Amazon Prime Ads

If you have a Prime subscription please note that next year if do not plan on paying the additional surcharge for video you can see more ads added to your viewing. 

It's still unclear how consumers will react to this new change and how Prime will try to compete alongside Netflix but let's stay tuned to see how it all plays out. 


Win 11 Faster Recovery

The new Windows 11 software will soon have a new option to recover or reinstall the OS when things go wrong.
It's destined to come out in the upcoming updates and hopefully, it will resolve hiccups in the system. 


Malicious Chrome VPN

It looks like this malicious VPN extension from the Chrome web store infected over a million users before it was removed by Google.

This is why Chrome keeps on being proactive to make its browser safer and it will not be the last but as time goes on, malicious software as we know it will in time be hard to install on Chrome users. 


MS Legacy Chat Update

If you are using an old version of Teams take note that Microsoft will soon end support for the old application. Users will be forced to upgrade because of the new infrastructure. 

I guess this is Microsoft's way of saying out with the old and in with the new. 


Chrome ends tracking

It looks like Chrome is now preparing its browser to start ending cookie tracking next year and it will be interesting to see what advertisers do in response to disabling this feature.

Let's just say it's the beginning of tracking protection for consumers. 


Espresso Display

Here is the thinnest portable monitor that you can easily take it anywhere with you and easily set it up. The display is so thin and portable that you will just be surprised at how great it displays. 

Although quite pricey it's definitely going to supercharge your applications. 


Win 11 Hack to Restart

If you have Windows 11 installed and want to restart your computer using the keyboard just do a FN+ALT+F4 and this should give the command to Windows to restart the computer.


MS Copilot Music Making

Looks like Microsoft Copilot can now create music, it's still not there but as time goes on it will definitely make music magical. Imagine you have copilot create a song and now you can easily share it with others. 



ChatGPT & Bard bad at Math

It's kind of funny to think how this state-of-the-art technology using AI is still bad at math. The only thing that I could think of is that the AI technology is mistaking these items for something else. 

Once programmers figure this out hopefully the math calculations will get better. I think it's time we teach them a thing or two about math. 


Google Password Manager

If you have not noticed Google for a while was saving some of your passwords and if you are concerned about what passwords are being saved, then from time to time you should review the passwords and confirm if you still want Google to continue saving them. 



Win 11 Shortcuts

Windows 11 is getting acceptance by many companies and users should start getting ready for the new shortcuts that the new OS has built in.

It's time again to learn the life saving keys that hopefully will make things easier to do. 


Chrome Tweak

Tired of always having to open files you downloaded in Chrome, this little tweak can automatically be set up to open your files automatically every time you finish downloading.
Although it is a handy feature, you should always be careful about what files you download when using your browsers. As Chrome continues securing itself, hopefully, this will be a thing of the past. 


Cybertruck Info

If you are deciding on purchasing a Cybertruck buyers should be aware of the actual cost of the truck. From what the listed price is shown it looks like the final receipt is coming down to paying more than some users anticipated and then there are accessories. 

You also have to take into account the long waiting period which now is 18 months and it's going to be longer depending on the list of orders that are placed.

So you might rethink 18 months from now if you really want to be driving. 


Lenovo AI ThinkPad

This is definitely going to be a game changer for laptop users once AI is incorporated into the device. 
It's going to change the things we already are used to and it might just revolutionize laptops as we currently know it. 

I am just going to sit by the sideline now and watch to see what happens next. 


Dropbox Shares Files

If you have Dropbox you might want to review your files and opt out to have your personal files shared with OpenAI servers.

Still, this is a major concern for users especially since they did not opt in for these features.


Art Investing

Here is a pretty ordinary way to invest in art, they select the artist and purchase the art and then you just invest in the masterpiece, get proceeds for 3 to 10 years and you can sell your shares before they sell the art. 
Unsure of what's going to happen to those users who are unable to sell their shares before the sale but it hopefully makes you passive income. 


Telsa Repair Problem

If you are thinking of buying a Tesla I would think again until they resolve this ongoing suspension and steering problem. The company has long been aware of this and they still feel like it's not their responsibility to make this right with consumers. 

It's kind of ridiculous and they should be ashamed, this can be a costly repair for many consumers and the manufacturer should take full responsibility. I am hoping more consumers fight back. 


Elon Gamble

For a few years, Elon Musk has been on a hot streak and now it looks like the tides are changing and his luck may be just running out.
Now it will be interesting to see what the future holds for most of his companies and if the cash still keeps coming in. Because all that we are seeing lately is a lot of cash just burning up.

Stay tuned and do not be surprised when reality hits Telsa. 


Google Location Data

Users may want to think again when it comes to Google privacy concerns. Let's just say that law enforcement can now use this information against you when it comes to prosecution. 

I might re-think the opt-in option feature moving forward. 



MS Team Changes

It looks like Microsoft is replacing file apps in Teams without having users make much effort by linking it with the OneDrive app. The new management is going to make it easy to save and get access to these files going forward. I just want to see how all this is going to connect in the future along with their AI features. 


E3 Expo is Over

It looks like increased competition and withdrawal from large publishing partners have put an end to the Expo and all we can hope is that somehow in the future this can be integrated once again. 


iOS 17.2 Update Info

Apple users who love journals will be excited with this new update, not only does it come with improvements but a new Journal application.

If you love to capture live moments and preserve memories then this is definitely going to be a plus for you. Check out the link below on what you can do with the new application.



Costco Selling Starlink

It looks like Costco is quietly selling Starlink to users and we are hoping that in the future cardholders will get a better discount during signup. Right now the cost seems to be similar to when purchasing directly from the company. And I believe as time goes on hopefully other services will be available at better prices. 


iOS Stolen Device Protect

Apple is now moving forward with its device protection software to deter iPhone-increasing thefts. It's going to definitely be a game changer for thieves moving forward as long as the user features are enabled. 

Now hopefully it will give thieves a second thought about wanting to steal these pricey devices. 


Largest BTC Holders

If you are wondering who is the largest Bitcoin holder, think again but I find it interesting how we have so many regulations for Bitcoin in the US, and still, the US Government is piling up on this so-called useless token.


Seminole Tribe Betting App

Florida is quietly but surely exploding with mobile betting and it will be very interesting to see how far they are willing to go.

It some how looks like the begining of a mini Las Vegas south of the border. 


Meta Stops Cross Messaging

I guess is was always too good to be true and without any reason. But I can figure that they are not happy with user attendance now that you can contact users with both platforms.


Ancestry Data Hack

It looks like Ancestry data was hacked and now a list of user profiles are out there and you can bet on it that it's going to be used against them when it comes to identity theft. 


Ring Doorbell Treat

If you have a Ring Doorbell you can now add some cheer to your guests when they use the device. It's a pretty neat feature and not all models are supported but it will add something different for the holidays. 

How to set up Quick Replies
In the Ring app:
  1. Tap the menu (≡) on the top left of the Dashboard.
Tap Devices.
  • Select the doorbell you want to set up.
  1. Tap the Smart Responses tile below the doorbell image.
Tap Quick Replies.
  • Toggle on Quick Replies switch to blue.
  1. Set Response Time for right away or between 2-20 seconds.
Choose Quick Reply Message.
Scroll down the list and select a year round message or seasonal greeting.
  • You’ll hear a recording of the message.
  • Tap Save in the top right corner.


OKTA Breach Update

It's worse than we thought it was and even though it affected only 134 customers it was able to get some users names and email addressess. So there are definite going to be targets of phishing campaigns. 
Hopefully these organizations have MFA set up to help protect their customers. 


Flight Delay

Interesting site to check out to see when you fly the next time as a passenger what you are entitled to if your baggage is lost or your flight is delayed.

These are the things that the airlines refuse to answer, but you as a consumer are entitled to.