have to get use to it until an agreement between the two companies become realistic. 


Comcast 2gig Speed

It looks like Comcast is rolling out 2gig of  service to there customers and soon their speeds will be five to ten times what others offers. It's going to be very interesting on what the other carriers are going to do to compete with this kind of service. Get ready for gigabyte service near you. 


Mezli Robot Restaurants

Here is a new robot healty restaurant that are mass producable and might just be what we need to salvage the take out restaurant business. 

It's entirely automated that all you do is order and then pick up your food. No more worries about staff shortages or work related problems. It's definitely a game changer and I definitley can see this replacing many establishments in the near future. 


Wirelessly Charging Range

The range is getting longer and one day maybe wireless charging will definitely become a reality. It's still being tested but once the kinks are figured out I believe that this cool invention could possibly make sense and keep all of our portable devices always connected. 


Fog Reveal

Here is a tool that law enforcement have been using for a while to track individuals without a warrant from data used by applications. It's no secret that they been using this software for a while and I am happy to see activist organizations bringing it to our attention. 

It's another abuse of power by law enforcement to track your whereabouts. I understand that you have to fight crime and you have to use whatever technology means that is available to solve criminal cases. But not everyone is a criminal and we also have rights. 


Cruise Ships with Starlink

Starlink keeps on looking brighter with cruise lines already signing up for service. It's only a matter of time before they all jump in and enbrace the new technology.

If this keeps on going, there is no stopping on what can happen next. 


Check iPhone Battery Health

Here is the easiest way to check your iPhone battery health. Most of the time your phone battery life is depleted because of that applications that are installed on your phone. 
If you already reviewed your applications and are still concern if the phone battery is going bad then the last option is to check the battery health to see if your phone battery needs replacement.


Gmail New Look

Dislike Gmails new look, we'll you are not alone and not many people like changes when it comes to sending email. If  you are one of those users than here is how you can change it for the better. 


Drone Medical Change

The Medical industry could drastically change for the better if all goes well and drones. Not only will it make it easier for emergency medical supplies to be delivered but save lifes. 

They just need to keep focus and make it a reality. 



EV can Power a Home

Interesting article on how an EV can power your house when your power goes out. Now this will be a great incentive for people who experience ongoing tornados or hurricanes. 
Not only will this save them money in the long run, but will serve as a huge battery backup in times of emergencies. 


Nissan Leaf Resale Value

This EV car has been around for over a decade and it's the least expensive EV. Take that into consideration and it doesn't have that much power and muscle like some of the new EV vehicles on the market and it depreciates quicker than the vehicle can be charged. So if you are thinking on purchasing a used Nissan Leaf, I would suggest you read the link below and do some more research. 


Tell if Android is Unlocked

How to tell if your Android phone is carrier unlocked. Now it all depends on where you buy your phone to see if it's unlocked. But here is some information to help you figure this out. 

Let's take back control of our devices and live free. 


T-Mobile & Starlink

It looks like Starlink can start seeing a green light over the rainbow. This will change mobile and internet history moving forward and will definitely be a game changer for communications worldwide.

I cannot wait to see what's next in store for these two companies. 


CashApp Alert

If you have the application installed on your phone, keep an eye on your account every now and then because there have been recent attacks with users trying to steal their funds. It's a pretty simple hack and the outcome is very unfortunate for some users. 



Save Youtube to GDrive

Here is a handy way to easily save your favorite YouTube videos to Google Drive. This will save you time and you can decide if you later on what to view offline. 

Get the best of two sites with just a few clicks. 


LassPass Hack

It looks like a developers account was breached and the companies source code and some technical information was accessed. Now this just puts some bad light on the company and with it's current security software. Stay tune to see what happens next. 


Why QR codes menu's are around

The pandemic started these contactless menu's and because of staff shortages and printing costs it can be a while before you can see the regular menu's back at restaurant's.

Even though using the code feels like a chore it does save a lot of money on printing costs and maybe if they can incorporate the check feature for users this can change many users minds.

All we can do is to just wait and see what happens.