Comcast 1 Gig

Looks like Comcast has upgraded its services and now stating that it can increase broadband speeds to 1 GHZ. If this possible, get ready for other companies to start offering the same service and hopefully we will experience broadbands speeds that we have never seen before.



IE for Mac

A lot of users have problems signing into specific web portals because it's not browser supported. If you have a MAC and for whatever reason, your Safari browser cannot open the web portal page, here is some good advice. Download and install the IE browser for MAC and see if that works.



What Apple Tracks

Curious about what Apple tracks and want to know what information it has about you. If you have an Apple product be assured like Android, Apple is tracking you. Here is what information that have on you.



Great Apps for Android

If you have an Android device, here are some great application to download on your phone so that it can make things easier to do.



FB Broken Promises

Looks like Facebook is breaking its promises to Instagram and WhatsApp and why you should be concerned. Let's just say it will be the end for them and users will hopefully flock to somewhere else for entertainment.



D-Link Routers

If you have these D-Link Routers your better off buying a new router than wait for D-Link to do a firmware update. It's unfortunate that D-Link will never patch these router flaws and your only solution is to buy a new router.



iPhone Annoyed

If you have an iPhone here is an amazing add-on that will make your life easier. Now owning an controlling your iPhone makes sense with this simple application.



Google Tracks

Don't be surprised that now-a-day applications are always tracking you. If you have Google, no matter what you do. There will be always tracking you.
Here is what you should know.




Do you know who owns the WhatsApp? Well, if you are confused here is some resourceful information that you should know who the owners are and why you should be cautious on the information your sharing with this application.



Office 365 free

If your a student or a teacher you can easily get Office 365 for free. All you need to do is sign up with your school email address and your done.
Another easier way to get the benefits of Office without the headaches.



Convert VOB Files

VOB files are Dvd video format for movies. If you have some of your favorite movies that you want to convert, then this information will be useful to convert them to other formats.



Better Win Updating

Looks like Microsoft is working hard now to deliver updates to uninterrupted users. Now you have an option with snooze or schedule feature to push the updates while your away from your computer.
But eventually, the computer will figure out your work schedule and push the updates at a time you are not using your computer.
Although the software is in it's earlier stage, it's will eventually learn your habits and push updates uninterrupted.




I have mentioned this site before and I am going to mention it again for users always looking for templates to make their jobs easier. This site has so many and you should review it and see if any of these templates can be used by you in the real world and at home.



AI for Everyone

What to know what AI is and learn more on what it's currently doing and going in the future. This free online course is for anyone who wants to learn more about AI.



Sony TV bug

Looks like these Sony TVs have a serious bug and users should patch the firmware as soon as they can. Here is the information for the user's who own a Sony television.



WiFi 6 News

Looks like WiFi 6 is getting new names and moving forward you will start to notice more routers and companies talking about the new change. So get ready this year for the new WiFi.



Explore Talent

You have talent and want to make your dreams come true. Although being famous is a fantasy for many, only a few lucky ones every make there dream come true. Regardless here is a talent search website to get yourself to that train to Hollywood to become a movie star.



Router Vulnerabilities

Looks like this nonprofit did some WiFi vulnerabilities test and concluded that 5 out of 6 routers are inadequately secured. And it's unfortunate on what information your business could be leaking out for others to get their hands on.
Now self-updating routers will hopefully fix this problem. Until then the user's should be aware they some of their router's can be vulnerable.



Win 7 January Update

Looks like Windows updates can no longer be reliable for regular users. The new Windows January Update had a major flaw, creating network connectivity problems. User beware.
This is not good news for Microsoft and the only advice that I can tell users is to hold off on updates until the company gets their act together.



Chinese Backdoors

Looks like the Chinese are quietly manufacturing hardware with backdoors. Now, no one really knows how they are doing this, but recent investigations from a few companies are catching these manufacture's red-handed and who knows what the future outcome will be.



Dynamic Pricing

Watch out for dynamic pricing when shopping online. Looks like these vendors price shift and you should be aware of their online pricing tactics.



Coders Programming Future

Looks like a lot of coders were put together to make things simpler and now the reality is kicking in where there is really no work for these high demand users anymore. Once you automate your service, everything is done quicker and things are done in minutes instead of the usual time it would take. The reality is kicking in on these coders and maybe it's time to do something different with their talents.



Chrome Concern

Here is a very interesting article on why some users are concerned with Chrome. The browser has changed in the last few years and now it's working in a very different way than usual.



AI for Schools

Looks like this new startup company may just be in the right track for protecting schools and if they have there way, they will be the first company to profit from the new future threats.



Facebook 2 Step Auth

Want to know how Facebook fooled user's with their 2 step authentication. Here is the why they did it and think again if it was for your security.



Win Auto Maintenance

Want to know what Windows automatic maintenance does to your computer. Well, here is some good information to know and why you should always do it regularly.



Microsot Password Ends

Looks like Microsoft is taking a giant leap to end passwords and this move might just be the simple password end. Only time will tell, so stay tune on what happens next.



Office 2019

Looking to buy a version of Office 2019, read this before you make that big purchase because unlike O365 the new version of Office will lack a lot of its capabilities.



Fire TV Recast

Let's just say it's the new DVR of the future saving over 150 hours of over the air programming. This could be the move that everyone is waiting to ditch your cable.



Amazon Microwave & Car

Looks like Amazon is getting better as we speak and don't be surprised on seeing their devices easily move into the kitchen to outside to your car. Amazon is getting mobile and there is a bigger generation of its products on its way.



Bootable macOS Mojave

Need to install the new MAC OS Mojave, here is what you need to know before you install it on a USB thumb drive.