Starlink Headaches

Customers who purchased the SpaceX Starlink setup are upset that they are not getting any updates on when their kits will arrive. These customers have been patient enough waiting 7 months and Starlink should at least keep them informed if they plan on keeping them as current customers.


Edit PDF in GDocs

Here is how to edit PDFs using Google Documents without using a third party add-on. Now it's simple to do it just requires a few long steps to get it done. In the long run, it can be done using Google Documents, you just have to be patient. 


Lost BTC Recovery

If you are wondering if your Bitcoin password can be recovered, the plain answer is yes, but here is the catch the comes with a cost. In the long run, it is still worth recovering that lost password because eventually, the Bitcoin value in your account will exceed the expense. 


Telsa Beta Self Driving

A while back the Telsa full self-driving beta software was leaked and the software looks like it's still in an experimental stage before it gets released to customers.
Let's hope that they do good on this because I am sure that those customers who paid in advance for this service deserve a finished product. 


Online Dating Innovations

It looks like online dating keeps improving, the new generations of dating will become simpler and you can definitely count virtual reality from being part of the next generation. Get ready for a new type of dating in the coming years. 


Cybercrime new Home

It looks like cybercrime is moving in a new direction and now it looks like Telegram it's is now home to these cybercriminals. So get ready for more threats to come. 


FB New Name

I guess the whistleblower and other major social media problems is pushing Facebook to rename itself. It could be for the best, but will the new name come with new changes? It seems that they are following Google's parent Alphabet pattern, stay tuned.


10 Things Tesla owners should know

Tesla owners who recently purchased a vehicle should be aware of things and it's unfortunate that they do not tell you these things after purchase. 
So before you decide on purchasing a Tesla, make sure you know these things. 


Win Server 22

It looks like Windows Server 2022 will be available only in two editions. Which is the Standard and the Datacenter. Microsoft is narrowing down their OS and stripping it down so you can see this more in the future. It's Microsoft's way of saying it's time to go into the cloud. 


Quickbooks Alert

If you have an old desktop version of Quickbooks, now would be a great time to upgrade. This is the last year Quickbooks will allow you to upgrade the software license for a one-time purchase. After that, it's an annual subscription service. Hurry up the clock is ticking. 


Downgrade Win11 to Win10

If you already upgraded to Windows 11 and want to downgrade back to Windows 10 until all the kinks have been sorted out. Here is a great place to start so that you not wasting too much time searching on the web. 


Word Line Spacing

Creating Word documents is easy to do and when you are writing documents, the line spacing can be really simple to do if you follow these steps below. 


NYC Crpto Coin

It's about time that New York City gets a crypto coin, now coin will soon be in circulation soon and if you can get a hold of the coin before hand you can make some great money before everything goes live.


Backup & Restore Win Drivers

If you want to easily backup and install Windows drivers on Windows 10, here is some information on how to get it done using the PowerShell tool.
It's a simple method to get things back up and running when doing a re-install. 


Tattleware Software

The rise in work from home employment has increased dramatically and now employers are using these software's to confirm if the user is being productive or not. 

So if you think your online activity is not being monitored, think again. 



SSA Reserves Depletion

It looks like the US Social Security Reserve could be depleted earlier than expected. As reserves keep on running out, the old age survivors insurance will definitely take a hit for the worse. The new end date is now 2034 and do not be surprised if this changes again. 



Netflix Chrome Extensions

Want to jump-start your Netflix subscription, then take a look at these cool Chrome Netflix extensions to help you make the best out of your movie experience.



Modify News & Interest

If you already enjoy the new Windows 10 news and Interests feature and want to know how to get more out of the newsfeed, here are some great tips to adjust what interests you.


Money Mgmt

Here are some great free online money management tools that can be used for personal finance.
Now you don't have to purchase money management software to keep track of your bills.


Amazon Delivery

It looks like Amazon expands its delivery service to compete with UPS and FedEx. It will be very interesting to see how this works out in the long run.


Motherboard Info

Want to know what motherboard you have on your computer so that you can upgrade. Here are some great tips to find out your computer specs to make upgrading easier to do.


Powerline Ethernet Adaptor

Need an existing solution for your home to connect ethernet using electrical wiring. This is where the powerline ethernet adaptor makes a difference. Now there is a good side to it and there is also a bad side to it, here is the difference and if it's using at home. 


Earn Money Tweeting

Things have changed for Twitter and hopefully, this will revive the social media platform to new levels now that users are getting paid for tweets to their followers.


Digital License

iPhone this fall will allow you to add your driver's license and state ID's to Apple Wallet in select states like Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland and Utah.

So get ready for a digital way of identity. 


Win 10 Password Reset

Here is some great information to create a Windows 10 Password reset disk. There will be a time that this information is going to be of some use to you. So it's a good idea to review the information before hand. So you know what to do if you forget your Windows password. 


Lock in Meeting in Teams

If you are using Teams and want to restrict access to latecomers, this is how it can be set up. Therefore preventing others from being disturbed while the meeting is taking place. 

This is a great way to make sure attendees join on time and everything keeps to schedule. 


Apple iPhone Replacement

Apple is certainly and eventually going to replace the iPhone and it's coming gradually. Here are the new improvements that there are doing and the direction that they are headed to. 

The future is nearby and it's about to get more elegant. 


AD DC for domain not found

Here are some great tips to find an Active Directory Domain Controller for the domain that could not be contacted.

This may not fix the problem but will hopefully get rid of that error.


Digital Diary

Running Windows 10/11 and want to install a digital diary to keep track of your precious moments. Here are some considerations to keep your memories alive.


Diagnostic Data

Windows has diagnostic data that helps users gather information on problems going on with your computer. This information can be useful in helping fix your current computer problems. Here is how to prevent user's from deleting this information in times when it's important to know what's going on with the computer, so that the user can troubleshoot the current problem. 


Knowledge Soft for Win10/11

Need some knowledge base software for Windows 10 and 11 versions. Here are some great sites to visit
to get a better hold of how the software works for database storage mapping.