IE 7 is Here

Ready for IE 7. Well let's just say Microsoft now has a new tab browsing browser that hopefully will change your mind on how you surf the web. It's about time that they caught up with technology.


Vista Requires no Activation

Microsoft is saying that with Vista there no activation for now. But we all know that it's only a matter of time before that changes. But I would just wait to see how the operating system performs, before going out and wasting your money on another incomplete Microsoft product.


Fossil Bluetooth Watch

I have to say I never saw this thing coming. Who could ever think of a Bluetooth watch. Well at least you could find out who's calling you. But I don't see what other uses it can do. Can you?


What's Better IE or Firefox

It's no contest for now. Microsoft is playing catch up but they haven't done really anything great besides doing what people have been wanting Microsoft to do for years. Stay ahead of the rest download Firefox here Link


Game Copy World

This is a start for everyone to be able to save there games and prevent any future damages to the Game CD or DVD. It saves all games in ISO image so that if the CD or DVD game gets damaged you still can play your games.


Popcorn is not what it seems

User's beware. They're have been complaints that they install pop up programs via your trial subscription. And they make it difficult for you to uninstall the program after your trial period ends. It's a tricky EULA agreement that you agreed on when you downloaded the trial program on to your computer. In the end it's the consumer who deals with these annoying pop ups that they can't get rid of.
If your a victim. Keep on complaining and hopefully someone will listen.
Here is a site that can help you remove the software.


Microsoft Expression Web

Microsoft Expression Web is the new Frontpage. It's suppose to be easier to do webpages using CSS. But good luck on getting to learn the database, RSS and advanced features that it holds. I just don't understand why Microsoft couldn't just keep the Frontpage alive until no one is interested in buying the software anymore.


Mini Travel Iron

I would never believe that anything so small can make my day, but when it comes to wrinkle shirts. This does solve the problem easily. At least I now can hide this in my shirt pocket.




If your getting ready to buy a large capacity USB key for your computer. Hold on and make sure your read all there is to know about U3 and then go out and purchase a new USB key. Prices have been dropping lately and you could now get a good bargain for a large capacity USB. Your next purchase should contain a USB with the new U3 capability.


D - Link Pocket Router

D-Link has always been on top when it comes to wireless access. Now they are ahead of the game with their new Pocket Router. Giving full wireless access to the business traveler.


MTV's new Urge

MTV has joined the music band wagon and now everything will have a price tag on it. I believe this is a positive move for MTV since they are the Music world and generating extra profits will do just more for them.


Google Doc & Spreadsheets

Google has had it's spreadsheet software working for a while and it's exactly what many of us wanted. Free online software. Now recently they added there Document feature which enable you to do Word Documents as well. Now there is no need to install office on your PC, since Google now offers it free. Microsoft now will have to compete to see if it's office suite could remain on top.
For those of us who already have a Gmail account, it's a simple as looking at your top left hand corner of your browser and searching for the keyword spreadsheet.


Abandonware Games

Want to still play those games that you just can't find anymore. Well check out these two websites and track down your favorite games that you always loved to play.

The Underdogs



Clipboard Recorder

If you hate copy & paste using clipboard. Now there is no need to worry with clipboard recorder. It saves you time by storing the first 99 clipboards to your computer, so that you can use it repeatedly. No need to worry that you deleted the wrong clip board again.



Purchased a new LCD monitor for your computer and want to make sure you got your moneys worth? Well install UdPixel and hope that your monitor passes the test and does not have to many stuck or dead pixels on the screen. If so hurry back and return your monitor or check out your monitors warranty issue for defects.



Want to easily install windows to a CD. nLite lays out the options for you the easy way. Now you can easily install Windows at ease along with the serial key and network settings. No need to monitor the installation.


All Peers

Looking for an easy share utility to share photo's, files and videos. AllPeers is here. But the only catch is that it only works with the Firefox browser. So if you don't have the browser, you'll have to wait until they make it compatible with others. Also be caution, it's still in beta.


Another Free VPN Connection

Hemachi let's you sign over the internet to your PC automatically and helps to make your life simpler. There is a premium service but you still can use it for free. This site was recently acquired by LogMeIn and it's only a matter of time before both sites link to each other.


Drive Key Boot Utility

HP sure has made it easy to make a USB key bootable. All you do is install the software into your USB key and install your Bois updates or any other bootable updates so that your USB key can install it at ease.
Then you just have to make sure that your motherboard supports USB bootable drives.


Belarc Advisor

Here is a nice utility to keeps your pc up to date on what components, devices and software's you have installed on your PC. It also will generate missing Microsoft hotfixes for your machine.


Program Unlocker

Hate it when your trying to rename or delete a program and you can't complete the task because the program is locked. Say hello to the Unlocker. It let's you disable the lock feature in your program and gain control.



There are so many harmful programs out there and not too many good programs help you find them. Hopefully Blacklight will catch them before they catch you.



Here is a new anti-spyware software that helps you track down those Trojan horses. There is always no guarantee that you'll be safe. But it's always good to have one of these utilities to protect you from the inevitable.


Which Programs takes all of your space

Want to know which program is eating up all your hard drive space. Well this program will just help you narrow down the programs in color code.


File Recovery Software

Here is an excellent file recovery software that helps you to rescue data when you need to make sure you need your information back.


Running out of Hard drive space

If your running low on hard drive space here is a free utility to help your regain space that's on your hard drive. Take control of your computer, now.


Monitor your Kid's Driving

If your concern what your children do while driving your vehicle. Here is a new way to monitor there driving habits. It's a little pricey for the year but in the end it gives you a peace a mind.


Pierce your Car

Think that you seen all that there was of piercing. Check out Pierce your Car. It takes piercing to the next level.


New DVD chip to make illegal Copying difficult

To add more headaches to our already common Windows problems. The new DVD's that are expected to come out soon for movies will have radio chips in them to prevent illegal copying. If a DVD is placed in a non region player. It will automatically stop working. Let's see what other problems this new radio chip will create for the honest consumer.