Looks like the new security check scanner

The next time your at an airport don't be suprise to start seeing these new security check gadgets around. They were created to speed up Visa and Passport check points.


How to re-install Windows ME

This is a great tip on going back to the basic fundamentals of Windows on how it use to be. Save this link, copy it and put it in a safe place. One day this great tip is going to save your day.

How to re-install Windows ME

Put a diskette in your floppy drive and click Create Disk.
A boot disk will be made for you. This can take three to five minutes.
If you don't have a boot disk go to
to create one.
With the boot disk in the floppy drive, restart the machine. You will be presented with four options: * Help * Start with CD-ROM support * Start without CD-ROM support * Minimal Boot
Choose Start with CD-ROM support and wait for the machine to go through the start-up process. Once the A: prompt appears, type a:format c: and hit Enter or for a quick format type c: /q. (Note to veterans: The /s command is no longer necessary and is not supported under Windows ME).
The system will reformat the drive, and then display the amount of free space. It will also prompt you to enter a volume label, which is the name of the hard disk. Enter anything you like, or simply hit the Enter key for no name.
If your drive has been sub-divided (also called "partitioned"), repeat the format procedure on the second partition. For example, if the D drive is a hard drive partition, type the command format d:
Now your hard drive is ready for a new installation of Windows ME. Put the Windows ME installation CD in the CD drive and type x:setup, where X is the CD drive letter. It is probably D.
Windows ME will then run the Scandisk utility on your hard drive to check for errors. Once it finishes, click Exit and let the rest of the installation proceed. Keep your Product Key handy (that's the really long code on the back of the CD sleeve) because you'll have to enter that before the installation proceeds. Upgrade copies of the Windows ME require you to have a previous version of Windows handy because the system will ask for it to verify you are eligible to install the upgrade. When prompted, you'll have to put it into either the floppy or CD drive for verification, depending on which operating system you are upgrading from. Be aware that there are three possible Windows ME products. A full version requires no previous software verification. An upgrade from Windows (about $169) requires the insertion of a Windows 95 disk or CD during the upgrade process. The upgrade from Windows 98 (about $85) requires the Win 98 CD.
The rest of the installation is pretty straightforward. Follow the prompts until the process finishes. You will be prompted to restart. Make sure you remove the floppy disk from the floppy drive, label it, and put it in a safe place. Also, be sure to keep the previous Windows CD with the upgrade package so you can verify you own it in the event of any future reinstallations.


Delete Dead & Duplicate Links

Added a link onto your favorites and can't be sure if you have another similar link. This program will help you delete duplicate links, as well as finding any web sites that you have stored and are no longer active. Now your Favorites folder can always be updated.


Get Your HD receiver Coupon Today

If you have an old television set with no cable box. You will find out after February 2009 your television set will no longer be able to receive any signal from any channel. The reason for this is that the television analog signal has now gone digital. And the only way to receive a signal with your old television set is with a High Definition receiver or antenna. This is where the coupon comes in. If you hurry up. You can get a free High Definition receiver for free and hopefully it will only cost you the tax.
Here is also a list of authorized dealers accepting this Coupon


Cell Phone strap Blood Type

If your looking for a special medical cell phone strap. Take a look at Blood Type Cell phone straps. No more guessing on your blood type.


Wireless Carriers fighting for free broadband

You might figure that they would wise up, save some money and make their networks better. Instead Wireless Carriers fight for our broadband freedom.


Easier way to burn photo's

Burning pictures just got easier. Just imagine loading a DvD in to your computer and the software telling you what to do next. Well it's made possible by Verbatrim.


Poor Man's USB Cable

If your looking for an interesting project to do this weekend. Here is a nice one for you. It's called the Poor Man's USB Cable. You use a USB extender and a phone jack to extend you USB port. You'll be suprised on how easily this can work.


Michael Moore Movie Download

On September 23, 2008 everyone can download for free another Michael Moore brand new feature film. The film is hopefully going to give you a new light when you get to vote on November 4. Be the first because it's free.



Get everything all in one page. Great website to combine all your pages into one. If you hate having to go to several websites to keep up to date. This site is your answer.


Building a great website with Webon

This is a great to begin your website. Build your website the way you want it and just add the extras the software will do the rest.


Norton AntiVirus 2009 Update

Even though they are saying it's a fast install I have still doubts on going back to Symantec. It's last version Endpoint was a nightmare and still is. They promise so much and lost track of what they were trying to achieve. In the end the software was just a bomb and an insult to the Symantec product line. It will be a long while before I go back.


DvD Disc Album Cover

The next time your burn a DvD and want to decorate it. Think of these little items. They skins for your collectible DvD collections. Let's see how creative you can be.


IMDb Movies for Free

IMDb has now posted it's full length movies for free. View your favorite movies and tv shows at your own time, anytime.


The Most Expensive Blackberry

I understand that this is one of the pre-release Blackberry Javelin. But $17,100 for the Blackberry is beyond me. It's just a phone. And how long do you think will your phone last you?


Free Avira Antivirus

Need a free Antivirus software but don't want to pay for it. If AVG is not for you then try the alternate Avira.


Start IE 8 in private mode

This is a registry fix and be very careful. Anything you do wrong, will damage your system and force you to re-install Windows all over again.
But if you do it correctly, then you should be able to browse the internet in private mode.


Save your wireless keys

Have a list of wireless keys on your computer or laptop and want to make sure you save them to just in case your computer crashes.
This software will help you save all your wireless key codes via clip board.


Seagate redesigns it's portable hard drives

Think of a portable hard drive with it's own usb port. All you have to do is plug in the hard drive to it's usb port and then your hard drive is live.


System Restore on a non boot XP PC

Perform a System Restore rollback on a non-bootable Windows XP compute

Has your Windows XP system become unbootable after making some configuration changes, and you want to perform a System Restore rollback to a previous date? Windows Vista has the Startup Repair feature using which you can restore the system to an earlier restore point. But no such feature exists in Windows XP. After searching around the internet, I came across a great tool to recover Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 PCs.

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) from Microsoft provides powerful tools to help administrators recover PCs that have become unusable, and easily identify root causes of system issues. This toolset is part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.

30 day evaluation of MSDaRT is available from the following link:

Download details: Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT50Eval.msi - 64.2 MB)

Microsoft DaRT includes the following tools:

Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander
ERD Commander Boot Media Wizard
ERD Help
Command Line
ERD Explorer
File Search
Windows Shell
Crash Analyzer Wizard
Disk Commander Wizard
Disk Wipe
ERD Registry Editor
ERD System Restore Wizard
File Restore
Hotfix Uninstall Wizard
Locksmith Wizard
Solution Wizard
System File Repair Wizard
Disk Management
Event Viewer
Services and Drivers
System Information
File Sharing
Map Network Drive
TCP/IP Configuration
The ERD System Restore Wizard can be used to restore a system that cannot be started to a previous restore point.

Note: All of the utilities provided with ERD Commander, except ERD System Restore Wizard, are compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. ERD System Restore Wizard is compatible only with Windows XP. Do not use the ERD Commander Boot CD in Windows Vista systems.

Limitations of ERD System Restore Wizard: [Quoted from MSDaRT Release Notes] The ERD System Restore Wizard does not perform a complete System Restore operation as the Windows System Restore of Windows XP SP2. The ERD System Restore Wizard does NOT restore the following information:

ACL changes on files and folders support
SAM Password hashes
Attribute changes
Alternate data streams
Therefore, once the Windows XP SP2 system is back online, it is recommended that you execute a Windows System Restore from a restore point of your choice. The ERD System Restore Wizard should be used to perform the bare minimum of actions that will enable a Windows XP system to start.

Note that the ERD System Restore Wizard is only supported on Windows XP SP2. Windows Server 2003 does not implement the Windows System Restore.

Editor’s note: ERD System Restore Wizard worked just fine when used in a Windows XP SP3 system.

System Restore rollback using ERD Commander

Using another computer, create a Boot CD for ERD Commander. Follow these steps:

1. Download and install MSDaRT

2. Read the MSDaRT CHM Help file, Release Notes (recommended) and the License agreement. The help file and release notes are available in the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset folder under the Program Files folder.

3. If you don’t already have a third-party CD Recording software to burn ISO image to CD, then download the free ISO Recorder PowerToy.

4. After installing the ISO Recorder PowerToy, open the following folder

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset
5. Right-click the file erd50.iso and click Copy image to CD

6. Follow the onscreen instructions and burn the ISO to a CD. This is the ERD Commander Boot CD

7. Insert the ERD Commander Boot CD into the drive and restart the system

8. Boot the computer using ERD Commander Boot CD. You may have to set the boot order in the BIOS first.

9. From the ERD Commander menu (Start menu) that is displayed, click System Tools, and then click System Restore.

10. Click Next when you see the Welcome to the ERD System Restore Wizard screen

11. Select Roll back to an existing restore point created by Windows. ERD System Restore Wizard only performs a partial rollback. (For more information, see paragraph "Limitations of ERD System Restore Wizard" above.)

12. Select the date, and pick a Restore Point from the list.

13. Click Yes to perform System Restore rollback.

14. To view the change log (optional), click the View Details button. This opens a log file using Notepad, which contains the list of changes made to the registry and the file system. To close the dialog, click Finish. The system will restart to complete the System Restore rollback operation.

More Information

When creating the ERD Commander Boot CD, you can add additional files (such as Scripts, stand-alone executables etc). For more information about this option, and to learn about other great tools included in ERD Commander, read the MSDaRT Help (.chm) file. Another excellent tool in this suite is the Crash Analyzer Wizard, using which you can debug crash dump files.

thanks for the tip from - Winhelonline.com


Remove the Firefox add on delay

This tweak removes the add on delay of 3 seconds to install a Firefox extension. It can be done in any version.


Map of Singles

Want to know where the single people are. Here is a great map to get you started. Single Anyone?


Clean Windows XP Install with a Floppy Disk

If you want to install a clean Full copy of Windows use this clean install Windows Floppy Disk to get you started before you install Windows XP.


USB Spy Kit

If you need to find out if your significant other is cheating on you and can afford the $200- price tag. This little gadget will collect call log records, SMS and phonebook. I just hope everyone knows the law.


MxOne Antivirus

If you need to protect Windows from pen drive viruses, MxOne should be taken into consideration. A 3mb download that scans viruses every time you use it.


Bandwidth Meters

With Comcast capping downloaders, users should now be monitoring their bandwidth. Here are some bandwidth meters.



Create an Avatar and Chat

If your looking for a better way to chat using youtube and live video feeds. This is a great application to give you just that.


HP new packaging technique for Laptops

HP has started a new packaging technique that hopefully will be adapted by other manufactures. In the end you get less packaging material that is useless and a free bag.


Track Visitors on your Blog

This is a great way to track visitors for free on your web blog like Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and the list goes on. The trick is using a Yahoo base program called MyBlogLog. In the end visitors will be tracked on all your websites.